Tesco worker, 42, sues supermarket for £20,000 ‘after colleague farted in his face which was caught on CCTV’

Atif Masood, 42, is a customer assistant at a branch in Thornton Heath, south London and he is demanding £20,000 in compensation because of the ‘bullying’.

He says a colleague broke wind in his face while another watched and laughed as part of a campaign of acts against him because of his Muslim background.


Conrad Black: Nothing Faith Goldy has done warrants this assault on her campaign


In the same measure that a civilized society must not tolerate racial discrimination, nor can it tolerate the false and wilful imputation of repulsive attitudes to someone who does not hold them.

The portrayal of mayoral candidate Faith Goldy as a white supremacist, and use of that unfounded characterization to blackball her from candidates’ debates, and ban her advertisements from CTV is outrageous. I happened to encounter Mayor John Tory this week, and while he considers the Goldy campaign distasteful, fair-minded man as he is, he did not disagree with my contemptuous views of the attempts to silence it.