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Muslim terrorist supporters celebrate founding of Hamas by fighting with other Muslim terrorist supporters

Violence in the West Bank as pro-Hamas protesters clash with Palestinian security forces on 31st anniversary of Islamist party’s creation

A good time was had by all.

Palestinian security forces beat Hamas supporters with batons as they broke up a protest Friday in the West Bank city of Hebron, witnesses and police said.

The protest in the southern West Bank city was planned in support of the militant Islamist group on the 31st anniversary of its founding.

Around 50 activists carried Hamas flags confronted Palestinian Authority security forces and blocked traffic following noon prayers.

On social media sites, activists posted videos showing the security forces using batons against both male and female demonstrators in Hebron.


UN Approves Terror, Torpedoes Peace

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas could not have wished for a better birthday gift than the one with which the United Nations General Assembly presented it last week.

In a few days, Hamas will hold a massive celebration in the Gaza Strip to mark its 31st anniversary. Hamas leaders are expected to pass on to their supporters the nice gift the terrorist group has just received from the UN — a gift that enables them to continue launching rockets at Israel and planning how to kill as many Jews as possible on the way to eliminating Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state.

Although a majority of UN member states voted in favor of a US-sponsored resolution condemning the activities of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups, it failed to be adopted at the UN General Assembly.


Hamas Celebrates After Pregnant Woman Critically Injured When Terrorists Open Fire In Israel

On Sunday, seven Israelis were wounded in a drive-by shooting near the town of Ofra, approximately 13 miles north of Jerusalem.

One of the critically wounded is a 21-year-old pregnant female. Following the violent attack, the woman was taken to Shaare Zedek Hospital, where doctors successfully delivered her baby, which is currently in a ward for premature infants.


Massive Missile Attack on Israel after Qatar Funds Hamas

“What the international mediators need to understand is that there is only one solution to the crisis in the Gaza Strip: removing Hamas from power and destroying its military capabilities. They also need to understand that there is only one language that Hamas understands: the language of force. The assumption that if you pay terrorists millions of dollars, they will stop attacking you — rather than using the funds to build up their forces — has proven to be false.”


Israeli special forces assassinate top Hamas commander after crossing into Gaza Strip ‘disguised as women’

Israeli special forces soldiers last night assassinated a top Hamas commander after crossing into the Gaza Strip before a gun battle left one soldier and six more Palestinians dead.

The gun fight took place east of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian officials who said the undercover Israeli forces travelled in a civilian car.

Hamas’ armed wing, the Qassam Brigades, said its local commander Nour el-Deen Baraka was fatally shot before militants found the vehicle and chased it down – prompting Israel to launch airstrikes.


Muslim terrorist group Hamas denounces Pittsburgh shooting, claims it’s a ‘victim of Israeli terror’

The Hamas terrorist organization on Sunday condemned a weekend massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue, claiming that as Palestinian victims of Israeli “terror,” the group relates to the shattered Pennsylvania Jewish community’s pain.

US authorities said 46-year-old Robert Bowers killed eight men and three women inside the Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday during worship services, before a tactical police team shot and wounded him. Bowers faces state and federal charges.

In a statement, top Hamas official Basem Naim said the group was “sorry to hear about the terror attack.”


How Iran Plans to Take Gaza

If anyone was hoping that removing Hamas from power in the Gaza Strip would improve the situation there and boost the chances of peace between Palestinians and Israel, they are in for a big disappointment. Hamas, which violently seized control over the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2007, is not the only terrorist group in the coastal enclave, home to some two million Palestinians.

In addition to Hamas, these are several other Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip.


Canadian Arabic-Language Newspaper Publishes Article Inciting Anti-Jewish Murder

The article boasts of deadly terrorist operations sanctioned by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. But the article was not only circulated among several Arabic websites, it also was published in the Toronto-based Arabic-language newspaper Meshwar, according to a press release from the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA).


Hamas Blackmail, Media Silence

“Those who claim to be confronting Israel are nothing but corrupt, extortionist bribe-takers. Today, every politician in the Gaza Strip is well aware of the fact that the corruption at the border crossings has become the norm of the official establishment, and not actions by individuals or a certain apparatus.” — Hassan Asfour, former Palestinian Authority minister, human rights activist and political columnist.


Why Iran Supports Palestinian Terror Groups

While the United Nations, Israel and the US are proposing plans to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Iran is pledging to continue its financial and military aid to Palestinian terror groups.

Iran’s meddling in the internal affairs of the Palestinians is not new. The Iranians have long been providing Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror groups with money and weapons. Were it not for Iran’s support, the two groups, which do not recognize Israel’s right to exist, would not have been able to remain in power in the coastal enclave.