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Caroline Glick: In Pamela Geller Attack, Taylor Lorenz and Media are Stupid — and Evil

That is the only reasonable conclusion you can reach from the Daily Beast’s article Thursday that exposed the identities of Pamela Geller’s four daughters and the subsequent decision of major and minor newspapers and magazines throughout the Western world to re-run the story.


CNN IN CRISIS? February Ratings Down 19 Percent, 16 Percent in Prime Time

CNN loves to host entire hours devoted to a “WHITE HOUSE IN CRISIS” and touting their latest poll on Trump’s unpopularity. On Thursday, they pushed out Anthony Scaramucci insisting “MORALE IS AT AN ALL-TIME LOW.” But maybe CNN should wonder if the screen ought to read “CNN IN CRISIS?” Where is their morale when they look at the ratings? Mark Joyella at Forbes reports on the latest monthly ratings.


CBC Continues to Carry Trudeau’s Water, Indian Press Show Up Canadian Press in Calling a Poseur a Poseur, and Trudeau War on ‘Fake News’ Continues

Leave it to the foreign press of a blossoming democracy to expose a waning democracy’s leader’s phoniness. Sure, Canadian media eventually joined the bandwagon in ridiculing Trudeau’s disastrous Indian trip, but only after it became too hard to ignore.


Pence Excoriates Liberal Media ‘Fawning Over’ North Korean Family at the Olympics

Continuing to demolish the media’s Barack Obama-like fetish for the North Korean leader’s sister, Pence described the Kim family as “[a]n evil family clique that brutalizes, subjugates, starves and imprisons its 25 million people” and she’s even been sanctioned by the United States for her role in the country’s worst atrocities.


Ottawa weighs making Canadian media official Pravdas

From Bruce Campion-Smith at the Toronto Star:

A precipitous decline in ad revenues, the shift to digital, and the domineering online presence of Facebook and Google have upset the traditional business model for Canadian news organizations. All are casting for a new model that does work. But the ensuring economic turmoil has seen newsrooms close, journalists laid off and diminished coverage, especially in local news.

On Wednesday, the Fédération nationale des communications (FNC) will hold a news conference in Ottawa to draw attention to the crisis.

Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly has hinted that the Feb. 27 federal budget will deliver some assistance to offset the financial challenges confronting news outlets.

And it appears Ottawa will use the Canadian Periodical Fund to channel the new funding. But federal officials have been quietly putting the word out that the financial assistance might not be as generous as some in the industry are hoping for.More.

Reality check: In an age when everywhere we look, someone is tippy tapping away on his phone, the necrotic Canadian media could only ever be an amplifier for government propaganda, and many of them sound like they are rehearsing for the part. The news, whatever it is, will usually be elsewhere.

See also: YouTube anti-propaganda campaign unfair to public broadcasters, say critics The obvious solution is, in a media-saturated age, that governments to quit funding “public broadcasters.” “Editorially independent independent by statute” is nonsense. They know who butters their bread and they act like it. They’re not to blame for that but there is an unbridgeable chasm between independence “by statute” and independence by “we could go out of business” reality.


5 Terrible Things the Media Communicates to Every Potential School Shooter

In the coming days, we will hear a familiar profile about the Broward County school shooter. (No, I will not name him, for the reason below.) He was mentally deficient. He was a loner. He expressed violent tendencies. And likely, if the pattern holds, he was prescribed some kind of drugs to control his behavior.

But there is also a media behavioral profile for these situations, and it is perfectly matched to the desires of a deranged person who would like to go out in a blaze of glory.


Deep State-Fake News Marriage: CIA, NSA, FBI Operatives Join Media In Droves

“I am reluctantly turning in my badge and leaving an organization I love,” wrote FBI agent Josh Campbell, in a February 2 op-ed for the New York Times.” He is leaving the Bureau, he said, so he can “join the growing chorus” of voices denouncing “the relentless attacks on the bureau” by President Trump. The attacks by the Trump administration and Republicans on the politicized, upper-echelon bureaucrats at the FBI, said Campbell, “undermine not just America’s premier law enforcement agency but also the nation’s security.”


MSNBC Contributor: President Trump Is ‘An Enemy to Non-White People in America’

“The President is a white supremacist – we heard in Charlottesville the President is a terrorist sympathizer, and our President is a clear and present danger to non-white people in America….Unless the Democratic party realizes that this man is an enemy to non-white people in America – and this is not an exaggeration – everything in his rhetoric and policy has said so – we will be in danger as a sovereign nation.”