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‘Couldn’t stand the heat so she’s got out of the kitchen before we put the kettle on’: Piers Morgan slams race faker Rachel Dolezal the ‘white woman who identifies as black’ as she runs away from GMB interview

The white civil rights leader exposed for pretending to be black was accused of doing ‘a runner’ by Piers Morgan today as she pulled out of an interview.

Rachel Dolezal, 39, a former branch president for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, was due to appear on Good Morning Britain.

But Morgan tweeted: ‘So Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who “identifies” as black, has done a runner and now won’t be on GMB today. I identify her as a coward.’


Black Lives Matter slams invite-only meeting — Police chief says meeting was productive

Members of Black Lives Matter, a group of activists that released data on carding people of colour in Edmonton, including Bashir Mohamed and Reakesh Walters, along with representatives of community organizations, were invited to a “private, secret” meeting with Chief Rod Knecht on Wednesday at the police information checks building in the Nexus Business Park on 118 Avenue to speak about carding.


BART Officials Hide Videos of Black Mob Violence

Eureka! Look no more for the Rosetta Stone, the smoking gun, the Holy Grail of how reporters and public officials are in denial, deceit, and delusion about black criminality so wildly out of proportion.

We found it. And it is a doozy: Transit officials in the San Francisco area do not release videos of black criminality because they do not want to make the black kids angry.

Yes, they say that.


Lethal Police Hatred

The War on Cops claims another life, this time in New York City.

The assassination of NYPD officer Miosotis Familia, who was sitting in her vehicle doing paperwork when she was shot in the head, is the latest instance of the national “War on Cops.” Her murderer, Alexander Bonds—subsequently gunned down by cops—was a career criminal who boasted of having attended “Attica High School,” and had previously beaten up a police officer with a pair of brass knuckles.


Baton Rouge cop who was injured in deadly ambush sues Black Lives Matter and five of its leaders for ‘inciting violence’ against police

Black Lives Matter and five of its leaders are being sued by a Baton Rouge cop who blames them for ‘inciting’ Gavin Eugene Long’s murderous rampage in the city last summer.

Long, a black military veteran, shot six officers, killing three and seriously injuring one, on July 17 last year in response to the shooting of unarmed black man Alton Sterling by white cops.


Black-only graduations are a step backwards

Believe it or not, this week the University of Toronto gave its official blessing and taxpayer dollars for a black-students-only graduation.

No doubt administrators saw their actions as the height of enlightenment, the epitome of tolerance. Instead, what this was yet another step away from a truly inclusive society and into the middle of a racial and gender identity-politics minefield.

It would only be racist if white students did it.


Chicago Theater Establishment Wants to Disinvite Famed Critic From Shows Because She Defended Police

Hedy Weiss has been Chief Theater Critic for the Chicago Sun-Times since 1984, a popular fixture in theater circles for decades. But that has changed in recent weeks. Leading arts figures in the Windy City have created a petition demanding that she no longer be invited to productions.

Weiss’ “crime”? She keeps posting opinions the Chicago theater scene finds offensive. It all came to a head when Weiss recently reviewed Steppenwolf Theater’s production of playwright Antoinette Nwandu’s Pass Over, a modern black version of Samuel Beckett’s classic Waiting for Godot.