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Yellow Vests: French riot police will now wear body cameras

Following accusations of police violence at Yellow Vest protests, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced that riot police in Paris will be equipped with body cameras to record their use of rubber bullets and other weapons.

The debate about the use of rubber bullets by French police has recently escalated, as more and more citizens have been injured during the weekly Yellow Vest protests. This has served to fuel the anger of the Yellow Vests and put the government on the defensive.

Attempting to diffuse the situation, Castaner told a committee at the National Assembly on Tuesday that police officers using these weapons would be equipped with body cameras from Saturday January 26, during what will be Act 11 of the Yellow Vest campaign


Italy’s Salvini hopes France will get rid of ‘terrible’ Macron

In the latest in a series of incendiary comments aimed at maligned centrist French president Emmanuel Macron, Italy’s far-right Interior Minister worsened already strained relations between Rome and Paris by saying he hoped the French could soon free themselves of their “terrible president.”

“The opportunity will come on May 26 (the European elections) when finally the French people will be able to take back control of its future, destiny, (and) pride, which are poorly represented by a character like Macron”, Matteo Salvini said in his latest Facebook video taunting the government across the Alps.


Twenty-three members of the same family from Roubaix France joined ISIS

Note – Google translate. 23 members of one family joined ISIS. They were supported by two of the sisters who remained in France. The sisters sent money to Syria from the accounts of family members who had left the country and joined ISIS but still received state “family allowance” benefits. France. What a country. Just like Canada. Shit.

Jihad Two Roubaisian sisters sent family allowances to their jihadist brother (Link to Source)

Twenty-three members of the same family from Roubaix joined the ISIS group in Syria. The trial in the correctional court of the two sisters of Tourquennois Fodil T., began in Paris. The two women are accused of sending thousands of euros to their parents, their brother, their six sisters, their brothers-in-law, their nephews, who never returned to France. They are tried for financing terrorism, according to the court, sent 15,000 euros in Syria.

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Houellebecq’s Muslim France novel to be made into TV series

A television version of French novelist Michel Houellebecq’s most controversial book is in the pipeline, its backers said Wednesday.

“Submission” has divided critics for imagining a near future in which sharia law is imposed in France after a Muslim president is elected.

Many saw it as provocative, with the writer — who once described Islam as “the stupidest religion” — later admitting that he was “probably Islamophobic”.

The literary bad boy went into hiding the day it was published in January 2015 after jihadists attacked the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, killing 12 people, including a close friend of the writer.


Macron puts immigration quotas up for debate in hope of placating ‘yellow vests’

Emmanuel Macron has suggested discussing the introduction of immigration quotas in nationwide debates that begin on Tuesday in an attempt to end weekly anti-government protests by France’s “yellow vest” movement.

The centrist president will launch the first debate in Grand Bourgtheroulde, a small Normandy community emblematic of the “forgotten France” of the grassroots protest movement.

The two months of debates across the country are intended to air the grievances of the “yellow vests” and identify remedies to defuse widespread public anger over living standards behind nine consecutive weekends of protests and clashes with police in French cities.

Too late.


Marine Le Pen hopes to hoover up Yellow Vest vote with poster boy for ‘forgotten France’

As France licks its wounds from yet another weekend of yellow vest mayhem, the far-Right has placed its hopes of reaping electoral capital from the revolt in the hands of a 23-year old ex-geography student.

On Sunday, Jordan Bardella will be anointed leader of the European Parliament election campaign for the National Rally (RN), the party run by Marine Le Pen and until recently known as the Front National.

In a bid to widen its appeal, the party will confirm it has poached an ex-minister from the mainstream Right and unveil other figures “from the Left” on its electoral list.

As head of that list, Mr Bardella is set to become the youngest MEP in the history of the European Parliament five years after Ms Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie, became the chamber’s oldest, at 86. In 2014, the then FN won the most French MEP seats, some 24.

Polls suggest it is once again in pole position.

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Thousands of migrants set up camps in Paris as authorities scramble to cope

France’s capital is facing another migrant crisis as more than 2,000 migrants from Africa and the Middle East are now sleeping in the open in the city, according to French media — less than a year after President Emmanuel Macron’s government evacuated makeshift camps around the capital.


France vows tough response as new ‘yellow vest’ demos underway

Paris (AFP) – France braced for a fresh round of “yellow vest” protests across the country on Saturday, with the authorities vowing zero tolerance for violence after weekly scenes of rioting and vandalism in Paris and other cities over the past two months.

Officials have warned they expect this weekend’s anti-government demonstrations to be bigger and more violent than a week ago, as a movement which had shown signs of fatigue appeared to gain new momentum.

Armoured vehicles and 5,000 officers will be deployed in Paris, where images of burning cars, smashed shops and daylong clashes between protesters and police have made global headlines since November.

Twitter – #giletsjaunes

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€114,000 raised for boxer who punched police at gilets jaunes protest

A former French boxing champion who was filmed punching police officers during a gilets jaunes protest has received more than €100,000 in public donations online, angering the government.

The online fundraising platform Leetchi received €114,000 for Christophe Dettinger before the site closed the donation page after politicians expressed outrage on Tuesday. Leetchi said the funds were intended only for legal fees.

Dettinger handed himself in to police after clashing with officers on a bridge in Paris during an anti-government protest on Saturday. The incident was cited by the government as a sign of the violent turn demonstrations against Emmanuel Macron have taken.


Yellow Vests: French PM seeks new law to prevent known rioters from joining protests

Eight weeks into an anti-government rebellion marked by weekly clashes in Paris and other French cities, Philippe said the government would back a “new law punishing those who do not respect the requirement to declare [protests], those who take part in unauthorised demonstrations and those who arrive at demonstrations wearing face masks”.

He also announced plans to ban “troublemakers” known to the authorities from taking part in demonstrations, in the same way known football hooligans in the past had been banned from stadiums.


France in Free Fall

Strasbourg, France. Christmas market. December 11th, 8pm. A man shouting, “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is the greatest”) shoots at passersby, then wounds several with a knife. He murders three people on the spot and wounds a dozen others, some severely. Two will later die of their wounds. The murderer escapes. Two days later, the police shoot him dead.

He was known to the police. When members of the General Directorate of Internal Security and some gendarmes came to his home a few hours earlier, he had escaped. Although they knew he was an armed and dangerous Islamist ready to act, and that Christmas markets had been, and could be, likely targets, no surveillance was in place.

The murderer, Cherif Chekatt, should, in fact, have been kept off the streets. He was 29 years old, his name was on the list of people reported for terrorist radicalization (FSPRT), and he and had already been sentenced for crimes 27 times. He was nevertheless roaming around free, with no police oversight.