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And Yet He’s Still #Winning


100 of today’s headlines:

Canadians’ view of U.S. deteriorated under Trump: global survey

The world has less confidence in Donald Trump than Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping

Trump’s White House Shuts Out the Press

Donald Trump bought a piece of Florida for $1, and no one knows why

Renaming Haryana village after Trump a ‘fraud event’, says Official

Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow’s Firm Reportedly Funneled Millions Of Donations From The Poor To His Family

North Korean media: Trump is ‘just following Hitler’s dictatorial policies’ with America First

Sally Yates: I refused to defend Trump travel ban because it’s based on religion

Trump takes a swipe at CNN following resignations

The 4 most brutal numbers in that poll showing the world hates Trump

Los Angeles to legalize street-side food vendors to spite Trump, ICE

Trump May Be Impacting Silicon Valley Home Sales

US global image plummets under Trump: Study

Donald Trump’s highly abnormal presidency: the week of June 26

Trump hotel in Toronto to shed its name

Trump Renews Attacks on News Media After CNN Retracts Story

Trump uses Twitter feed to sell book for Fox News personality, blurring ethical lines

Trump could inspire a ‘return to torture’ around the world, says UN

Countries where Donald Trump does business not included in travel ban

Trump Mocked for Wearing His Watch Too Tight

Reagan’s Daughter Rips ‘Dictator’ Trump for Press Restrictions

President Trump Just Blatantly Promoted Fox News’ Eric Bolling Book on Twitter. Is That Illegal?

Amnesty International: Congress must stop Trump’s Muslim ban

Over the Wall: How Texas Border Communities Are Gearing Up to Fight Trump

The US ‘will survive a Trump presidency’: German opposition lawmaker

Trump Is Testing a Dangerous New Theory About “Collusion”

Trump’s White House Shuts Out the Press

A damning new IMF report pours cold water on the entire Trump agenda

‘I can’t imagine this situation being acceptable’: Trump’s new lawyer reportedly steered more…

US global image plummets under Trump: Study

The world has less confidence in Donald Trump than Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping

How the world’s view of America has changed since Donald Trump took office

Mexico wall is Trump’s worst policy, according to the world

Angela Merkel: I search Trump on Twitter for latest US news

Russia likes the U.S. a lot more under Trump, new poll shows

US mayors endorse 100% clean energy in repudiation of Donald Trump

Israel Only Country To Like Trump Better Than Obama — And Russia

It Is Now Trump’s Job to Protect U.S. Elections

Georgia Bans ‘Covfefe’ License Plates

Sally Yates: Americans should be ‘alarmed’ by Trump’s actions — even if there’s no proof of…

Poet in Chief compresses Trump tweets into transcendent limericks

UN Human Rights Boss Says Trump’s ‘Persistent Flirtation’ With ‘Torture’ Threatens Entire Planet

Trump is waging a new kind of Cold War — and millions of jobs are on the front line

All Of Donald Trump’s Lies

Trump Is Losing the Benefit of the Doubt on Russia

US mayors bypass Trump to back Paris climate goals

John McEnroe says Trump once offered him ‘sums of money’ to play Serena Williams but McEnroe…

In the Age of Trump, TV Writers Struggle

We will soon witness the human costs of Trump’s deregulation crusade

US bishops ‘deeply concerned’ as Supreme court allows partial implementation of Trump travel ban

Trump’s unpopularity around the world is dragging down America’s image

North Korea Compares Trump to Hitler

IMF cuts U.S. growth forecasts, cites Trump fiscal plan uncertainty

Iranian-American Organizations issue statements on Trump’s Muslim ban after Supreme Court decision

Here’s all the things that Trump said June was the official month for… none of them LGBT Pride

Anatomy of a presidential attack on CNN

How Donald Trump is killing romance

Global image of USA drops under Trump

Trump Killed America’s Dignity and Integrity. Does The Christian Right Care?

Trump’s millionaire voters losing faith

Europe’s once-positive worldview of U.S. slips under Trump

Basically Everyone but Russia Now Looks on the U.S. Less Favorably

Why the GOP Keeps Pushing Its Wildly Unpopular Trumpcare Scheme

How Low Can Trump Go?

The Exasperating Difficulty of Trying to Understand Trump’s Finances

Pew Survey: U.S. Favorability Declines Because Of Trump Leadership

Seth Meyers Mocks “Dummy” Donald Trump For Trumpcare “Mean” Nickname Boast

Trump’s torture ‘flirtation’ a threat: UN

The White House’s international credibility collapses in Trump era

CNN Retracts Story; President Attacks

Trump breaking torture taboo, global laws threatened – UN rights boss

Ambassador Nikki Haley Violated Federal Law by Retweeting Trump, Group Says

CNN gives Trump opening to blast the media—and ignore healthcare

‘Trump’s ban aimed at spreading Islamophobia’

Banners renaming Mewat village after Trump removed

‘It really does suck’: Trump fan complains support for the president hurts her online dating…

US travel ban regrettable, misguided policy: Iran FM

Sally Yates says the US needs more than a special counsel to get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia affair

Trump, EPA Move to Rescind Obama Administration’s Clean Water Rule

Polls: With Trump and weak Loonie, Canadians look down on U.S. travel

Toronto Star Claims Trump Has Said ‘337 False Things’ As President

Iranian Lawmaker Claims That Travel Ban Is ‘Obvious Breach’ of Nuclear Deal

Bloomberg: Trump’s climate stance a ‘PR problem’

Poll: Trump Has Hurt America’s Image in the Eyes of the World

Trump’s travel ban biggest gift for extremist groups, will trigger more terrorist attacks – Iran

Trump errs in bashing CNN; cable news thrives

There’s a fake TIME Magazine cover hanging in Trump’s golf clubs

Trump praises female reporter’s ‘nice smile’ on call to Irish PM

The White House Is Fighting Disney Over Who Writes Trump’s Speech For The ‘Hall Of Presidents’ Exhibit

Citadel’s Ken Griffin says Trump’s 15 percent tax rate isn’t realistic

Trump’s travel ban will breed more terrorism, says Iran  (and they should know!)

Kathy Griffin Complains About Being Under Federal Investigation For Donald Trump Beheading Photo

Donald Trump Has Become The Kardashians… And That’s An Insult To The Kardashians

It’s Up To Congress Now To Stop Trump’s Muslim Ban

The world has no confidence in Trump – survey

Donald Trump, Authority On Fake News, Has Fake ‘Time’ Magazine Covers Hanging In His Golf Resorts

Trump Travel Ban Called ‘Sanctioned Discrimination’

The White House and Trump’s propagandists teamed up to attack CNN at today’s press briefing

New president’s politicking raises ethics flags

And the coup de grâce…

Majority of Americans would give up alcohol to see Trump impeached


CNN denies it faked Muslim anti-terror demo in London despite clear video evidence

Clearly CNN supervised and oversaw this event, and the video quite clearly shows them doing so. A CNN spokesman, however, denies it: “This story is nonsense. The group of demonstrators that was at the police cordon was being allowed through by officers so they could show their signs to the gathered media.” At the beginning of the video, the CNN announcer is clearly directing the protestors on where to set up. The only police visible are walking away, while two others are acting as props in the scene.


Pamela Geller: Post-Terror Dawah

You can set your watch to it. In the wake of very jihad terror attack, no matter how heinous and horrifying, in come the washerwomen with buckets of dirty water working double time to scrub and censor the motive from the attack. Once the stage is sufficiently washed and prepped, in march the jihadis in the information battle-space, silver-tongued snakes selling Islam-is-peace snake oil to an over-eager media audience braying for more.


Mark Steyn: “Heartless sophistry” around terror deaths

From Mark Steyn:

In Australia in recent days there has been some controversy over a Quadrant editor’s response to the obnoxious remarks of someone on the ABC’s Q&A panel that an American has more chance of being killed by a falling refrigerator than by terrorists. This happens not to be true. As far as I can tell, the only source of this bon mot is a US Consumer Product Safety Commission report that found that, between January 2000 and December 2011, toppling television sets, furniture, refrigerators and all other domestic appliances killed a total of 349 Americans – or 29 people per year.

For purposes of comparison, in Britain Islamic terrorists have just killed 28 people in 12 days. More to the point, your refrigerator is not trying to kill you, and not eternally seeking new ways to do so. You don’t have to worry about your fridge getting hold of an automatic weapon, or a dirty nuke. The Islamic supremacists want to kill as many infidels by whatever means are to hand. Nor are statistics relevant: If you’ve lost your only child because she went to an Ariana Grande concert, that’s 100 per cent of your kids who are dead. When it comes to deceased loved ones, the only statistical pool that counts is your family, not the nation or the planet.

This is a heartless sophistry from, in large part, the very same people who supported the policies that imported these pathologies to the west. More.

Reality check: ABC is the government broadcaster and that is all we need to know. Australians choose not to do something about it.

See also: Claim: Canadian public doesn’t want sharia law (?) If that’s true, why hasn’t Justin! Justin! been forced to resign?  Why is his party in power?


House Intelligence Committee sends subpoenas to intel agencies

Three of the nation’s intelligence agencies received subpoenas Wednesday afternoon issued by the House Intelligence Committee, Fox News has confirmed, with each of the three demands for documents explicitly naming three top officials of the Obama administration: Susan Rice, who served as President Obama’s White House national security adviser; former CIA Director John Brennan; and former U.N. ambassador Samantha Power.


Washington Post’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief Peddles Anti-Israel Fake News

I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to anti-Israel reporting in the so-called mainstream media, the New York Times consistently takes top prize. Its writers have attempted to mainstream hate sites, romanticized rock throwing and have openly stated that they could not be impartial when writing about those pesky Jews. Given its current radical trajectory it’s safe to say that NYT will retain this dubious distinction for the foreseeable future. But another paper is giving the NYT a run for its money.


Trump acted like a ‘loud and tacky drunk tourist who steps on others without realizing’ during his meetings with foreign allies, claims State Department official

‘When it comes to diplomacy, President Trump is a drunk tourist,’ the State Department official told the Daily Beast. ‘Loud and tacky, shoving his way around the dance floor. He steps on others without realizing it. It’s ineffectual.’

The official, who has not been named, said that the United States should be ‘out front’ when it comes the Paris Agreement.

Not named because he doesn’t exist.


CNN rewrites history to claim that Islam was part of America’s founding

“While Muslims were present at America’s founding, Islam — as a coherent, self-conscious religious and political civilization — was not.”

Yes, and those Muslims who were present at America’s founding were here because other Muslims had sold them to non-Muslims as slaves, either because the Muslim slave traders didn’t realize that they were Muslims, or because they belonged to a sect that the slave traders considered heretical.