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Ontario wants to ban ‘hate-promoting’ rallies. Parents and pro-lifers are alarmed

Canada’s leading pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition is raising the alarm that a private member’s bill banning “hate-promoting demonstrations” at Ontario’s legislature will be used to squelch pro-family protests against sex-ed or the homosexual agenda in provincial schools.

Of course it will.


How the Left Turned Free Speech into Hate Speech

The Sixties Revolution has gone the way of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution and every other left-wing revolution that comes to mind. The radicalism of yesteryear somehow turned into PC orthodoxy or what we might call Correctism. Another revolution that was meant to be about emancipation has become humanity’s nightmare. The heirs to the 1960s Free Speech Movement have taken it upon themselves to play the role—as Google Inc put it—of “the Good Censor”.

Why did fashionable libertarians give up on libertarianism? When did the ideological successors to the do-what-you-want-to-do-be-what-you-want-to-be movement stop defending free speech in order to prosecute hate speech? The late Timothy Leary, were his mortal remains not spinning in the stratosphere, would be turning in his grave. To make sense of it all we must, as Chairman Mao would counsel us, seek the contradictions within the revolution itself.


America is self-destructing over ‘hate speech’

Most of us are firmly opposed to hate speech. What is hate speech? A problem arises when our definitions vary. Another problem arises when we seek the right way to oppose it.

Unfortunately, there are powerful forces on the political left that have no doubt concerning either of these. For them, hate speech is whatever they dislike, and the right way to oppose it is to do anything they can – literally anything.


Enforceable Subjectivity

On Britain’s ever-more expansive search for hate crimes

The Times of London recently informed us that “the number of hate offences recorded by police jumped after the terror attack by Khalid Masood at Westminster in March last year.” The paper continued by noting that “incidents of hate crime went on rising in May and June after terrorists attacked the Manchester Arena and London Bridge.” One shudders to think about how many hate offenses would follow a really enormous terror attack.

What is a hate crime? The Times explains, “hate crime is defined as any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards someone based on a personal characteristic. In fact, the expression of hatred—or perceived as such—now is itself a crime.”


The Free Speech Crisis on Campus Is Worse than People Think

Last month Samuel Abrams, a politics professor at Sarah Lawrence College, published an op-ed in the New York Times titled, “Think Professors Are Liberal? Try School Administrators.” Abrams, who describes himself as conservative leaning, pointed to the titles of some recent events put on by his campus’s Office of Student Affairs: “Stay Healthy, Stay Woke,” “Understanding White Privilege,” and “Microaggressions.” He described these events as politically lopsided and noted that this kind of highly politicized socialization of college students is occurring throughout the country. A lot of campus critics have pointed to the left-wing political skew of faculty, he said, and have worried about indoctrination in the classroom. But indoctrination is much more likely at campus events outside the classroom, and the political skew of administrators in charge of student life is even greater than that of faculty. (He surveyed a representative sample of 900 “student-facing administrators” and found a ratio of 12 liberals for every conservative, compared to 6 to 1 for academic faculty.)


EU Resolution Demands Critics of LGBT and Islam Be Prosecuted

As awareness of the dangerous globalist agenda to subvert freedom and self-government grows across the Western world, totalitarians within the European Union are in such a panic that they are now openly demanding censorship of the Internet, the press, and free speech. They are also dictating to national governments that organizations they disagree with must be totally banned. And they called for governments and companies to actively propagandize the public. Critics of homosexuality, gender confusion, Islam, open borders, and more are all in the EU’s crosshairs. And ironically, the EU bigwigs are making all these totalitarian and intolerant demands in the name of “democracy” and “tolerance.” Welcome to the Orwellian world of globalist EU double speak.


Toronto judge considering case of man accused of advocating genocide, promoting hate online

Rupen Balaram-Sivaram has pleaded not guilty to 10 charges, including the rare charge of advocating genocide. The charges stem in part from a series of hateful social media posts and emails he allegedly sent to public figures and media organizations that call for death to Jews, homosexuals, Westerners and Christians.