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‘The woman with a hijab helping victims is far more reflective of Muslims than the idiot with the knife’: Praise for bystanders who rushed to aid of Manchester stabbing victims

A woman who went to the aid of two victims of a terrorist knifeman in Manchester last night has been praised online.


Muslim men confronted after setting up a pro-Islam stall at the site of Melbourne’s recent Islamic terrorist attack

Avi Yemeni from the Australian Liberty Alliance confronted the men and asked if they thought it was appropriate to set up an Islamic stand at the site of the attack.


Aussie police name ‘terrorist’ in Melbourne knife attack, investigation finds plans for explosion using gas cans, car

The lone terrorist who fatally stabbed a man in Bourke Street on Friday planned to cause an explosion in Melbourne by igniting gas cylinders in his car, police say.

ISIS Threatened Bioterror in Australia Before Melbourne Attack, Vows More Attacks Coming

The network of ISIS-supporting groups waging an online propaganda, incitement and recruitment campaign quickly seized upon the terror group’s official claim of a Friday attack in central Melbourne with a vow to strike the country “however we want.”


Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in notes to law enforcement: ‘I did what is necessary’

The 68 pages of notes revealed Monday were included in court documents filed by his lawyers, who are asking the court to suppress all statements made to law enforcement officials while hospitalized after his arrest on April 19, 2013. His lawyers say their client was coerced into making the statements.


Robert Spencer: Germans Say Cologne Jihadi “Appeared Disheveled,” So He May Not Have Been A Jihadi

“Authorities said they weren’t ruling out terrorism but are keeping an open mind after it emerged that the attacker, a 55-year-old Syrian asylum-seeker, may have been suffering from psychological problems, appeared dishevelled with unkempt long hair and a three-day beard, and was under the influence of alcohol.”


Kremlin Confirms Crimea School Terrorist Attack “There Are A Lot Of Bodies Of Children” (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman just confirmed that the Kremlin indeed was looking at a ‘terrorist related incident’ for the explosion that killed 18 (so far) and left 70 wounded in a school in Kerch this morning. The city is located in the Crimean province which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014.


Family of youngest Danforth victim ‘will be persistent in our pursuit of the truth’

Almost three months after the depraved July 22 evening on the Danforth that stole their 10-year-old daughter, Julianna, the Kozis family have broken their silence.

While their focus is on thanking people for their support, they are also letting it be known that they have questions that they will be “persistent” in getting the answers to.


London Police Boss Locked Doors and Watched Westminster Attack Unfold From Car Window

Sir Craig Mackey, now Deputy Commissioner under Cressida Dick, had been on his way out of the Palace of Westminster following a meeting with Brandon Lewis MP — now Chairman of the Conservative Party, then Minister of State for Policing — when Khalid Masood mowed down pedestrians near the iconic building and then attacked police officer Keith Palmer with two carving knives.