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Was Charlottesville a setup?

…the person who put this thing together(UTR) goes by the name of Jason Kessler. Who right up until November 2016, was an avowed leftist, democrat supporter, proud obama supporter, and so on. We’ll use the SLPC’s own database on that. [] And he suddenly established a new organization called “Unity & Security For America” in January of 2017. Now one can’t forget either that he was working for CNN at one point. []


CNN: Fighting MS-13 Makes It Stronger

Apropos of my earlier post re  CNN’s headline about President Trump’s visit to Long Island to discuss immigration, here’s more from the anti-Trump network. Trump rightly attacked the scum known as MS-13, the feral, gang of tattooed savages who murder with impunity, but CNN permitted gang members to claim that Trump was only helping them.

The comments at the Twitter link are entertaining.


John Gilmore on Trump’s first six months

Gilmore, our American friend, writes us to say,


Donald Trump has been President of the United States for six months yesterday. The last time I wrote for Blazing Cat Fur, in March of this year, I said he had nuked the “deep state” by claiming the former Obama administration had surveilled his campaign. It’s been a whirlwind since that time, one even many Americans who follow politics have a hard time keeping on top of.

The update on the surveillance claim is that it has been proven largely true. Congressional investigations are continuing into the matter and things don’t look good for those former officials who were involved. “Unmasking” refers to making known the identities of Americans incidentally caught up in spy operations. There is substantial, credible evidence that several former administration officials abused their power in unmasking and then leaking the names of innocent people to the press.

Media continue their relentless war on Trump, fastening on anything that can be used to make him appear bad. In the process, they have destroyed what was left of their credibility with Americans. Cancer polls higher than the media.


Trump’s accomplishments are either ignored outright or glossed over briefly by the press. But voters are paying attention and they like what they see. Trump has followed through on many of his campaign promises.


“Fake news” was a term originally created by the media in an attempt to shore up their reputation by disparaging outlets they don’t control. Instead, it has backfired, sticking to them in a permanent way. Deliciously, media run stories that are later, often very quickly, shown to be wholly untrue. CNN has become synonymous with fake news and its ratings have plummeted. Americans don’t mind media coverage from an upfront, admitted position on the political spectrum. They do mind partisan hacks trying to pass themselves off as objective and unbiased.

Trump’s accomplishments are either ignored outright or glossed over briefly by the press. But voters are paying attention and they like what they see. Trump has followed through on many of his campaign promises. The nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was a triumph. He sends to the Senate on a regular basis well-qualified nominees to fill out important lower court vacancies.

Trump’s travel ban was blocked by far left activist judges. The Supreme Court exonerated him unanimously. Once it did, the media lost interest because the only narrative they have is a negative one toward the President.


Optimism is palpable everywhere except in the dying mainstream media. Trump’s unabashed patriotism is a tonic to a country weary of a president who wasn’t proud of it and who all too often seemed eager to disparage it at every opportunity.


Other successes abound although they fly mostly under the radar of a corrupt & hostile press: massive reductions in federal regulations of business, vigorous and unapologetic enforcement of immigration laws already on the books, a successful visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel and, more recently, acclaim in Poland where he delivered a civilizational defining speech. His elaborate welcome by President Macron of France bothered both the media domestically and abroad. His speech to a joint session of Congress in February was a tour de force. Even the fiercest critics grudgingly agreed with others, who called it the best presidential speech ever given in that chamber.

The economy is recovering and Wall Street routinely reaches new highs, only to be eclipsed the next week. Optimism is palpable everywhere except in the dying mainstream media. Trump’s unabashed patriotism is a tonic to a country weary of a president who wasn’t proud of it and who all too often seemed eager to disparage it at every opportunity.

Yet the media overlay to all of this has been a deeply pathological insistence on Russian meddling, not just in the recent election but to this very day. Comical, absurd, grandiose: the legacy media is all in on this narrative that has no actual, factual support. No less than Walter Kirn, novelist, critic, essayist and thoughtful man of the Left recently tweeted: “Dems found a losing formula and are sticking with it. Big political media & pollsters also doubling down on wrong. Titanic level hubris.”

Healthcare remains the biggest obstacle facing Trump but none of it is his doing. To the contrary, the Republican House & Senate remain what they were before his advent: the swamp. Still owned by the donor class, many in the party have no wish to see Trump’s agenda succeed. Eventually, something will have to be done because not even an ensconced, hide-bound establishment can resist the demands for change that propelled Trump into the White House.

I have no idea how Canadian media is covering Trump; I can only assume as badly as most American media, perhaps worse. But the reality is that things are much better, less dire, than you may have heard and read about. My prediction is that when the media exhausts itself from trying to delegitimize him, Trump will begin to be seen for what he is in the process of becoming: the most consequential president of the modern age.


Nine Flaws With New York Times ‘Israel’s War on George Soros’ Article

An opinion article in the New York Times improbably used George Soros as a bludgeon with which to attack Israel and its elected prime minister.

I counted at least nine flaws with the article. It appeared in the Times online under the headline “Israel’s War Against George Soros,” but a more apt headline might have been “The New York Times’ War Against Israel.”

h/t Waffle


Snopes, surprisingly, debunks fake news about Donald Trump

Not as fast as dying traditional media can make it up, of course.
The report is called “The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas.”:

Some of these claims are downright fake, entirely fabricated by unreliable or dubious web sites and presented as satire, or otherwise blatantly false. But the rest — some of which have gained significant traction and credibility from otherwise serious people and organizations — provide a fascinating insight into the tactics and preoccupations of the broad anti-Trump movement known as “the Resistance,” whether they were created by critics of the President or merely shared by them.

Take, for example, the claim that Trump was the only world leader at a G7 summit in May not to take notes, based on a photograph posted to Twitter by French President Emannuel Macron. Here Trump was portrayed as unprepared and out of his depth on the world stage, with a “ten-second attention span”. However, the claim was entirely untrue, with other images and video of the meeting showing that Trump did indeed have notes and a pen. Not only that, but the very image used to make the false claim clearly shows two other world leaders sitting with no note-taking paraphernalia. In this case, even the cherry-picked evidence chosen to make the point undermines it.

Or, from the same G7 summit, the claim that Trump was caught on video raising his middle finger to Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni. Here we have Trump, contemptuous of other world leaders, once again risking international incident with his short temper and foul manners.

Except that he didn’t. …

Reality check: Snopes protected itself by saying little about the Big Stars media (New York Times, CNN, Washington Post), former “papers of record,” “trusted news,” and so forth.

Snopes is probably taking the risk of offering any criticism at all because the deranged traditional media have become so irresponsible that Snopes would risk its own reputation defending them. It’s just too obvious that they would say anything to get rid of him so they can settle into the cool mudhole of Correct State News.

See also: Media deep in the mud


FAKE NEWS: White House Calls Idea of ‘Second Meeting’ Between Trump and Putin ‘False, Malicious and Absurd’

Several mainstream news media outlets reported Tuesday evening that President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a second, undisclosed “meeting” at the G-20 summit earlier this month in Hamburg, Germany, attended only by Putin’s translator.

The “meeting” — occurring during a dinner for heads of states and their spouses, supposedly “raised the eyebrows” of other foreign leaders at the dinner, for breaking national security protocol by not also having a U.S. translator present, according to Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer, who first reported the meeting in a note sent to clients, according to Reuters.


Washington Post: After Muslim cop shoots unarmed woman, Muslims “brace for backlash”

Now the Post is reinforcing the idea that Muslims are victims who must be accorded special solicitude by publishing yet another story about how Muslims, after an atrocity committed by a Muslim, are fearing “backlash” from non-Muslims that seldom, if ever, actually materializes. Articles like this one only reinforce the fiction that Muslims in the U.S. are facing widespread persecution. That perception leads to phenomena such as the hiring of Mohamed Noor by the police, and his remaining on the force despite his manifest incompetence. And so now Justine Damond is dead, but instead of realizing what it is perpetrating and changing course, the Post just starts the cycle all over again.


Our Corrupt Media Is Now Haunted By All The Precedents They Set While Colluding With Obama

Barack Obama trafficked guns to Mexican drug lords, secretly delivered pallets filled with billions in cash to Iran’s America/Jew-hating mullahs, left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then lied about it, allowed his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to exchange government favors for hundreds of millions of dollars slushed into the Clinton Foundation, sic’d his IRS on everyday, law-abiding Americans, and used a trillion dollars in “stimulus” funds to pay off his cronies, like those behind a boondoggle called Solyndra.

And all along, over eight terrible years, our media did a whole lot more than just let Obama get away with it. They wholeheartedly colluded.


CNN Thinks You’re “Stupid As “Sh*T”

In the ongoing series of James O’Keefe/Project Veritas videos that have been exposing the extreme bias of CNN and their deliberate efforts to push fake news stories in their not-so-subtle efforts to take out President Trump, we now know that they believe that millions of everyday, working Americans are stupid.