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Governor General to visit Sweden to strengthen ties between “inclusive societies”

According to the official statement the delegation “will enhance relations with their counterparts from Sweden” and “these exchanges will further strengthen Canada’s ties with Sweden, with a particular focus on innovation, trade, and inclusive and sustainable societies.”

He should be visiting Hungary.

‘Day Without Immigrants’ will shutter businesses, schools

Ernest Yombo would rather students at Latin American Montessori Bilingual school come to class on Thursday, but instead, they will get an unexpected day off.

The D.C. public charter school, where he works as an assistant principal, will be forced to close for the day after more than half of the school’s staff announced their plans to participate in the “Day Without Immigrants” protest.

Canadian government supports “anti-Islamophobia” motion, will likely pass

The Liberal Party of Canada has opted to support an “anti-Islamophobia” motion (M-103) in Parliament which calls on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and study the best ways to quell an ‘increasing public climate of hate and fear.’” M-103 is the second anti-Islamophobia motion tabled. The first was unanimously approved and passed, but M-103 has stirred up questions and opposition by some Conservative Members of Parliament.

In the schools, one can see the war coming

As I work in the Swedish school I put myself at great risk by publishing these thoughts, but after Peter Springare bravely challenged the establishment, like David against Goliath, through his Facebook posts, I feel that I am ready to give the image of how I, and more and more other teachers with me, think about the school. It is not a pretty image. Previously I have published opinion pieces about the school, but now I’m thinking it’s time to seriously talk about this.

Muslim Racist & BLM principal labels white people subhuman

Can you imagine what Toronto will be like in 10 years?

TORONTO – A co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto argued that white people are “recessive genetic defects” and purportedly mused about how the race could be “wiped out” according to a post on what appears to be her Facebook page.

Dewar: Here’s why Ottawa should declare itself a ‘sanctuary city’

Simply put, a sanctuary city is a municipality that has adopted a policy of protecting and providing for all of its residents, regardless of their immigration status. It is the concrete implementation of the #RefugeesWelcome slogan that has been the rallying call of countless Canadians who have sponsored, greeted, supported or otherwise accepted refugees into our country.

Simply put, a sanctuary city is a municipality that refuses to follow the law.

Germany’s Muslim Demographic Future

Germany will need to take in 300,000 migrants annually for the next 40 years to stop population decline, according to a leaked government report.

The document, parts of which were published by the Rheinische Post on February 1, reveals that the German government is counting on permanent mass migration — presumably from Africa, Asia and the Middle East — to keep the current size of the German population (82.8 million) stable through 2060.

The report implies that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow into the country some 1.5 million mostly Muslim migrants between 2015 and 2016 was not primarily a humanitarian gesture, but a calculated effort to stave off Germany’s demographic decline and to preserve the future viability of the German welfare state.

Media Party downplaying migrant sex attacks at West Edmonton Mall waterpark

The Syrian refugee, a 39-year-old father of six, was arrested at the scene after the girls reported the incidents to a lifeguard.

Well-meaning Canadians will minimize the claims of these six young girls. They’ll say you can’t speak of a trend based on just one incident.

But it hasn’t been just one incident.

Storm of reaction to news Syrian refugee charged with sex assaults

Reports that a man accused of sexual assaults on six Edmonton teenage girls was a Syrian refugee have ignited a firestorm of reaction, from anti-immigration diatribes to criticism about how the media dealt with the story.

Groups that work with refugees in the city have been inundated with calls and texts over the past 24 hours, some from people calling for an end to the refugee program and others from refugees themselves apologizing on behalf of their community.

Trump’s ‘criminal alien’ deportation plan could remove 75 percent of illegal immigrants – including people whose only crime was border-jumping

  • One of Donald Trump’s executive orders could impact more than 75 percent of people living illegally in the United States
  • An immigration expert pointed to three key components in the order that would impact a broad swath of immigrants 
  • Simply hopping the border at a non-checkpoint could lead to deportation, the expert suggested

Syrian refugees ‘represent relatively low security threat’: declassified CBSA report

An intelligence report by Canada’s immigration enforcement branch found little evidence of security concerns about Syrians, contrary to U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to ban citizens of the country.

“Syrian refugees represent a relatively low security threat,” the report concluded. “The majority of fleeing Syrians are women and children, with men between the ages of 18 and 59 making up 22 per cent of that population.”