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Terror attack survivors urge public to fight terrorism

“None so blind as those that will not see.”

The public must do more to tackle terrorism by standing up to hate, a group of terror attack survivors and relatives has said.

In an open letter released ahead of the Manchester bombing anniversary on Tuesday, they set out a five-point plan to help stop future plots.


Family of IS-inspired suicide bombers attack Indonesian churches, at least 13 dead

Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, has seen a recent resurgence in homegrown militancy and police said the family who carried out Sunday’s attacks were among 500 Islamic sympathizers who had returned from Syria.

2 minute penalty for jihad before Ramadan Bombathon officially begins.


Germany van crash: Vehicle crashes into crowd in Munster leaving three dead and more than 30 injured

Update: According to BILD information the attacker is allegedly Jens R. (48), a German without a criminal record. Police special forces are at his home address in Münster, on the street are many officials.

More at the Daily Mail – Three dead after minibus ploughs into diners outside restaurant leaving dozens injured before driver ‘shoots himself’ in front of shocked onlookers in German market town

“A man has shot himself after ploughing a minibus into a crowd in Germany, reportedly leaving three dead and more than 30 injured.

Pictures have emerged appearing to show the aftermath of the crash in Muenster, a town 300 miles west of Berlin.

It is understood a vehicle ploughed into a crowded pub following the crash the driver shot himself.

It is not yet known if the incident is terror related though some have reported that it has happened on the anniversary of the Stockholm attack, where five and 14 were injured when a stolen beer truck ploughed into a crowd.

More at RT

Muenster Police

Authorities are treating the incident as a terror attack and police are clearing the town centre.

Twitter: #Muenster

Weird Translation – According to police, the alleged suspect has addressed himself.

Better translation: According to the information, a pickup truck drove into a seated group of people. There is talk of up to 30 injured. Well-informed sources said the driver shot himself. Even that is not officially confirmed.

More… 16:58: The city center is closed to the Lambertini Church. In the afternoon, a demonstration of 1,500 Kurds was to take place in Münster. Whether the attack is related to the demo is still unclear.

AP has a slightly different take: A leading German newspaper is reporting that authorities believe there is no terrorist motive behind the deadly van crash in Muenster and the driver is believed to be a middle-aged German man who had psychological issues.