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Who’s the Victim When a Somali Muslim Police Officer Shoots an Innocent White Woman? The NYT Thinks It Knows.

Just as a man with a hammer sees every problem as a nail, only someone committed to finding a racial angle, say, someone who makes a living at it, will see one in the horrific death of Justine Damond. Recall that in July 2017 Damond called the Minneapolis Police Department to report what she believed may have been a sexual assault taking place near her home, and that it was Noor and another officer who responded. After the officers drove down the alley behind Damond’s home, she approached their police car in the apparent hope of speaking with them. Noor shot her, firing across his partner and through the open driver’s side window. At his trial, Noor testified that he perceived Damond to be a threat after hearing a “bang” and seeing her approach the opposite side of the car.


Minnesota: City of St. Cloud Orders Cease-and-Desist on Mosque’s Look-alike Police Car

The city of St. Cloud this week issued a cease-and-desist order against the Islamic Center of St. Cloud because its security vehicle looks too similar to a police vehicle.

But the president of the center said Thursday they modeled the vehicle’s design after other area security vehicles at organizations such as CentraCare Health and Crossroads Center.


Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, and the problem of compelled speech

One of my favourite Seinfeld episodes had Kramer joining an AIDS walk. But he refuses to “wear the ribbon.” People keep urging him to take it, and he keeps politely refusing. They become more importunate. He won’t budge. Finally, they get ugly and turn on him with menace: “Who doesn’t want to wear the ribbon?” one walker yells accusingly, as others press in on him.

The scene is, of course, played for laughs, but it nevertheless reveals a dark truth about ritualized compassion. If your sympathy for a good cause has to meet a “compelled speech” standard to be considered sincere, then who is the more admirable character? In this parody of bullying virtue-signallers (not a trope in use at the time), we see that often those “wearing the ribbon” are more concerned about showcasing the “correct” public expression of their sympathy than the plight of the actual victims they are marching for. Bullying those who eschew conforming symbols thus provokes contempt for the bullies and respect for the genuine sincerity of the non-conformist.

A good example of how Islamists constantly push against their host countries. And the Jewish people, of course.


Montreal borough councillor sorry for ‘Islamization’ remarks after exam by doctor in hijab

Shand denied accusations of Islamophobia, adding that the instance was not a question of competence, since the physician was, in fact, “excellent.” She told CTV Montreal that she is simply “anti-religious” and that religious symbols of any kind should not be worn by public employees. Shand has since removed the post from her Facebook page.


Greeted by protests, Rep. Ilhan Omar tells LA-area Muslims to ‘raise hell’ in face of intolerance

It’s advice the politician appears to have adopted as her own strategy, as this appearance — a fund-raising event hosted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations — came just weeks after her comments sparked national controversy and exposed a generational divide within the Democratic party on its approach to Israel, the pro-Israel lobby The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and anti-Semitism.


Islamophobia or Common Sense ?

Decent people of all faiths and political persuasions will have been appalled at the carnage at a mosque in New Zealand, where a lone gunman and confessed Nazi-sympathiser opened fire on worshippers. Subsequent media analysis has inevitably focused on the activities of far-right extremists and white supremacists, whose targets in recent years have included Muslims, Jews, and teenagers at a summer camp in Norway in 2011. They are motivated by the belief that Western civilization, embodied by a biologically pure white race, is threatened by the immigration of other races, most notably Muslims and Jews, and that violent resistance is necessary.


US Muslim advocacy group to Trump: ‘We hold you responsible’ for increase in Islamophobia

“During your presidency and during your election campaign, Islamophobia took a sharp rise and attacks on innocent Muslims, innocent immigrants and mosques have skyrocketed,” Nihad Awad the Executive Director and co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, said at a press conference.


ISIS Bride Who Wants To Return To U.S. Is Asked About Her Tweet Urging People To Slaughter Americans

The mainstream media has done its part in trying to promote the efforts of Hoda Muthana, the American-born daughter of a former Yemen diplomat who embraced radical Islam, urged the murder of innocent people while living in the States, journeyed to Syria in 2014 to fight alongside the barbaric terrorist group, and now wants to return to United States. Her biggest obstacle now is that both the Obama and Trump administrations determined that she isn’t even a citizen of the United States.


Wife of Al-Qaeda chief wins human rights case after claims UK airport police violated her privacy

Sylvie Beghal, 49, a mother of three, was returning to Leicester after visiting her husband, Djamel Beghal, in a French prison when she was stopped at East Midlands airport in 2011. She claimed the action undertaken by police violated her right to privacy and family life.

Her claims were rejected by the UK High and Supreme Courts, but the European Court of Human Rights has now ruled in her favor. EU judges have told the government to cover her £ 21,531 legal bill. The UK Home Office has stated that it would be challenging the ruling.


Alabama Death Row inmate claims Muslim spiritual adviser barred from execution

An Alabama Death Row inmate set to die by lethal injection next week claims his execution should be stayed because the prison won’t let him have a Muslim spiritual adviser present in the execution chamber.

Domineque Ray, 42, is set to be executed at Holman Prison on Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. by lethal injection for the 1995 killing, rape, and robbery of 15-year-old Tiffany Harville. On Monday, Ray’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming Ray’s right to freedom of religion was being violated. They also asked for a stay of execution.