Wave of Campus Race Hysteria Hits DePauw University

Things sure have changed on college campuses since I was a student. Back when I was a youngster, the craziest thing we ever did was take Pa’s Model T down to the malt shop and see how many of us could fit into the phone booth while shouting, “This is the bee’s knees! 23 skidoo!” But the young people of today have found a much better way to pass the time: Screaming about systemic racism and making ludicrous demands because somebody left graffiti in a public restroom.


BONOKOSKI: Big construction union turns on Wynne

When the largest construction union in the country descends upon Queen’s Park to protest the ruling party of Premier Kathleen Wynne — and they cheer on Doug Ford — it is spelling the end of days for the Liberals.

For the last 15 years, the Liberals have gone to the polls with the province’s unions confidently in their back pocket.

But those days appear to be diminishing.


France to boost security on Alps border with Italy after far-Right ‘block’ migrant route

France’s interior minister has pledged to beef up security on the country’s Alpine borders with Italy after a far-Right “commando” blocked access to migrants seeking to cross a key snowy pass, and pro-migrant groups stormed another entry point.

The pledge came hours after France’s National Assembly passed a controversial immigration law that laid bare unprecedented splits in President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling centrist party.

Late Saturday and early Sunday, a group of around 100 activists from the small far-Right group Génération Identitaire – reportedly including Britons – launched a high-profile attempt to shut off the col de l’Echelle, a 1,762m-high pass some six kilometres (almost four miles) from the Italian border.


The Toronto Attack and Preemptive Politically Correct Shaming

The Toronto van attack is still a developing story. But big city politicians have an automatic default after an attack that might involve terrorism. (Of the politically correct kind.)

“I hope that we will, as a city, remind ourselves of the fact that we are admired around the world for being inclusive and for being accepting and understanding and considerate,” Toronto Mayor John Tory said.

Instead of reacting against the attacker, Mayor Tory engages in the preemptive politically correct shaming of anyone who might think of saying or thinking the wrong thing.


Liberal deficits $8B more than expected over next 2 years: PBO

OTTAWA — The Trudeau government is on track to run deficits nearly $8 billion deeper than expected over the next two years, the federal budget watchdog said Monday in a new report.

The parliamentary budget officer estimated the Liberals will post a $22.1-billion shortfall this fiscal year, which would be $4 billion more than the projection of $18.1 billion in the federal government’s February budget.


Aurora library apologizes for display criticized as Islamophobic

This is another case of the left eating their own…

Aurora Public Library officials apologized Sunday after a poetry exhibit drew harsh criticism that it included an Islamophobic display encouraging violence against Muslim women.

The display featured the poem “Hijab means Jihad” by Lewis University philosophy professor George Miller superimposed over a Confederate flag. The poem, described as satire by Miller and library officials, opens with the line, “Every kid should be like my kid and snatch a hijab,” and later reads, “Hijab to me means jihad / So keep that (expletive) out of the country I love.”

Library board President John Savage said he had the exhibit removed Sunday.


‘Nazi scum get out’: Milo Yiannopoulos chased out of NYC pub by socialists, bloggers

Conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos was hounded out of a Manhattan pub on Sunday by a group of political activists and reporters. Video of the incident shows the left-leaning mob shouting: “Nazi scum get out” at Yiannopoulos.

According to reports, Yiannopoulos was patronizing an unnamed Manhattan pub that was also hosting a group of Democratic Socialists, who quickly spotted the controversial commentator and began jeering at him and his associate, Chadwick Moore.

Several journalists from outlets like the Nation and Gizmodo joined in on the “Nazi scum get out” chants, according to media reports and Milo’s own retelling of the events.


From the people who fly Swastika Kites… Palestinians file complaint against Israel under anti-racism treaty

Palestinian diplomats in Geneva have filed a complaint against Israel for what they say are breaches of its obligations under a UN anti-racism treaty, triggering what may be a lengthy and high-profile investigation.

The complaint, handed in by the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim Khraishi, to the body that monitors the implementation of the UN convention, accuses Israel of policies and practices that have “the common aim of displacing and replacing the Palestinian people, for the purpose of maintaining a colonial occupation”.


UK seeks to extend MI5 & police powers and will target those ‘vulnerable to radicalization – report

UK police and domestic intelligence agency MI5 will get new powers to round up suspected terrorists before they strike, including targeting radicalization-prone communities, as terror threats grow, according to a media report.

The plan calls for a focus on “communities where the threat from terrorism and radicalization is highest,” according to documents obtained by the Sunday Times.

The police services and domestic intelligence agency MI5 will be focusing on individuals “who are vulnerable to radicalization or who are (or have been) of interest to the police and the security and intelligence agencies due to their possible links to terrorist activities, but who are not currently the subject of any active investigations,” the document outlines.


Palestinians: New Twist on an Old Lie

Denial of Jewish history in Jerusalem and the existence of the Jewish Temple has always been a central component of the Palestinian narrative and ideology.

Palestinians, like members of all societies, disagree on many things. Nevertheless, when it comes to the historical connection between Jews and Jerusalem, Palestinians manage to unite in lies: Palestinian political leaders, academics and religious leaders have long promoted the false narrative that Jerusalem was, and remains, an Arab and Islamic city.

We are currently witnessing a new twist on this old lie.