The Tent Foundation hires Lutheran refugee contractor to write refugee hiring guide

Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani Yogurt (we mentioned their expansion in Twin Falls, Idaho, here recently), created a personal foundation launched at Davos (Switzerland) in 2016 he called The Tent Foundation.

Now comes news that The Tent Foundation has hired Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service to pen a guide for their “member” companies (affiliated with Tent) to answer questions corporations have about hiring refugee labor.


Aarhus man gets prison sentence for making bomb in basement

A 25-year-old man has been sentenced to two years and six months in prison by Denmark’s High Court for making and possessing a bomb.

Somalian citizen Libaan Ahmed Warsame has also been sentenced with conditional deportation from Denmark.

Though the 25-year-old’s intended purpose for the bomb remains unclear, he has been linked to gang violence in Denmark’s second city.


The care and raising of baby fascists is best done by fascist profs

From Mike Adams at Townhall:

A professor hurled profanities about Trump and Pence in a classroom tirade. When a student countered that Pence is a “good man” he was told that he was mentally ill and needed to go to the counseling center to get “professional help” before returning to class. The accusation that the student suffered from mental illness was repeated in front of dozens of students.

It is unsurprising that students learn from their professors. Generally speaking, that is what they are there to do. So it comes as no surprise that the increase in uncivil classroom conduct by professors is being accompanied by an increase in uncivil conduct by students across our campus. Several members of the College Republicans (CR) group recently found that out when they decided to host a speech about free speech by the author of this column … More.

Reality check: Adams’ account of the event is worth reading but not surprising. Once the little dears graduate and get jobs in the government, they can Fix us all. Unless the system breaks down first.

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Business prof prediction: Half of all US colleges to be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years


At American Thinker: Sex uproar a psychodrama that forces Clinton exit? Mmmm… yes.

We kind of thought so too. From Stephen McGhee:

The media’s confession is phony. But it is also brilliant. By finally condemning Bill Clinton for his mistreatment of women, the press is gently, but firmly, escorting him from the public stage. The American left wants to face forward, and there’s no place in its future for the Clintons. Seen in this light, the media’s re-evaluation of Bill is of a piece with Donna Brazile’s takedown of Hillary. It is time for the Clintons to retire. And since they no longer control the levers that might extend their tenure and punish their enemies, the Clintons are finding that their friends are of the fair weather variety.

Reality check: Folks, I am not saying it is a conspiracy. It is a well-managed opportunity. Sex panics can happen at any time. We should be glad it isn’t something about shrinking penises; that’d be even crazier.

To ease the Clintons into history, the Dems need a huge noise around sex abuse that does not force Hill to defend Bill against his accusers once again, pitilessly, the way she did in the past. Talk about a party meltdown… Conveniently the sex abuse volcano exploded this year, providing just the kabuki theatre needed.

So no, Dems aren’t conspiring about it; they simply sense it and are moving in directions that seem hopeful for them. Naturally, their real target is Trump. Any bets, readers, on how that’ll go?

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But sluts/not sluts isn’t the point!


Yawn. Even the TED Talks reveal sex harassment. Stretch. Snore…

From Elizabeth Dwoskin and Danielle Paquette at the Washington Post:

But behind the scenes, TED owner Chris Anderson and other senior officials had been grappling with accusations for much of the year that their own conferences, famed for turning short speeches by leading figures into viral videos, had not been a safe place for women — and that the atmosphere of predatory male behavior was getting worse. More.

Reality check: WAPO wants money to tell me the rest. But I don’t think TED talks can compete with Hollywood. They’ll be lucky to get by with a five-star snore from evolutionary psychology on how men “evolved to” behave like that.

Women used to “evolve to” whack men down when they behaved like that.

A long time ago. Before whining was considered popular entertainment and well compensated.

When will this moral panic subside? So we can get back to real issues about abuse of women?

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NFL as legacy entertainment shares legacy media fate, $half billion lost

From Clay Travis at Outkick the Coverage:

While the protest has received the majority of the media attention and the league and TV partners definitely believe it’s an issue, they don’t believe the protest is the reason for the substantial drop in ratings by itself.

It is one of the reasons for declining ratings, they believe, not THE reason.

There is agreement that the NFL needs to find a resolution to the protests, but the most alarming thing for the league and its TV partners is simply eliminating the protest won’t return the NFL to its ratings golden era, just two short years past.

There’s a significant belief that the league’s TV partners, who are facing up to $500 million in losses this year, need a fundamental restructuring of TV windows to avoid losing even more money in the years ahead.More.

Reality check: Rabbit feathers. The fact that no one was paying attention to key issues like the TV windows is because the NFL was having a tantrum and expecting fans to care. In the same way, Big Cool media 2016 was having a tantrum and expecting voters to care.

No one has to care. Absent a totalitarian state, all these former hotshots are doomed.

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Does fake news make a difference in politics?


After gender neutral conversion, Sturgeon students ask for more gender specific bathrooms

“The first day of school, when we all walked in and saw the bathrooms were gender neutral and everybody could go into the other gender’s bathroom, it was bizarre,” grade 11 student Graeme Gibson said.

“First, it was a shock, then everybody was like, ‘Why is this happening? What the heck is going on?’”


But sluts/not sluts isn’t the point!

From Christine Rousselle at Townhall:

On Thursday, radio anchor Leeann Tweeden came forward and claimed that Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) forcibly kissed her and groped her while she was asleep during a USO Tour in the Middle East in 2006. While most sane people were utterly disgusted by these allegations (which had photographic evidence to boot), some on the left took a slightly more problematic approach: Hey, did you know that Tweeden posed nude in magazines, likes guns, and is a conservative?

First of all, who cares? It doesn’t matter whether Tweeden modeled for Playboy or modeled in a full burka for a different magazine. She has the right to make that choice, and she exercised her agency in making that choice. Posing nude is not an invitation for people to make their way with someone without their consent. She did not want to be kissed by Franken, and she was asleep when he was photographed groping her breasts. She had no choice in the matter. More.

Reality check: Excuse me, but I think Tweeden’s assignment choices are highly relevant.

I am not questioning Tweeden’s right to sell whatever she wants. I am saying that if she is indeed selling that kind of thing, she is part of the same industry as Al Franken.

She is not, say, a night nurse in an ER, tending to banged-up low-lifes.

I am sick and tired of endless faux reruns of the Perils of Pauline. Any woman who goes into the entertainment business today will, of course be asked to market sex. Absent legal considerations, it’s a business transaction what she will do, with whom, to whom, and under what circumstances.

If women in entertainment don’t like that, they could try taking stand for old-fashioned morality.

Hey, don’t let the cobwebs strangle you while you are waiting…

I hope the moral panic ends some time soon so we can focus on the problems of women who, like the ER night nurse, genuinely have no reason to expect or put up with lewd behaviour of any kind.

Hospitals are not, after all, marketing lewd behaviour the way the entertainment industry does.

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Sinking ships cluster together: Big media consolidations

From Brian Stelter at CNN Money,

This week we learned that Comcast, Verizon and other companies are circling 21st Century Fox; that Mashable is being sold to Ziff Davis at a fire sale price; and that the magazine publisher Meredith is bidding for Time Inc. again.

A number of other prominent media companies are also looking for an “out” in the form of a sale. More.

Reality check: Looking for an “out” in the form of a sale? So were the manufacturers of bustles and corsets. These people must not be given any form of government help that was not given to the manufacturers of bustles and corsets.

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Why rubes don’t trust traditional media any more Because we can get wrong information without paying for it.