The Only Way to Save the FBI Is to Expose Everything

The big news of Thursday was not whether or not there will be a government shutdown (yawn) or whether the wall will or will not be built (it will — eventually) or even that AOC betrayed the citizens of New York by costing them 25,000 Amazon jobs (hey, she’s a socialist).

The big news in what was a relatively big news day was made by fired Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe in snippets from a forthcoming interview on 60 Minutes. McCabe — the man who somehow couldn’t recall what the words “insurance policy” referred to in one of his texts — was promoting a new book he somehow managed to write despite his faulty memory. In the midst of this, he confirmed what many of us long suspected — that he and other major officials (Rod Rosenstein, etc.) of the FBI and the DOJ contemplated, even attempted to some degree, a coup d’état against the president of the United States.


Chinese Drink Maker in Hot Water For Claim Their Coconut Milk Makes Breasts Grow

The Hainan-based Coconut Palm Group’s ad, picturing voluptuous girls holding cans with the slogan “I drink from small to big”, has prompted public outrage on Chinese social media. The producer cancelled the commercial and replaced it with a call for women’s empowerment.

The Hainan Coconut Palm Group has admitted that their canned coconut drink has no breast-enlargement effect following a wave of online criticism of their controversial advertisement, instead claiming that their beverage makes curves bigger.


The Invention of ‘Palestinians’

Millennia before Palestinians appeared on the world stage following the Six-Day War, the “West Bank” was already known as Judea and Samaria. “Palestine” dates from the League of Nations Mandate (1923) that granted England governing power over the land, including Trans-Jordan, that was previously controlled by the defeated Ottoman Empire. The Mandate recognized “the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine.” “Palestinians” were not mentioned; Arabs in the Land of Israel lacked national consciousness as a people. Two decades after the birth of Israel, following the Six-Day War, they borrowed so extensively from Jewish and Zionist sources as to virtually constitute historical plagiarism.


7 Big Takeaways From Andrew McCabe’s Planned Coup

If Washington, D.C. were a better place, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe would be swiftly run out of town. He was fired last year for lying to the FBI’s inspector general at least four times regarding serious questions about multiple abuses that occurred while McCabe sat in a powerful and unelected office.

These abuses included working with former FBI director James Comey to set up former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus for obstruction charges, slow-walking and sabotaging the investigation of yet unseen Hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer just before the 2016 election, and failing to report a clear conflict of interest where his wife received a political donation from a close Hillary Clinton ally while he was tasked with investigating Hillary Clinton.


Sweden’s feminist party nudges mainstream to embrace women

“We need to have people who have not only the knowledge but also the experience of being in those bodies that usually are discussed,” said Gita Nabavi, who was re-elected to lead the party together with Farida al-Abani on Sunday, “like being a woman in the room when women’s salaries are being discussed, or being a transgender person in the room when we’re discussing health issues or health care for transgender people.”

The Swedes must love pain and humiliation.


Rex Murphy: Trudeau’s mistreatment of a female Aboriginal minister destroys all his progressive pretensions

“How bad is it?”

“How bad is it …? Well, I hear they’re planning a second trip to India. With brighter costumes and longer dances. That’s how bad. To kick it off they’re going to rename the Rideau River ‘Ganges West.’”

Mutterings from the Glebe rumour mill.


Where El Chapo Could End Up: A Prison ‘Not Designed for Humanity’

In the coming months, as the infamous drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera is finally sentenced and put behind bars, his American jailers will confront a question that long bedeviled their counterparts in Mexico: Given Mr. Guzmán’s Houdini-like talent for breaking out of prison — a trick he pulled off twice — where, and under what conditions, should he be incarcerated?

Ultimately, prison officials will make that decision, but lawyers for the kingpin known as El Chapo warned him after his conviction this week on drug conspiracy charges that he is likely to be sent to the country’s most forbidding federal lockup, the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colo., often referred to as the ADX. More colloquially known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies, the ADX was meant to be both punitive and escape-proof, a penal fortress where inmates spend 23 hours a day inside their cells with little human contact and only one window, three feet high and four inches wide.


Trump Reveals Liberal Hearts and Minds

wrote here last week about the reaction to President Trump’s condemnation of socialism in his State of the Union. He said something indisputably factual and indubitably obvious to most Americans: “Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.”

As I said, it was a revealing, signature moment for both President Trump and for the Democratic Party.


Is Jussie Smollett The Modern Tawana Brawley?

Multiple sources have told ABC7 in Chicago that police are investigating whether the attack on “Empire” TV star Jussie Smollett was staged.

Though a Chicago Police Department spokesperson said that claim is “unconfirmed,” two suspects have been arrested who were reportedly close with Smollett — appearing on the set of “Empire” with Smollett as well as recently working out at a gym with the openly-gay, African American star who claims that two men attacked him and screamed, “This is MAGA country!”

If the attack turns out to have been staged, it will be the biggest racially-motivated hoax since the Tawana Brawley case in the late 1980s.

Interesting development… I’m sure it’s nothing.

New evidence as a result as a result of today’s interrogations? That might explain Jussie’s need for a high powered defense attorney.


Microsoft will kindly pick the news you read

And how nice of them. From Harmeet K. Dhillon at The Daily Caller:

Now a familiar player is getting into the censorship game: Microsoft just announced that the tech giant’s Edge web browser will feature a “NewsGuard” plugin that will display a big red exclamation mark and a scolding warning when users view news outlets its censors dislike. Media outlets hand-selected by NewsGuard and Microsoft, on the other hand, will get a big friendly green check mark and flattering praise of their journalistic merit. More.

Of course, you are steered to Huffington Post and away from Drudge.

Reality check: Edge is one of the least popular web browsers and may become less popular now that it has decided to be Nanny. Probably, the only way that getting Woke doesn’t lead to going Broke is if a country morphs into an authoritarian hellhole and the media become the state’s propaganda arm. Just think of the people who would suddenly become very important.

See also: Why Twitter censors went nuts over “learn to code”


Trudeau admits Wilson-Raybould challenged him on SNC-Lavalin

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday his former justice minister and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould asked her boss last fall to clarify if he was “directing” her to make a decision in the disputed bribery prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

Trudeau refused to say exactly what he told his former attorney general at the time, or whether he indicated his own preference to her amid a big campaign that was underway to influence the government’s decision about offering SNC-Lavalin a deal that would avoid the economic consequences of potential criminal liability.

The only way to ensure this has an impact is to see that the LPC is voted out in October. Do not expect a judicial remedy to rid us of PM Airhead. It will not happen.

This is good news but it is just one poll.

Well isn’t this ever so convenient… Former SNC executive has obstruction charge dropped because of excessive delays

MONTREAL — A former SNC-Lavalin executive and his lawyer had obstruction of justice charges against them stayed Friday on the grounds it took too long to bring the case to trial.

Sami Bebawi, a former SNC-Lavalin executive vice-president, and his Montreal-based tax lawyer, Constantine Kyres, had been accused of offering a $10-million bribe to have a key witness change his testimony in a fraud and corruption case against Bebawi.

The alleged recipient of the offer was Riadh Ben Aissa, another former SNC-Lavalin executive, who was detained in Switzerland at the time on charges of corrupting officials in Libya on behalf of the Canadian engineering firm.


Could DNA be hacked, like software?

File:DNA simple.svg It’s already been done. As a language, DNA can carry malicious messages:

People often say that our genome is like a language. For example, a recent science paper explains that “genomes appear similar to natural language texts, and protein domains can be treated as analogs of words.” For that reason, DNA can be used to encode messages …

In August 2017, researchers announced that they had used DNA to encode malware to hack a computer program that reads genetic sequences: What the researchers did was to write a piece of attack software that, 37% of the time, survived translation from physical DNA to FASTQ, a digital storage format for DNA sequences and then could get into the computer’s memory and start running whatever it was coded to do. More.

That’s enough to cause a lot of trouble. The researchers did it as a test, to demonstrate that we need to be concerned about future developments in this area.

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Your phone knows everything now And in a world where no data is anonymous, yours may be sold to the highest bidder


The $60 billion-dollar medical data market is coming under scrutiny As a patient, you do not own the data and are not as anonymous as you think