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Trudeau to visit mosque in wake of shooting

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to travel to Quebec City in the wake of the mosque shooting that killed six men, his spokesman said.

The PM is due to address parliament before visiting the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre.

I hope someone asks him some tough questions, particularly about his little ‘refugees welcome’ speech yesterday.

WHOOPSIE! Quebec mosque attack: Canada is not immune from anti-Muslim backlash

Attacking a mosque seems like the ultimate un-Canadian atrocity. After all, Canada has a powerful international reputation for tolerance. Trudeau has received widespread praise for welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada, even as the United States closes its doors.

Canada, however, is not immune from the same forces driving fear and anger toward Muslim minorities in a number of Western countries. Incidents of vandalism have occurred at mosques across Canada. The Quebec mosque at the centre of this attack was itself the site of one such incident in the summer of 2016, when a pig’s head was left there. In November 2015, a mosque in Peterborough, Ontario was destroyed by arson.

Yeah I’m having some second thoughts about that pig’s head now.

Police arrest two students – one ‘of Moroccan origin’ – over the murder of six people shot dead in a Quebec City mosque carnage two days after Canadian PM condemned Trump immigration ban

  • Two students have been arrested in Quebec for a deadly shooting at a mosque which killed six people
  • Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir were named by local media as those arrested on Sunday night
  • Six men aged between 35 and 60 were killed inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center
  • Five people are in critical condition, another 12 suffered less serious injuries and 39 escaped unharmed 
  • Witnesses told how they heard shouts of ‘Allahu akbar’ in Quebecois accents from the masked shooters
  • One suspect called police to ‘confess to his crime’ and was found ‘with handgun and two AK-47s’ in his jeep
  • On Monday he led police to a house in a residential street ten minutes away from where the shooting occurred
  • The attack came amid global condemnation of US President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban
  • President Trump has not commented on the Quebec attack and spent Monday morning defending his immigration ban on Twitter

The Daily Mail is usually faster and more reliable than other sources for releasing new details- you may want to check this story periodically for updates.

BREAKING: Melbourne horror ramming suspect driver named as Greek Australian 26-year-old

Update: Melbourne ‘attacker’ NAMED as ‘Islamic’ who ‘knows how to take you dogs down’

Dimitrious Gargasoulas has been named as the man police believe is responsible for deliberately driving a maroon coloured Holden car into the crowd in Bourke Street and Queen’s Street in the city centre.

These are the first pictures of the 26-year-old suspect just before he was seen ploughing into shoppers and lunchtime workers, killing three, including a man and a woman in their 30s and a young child.

BREAKING: Armed unit swoop on refugee centre and arrest Anis Amri’s suspected accomplice

The 26-year-old Tunisian was detained at the scene after eight German commandos stormed the home in the Spandau district on Tuesday night.

A unit from the SAS trained GSG9 and the SEK anti-terrorist police raided the centre just before 9pm.

Prosecutors claim he “knew of the attack plans and possibly helped Anis Amri.

Berlin attack suspect Anis Amri shot dead in Milan Italy

Italian reports say a man was killed in the shootout near the train station in Milan after he was stopped by police on a routine check in the early hours of Friday.

Italian police gun down fugitive Berlin killer screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ after he shoots officer who spotted him in Milan after four days on the run

Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri has been shot dead after a gunfight with police in Milan in the early hours of this morning, Italian police have said.

The Tunisian pulled a gun from his backpack, screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ and opened fire on two officers – hitting one in the shoulder – before being shot dead moments after getting off a train from France.

Amri had been on the run for four days after ploughing a lorry into crowds of revellers enjoying a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing 12 and maiming dozens of others. ISIS later claimed one of its ‘soldiers’ carried out the atrocity.

The 24-year-old had just stepped off a train from France when he was stopped by a routine police patrol in the suburb of Sesto San Giovanni in the northern Italian city of Milan at about 3am local time.

German police commandos raid properties in Berlin in hunt for market attacker

Commandos burst into two apartments in Berlin’s neighbourhood of Kreuzberg this evening but did not find a Tunisian man suspected of involvement in the deadly truck attack.

It follows a series of blunders in which investigators arrested the wrong man and were forced to admit the new suspect had been under surveillance before the attack.

Police operation underway in North Rhine-Westphalia

A police operation linked to the Berlin lorry attack is underway in the North Rhine-Westaphalia state of Germany, local media has said.

Twitter: Tunisian

First picture of Berlin massacre suspect: Police hunt Tunisian, 21, after his ID is found under lorry driver’s seat

Police today revealed they are hunting Anis Amri, 23, a refugee who came to Germany earlier this year. His paperwork was found in truck’s footwell.

He is probably armed, ‘highly dangerous’ and a member of a ‘large’ Islamic organisation and has weapons training abroad, security sources say.

More to follow.

Berlin attacker still on loose, wrong man in custody, police sources tell German press

The hunt is on for the driver who rammed into a Berlin crowd on Monday, killing at least 12, as authorities now believe they have the wrong person in custody, German police sources told the country’s Die Welt newspaper.

The Pakistani asylum-seeker taken into custody Monday and suspected of the attack has denied involvement, officials have said.

“We have the wrong man and therefore a new situation,” a senior police chief told Germany’s Die Welt newspaper. “The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause fresh damage.”