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Oklahoma Beheading Trial: Are Believing Muslims Mentally Ill?

It’s a question because the US does not recognize that the morality of Islam is inverted. Good is bad and bad is good. Therefore, he felt that beheading his co-worker was the right thing to do. Non-Muslims must never “oppress” Muslims by being over them in any way – not even at work. Women cannot be over men – this is humiliating and demands redress. Killing his kafir oppressor guarantees the favor of Allah.


Sweden’s Dilemma: ‘Failed to React on Islamist Threat’ to ‘Avoid Racism Stigma’

Amid the rising terrorist threat across Europe, a Swedish Security Service veteran has added more fuel to the debate by claiming politicians did not dare to confront the rise of radical Islamism for fear of being identified as xenophobic.


German psychiatrist: “Migrants bring huge potential for violence and have different values. It’s a time bomb.”

On 18 September, German Public Broadcaster ZDF showed an interview by Peter Hahne. It posited the idea that Germany has been living in fear for quite some time and asks the questions:

“Is that right? Are we Germans fearful in our own country for violence, terrorism and war? Or is this mood promoted, exaggerated by the media? What is the truth about ‘German angst’?“


Anti-Islamic Discrimination Rising In Countries Attacked By Jihadis

The poll, conducted by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, reported that 40 percent of the 10,500 Muslim participants across Europe say they have experienced discrimination in various forms, according to The Guardian. The agency conducted the poll in 15 European Union member states, including: Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Each of these countries has suffered Islamic terrorist attacks that killed multiple people in recent years.

Totally irrational, right?


‘Sensitivity and understanding needed to encourage families who may report extremism fears’

Greater levels of sensitivity and understanding must be shown towards people who are considering telling the authorities of their fears that a friend or family member has been radicalised, according to a landmark study by Yorkshire academics.

A report into the barriers stopping people from reporting family and friends who they suspect of being drawn into extremism has been published by the University of Huddersfield in a bid to fill a “critical blind spot” in counter-terrorism efforts.



Islam in Australia, as reflected on today’s home page of The Australian: Another alleged terrorist plot, this time to blow up planes; a Victoria MP who swears allegiance to the bloody dictator of Syria; Labor moves to recognise terrorist-run Palestine as a nation, to please Muslim voters; and the threat from returning Islamic State fighters.

What have we imported?

What danger is Labor pandering to?


Slaughtered Christians “A Viable Target”? Muslim Persecution of Christians 2017

The uptick in often lethal persecution of Christians in Muslim regions has caused many Christian leaders to appeal for aid. Canon Andrew White, the prominent minister known as the “Vicar of Baghdad” told Fox News in March, “If there is anything I can tell Americans it is that your fellow brothers and sisters are suffering, they are desperate for help,” he said. “And it is not just a matter of praying for peace. They need a lot – food, resources, clothes, everything. They need everything.”


Children may be ‘iconic targets’ for terrorists, medical experts warn

Hospitals have become “soft targets” in the war on terror, French medical experts have warned.

And they say countries facing terror threats must prepare to deal with attacks with chemical weapons such as sarin or mustard gas, and attacks targeted at “iconic victims” such as children or emergency care responders.


Greece: Muslim refugees terrifying and driving out Christians

Several clashes have broken out in recent days at Lesbos Island’s Moria Camp for refugees, with Greek authorities arresting 35 Muslim rioters who threw large rocks at police officers and set fire to tents both inside and outside the bounds of the camp. A disabled Christian was nearly burnt alive while sleeping in one of the shelters, reports Pakistan Christian Post.