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Group works to encourage Muslim families to become foster caregivers in GTA

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto didn’t provide exact figures on how many Muslim children are in foster care, but said there was a need for more caregivers of that faith.

“We understand that when we take kids from one culture and put them in homes that are of a different culture, that is not in their best interest,” said Mahesh Prajapat, Chief Operating Office of CAS Toronto.

So much for assimilation.


Founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers Says ‘Sharia Law Is In Michigan’

El-Sayed is not only a Sharia compliant Muslim, but he is a Democrat socialist running on a Marxist political platform as a self-proclaimed “justice Democrat”. Some of the campaign talking points El –Sayed is campaigning on include socialized healthcare, legalization of Marijuana, free college tuition, abortion, opposition to fossil fuels, pro-illegal immigration, and anti-Israel foreign policy. If elected Governor, El-Sayed has vowed to abolish ICE and make Michigan a Sanctuary state where illegal immigrants are protected from deportation and immune to the actions of law enforcement agencies.


KFC Refuses To Be Bullied After Muslim Group Just Demanded They Change Famous Recipe To Meet Absurd Demands

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a highly successful chain restaurant. They have been around for decades. And they won’t be leaving. But the legal dispute they are caught up in is threatening that. More importantly, it is over some of the most absurd nonsense that will make your stomach turn.


Soft Jihad in America

“Da’wa is the Number 1 Weapon!” asserts an American Muslim in Belle Glade, Florida – a convert renamed Abu Bakar, and author of the book, 2064 – Islamic America. Formerly a successful U.S. corporate strategic consultant, he now levers his profession to propagate Islam.


Swedish TV “Traditional” Midsummer Celebration – Woman in Hijab Cooking a Kebab

While the traditional Nordic way of celebrating Midsummer, a holiday dating back to the pre-Christian era, typically involves herring, potatoes and shots of herb-laden liquor, a morning TV-program tempting the viewers with “traditional kebab” prepared by a headscarf-wearing cook has triggered polarized reactions among Swedes.


Qur’an Education In Borlänge – “I Do Not Have To Listen To You Because You Are White”

Teaching of the Qur’an in Borlänge schools is creating problems because it is reportedly taking so much time and effort from the students. School staff believe that the Muslim teaching goes beyond the usual school curriculum and in addition the Qur’an education classes are h, even the teachers, according to SVT.


Swedish Politician Slams Assimilation, Calls for More Afro-Swedes in Power

While Sweden has taken in over 200,000 asylum seekers in recent years alone and has a vibrant African diaspora numbering in the tens of thousands, a Swedish Center Party politician is claiming that Afro-Swedes are discriminated against; he argues that they are insufficiently represented in parliament.


To mark anniversary of London Bridge jihad attacks, London Cathedral hosts Ramadan service, iftar

The Cathedral will look absolutely smashing with minarets.

London’s Southwark Cathedral hosted its second annual “Grand Iftar Service” on Sunday evening, marking the anniversary of the London Bridge terror attack last year. In addition to the 11 a.m. Eucharist service, the church also held a 3 p.m. Service of Commemoration for the attack, and an 8 p.m. service to celebrate the Muslim service.


Why are ‘Iftar dinners’ being promoted by schools, churches and official government offices?

The enlightened elites have been telling us for 50-plus years that we must separate church and state and scrub all of our institutions – schools, courthouses, halls of government – of any references to God and Christ.

But God appears be to creeping back into these institutions, albeit a god most Americans are just starting to get acquainted with.


Immigration divides us and the bygone eras were better, say Britons young and old

The study, conducted by Sky Data with the think tank Demos, found citizens have been alienated by profound social, economic and cultural changes – and subsequently attracted towards nostalgic political messages as a result.


Shocking Statistics on Teaching Islam in American Schools

A retired Florida teacher contacted Clarion Project after we published the article “Why Is This Being Taught in Public Schools?” That piece told the story of a West Virginia parent who was upset after his daughter was asked to write the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith, as part of “calligraphy practice” in her world religion class.

What follows is the response from the former teacher – one of several we received this week.


Texas Commission on Law Enforcement bows to Muslims, rejects credits for training on sharia and jihad

After receiving complaints from advocacy groups about officers getting education credit for taking a class taught by an anti-Islamic speaker, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement reversed an earlier statement and said it will not grant hours to those who attended the session.