Because Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism we need FBI Undercover Muslims

Tamer Elnoury – because Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism we need an FBI Undercover Muslim

Inside al Qaeda: Living and working with terrorists

In his first interview, an FBI undercover operative tells Scott Pelley how he infiltrated al Qaeda and thwarted potential terror attacks planned for New York and Toronto


UK’s Hateful Hate-Crime Hub

If you were a police officer what would you rather do: sit in the cold outside the house of a known extremist all day, or sit behind a desk with a cup of tea and scrolling through Twitter?

In May, just after the second of four Islamist terrorist attacks in the UK so far this year, British intelligence officials apparently identified 23,000 known extremists in the country. Of these, around 3,000 are believed to pose a present threat and are under investigation or active monitoring. The other 20,000 are categorised as posing a “residual risk”. Due to the strain on resources, those 20,000 are not under constant observation.

This is a subject which, since the terrorist attack in May, has caused some agonising among the British public, not least because of the identities of the attackers. Khalid Masood, the Westminster Bridge and Parliament assailant, for instance, as well as Salman Abedi (the young man of Libyan heritage who carried out a suicide bombing outside a concert in Manchester) had both been on the radar of the British authorities — both had been in the pool of people considered “former subjects of interest” but not an immediate threat. If the authorities had sufficient resources to follow everyone of interest, perhaps they would have been under observation at the time they were planning their attacks. Perhaps, also, a number of people killed in those attacks would still be alive.

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The European Revolt Continues

The Czech Republic’s parliamentary election represented yet another rebellion against Europe’s political elites. The winning party, ANO, is considered centrist and won nearly 30% of the vote. Its leader, Andrej Babis, is a billionaire and has been described as a Czech Donald Trump.

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Identitarian Activists Unfurl Giant ‘Defend London, Stop Islamisation’ Banner on Westminster Bridge

Identitarian movement activists unveiled a large banner on Westminster Bridge Monday morning, their anti-Islamification message facing directly onto Britain’s Houses of Parliament.

Meanwhile in Canada according to this Global News report if you oppose Islamization, mass immigration and an open door refugee policy you’re a “far right extremist”…

Extreme far-right groups putting aside differences to keep out refugees, promote populism: study


Monday Morning Good News Story: Deadly infighting among Taliban leaves 50 dead, wounded in Herat

A new deadly infighting has erupted among the Taliban insurgents in western Herat province of Afghanistan, leaving nearly 50 people dead.

According to the local officials in Herat, the latest clashes took place between the supporters of Taliban supreme Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzada and dissident Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Rasool.


Buzzfeed feminist laments that Harvey Weinstein only raped white women

While flocks of women are reliving and telling tales of their disturbing experiences with alleged Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein, one of Buzzfeed’s woke black writers has other things on her mind; the lack of diversity of his victims.

In an article for Buzzfeed titled “There’s an elephant in Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room”, Feminist Bim Adewunmi laments the fact that all of Harvey’s victims are white, and argues that the reason black women do not get leading roles in movies is because they are often seen as “not fuckable” by producers.


“If you don’t like it in Germany, just give yourself a visa for Canada.”

Website that dispels rumours about seeking asylum in Germany set to launch

I’m not so sure that the “Visa for Canada” thing is a myth…

Keep a ‘wary eye’ on U.S. travel visas, Goodale tells American counterpart

And from our “Friend” Saudi Arabia…

In fact, two government officials confirmed to The Canadian Press that the surge in refugee claimants predated Trump’s election. They said that many claimants coming to Quebec held American visas issued at the U.S. embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — visas obtained to use the U.S. as a transit point to get to Canada and claim asylum. The officials said that these plans were set in motion long before the U.S. election in November.


‘They have access to your entire identity’: TD Bank insider blows whistle on work being moved to India

Alyson Mosher knows a lot of private information about the TD Bank customers whose fraud claims she handles — and now, she says, that information is going to offshore workers without most people’s knowledge.

“They see your birth date, your social insurance number, whether you have a chequing account, a savings account, a line of credit, a mortgage, investments, Visa cards, anything,” Mosher says.

“They have access to your entire identity.”


What public outcry? Who wants to import Myanmar’s Muslim problem?

Trudeau appoints Bob Rae as special envoy to Myanmar

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is appointing Bob Rae a special envoy to Myanmar, two months into a growing crisis that has left 600,000 Rohingya Muslim people displaced.

The move comes in response to growing public pressure to act in the face of what Canada and the United Nations have labeled ethnic cleansing of a long persecuted minority in Myanmar. As of Sunday, it’s estimated 603,000 Rohingya, mostly from the troubled Rakhine state, have fled to shelter in neighbouring Bangladesh (Because that’s where they’re from).

Myanmar is dealing with a Muslim insurgency, they are deporting the Rohingya who provide the terrorists their support. India is following suit. We do not need to add to our own problems, let Muslim nations suck it up and actually do something for once.


Philippines declares it has ‘defeated’ ISIS in five-month campaign

A five-month battle against ISIS in the southern Philippines that claimed more than 1,100 lives has ended after a final battle inside a mosque.

Soldiers killed 42 militants including two women and five foreign jihadists in the terror group’s last stand in the southern city of Marawi.

The conclusion of the conflict ended immediate fears that the extremist terror group would establish a Southeast Asian base in the city. But concerns remain about its longer-term intentions and capabilities in the region.


Two Quebec Muslim women accuse Kathleen Wynne of burka betrayal

Ensaf Haider arrived in Quebec in 2013 escaping the Arab world and its tyranny hoping to find freedom in Canada. Her Saudi husband, Raif Badawi, is still serving a 10-year jail sentence and awaiting 1,000 lashes on charges of Islamophobia.

Reacting to Premier Wynne’s denunciation of the anti-Burka law of Quebec, Haider said:

“I am shocked that Ontario’s premier and women from Ontario’s NDP and (Progressive) Conservative Party attacked the new Quebec law banning face-covering, particularly the burka that was passed near unanimously by the Quebec National Assembly.”


Time to toss the ethics commissioner off the bus

During one of testier exchanges during the Morneau Affair — capitalized here to designate an official scandal — the NDP’s ethics and deputy finance critic, Nathan Cullen, accused Justin Trudeau of throwing the ethics commissioner under the bus.

He said the prime minister was blaming any lack of transparency regarding Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s many assets on advice he received from Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson.


A Toronto imam was accused of hate-preaching against Jews. But that wasn’t the whole story

Ayman Elkasrawy got the phone call late on a Sunday night in February. An incredulous friend was on the line, with a strange and troubling question.

“Did you pray for the killing of the Jews?”

The friend sent him an online article about Masjid Toronto, the downtown mosque where Elkasrawy worked as an assistant imam. It included a video: rows of Muslim worshippers standing under fluorescent lights, their eyes closed and hands cupped. At the front of the crowded room was Elkasrawy, dressed in white and praying to God in Arabic.

“O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them,” read the article’s translation of his prayers. “O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa mosque from the filth of the Jews!”

Looks like we’re going to need a category for Plausible Denial – and it only took 8 months to come up with this version of events.


Islam’s Weinsteins: Prominent Muslim scholars accused of rape, sexual assault, abuse

A rape and sexual assault complaint was filed on Friday in France against Swiss Islamist and Professor Tariq Ramadan by former Salafist Henda Ayari.

The complaint filed with the Rouen prosecutor’s office in northwestern France, by the Salafist turned secular activist, detailed criminal acts of rape, sexual assault, violence, harassment and intimidation, according to document reviewed by AFP.


Canadians Want Face-Covering Ban Like Bill 62 Implemented Across Our Country

The debate over Quebec’s Bill 62 banning face veiling has revealed a wide chasm between the common-sense opinions of most people, and the weak virtue-signalling political class.

Much of the establishment media, and establishment of all political parties have condemned the legislation, with some even foolishly calling it “racist.”

And yet, public opinion is much different.