“Science refuses to take root in Muslim countries” Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy

Is the Muslim world more affected by pseudoscience and superstition than any other part of the world?

Djinn Protection for your home – This is a “real thing”.

Pseudoscience – defined as statements about nature that are spurious and do not pass the test of scientific validity – is to be found everywhere. However, wherever excessive emphasis is placed upon tradition and belief, it becomes more common. For example, I have been to India multiple times and seen how even educated people there can be persuaded to believe in completely nonsensical stuff. In 1995, I saw absolute pandemonium in Delhi as hundreds of thousands of Hindus rushed to their temples after hearing that the elephant god Ganesh had been discovered drinking milk offered by his devotees. Then, after a few days Indian rationalists challenged this and actually demonstrated that it was capillary action which caused the liquid to slowly move up the elephant god’s trunk!

I could give you many more examples from India – and I’m sure you could give me plenty of examples from Italy, of weeping Madonnas – but there’s something different about Pakistan and the Muslim world, in general. Science resolutely refuses to take root in Muslim countries. It’s much harder there to summon forces against pseudoscience. Sadly, charlatans, crooks, and religious people are easily able to mislead people.


Atheist Richard Dawkins is banned from US radio station over ‘hurtful’ comments about Muslims, but he responds: ‘Why is it fine to criticize Christianity but not Islam?’

A row over free speech has broken out between scientist Richard Dawkins and a California radio station after a planned speech was cancelled.

The British biologist, a renowned atheist, had been due to speak at an event hosted by Berkeley-based station KPFA about his latest book.

But the speech was pulled, with organizers citing ‘hurtful’ statements made by Dawkins about Islam.


Sperm counts among western men have halved in last 40 years – study

Sperm counts among men have more than halved in the last 40 years, research suggests, although the drivers behind the decline remain unclear.

The latest findings reveal that between 1973 and 2011, the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate of men in western countries has fallen by an average of 1.4% a year, leading to an overall drop of just over 52%.

“The results are quite shocking,” said Hagai Levine, an epidemiologist and co-author of the study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


State Department Lawyers are Scrubbing References to ISIS Genocide of Christians

In March 2016 Secretary of State John Kerry officially declared ISIS guilty of waging genocide against Christians and other religious minority groups in the Middle East and Africa. The declaration was made after careful consideration of the facts on the ground and after a number of human rights organizations presented the Obama administration with irrefutable evidence the terrorist organization actively engaged in genocide. 


Islamophobic FBI interferes with Muslim’s religious freedom to kill thousands and blow up Gay bars

Bay Area ISIS Supporter Wanted to ‘Redefine Terror,’ Kill 10,000

A 22-year-old man from Oakland, California, man was indicted Friday on charges related to material support for ISIS.

His case represents the 130th ISIS-related arrest in the U.S. since March 2014.

According to the Justice Department, Amer Sinan Alhaggagi opened up social media accounts on behalf of ISIS and was willing to commit a suicide bombing.

Even more disturbing, according to the indictment, Alhaggagi said he wanted to “redefine terror” and kill 10,000 people here in a domestic terror attack.

The indictment also states that Alhaggagi discussed selling poison drugs and attacking a gay club in San Francisco.


Algerian charged with 1st-degree murder after stabbing of pregnant wife, death of baby

Sofiane Ghazi – a feminist like Justin Trudeau

A Montreal man accused of stabbing his pregnant wife, who remains in hospital, and prompting the baby’s death has been charged with attempted murder and first-degree murder.

The baby was born by emergency C-section following the stabbing of Raja Ghazi early Monday morning. The infant was in critical condition for several hours before dying in hospital. The woman was about eight months pregnant at the time of the attack.

Sofiane Ghazi, 37, appeared at the Montreal courthouse via video conference on Tuesday. He is also facing charges of car theft and making death threats.


Shorter Doctor to Mom in front of sick daughter … Kill your kid it’s legal now

This photo originates from a film produced by the Reich Propaganda Ministry. It shows two doctors in a ward in an unidentified asylum. The existence of the patients in the ward is described as “life only as a burden.” Such propaganda images were intended to develop public sympathy for the Euthanasia Program.

Mother says doctor brought up assisted suicide option as sick daughter was within earshot

“His words were ‘assisted suicide death was legal in Canada,'” she told CBC. “I was shocked, and said, ‘Well, I’m not really interested,’ and he told me I was being selfish.”

According to Elson, Lewis was within earshot when the doctor made the comment — which she said was quite traumatic for her daughter to hear.


Bavaria ramps up security measures against terrorist threats

Terrorist attacks in the Bavarian cities of Würzburg and Ansbach; a mass shooting in Munich; the truck attack at the Christmas market in Berlin. In response to these recent violent incidents, the state of Bavaria has passed a new law expanding the powers of the police.

“The most efficient defense against dangers is to not let them emerge at all,” said Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann. “We’re an open society, but in order to protect that society we need a strong state.”

Civil liberties will not be threatened by the authorities through laws or surveillance, he added, but rather by “extremists and chaos.”


The Most ‘Consequential’ Fight In Syria Might Be One You’ve Never Heard Of

Al-Qaida’s Syrian affiliate is consolidating territory in a major clash with a rival rebel group and could make the terror group a more formidable threat in the longer term than the Islamic State, U.S.-based intelligence advisory firm The Soufan Group (TSG) warns.

The warning comes amid a major clash between al-Qaida affiliate, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), and another Islamist rebel group in the province that the Syrian regime and its allies do not largely control. The U.S., by and large, is focused on defeating ISIS in other areas of Syria and has largely given over a leadership role for post-ISIS Syria to Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime.


Dutch jihadis are calling TV stations to announce their return home from Syria

More to ISIS than just head chopping.

Jihadis from the Netherlands suspected of fighting for the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) are contacting television stations at home in a bid to improve their image before they return and face trial.

Last week, two Dutch fighters contacted separate television stations to give interviews, announcing that they are to return to their home country, according to The Daily Beast. They are part of a wave that has given security services across the continent increasing concern.

The two jihadis are part of a wider group of 10 that Dutch authorities seek to put on trial. A court decided that they can be present to defend themselves and have until January 2018 to return to Dutch soil.

They should ask for Canadian citizenship, Justin will make them rich.


Dublin bakery’s refusal of anti-gay marriage cake ‘not discrimination’

A Co Dublin bakery did not discriminate against a man when refusing to bake a €700 cake with an anti-gay marriage message, the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) has ruled .

In May of last year, the man placed a cake order with the bakery with the words: “BY THE GRACE OF THE GOOD LORD, I (name redacted), that in my honest opinion – ‘GAY MARRIAGE’ IS A PERVERSION OF EQUALITY and the 34th Amendment to the Irish Constitution should be REPEALED.”

The man told the WRC hearing he was taking the action against the bakery under the Equal Status Act in response to a Belfast court case which had found that Ashers bakery had discriminated against a gay man when refusing to take an order a “Bert and Ernie” cake with a pro-gay-marriage message.

The man said he placed the order both to test and “balance out” the Ashers case.


Norway’s Political Elites Cheer for Islam

Ramadan is supposed to be an Islamic holy month of fasting. In reality, as one is thought to be doubly rewarded in paradise for deeds “fighting corruption” during Ramadan, it is a month of “jihad and victories.”

It therefore nearly always leads to an increase in jihad violence in different parts of the world.

Breitbart News counted at least 1,620 people killed by militant Muslims during Ramadan in 2017. Most of these were killed in Muslim-majority countries. However, deadly Islamic terrorist attacks also hit Western cities such as London.

When dealing with Muslim terror, it can be useful to separate it into two different, categories: Big Terror and Little Terror. Big Terror includes mass casualty attacks such as suicide bombings. Little Terror includes other forms of violence and harassment, such as torching cars, that have a negative impact on daily life. Both forms of terror are intended to spread fear.


Yazidi schoolgirl kept as a sex slave by Isis for six months tells of ‘dying a 100 deaths’

A 16-year-old Iraqi girl who now lives in Germany has recalled the ordeal she went through after the Isis terror group kidnapped her and kept her as a sex slave in Iraq for six months.

Ekhlas is from the Yazidi community, a Kurdish ethno-religious minority that Isis harshly persecuted as it seized large swathes of Iraq in 2014.

When the terrorists raided her village, Ekhlas – aged 14 at the time – and her family tried to escape to Mount Sinjar, where thousands of Yazidis had sought refuge, but they were not fast enough.


Russia Accused of Training “Swedish Nazis”

Anna Carlstedt, Sweden’s national coordinator against violent extremism

It never ends.

If I didn’t know better, I’d have to assume that there is a coordinated media effort underway to drum up anti-Russian sentiment for some reason.

When two Swedish Nazis [Ed: they aren’t even hiding it anymore] thought their group’s leaders had gone soft, they went to train with Russian paramilitaries, before returning home to carry out an attack. Their case shows how nationalist extremism across Europe is being transformed by the conflict in Ukraine.

Sure it does BuzzFeed!