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Europe 2019: German official warns Jews against wearing kippah in public

The German government’s top official against anti-Semitism says he wouldn’t advise Jews to wear kippahs in parts of the country.

He said: “I cannot recommend to Jews that they wear the skullcap at all times everywhere in Germany.” He didn’t elaborate on what places and times might be risky.

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg addresses climate march in Copenhagen

“It is absolutely crazy that things have gone so far that children feel like they must sacrifice their education to compensate for the inaction of our leaders and most adults,” the 16-year-old climate activist said, referring to young people striking on Friday and earlier as part of her Strike for Climate Change movement.

A third of Canadians in favour of banning officials from wearing religious symbols: poll

While most Canadians firmly back the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and strongly support the idea of diversity, a new poll suggests a third of Canadians would ban their elected officials from wearing religious symbols.

A majority of Quebecers canvassed in the survey agreed that federal, provincial and local politicians shouldn’t be allowed to wear hijabs, crucifixes or turbans on the job.

WILLIAMS: Socialist Promises

Presidential contenders are in a battle to out give one another. Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes a whopping $50,000 per student college loan forgiveness. Senator Bernie Sanders proposes free health care for all Americans plus illegal aliens. Most Democratic presidential candidates promise free stuff that includes free college, universal income, “Medicare for All” and debt forgiveness.

What would happen if we forgave student debt?

Debt has a shackling impact, Shaker says. It causes some people to put off having kids, delay buying houses or even just remain living in their parents’ basement.

Canada’s post-secondary education system is cobbled-together as a “part-public, part-private, part-corporate funding model,” she says. Different provinces have different qualifying rules for student loans and grant money, and even those rules can change, as evidenced by the Ontario government announcing in January that it would cut tuition fees by 10 per cent and eliminate free tuition for low-income students.


Facebook accused of not preventing pedophiles from reaching children as it was “contrary to their business model”

Facebook has been accused of leaving ‘broken children’ as collateral damage in the wake of their commercial aims, the child sex abuse inquiry has heard.

Barrister William Chapman, representing the victims of abuse at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), said social media companies were not preventing paedophiles reaching children as it was “contrary to their business model” and that their apps needed to be “fundamentally redesigned”.

Police also warned that tech firms were going ahead with plans to encrypt more features “in the certain knowledge” it would lead to more children being abused.


Anti-Trump Censorship on Reddit Reaches Ridiculous Levels of Hysteria

The censorship on social media has reached levels that even I hadn’t imagined possible. Facebook and Instagram have banned benign comedian and commenter Paul Joseph Watson, probably best known for making fun of “soy boys” and modern art. Seriously, if you haven’t watched his commentary on the modern art movement it’s can’t-miss comedy sure to have you rolling around gasping for air.

The article is correct, this vid on modern art by Paul Joseph Watson is hilarious.


‘What they did to me was so horrific’: brutal silencing of a Saudi feminist

Loujain al-Hathloul always likes to ask questions, her brother Walid says. “Growing up, she always pointed out the hypocrisy around driving in Saudi Arabia, trying to understand why women were banned from driving. She kept questioning.”

Loujain al-Hathlou

But when Hathloul, now 29, was pulled over while driving in neighbouring United Arab Emirates last April before being deported back to Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s rulers began the latest in a series of increasingly brutal efforts to silence her.

Hathloul says she was detained for three days, freed and then seized again from her family home in Riyadh. She says she was blindfolded, thrown into the boot of a car and taken to a detention centre she has called a “palace of terror” and has been tortured, and threatened with rape and death. Hathloul has now been held for more than a year.


In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc

For nearly three weeks, Baltimore has struggled with a cyberattack by digital extortionists that has frozen thousands of computers, shut down email and disrupted real estate sales, water bills, health alerts and many other services.

But here is what frustrated city employees and residents do not know: A key component of the malware that cybercriminals used in the attack was developed at taxpayer expense a short drive down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway at the National Security Agency, according to security experts briefed on the case.

Since 2017, when the N.S.A. lost control of the tool, EternalBlue, it has been picked up by state hackers in North Korea, Russia and, more recently, China, to cut a path of destruction around the world, leaving billions of dollars in damage. But over the past year, the cyberweapon has boomeranged back and is now showing up in the N.S.A.’s own backyard.


UCLA Student Council Condemns Freedom Center’s Report on Jew Hatred

Refusing to accept inconvenient facts about BDS and terrorism.

The UCLA Undergraduate Students Association just passed a resolution to condemn the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s newest report, “An Epidemic of Jew Hatred on Campus: the Top Ten Neo-Nazi Incidents”which was distributed in newspaper form on the UCLA campus on April 30. As the author of that report, I want to respond to the false and defamatory accusations made in the student council resolution.

The resolution passed by the student council charges the Freedom Center with “falsely and slanderously equating Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activism with Nazism and terrorism” and making “racist and demonizing accusations of campus activism [against Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)] being directly continuous with terrorism.” These charges are demonstrably and factually false.


The Guardian: Women are happier without children or a spouse, says happiness expert

Paul Dolan, who might have an anti-family agenda. Yeah, I went there.

“Speaking at the Hay festival on Saturday, Paul Dolan, a professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics, said the latest evidence showed that the traditional markers used to measure success did not correlate with happiness – particularly marriage and raising children.

“Married people are happier than other population subgroups, but only when their spouse is in the room when they’re asked how happy they are. When the spouse is not present: fucking miserable,” he said.”

I’m not an excessively prissy person, but I think a professor of behavioural science (shouldn’t those words be capitalized, Guardian?) at the London School of Economics should be able to speak in public and get through a paragraph about his supposedly “scientific” work without using the work “fucking”. Anyway, this stuff is just poison. Absolute poison.


Why the “cataclysmic” polling failure in Australia?

Failure to predict the public dumping the progressives. From Michael Cook at MercatorNet:

But the most thoughtful answer comes from British sociologist Frank Furedi in Spiked. He argues that in an era of political correctness, the pollsters were blinded by voter self-censorship.

“In a world where language is systematically policed, where people are continually warned ‘You can’t say that!’, it is inevitable that many people choose to keep their opinions to themselves…

The reluctance to express one’s true beliefs is particularly widespread among people who feel that their views are stigmatised and scorned in wider society. People of faith are sometimes reluctant to express their moral concerns in public. In an age when conservatives are automatically branded as ‘right wing’, and sometimes casually dismissed as ‘far right’, many voters feel unsure about expressing conservative views to pollsters.”

One of the explanations put forward by the professionals is the “shy Tory” – voters who are ashamed to voice their views. “But in truth,” Furedi contends, “the fault doesn’t lie with people who are reluctant to state their true opinions – it lies with the dominant culture of intolerance towards dissident opinion … Challenging the culture of ‘You can’t say that!’ is the precondition for diminishing the pressure to conform and self-censor.” More.

Reality check: From the Woke perspective, the main problem is voting and elections. Get rid of that and everything will be progressive 247365 4ever.

See also: Why make films people must be tricked into watching? Because the Woke can’t imagine making any other type of film and preventing any other type of film from being made is the only solution that would actually work for them.


‘He didn’t destroy me. We carry on. He lost’: survivors of terror attacks look back

Hager Ben Aouissi
Promenade des Anglais, Nice, 14 July 2016

I was there with my family. We were going home after the Bastille Day fireworks, but Kenza, who was four at the time, wanted something from the sweet stall, so we stopped with my father. He went on towards a toy stall and my mother and sister kept walking. While we were weighing the sweets, I saw a truck drive on to the pavement, and I thought it was going to stop; maybe it was supplying the hotels. Then it hit two young girls at the other end of the stall. And I told myself: “Actually, it’s ploughing into us.” We couldn’t run – it was going too fast. I couldn’t go to the right – there was the sweet stall. Behind me, there were people queueing. I checked the truck was high enough, and I told myself that I had to roll underneath it with my daughter. It was my only chance to save her.


Behind the scenes in Google’s civil war

If a recent longform article at Fortune is any guide, tech philosopher George Gilder was onto something when he told Steve Forbes recently that the whole Google culture is “kind of self-defeating and wrong.” Recently, there was a fifty-site walkout:

It’s ironic that a company that the public associates with enlightened ideas is not only in conflict with employees but in just the sort of conflict that typefies stodgier outfits.

In Life after Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, Gilder argues that the future of computing is decentralized. Overwhelming size ceases to be an advantage and can, in fact, become a disadvantage. Instead of one walkout, there are fifty.More.

Reality check: Google’s “civil war” is a first for the big tech industry. But the whole “woke” view of life is probably two phases before a collective nervous breakdown.

See also: Will Western societies accept total surveillance if it controls crime and addiction?


Someone is certainly glad to see the magazine Salon on its way to folding

From streiff at RedState:

The advertising market for political websites is tight and Salon had lost money nearly every quarter since it was founded. It was only kept afloat by gifts from a couple of wealthy leftists. If you take a look at it now, it carries very little advertising and the content is utter crap. Bottom line: it was never intended as more than a welfare system for otherwise unemployable progressive writers…

Whatever its value in its early years…and that was marginal…has been erased by hatemongers like Amanda Marcotte and by its relentless campaign to normalize pedophilia, for instance. More.

Reality check: What endangers publications like Salon is that in a free country, no one now needs media to convey vicious or ridiculous opinions; anyone can do it from their smartphone. The media that survive will not just be telling us that monsters are misunderstood and cute.

See also: Newspaper decline accelerates


Bell: Trudeau, build that pipe!

No excuse now. Full speed ahead. Build that pipe.

Premier Kenney gets it.

“Justin Trudeau, it’s time for you to do the right thing. Stand up for Alberta and build the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion now.”

Premier Moe of Saskatchewan gets it.

Nothing will be done, especially in the heat of an election campaign. And nothing will be built afterwards should the pissant be re-elected.