The world’s OLDEST intact shipwreck: A 2,400-year-old ‘Odysseus’ Greek trading vessel is discovered 1.3 miles down at the bottom of the Black Sea

The oldest intact shipwreck ever found has been discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea.

The 75ft Greek trading vessel was found lying whole with its mast, rudders and rowing benches after more than 2,400 years.

It was found in a well known ‘shipwreck graveyard’ that has already revealed over 60 other vessels.

During the most recent exploration in late 2017, the team discovered what has now been confirmed as the world’s ‘oldest intact shipwreck’ – a Greek trading vessel design previously only seen on the side of ancient Greek pottery such as the ‘Siren Vase’ in the British Museum.


PA TV sermon: Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews

A preacher on official PA TV taught that Hitler was one of a series of people sent by Allah throughout history to punish the Jews because of their evil behavior, and to teach them a lesson. However, the preacher taught in Friday’s sermon, in spite of all these punishments the Jews “have not learned from the events of history,” and continue their evil ways. 


Parts of Jamal Khashoggi’s body ‘have been found in a WELL at Saudi consulate in Istanbul’ amid claims the hit squad sent his fingers back to bin Salman after making seven calls to his office on the day of the murder

Parts of the body of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been found in a well in the grounds of the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, according to a Turkish politician.

Khashoggi’s body parts ‘found’: Writer’s ‘disfigured face is discovered in garden of Saudi consul general’s home’ – as Erdogan declares ‘savage’ murder WAS pre-planned

Parts of Jamal Khashoggi’s body including his disfigured face have been found in the grounds of the Saudi consul general’s home in Istanbul, it has been claimed.


Trudeau wants terrorism offences reduced to maximum six months of jail time

In the House of Commons today MPs stood and memorialized the attack on Parliament Hill and the attack two days earlier in St. Jean-sur-Richlieu that killed Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even announced he and his Liberal government would support a Conservative motion calling for a plan, within 45 days, to bring Canadian ISIS fighters to justice.

It will be a nice bit of theatre for the Liberals to do this because even as they announced their support for the motion they continue to support reduced sentences for terrorism offences.