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MALCOLM: Media spin on Danforth shooting is troubling

The world learned on Wednesday morning that the Islamic State took responsibility for the Danforth shooting that left two dead and 13 injured.

Canadians could be forgiven, however, for not knowing that the deranged Islamist death cult claimed to have had a hand in the Toronto massacre. Most Canadian media outlets decided to ignore the news altogether.


Trudeau Had A Lot To Say After ‘Hijab Hoax,’ Yet Has Said Very Little After Toronto Mass Shooting Attack

Both the Trudeau government and much of the media seem more interested in advancing/suppressing a particular narrative, than in taking a true leadership role following the horrific events in Toronto.


Radicalised asylum seekers have murdered or injured more than 1,000 in terror attacks in Europe since 2014

In the past four years, 32 Islamist plots have involved those who had sought sanctuary – or 16 per cent. Three of the potential atrocities were in the UK, including Parson Green tube bomber Ahmed Hassan.


To mark anniversary of London Bridge jihad attacks, London Cathedral hosts Ramadan service, iftar

The Cathedral will look absolutely smashing with minarets.

London’s Southwark Cathedral hosted its second annual “Grand Iftar Service” on Sunday evening, marking the anniversary of the London Bridge terror attack last year. In addition to the 11 a.m. Eucharist service, the church also held a 3 p.m. Service of Commemoration for the attack, and an 8 p.m. service to celebrate the Muslim service.


Suspect In Mississauga Restaurant Bombing May Be Female

To wit:

Two unidentified men walked into a restaurant on Thursday in the Canadian city of Mississauga and set off a bomb, wounding more than a dozen people, local police said. …

Police posted a photograph on Twitter showing two people with dark zip-up hoodies walking into an establishment. One appeared to be carrying an object.

Peel Police said one suspect was in his mid-20s, stocky, and wore dark blue jeans and a dark zip-up hoody pulled over his head, with black cloth covering his face. The second was thin, and wore faded blue jeans, a gray t-shirt and a dark zip-up hoody over his head, also with his face covered.


But now:

One of two suspects wanted in connection with an explosion that injured 15 people at a restaurant west of Toronto may be a woman, contrary to earlier reports, police said Tuesday.

Investigators originally said both suspects seen on video entering the Bombay Bhel restaurant in Mississauga, Ont., last week were men, but new video evidence and witness input suggests at least one of the suspects could be female, said Peel regional police Supt. Rob Ryan.

Police have finished processing the scene of the blast and are now analysing a collection of evidence that includes fingerprints, DNA, surveillance video, interviews with people present at the restaurant that night and remnants of the explosive device itself, Ryan said.

“Investigators spent hundreds of hours over the weekend combing the scene for every fine detail that might help them to understand what happened that night,” he said.

“What led the two suspects to detonate this device is still not clear,” he added. “We do not have clear motive and no one has claimed responsibility.”



Opening night of the Stratford Festival’s 2018 season has been cancelled – and the 1826-seat Festival Theatre was evacuated just half an hour before a full-house performance of The Tempest was set to begin because of a bomb threat against the theatre.

Ann Swerdfager, publicity director at the festival, said on Monday that police had asked for the building to be evacuated.

In a news release, Ms. Swerdfager said the festival cancelled the opening performance of The Tempest “on the advice of police” owing to a bomb threat.

The Stratford Police Service wrote on Twitter that it received a call at 6:45 p.m. on Monday that said explosives had been placed “at the Stratford Festival.” The Festival Theatre and the Avon Theatre were evacuated.

At a 9:15 p.m. news conference at The Bruce Hotel, Sam Theocharis, acting deputy chief of the Stratford Police Service, said 15 officers were searching festival properties and grounds and would continue to do so into Monday night.

Aritstic director Antoni Cimolino said Stratford performances would go ahead as scheduled on Tuesday – including the opening night of The Music Man at the Festival Theatre. “We’re going to make sure our patrons are safe,” he said, saying there would be bag checks at the door for audience members and suggesting it was likely extra security would be hired until the nature and seriousness of the threat had been fully investigated.