Syrian refugees in Canada face dilemma – how to get by when the stipend stops

After one year, refugees must support themselves or enroll in a social assistance program – but many worry about finding work without knowing English.

Many of them, however, have valuable skills that are in demand across the country, in sectors ranging from agriculture to trades.

Baking Soda?

Trucker Couple Spends 2 Months In Jail After Cops Mistake Baking Soda For Cocaine

“According to studies done at law enforcement offices across the country, the field test that was used, the Scott Reagent Field test, is notoriously inaccurate. Some studies found that the tests produced false positives as often as 33% of the time. Despite that however, almost every law enforcement agency across the country uses the tests, which have been largely unchanged since the 1970s, since they cost about $2 each.”

I wonder if this test is used in Canada?

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‘Merkel’s ruined Germany… burka ban proves she’ll do anything to cling to power’

Angry Germans have hit out at Angela Merkel over her proposed ban on the burka saying it is ‘too little and too late’ and nothing more than a political gimmick.

With almost a million refugees, many of them Muslim, now living in the country many ordinary Germans feel the conservative chancellor’s proposed ban is a purely symbolic gesture.

They believe it is aimed at trying to halt the rise of the support anti-immigrant parties that threaten her re-election as President next year.

‘She has only done this to try and keep the people quiet,’ said 29-year-old Lars Burghrar.

“Artist” Can’t Find Publisher For Crappy Art – Blames Trump

Has it occurred to our sensitive artiste that her work is not even as good as the free stuff found on Twitter and maybe that has something to do with the rejection she is experiencing?

Artist publishes spoof photos despite fear of being sued by Trump

Artist Alison Jackson has said that she chose to self-publish spoof photographs of Donald Trump as part of a protest against the potentially chilling effect a “litigious” president could have on artistic freedom.

The celebrity lookalike specialist said she was warned by her lawyers against publishing the images, some of which feature a Trump lookalike in compromising situations, and that no book publisher was prepared to release a collection of the Trump images.

“It is a little frightening. Nobody wants to end up in litigation with the president. But I find it outrageous that artists should be under threat from a president in the US,” Jackson said.

“I wanted to publish photos that I wanted to shoot but it’s very difficult to get other publishers to publish a work if they feel any type of threat or if they are worried in any shape or form. I don’t even think it’s a question of taste … It’s legal.”


Judge sentences two men to 20 years over Sydney terrorism plot

Two men who planned to bomb a Sydney Shia prayer hall and vowed to stab people in the kidneys to impress an Islamic State recruiter have been jailed for at least 15 years.

Omar Al-Kutobi, 25, and Mohammad Kiad, 27, each pleaded guilty to one count of acting in preparation for a terrorist act, after they were arrested during counter-terrorism raids in February 2015.

Campus free speech debate ignites after professor writes about gay Muslim student

WILMINGTON- When a UNC Wilmington professor posted an online article about a student activist under the title “A ‘Queer Muslim’ Jihad,” was it harassment or free speech?

That’s the central question surrounding a controversy that has boiled for weeks at UNCW. Mike Adams, a well-known conservative and professor of sociology and criminology, has been sharply criticized by faculty, student leaders and others, who say his September article on conservative web site The Daily Wire about 19-year-old Nada Merghani was out of bounds – an inappropriate way for a professor to treat a student. Merghani has since left UNCW and plans to enroll at UNC Charlotte in the spring.

Adams’ article mocked Merghani as a “queer Muslim social justice warrior” but said she presented no threat to Trump. “In my view, she simply lacks the intellectual coherence to form any sort of rational plan – including, but not limited to, killing a presidential candidate,” he wrote. Likening the student to a woman who shot at former President Gerald Ford in 1975, Adams wrote: “She comes across sort of like Squeaky Fromme minus the handgun and resolve.”

Continental Breakfast

Hillary Tribute, Millennial Theme Song

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Havens for alien criminals should lose federal funding

The federal government should crack down on cities that violate federal immigration law. In the process of flouting the law, these cities wind up creating havens for criminal predators who murder, rape, molest, rob and otherwise victimize law-abiding residents.

‘Make Canada great again’ flyers with anti-Muslim, anti-gay imagery alarm McGill University community

Flyers posted around McGill University featuring anti-Muslim and anti-homosexual imagery, along with a call to “make Canada great again,” are raising concern among students and faculty.

The posters, playing on Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, feature a maple leaf in the background and crossed-out symbols that represent Islam, communism and homosexuality.

University of Wisconsin students wear hijabs during ‘Islam Appreciation Week’

UW-Madison Professor Anna Gade, an “expert on Islam,” quoted the Quran as an impetus for the outreach.

The event, however, seemed to backfire as some students who witnessed their non-Muslim classmates in hijabs accused them of cultural appropriation, Bhuiyan told the Herald.

Muslim leaders tell children to turn off Peppa Pig for ‘Islamic promoting’ alternative

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) want children to switch over and watch a show which promotes the “principles, ethics and values” of Islam.

The council is supporting One4Kids, a Sydney-based production company which makes Islamic kids shows, including Barakah Hills – which has been billed as the Muslim alternative for the hit TV show Peppa Pig.

Exclusive: ‘Faithless Elector’ Now Blames Mike Pence For Vote Switch

Suprun repeatedly cited Trump’s Twitter behavior as reasons for him to overrule Texas voters and cast his electoral vote for somebody else. Trump’s insulting of “Saturday Night Live” seemed to particularly bother the Republican elector. But what finally pushed Suprun “over the edge,” he said, was something Vice President-elect Mike Pence said on Sunday — the day before Suprun announced his plan to vote for someone other than Trump in an op-ed for the New York Times.

As Left Agitates For Civil War, Trump Picks Ex-General John Kelly to Head DHS

The media is riling up minorities into believing Trump is going to be “the next Hitler” and start throwing people in concentration camps. By pushing this narrative, they’re clearly trying to get some lone nut to assassinate him thinking he’s “stopping the next Hitler.”

Council of European Canadians Is Not a “White Supremacist” Group

In the last two days, the lying media in Canada, in unison with conservative candidate Michael Chong, and political consultant Warren Kinsella, have referred to the Council of European Canadians as a “white supremacist” group. This is a term increasingly used by the left and right wing establishment to condemn ideas and groups it cannot handle through open debate, empirical use of facts, and logically constructed arguments.

PM Trudeau “skipped work” 60 percent of the time in his first year

According to analysis conducted by Huffington Post’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Althia Raj, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau skipped nearly 60 per cent of all Question Periods in his first year, a worse attendance record than former Prime Minister Stephen Harper who skipped 46 per cent in his first year in a majority mandate. According to Raj, Trudeau didn’t have a valid excuse for “failing to show up for work” one third of the missed time.

Apocalypse On. Trump appoints climate denier in charge of EPA. “Threatens planet!” like Nazi, ISIS, arsonist.

It’s an eco-Worriers nightmare. Donald Trump appointed the man who’s been suing the EPA as its new chief. Scott Pruitt The Oklahoma Attorney General has been a leading figure in working to stop Obama’s EPA’s Clean Power Plan, an executive order that tried to circumvent Congress.

Trump heard Al Gore’s best arguments on Monday and acted accordingly.


Israel furious after Ecuador compares Zionism to Nazism

Israel has responded furiously after the Ecuadorian envoy to the United Nations compared Zionism to Nazism.

Diplomat Horacio Sevilla Borja said he did not think there was “anything more similar” to Nazi persecution than Israeli policy towards the Palestinians.

He told a UN session marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People: “We repudiate with all our strength the persecution and genocide that in its time unleashed Nazism against the Hebrew people.