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Democrats ‘to target 85 subjects’ for Trump investigations – from tax returns to family separation

Mr Schiff, who will sit as the new House Intelligence Committee chair early next year, said the party will also probe Mr Trump’s verbal threats towards media organisations like CNN and the Washington Post.


Stacey Abrams Allegedly Attempts To Run Illegal Ads in Support of a Non-Existent Gubernatorial Run-Off

Abrams and the Democratic Party attempted to buy a $250,000 advertisement on Atlanta-based WSB-TV in order to promote a gubernatorial runoff despite her Republican challenger, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, winning over 50 percent of the vote. In the state of Georgia, a runoff is only triggered if neither candidate reaches at least half of the total votes.


Florida Vote Scandal Coverage Shows Media-Democrat Complicity. Again.

Florida voters elected Republican Ron DeSantis as governor and Republican Rick Scott as senator on election night. Both were announced as winners and their opponents conceded defeat. But then Democratic lawyer Marc Elias announced that Democrats would be going for a recount and would win the Senate seat.


GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott files bombshell lawsuits accusing Dem Florida election officials of trying to ‘steal the election’

Accusing Democrats of conducting a coordinated effort to “steal” elections in a campaign of possibly “rampant fraud,” Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott filed explosive lawsuits late Thursday against the top election officials in two heavily Democratic counties, as they continue to report new votes and three major races in the state appear headed for recounts.


Dems to flex muscle with new House majority: Subpoenas, investigations, even possible impeachment talks loom

The incoming Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has the power to open a slew of investigations into the White House and President Trump when the new Congress is seated in January, and early indications are that Democrats plan to aggressively take advantage of their new authority.

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It’s Not What Happens Next. It’s What Won’t Happen

What will be happening differently is the number of investigations into the President and any other Republican/Conservative targets the Democrats can get in their sights. Since they’ll hold the chairs in the committees making those decisions there will be plenty of opportunities for grandstanding and theatrics, eagerly gobbled up by the mainstream media. But beyond that… not much.


Twitter deleted 10,000 accounts for the election – because Democrats told them to

Twitter indicates that the accounts were trying to persuade voters to stay home on election day, which would suppress the vote for the pivotal midterm elections on Tuesday.

But the way they chose these accounts was by referral from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a group supporting campaigns of Democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Reuters even characterized it is an “early win” for the partisan group.