Saudi Arabia executes 37 citizens over alleged terrorism offences

Saudi Arabia has executed 37 citizens across the country for alleged terrorism-related crimes, publicly pinning one of their headless bodies to a pole as a warning.

The mass execution on Tuesday was the biggest in a single day in Saudi Arabia since January 2016, when 47 people were killed, including a prominent Shia cleric whose death prompted protests in Iran and the ransacking of the Saudi embassy in Tehran.

The executions took place days after four Islamic State gunmen died while trying to attack a Saudi security building north of the capital, Riyadh, and following Easter Sunday bombings claimed by Isis that killed more than 300 people in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Mulls Burqa Ban In Wake Of Deadly Easter Attacks

On Easter Sunday, Sri Lanka was hit by a series of coordinated bombings in churches and hotels in the capital Colombo and other cities, killing over 300 people and wounding at least 500 others.

In the wake of the deadly terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka, a Sri Lankan United National Party MP has declared on Facebook that he was going to present a private member’s bill calling for the burqa to be banned throughout the country.


Trump threatens to send armed troops to Mexican border

President Trump on Wednesday threatened to send armed US troops to the border after a Mexican soldier removed a weapon from an American patrolling in Texas earlier this month.

“Mexico’s Soldiers recently pulled guns on our National Guard Soldiers, probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the Border​,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Better not happen again! We are now sending ARMED SOLDIERS to the Border. Mexico is not doing nearly enough in apprehending & returning!​”​

Mexican troops removed a weapon from one of two US service members they confronted in a remote area of Texas earlier this month.


Elections Canada puts Facebook, Google, other tech giants on notice over political ads

Elections Canada is putting Facebook, Google and other web giants on notice that they still have to comply with new federal election laws even if they don’t allow political ads on their own platforms.

The independent agency will release a new guidance document on Wednesday with detailed explanations about how new election laws will be enforced leading up to the scheduled October federal election.

A copy of the document obtained by The Globe and Mail says platforms that sell space for political ads on other websites will still have to comply with the law’s new requirement that the ad includes a visible link to a public registry that states who paid for them.

And the rest of the LPC media???


Migrant caravan: Mexico detains hundreds in raid

Mexico has detained nearly 400 Central American migrants who were travelling through the south of the country trying to reach the US border, officials say.

Monday’s operation in Chiapas state targeted a group of some 3,000 migrants which included small children.

It is said to be the largest single raid on people travelling in so-called caravans. Officials say those detained had refused to apply for visas.

Mexico is under pressure from the US to stem the flow of people heading north.


FATAH: Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka

On April 11, 10 days before the horrific attacks by Islamic terrorists on Christians observing Easter in Sri Lanka, the country’s Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police sent out an urgent alert to government officials and security heads of all agencies.

The subject line said: “Information of an alleged plan attack.”


Why should the taxpayer fork out millions to make Harry and Meghan the King and Queen of Africa just to keep them away from Wills and Kate?

Financial drain.

Aww, how nice!

Apparently, Britain’s already got too small for the couple dubbed ‘royal rock stars’ by their own palace courtiers.

So it’s been revealed that they’re planning to move to the much larger global stage of the gigantic African continent after their baby arrives, to rub off a bit of their regal stardust magic there.

Lucky Africans!

Poor Brits!

This is the beginning of the end. Few will wish to financially support “Woke Royals” for very long.


Cans of ‘air of an outgoing era’ go on sale in Japan for £7.50 ahead of new emperor

Small cans containing air have gone on sale in Japan, as imperial fever sweeps the nation – and inspires businesses – ahead of the abdication of the emperor next week.

The cans, which cost nearly £7.50 (1,080 yen) and contain “the air of an outgoing era”, are on sale in Gifu Prefecture’s village of Henari, whose name fortuitously uses the same kanji symbols as the current imperial era Heisei.


GUNTER: Khadr segment highlights the problems with CBC’s funding

Some have suggested the CBC’s French-language service, Radio-Canada, should not have aired an interview with convicted terrorist Omar Khadr this past Sunday on its popular television talk show Tout le monde en parle.

Nope, the interview should have gone ahead. Even state broadcasters have a right to free speech.

The CBC is a foreign country.


Joshua Boyle trial faces delay of months over rape shield law appeal

Former hostage Joshua Boyle’s trial could be on hiatus for months while the lawyer representing his estranged wife appeals a provincial court’s decision to allow evidence about the couple’s sexual history.

Today, Justice Peter Doody reconvenes the high-profile trial that has exposed details the couple’s years of captivity in Afghanistan after being taken hostage by Taliban-linked terrorists in 2012, and Caitlan Coleman’s allegations of physical and sexual assault by her husband.


Liberal Party’s Ginned Up “White Supremacy” Agenda Hardest Hit: Toronto hate crimes drop 26% in 2018: police

The Jewish community, followed by the Muslim, Black and LGBTQ communities continue to be the most targeted groups in Toronto victimized by hate crime in 2018, according to police.

The good news is that last year these occurrences decreased 26% from 2017.

The highest percentage of the 137 reported hate crimes were motivated by religion (50%) followed by race (12%) and then sexual orientation (8%.)

137 incidents! I haven’t seen a breakdown yet but I am betting a majority of incidents in that “Tsunami of Hate” are graffiti or otherwise property related. So much for the Liberal Party’s White Supremacy agenda.