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Le Pen Wants to Restore Border Control, Close Salafist Mosques to Curb Terrorism

“To begin with, I will restore our national borders. Secondly, I will deport all foreign nationals with [threat to national security] fiche S indicator, who are linked to fundamentalism, in compliance with precautionary principle. I will also fight against Islamic fundamentalism by closing salafist mosques or even by banning the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF),” Le Pen said answering the question on how she was going to prevent terrorist attacks in France.

Jews are safer in Israel’s bunkers than in French ghettos

France is losing its Jews, who prefer a place where their children are free to live normal lives, where they are defended and can defend themselves.

Abdelghani Merah, the brother of the terrorist who, five years ago, killed a little girl, a rabbi and two of his children in front of Toulouse’s Jewish school Ozar Hatorah, is busy these days with a kind of “journey” of tolerance to preach against his brother’s deeds. That massacre was the first of a long series of anti-Semitic attacks, culminating in the attack at the supermarket Hyper Kasher in Paris.

But Merah’s victims, the Jewish community, is busy with another kind of “trip”. Le Figaro newspaper reported the data on the situation in the French city. 300 Jewish families have packed and left Toulouse since the killing spree. The French newspaper speaks openly of “exile”.

France and Populism

“It underscores the need for tighter border controls in Europe,” was the predictable response of Martine Le Pen, leader of the French National Front (FN) and presidential candidate to the brutal Islamic terrorist attack on March 22, 2017 near the British Parliament in London that killed four and injured more than 30. The attack, by the new form of low-cost terrorism by rented vehicles and kitchen knives, was a reminder of terrorist attacks in France that since 2015 have killed 86 people in Nice, and more than 230 people altogether. France knows, as President Francois Hollande remarked, the pain the British people are enduring.

Central to that pain is anguish that immigration has brought too many problems for British society and that multiculturalism has failed. The London attack is likely to have an impact on France, that has experienced even more problems, in the French presidential election, the first round of which is on April 23, 2017, and the second on May 7.

Full headbagger Muslima arrested for knife threats in Dijon

Just another day in France…

The police arrested this Friday, around 2 pm, a young woman of 20 years, who threatened the passers-by with a knife. The intervention section proceeded to arrest him in a perfumery on rue Mably in Dijon.

Veiled from head to foot, the accused had already tried, under the threat of his 20-centimeter blade, to return to the church of Saint-Benigne and had risen, still threatening, to rue Michelet. She was placed in police custody at the Suquet police station.

According to our information, the woman arrested by the police officers of the intervention section had been checked and verbalized for concealing her face in public space (the law of 11 October 2010 stipulates that nobody can, in the public space, Wear an outfit designed to hide his face on the grounds that this practice is contrary to the values ​​that underpin the Republican pact and undermines the dignity of the person) by a police patrol about an hour before brandishing his knife.

Study: Third of France’s Young Muslims Hold Fundamentalist Religious Views

“A purely economic explanation does not seem valid,” said Mr. Gallard on the topic of identifying factors that increase a person’s susceptibility to radical beliefs. “Membership of the Islamic faith is the biggest predictive factor.”

No Shit Sherlock!

French Elections: Populist Revolution or Status Quo?

The presidential election in France officially got underway on March 18, when the Constitutional Council announced that a total of eleven candidates will be facing off for the country’s top political job.

The election is being closely followed in France and elsewhere as an indicator of popular discontent with traditional parties and the European Union, as well as with multiculturalism and continued mass migration from the Muslim world.

The first round of voting will be held on April 23. If no single candidate wins an absolute majority, the top two winners in the first round will compete in a run-off on May 7.

If the election were held today, independent “progressive” candidate Emmanuel Macron, who has never held elected office, would become the next president of France, according to several opinion polls.

France: The Taboo of Muslim Racism and Anti-Semitism – Part II

Mohamed Merah

In France last month, riots spread — not only to Aulnay sous Bois and other suburbs of Paris in Seine Saint Denis, such as Le Tremblay-en-France, Villepinte, Bobigny, Torcy — but farther, to Argenteuil (Val d’Oise), Mantes la Jolie (Yvelines), Grigny, Les Ulis, Lille (northern France), Marseille (southern France), Dijon (Burgundy) and, of course, right to the heart of Paris.

How many million euros of goods, shops, cars and buses were destroyed? Nobody knows. The daily Le Parisien published a confidential police memo saying that between February 7 and February 11, in Seine-Saint-Denis alone, 200 cars were burned, 160 garbage trucks were burned, hundreds of projectiles were thrown, 40 fireworks were fired at police, and 108 people were arrested.

How Paris has become one of the most dangerous capitals in the world

The latest incident could not have come at a worse time for tourism chiefs still reeling from the impact of the attacks on the Bataclan theatre in Paris and in Nice.

Update: ‘Radicalised’ attacker shot dead at Paris airport after trying to seize soldier’s gun

The man, who had been reported as radicalised and was on a police watch-list, was gunned down by two other soldiers moments after the “extremely violent attack”.

The Paris prosecutors’ office said the attacker shouted “I am here to die for Allah. There will be deaths”, and that he threw down a bag containing a can of petrol.

Nothing to do with Islam: Six out of 10 People in France ‘Don’t Feel Safe Anywhere’

Armed French soldiers patrol at the Louvre Museum as emergency security measures continue ahead of New Year’s eve celebrations in and around the French capital, in Paris, France, December 30, 2016. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen

Fearing terror attacks, the majority of people in France are pessimistic about the nation’s security situation, with six in 10 saying they no longer feel safe anywhere according to an IFOP-FIDUCIAL poll.

The survey found that 93 per cent of French believe the threat of more terror attacks is high, and 71 per cent feel the security situation in France has got worse over the last five years

Islamophobia! Paris unleashes DOG ARMY to fight terror on public transport

PARIS is bolstering security with a series of new measures aimed at fighting terrorism on public transport.

Valérie Pécresse, the conservative president of the wider Paris region, said an additional 20 sniffer dog teams would be used to detect illegal drugs and explosives and screen rail passengers for bomb-making materials; and that the dogs would be trained “before the end of 2019”.

The bomb-sniffing ‘squads’ – which will cost some €4m (£3.5m) to train – will be sent to patrol Paris’s busiest railway stations, including the Gare de Lyon, the Gare du Nord and the Gare Montparnasse.

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France to Open Specialist Support Centers for Victims of Islamic Terror Attacks

An armed French soldier patrols in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, December 24, 2015. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer/File Photo

The French government is to open specialist support centers for the victims of the various Islamic terror attacks which have rocked the country in recent years.

In a sign of the massive amount of damage done to France by the attacks, Juliette Méadel, a French junior minister, said that the “resilience” support centers would provide psychological help for those who had been affected in any way, including those who witnessed or were caught up in an incident.

The minister said the centers would be run by “qualified” volunteers including doctors, psychologists and child psychiatrists.

More than 230 people have been murdered by jihadists on French soil since January 2015, starting with the attack that month on the offices of the weekly satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. On that occasion, two gunmen killed 12 people and injured 11 others.