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Muslim screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ throws firecrackers in church during Easter mass, 24 injured in panic

A heavily drunken man, dark-skinned and with a beard, entered St. Paul’s Church in Munich Theresienwiese during the Croatian Mass (Easter blessing), with a bottle of alcohol in hand, lit a firecracker and threw it in the middle of the church and shouted “Allahu akbar.”

Everyone panicked and threw the baskets that the Easter meal was in, and ran out screaming. This injured children and adults. The police and its team came and arrested the man. These are shocking pictures that must be shared and not hidden. Many children are in a state of shock.

New York Times Writer Apologizes To Trump For Russia Hoax

President Donald Trump offered praise to The New York Times, a rare occurrence as it is the newspaper he despises.

“Do you believe this? The New York Times Op-Ed: MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS OWE TRUMP AN APOLOGY. Well, they got that one right!,” he said.

President Trump was referring to a story written in The Times titled “Barr Is Right About Everything. Admit You Were Wrong.”

Vision shared of plans for MAJOR Muslim political expansion at event honoring Omar and Tlaib

On the evening of Thursday, January 10, a reception was quietly hosted in Arlington, Virginia by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), in honor of Rep. Andre Carson (D-Inc.) and the two newest Muslim congress members, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (D-Minn.).

CAIR’s National Director Nihad Awad declared that President Trump’s “campaign” of “hateful and bigoted attacks” against the Muslim community over the last three years has ignited a fire underneath the feet of the American-Muslim community to run for public offices – and win.

With no more women premiers, the landscape of leadership has changed

There were six women sitting at the table as first ministers when Ontario hosted the summer meeting of the Council of the Federation in 2013, steering the way forward on Canada’s biggest immediate and long-term challenges.

Today, there are none.

Muslim threatens to kill Christian evangelist and harm his family, Facebook BANS the victim for sharing a screenshot of the threat

A Christian apologist from the United States was banned by Facebook recently after he shared a screenshot of a death threat he received from a Muslim.

David Wood, founder of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry, posted a video on YouTube this week, accusing the social media giant of repeatedly banning him on “completely bogus charges.”


Mali soldiers killed in suspected jihadist attack

At least 10 Malian soldiers were killed on Sunday in an attack by suspected jihadists, according to a security source.

The attack took place at 5 a.m. local time (0500 UTC) at a military camp in Guire in the Nara Cercle region, roughly 500 kilometers (310 miles) north of Bamako.

“The terrorists came out of the forest. They were on motorcycles and pick-up trucks. They burnt vehicles and took away others,” the source said.


Lara Logan tells riveting untold story: My Benghazi report was buried to protect the Obama admin and Hillary

In 2013, then-CBS reporter Lara Logan had an investigative report on the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that was buried and “discredited,” reportedly due to the network’s mistaken vetting of one eyewitness’s account of the incident.

However, according to Logan, the report was disparaged because it was critical of the Obama administration’s failure to come to the defense of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his compound when it was attacked by Islamist terrorists.

Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack on September 11, 2012.


Western civilization on suicide watch

In large part for demographic reasons, I am pessimistic about the future for America and the West.

My mother died recently, just shy of 94 years old. She left seven grandchildren: two medical doctors, one doctor of physical therapy; and biomedical engineer; one specialist in digital photography; one management trainee and one student. I am older (70) than her husband, my father, was when he passed. I have one grandchild and am unlikely to have more. The night my eldest (now a cardiologist) was married, he called me aside at the reception say his wife did not want to have children. Maybe one, maybe someday.


ISIS supporters celebrate Sri Lanka bomb attacks as payback for New Zealand mosque massacre and the US-backed military campaign in Syria

ISIS supporters have gleefully celebrated the Easter Sunday suicide bomb attacks in Sri Lanka that left at least 207 dead and around 500 injured.

No terror group has officially claimed responsibility for the blasts at three churches, four hotels and a block of flats in the capital Colombo.


Begum’s case is not about human rights, it’s about protecting us from jihad

FIVE years ago, a boy named Zane Gbangbola died during the Surrey floods.

Zane was only seven years old when he succumbed to what his parents suspect was cyanide gas caused by the floodwaters to leak from a former landfill site. Kye Gbangbola and Nicole Lawler’s request for legal aid to represent their case at Zane’s inquest was turned down by the Legal Aid Agency who said this did not constitute ‘the public interest’.

Yet civil servants at the Legal Aid Agency have seen fit to grant Shamima Begum legal aid – funded by the British taxpayer – to appeal against Sajid Javid’s decision to strip her of her citizenship. As Melanie Phillips correctly says, Begum has the right to apply for legal aid.

But why was she was given it when more deserving cases are not? Legal aid is means tested. How is it in ‘the public interest’ to risk letting this jihadist back into the UK?


For the first time, “No Religion” is the most popular choice for Americans

Tying Catholicsm and evangelicalism,

“‘Religious nones’ as they are called by researchers, are a diverse group made up of atheists, agnostics, the spiritual, and those who are no specific organized religion in particular. A rejection of organized religion is the common thread they share,” CNN reports.

“It is the first time we have seen this. The same questions have been asked for 44 years,” political scientist and Baptist pastor Ryan Burge told CNN. Timothy Meads, “ICYMI: ‘No Religion’ Now As Popular As Catholicism, Evangelicalism” at Townhall

While there is certainly a decline in organized religion in the Western world, in North America the near-collapse of mainline Protestantism is the main driver of the current numbers.

Put another way, people who, forty years ago, would have cited the church their parents once attended as their “religion” now say “no religion” because they no longer experience social penalties for being honest. It’s still a decline but to discuss it intelligently, we need to see clearly what the decline is.

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Raging Woke go after Democrat cartoonist with pro-life views

Just as if they were Justin Trudeau and the Summer Jobs program or something. As Libby Emmons tells it at The Federalist,

Pyle is the creator of the cartoon Strange Planet, and his Instagram has nearly 2 million followers. The cartoons feature cute little aliens finding futility in the basics of human life, but it took this Nylon article bashing his personal ethos about the sanctity of life for me to hear about the guy and follow his account, giving him approximately 2 million viewers and one.

“When looking at Pyle’s personal Instagram, though,” writes Casey Miller for Nylon, “it’s clear that we shouldn’t have been surprised that he has such conservative views. The first line in his bio is ‘I follow Jesus,’ which should clue you in about his religious leanings.” That Jesus is always steering people wrong, I guess. Sanctity of life, promotion of love and kindness, a vow of poverty, dedication to the downtrodden, tending to the needy—I mean, where will it end? More.

Reality check: Sadly, Pyle hopes to be safe anyway by bleating that his wife and he always vote Democrat. Their only safety would lie in obliterating the current Democrats as a political force. Maybe the next lot will not be so beholden to the raging Woke.

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‘Eco-colonialists’ blocking jobs and prosperity on First Nations, businessman says

Businessman Calvin Helin wants to bring jobs to his impoverished hometown on the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation on the northwest British Columbia coast, but there’s a powerful group blocking his dreams.

Helin sees a new kind of colonialism — this time imposed by wealthy, big city environmentalists and their allies in the Trudeau government — thwarting the desire for work and for dignity for his old community.

Eco-colonialism, Helin calls it, led by “elitist, latte-slurping white people.”


Claim: Computer glitch may have spread the Notre Dame fire

From CBS News:

A “computer glitch” may have been behind the fast-spreading fire that ravaged Notre Dame, the cathedral’s rector said Friday. Speaking during a meeting of local business owners, rector Patrick Chauvet did not elaborate on the exact nature of the glitch, adding that “we may find out what happened in two or three months.”

On Thursday, Paris police investigators said they think an electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire. French newspaper Le Parisien has reported that a fire alarm went off at Notre Dame shortly after 6 p.m. Monday but a computer bug showed the fire’s location in the wrong place. More.

Reality check: The report is full of “may”s and “may have’s. Hundreds of theories still to go.

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Clapper: Mueller couldn’t find ‘active collusion’ but there was ‘passive collusion’

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Thursday said that there was “passive collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings that conclude there was no conspiracy.

Clapper began by defending the foundation of the Russia probe, telling CNN anchor Anderson Cooper that there was “good reason” for intelligence agencies and law enforcement “to be concerned about whether or not there was some kind of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”


Sri Lanka church and hotel explosions: intelligence blunder ahead of terror attack that killed more than 200

Key intelligence on a possible terrorist attack was not passed onto the Sri Lankan government weeks before at least 207 people were killed in a wave of Easter Sunday suicide bombings on churches and five-star hotels.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe acknowledged late last night/Sunday that “information was there” about possible attacks, which left more than 450 injured, adding that “we must also look into why adequate precautions were not taken.”

It was reported that information about potential suicide attacks had been passed by “foreign intelligence” to the Sri Lankan security agencies ten days earlier.

The Moment Sri Lanka Church Exploded


Collision course: Free speech vs big tech

From WSTale:

When Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook called for regulating harmful internet content in an opinion column last month, Republicans in Washington expressed outrage that he was calling on the government to regulate speech.

Within hours, the company’s top lobbyists started spreading another message to conservatives: Don’t take his suggestion too seriously.

In a flurry of calls and emails to regulators, consumer groups and think tanks — as well as in person, at a weekly breakfast gathering of influential conservatives — the operatives said Mr. Zuckerberg was not encouraging new limits on speech in the United States. His target was mostly overseas regulators, they said, and he has other ideas for Washington. More.

Reality check: If you believe him, put your affairs in the hands of a trusted person. If you are Canadian, don’t vote for the Liberals or the NDP.

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