People keep attacking Waymo’s autonomous cars

When I landed in Phoenix, Arizona, last month, to be one of the first members of the public to ride in a Waymo One driverless minivan, a funny thing happened on the way to the demo from the airport. My driver explained, with a guilty laugh, how you could screw with Waymo cars on the road: stopping in front of them abruptly, or merging into their lane to run them off to the shoulder.

It wasn’t a confession, per se, but it was pretty clear from the conversation that he was speaking from experience…

Wait till they start fighting back.


Nicaragua Police Beat Journalists as Leftist Regime Cracks Down on Free Press

MANAGUA—Nicaraguan police on Dec. 15 beat at least seven journalists with batons, including one of the country’s best-known editors, in an escalating crackdown on members of the free press.

The beatings come in the wake of waves of protests against Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega, who heads the country’s leftist regime.

In Canada the government just buys them.


Punches thrown during protest against lunatic LPC immigration policy in Edmonton

A fist fight broke out during an anti-immigration protest in downtown Edmonton Saturday afternoon, before police moved in to separate protesters and counter-demonstrators.

There were only a few police officers present at Churchill Square when the altercation started, but more arrived after the first punch landed. About 20 officers formed a line to separate the pro and anti-immigration groups, comprising about 150 people in total.


Australian ‘imam of peace’ goes into hiding after Islamic preacher from Pakistan calls for him to be killed

A fake Australian imam has claimed an Islamic preacher from Pakistan called for him to be killed.

Mohammad Tawhidi tweeted the death fatwa that was issued against him by Mufti Ahmad Raza Sialvi, with photos of the call to kill on Sunday morning.

‘Yesterday, a death Fatwa was issued against me by Mufti Sialvi of Pakistan,’ his tweet read.

Fake? I’ll take fake in this case.


UN’s climate circus lumbers on

The United Nations’ annual climate conferences, like the latest in Katowice, Poland — attended by thousands of politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, scientists, special interest groups and media — are a circus and a fraud.

From the first climate summit in Rio in 1992, followed by 24 annual UN “Conferences of the Parties” (COPs) to date, beginning in Berlin in 1995, the script is always the same.

A vote for the Liberals is a vote for your own impoverishment.


Continental Breakfast

English Muffin Breakfast Pizza

Six key issues Canadians care about that the Trudeau government is ignoring

While Justin Trudeau clowns his way around the world signing this agreement and that, the issues at home that most need fixing are being ignored.

The Liberal government seems to be intent on fixing problems that they’ve made up. Apparently Canada needs more diversity, despite being more culturally and ethnically diverse than most of Europe and North America. According to the Liberals, Canada is unfair to women, although it consistently ranks as one of the freest countries in the world to be a woman.

These are some imaginary problems, among many others that Justin Trudeau has decided to waste his precious time in parliament “fixing”.
However, when you talk to real Canadians, impacted by the everyday decisions of our government, they will most likely reference the following six problems as being in need of urgent attention.

MassResistance fight against ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ targeting children goes national

These events, held mostly in local public libraries, target small children as young as 4 years old. According to their literature, their goals are to “give kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models” and to encourage young children to “defy rigid gender restrictions.”

De Blasio Has A Plan To Diversify Elite Schools In NYC. Parents Are Suing

Asian-American parents and civil rights groups filed a lawsuit against New York City officials Thursday over a plan that would increase admissions for black and Hispanic students to elite schools in the city.

Black and Hispanic students make up 68 percent of the city’s population with 9 percent receiving offers to attend specialized high schools. Asian-American students, however, make up 62 percent of the population at the city’s elite high schools, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The plan promoted by Mayor Bill de Blasio would set aside 20 percent of seats at each of the elite high schools for students coming from low socioeconomic backgrounds, according to WaPo.

The Week in Radical Leftism, 12/14/2018

Greetings Mr and Mrs America and all of our ships at sea! Another week closer to Christmas and the New Year, and another week of insanity from The Radical Left. First we go back in time and jump into The Wayback Machine to land in the previous week.


Why Christmas is bad for the environment and what you can do about it

Environmental group Zero Waste Canada estimates that from mid-November to mid-January, the average Canadian generates about 25 per cent more trash than during the rest of the year.

The reason: people buy more stuff over the holidays, and a lot of it — from shiny wrapping paper to glittery cards — typically can’t go in your recycling blue bin, so it’s destined for the landfill.


Engineer, 32, who posted Islamic State propaganda videos on Facebook in a bid to encourage terrorism is jailed for seven years

A civil engineer and father-of-one who shared videos encouraging people to ‘support, justify and glorify the actions of Islamic State’ has been jailed for seven years.

Abdulrahman Alcharbati, 32, shared links to the horrific videos on his Facebook page in the early hours of February 8 last year, with a judge saying they had been ‘intended to encourage acts of terrorism’.

During his trial at Newcastle Crown Court, it was also revealed jurors were told how one of the films showed Syrian soldiers being violently beaten to death and dragged away.


Man painted Asian woman’s face white in ‘racist incident’ while posing as a make-up artist in Bournemouth department store

Woman no fan of Kabuki makeover.

Police are hunting a man who painted an Asian woman’s face white while posing as a bogus make-up artist at a department store.

The shock incident took place at Beales in Bournemouth, Dorset at around 3.10pm on Sunday, December 9.

Where the smartly-dressed man is said to have asked the victim – an Indonesian woman aged in her 50s who lives in the town – if she would like a makeover.


ISIS defeated in its last Syrian town as jihadists mount final stand

The last Syrian town under the control of Islamic State fell on Friday, marking a defeat for the jihadists which will prove difficult to come back from.

The flag of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the US and UK-backed fighters battling Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), was erected in the central square in Hajin, eastern Deir Ezzor province.

The Kurdish-dominated SDF faced one of their toughest battles in the war against Isil in Hajin, a nondescript town which had become the site of Isil’s last major stand in Syria.


Strasbourg shooting: Why known extremists can carry out terror attacks

The gunman who killed three people in Strasbourg’s Christmas Market had been radicalised in prison, French authorities say.

Sadly, the reality that they were aware of Cherif Chekatt, but unable to prevent the attack, follows a pattern seen in other countries.

At George Washington University, we have looked at 76 jihadist attacks in Western Europe and North America in recent years. We found that more than half involved perpetrators who had been on a security service watch list.

In France alone, the examples are plentiful.