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Racist attacks concert goer

‘This was as set up and fake as it gets’: Outrage over suspected ‘publicity stunt’ after Kendrick Lamar kicks a white fan off stage for singing the N-word in HIS lyrics

Fan backlash is mounting over an incident at a Kendrick Lamar concert, which some are calling a set-up intended to humiliate a fan for publicity.

Lamar was headlining the final night of the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Sunday when he invited a white concertgoer named Delaney on stage to sing his song M.A.A.D City alongside him.

Just seconds into the song, Lamar cut the music and scolded the fan for singing the full lyrics of the song, which includes the N-word throughout.


Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance

Rakem Balogun thought he was dreaming when armed agents in tactical gear stormed his apartment. Startled awake by a large crash and officers screaming commands, he soon realized his nightmare was real, and he and his 15-year-old son were forced outside of their Dallas home, wearing only underwear.

Handcuffed and shaking in the cold wind, Balogun thought a misunderstanding must have led the FBI to his door on 12 December 2017. The father of three said he was shocked to later learn that agents investigating “domestic terrorism” had been monitoring him for years and were arresting him that day in part because of his Facebook posts criticizing police.

“It’s tyranny at its finest,” said Balogun, 34. “I have not been doing anything illegal for them to have surveillance on me. I have not hurt anyone or threatened anyone.”



Did you hear about the violent teen flash mob that took over Chicago’s fanciest shopping area Saturday?

The end result of indoctrination in government schools and mass media that teaches “urban youths” that American society is racist, corrupt, unfair, and unworthy of compliance is the crumbling of civil order. When a substantial group of young males (the segment of society most prone to acting out with violence) think that they have no stake in the continuation of existing social and property relations, they are able to impose anarchy in local areas. When enough people think and feel this way, the forces of order – police, and in extremis the National Guard – can be overwhelmed and powerless to stop the disorder.


Harvard Against the Police

An arrest of a drug-crazed black student sends the campus into familiar hysterics.

The Black Lives Matter movement may no longer have a megaphone in the White House, but academia is more than ready to take up the slack, as an ongoing policing controversy at Harvard University shows. On Friday, April 13, a little after 9 pm, campus health and police authorities began receiving calls about a student causing a commotion in the middle of one of Cambridge’s busiest streets. Twenty-one-year-old Selorm Ohene, a Ghanaian native, was high on LSD and naked, having thrown his clothes into a female passerby’s face. Three Cambridge Police Department officers and a transit cop arrived at the scene and for several minutes tried to calm Ohene down and persuade him to accept assistance. Their efforts were met with escalating “opposition and hostility,” according to Cambridge Police Chief Branville Bard, Jr. Ohene stepped toward one of the officers with his fists balled, according to the police report. Fearing that Ohene could run into traffic and harm himself or others, the officers decided to take him down.


If You Don’t Agree With Me, You’re A Racist Who Likes Death Threats

On Monday, George Yancy, a black professor of philosophy at Emory University, wrote a lengthy piece in The New York Times detailing the awful death threats he has received from white racists. I can sympathize — throughout 2016, I received my fair share of death threats. But Yancy sees those death threats as representative of a deeper malignancy plaguing all of white America, not a sickness within a subset of the population. Thus, he asks, “Should I Give up on White People?”

Yancy’s case isn’t particularly strong.


Three-year prison sentence for Facebook hate crime defendant

Tanisha Covington – Evil bitch in lower left panel

Two hours into a court hearing Friday, Tanishia Covington was ready to receive her sentence for her role in the infamous Facebook Live hate crime-hazing and beating of a white, 18-year-old Crystal Lake man.

Following her guilty plea, and requisite recitation of the proof against her, her statement admitting to details of the 2017 incident, and her attorneys’ outline of her troubled life before her arrest and sterling conduct in jail, the time had come for her to address the court.

“I just want to say that I’m sorry to everyone for my participation, (and) being childish and irresponsible and…” Tanishia Covington began.


Starbucks and the Race-Hustlers

Another day, another boycott of Starbucks. The coffee company has been singled out for everything from its “no firearms in the store” request to its support of redefining marriage to its declaration it would hire 10,000 “refugees” in response to President Trump’s immigration agenda.

Unfortunately for Starbucks, its politically correct, feel-good social justice policies have hit a snag. The corporation’s liberal-leaning initiatives are not enough to keep Black Lives Matter agitators at bay.


An Enduring Error

A half-century later, the Kerner Report’s fame overshadows its mistaken analysis of urban riots and blindness to racial progress.

Fifty-one years ago, in July 1967, in response to an explosion of rioting in poor black urban neighborhoods around the United States, President Lyndon B. Johnson created a National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, to be headed by Illinois governor Otto Kerner. The Kerner Commission issued its report seven months later, on February 29, 1968, in what would be the peak year for such disturbances—289, by one tally. From 1964 to 1972, a staggering total of 752 riots occurred, resulting in 228 deaths, 12,741 injuries, 69,099 arrests, and 15,835 incidents of arson.

Most government reports gain brief notice and then languish on a shelf, never again to be examined, except perhaps by historians. The Kerner Report, by contrast, sold more than 2 million copies, putting it on bestseller lists. More important, it became a liberal policy guide, advocating government programs to provide services to the urban poor, police reforms (including an end to white male–only hiring), and billions of dollars in housing programs to end residential segregation.


‘Total Retraction’ of FBI’s ‘Black Identity Extremism’ Report ‘Imperative,’ Says Dem Congresswoman

WASHINGTON – Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, recently called on the FBI to retract its report on “Black Identity Extremism.”

“What even qualifies as a black identity extremist, and are there groups likely to attack law enforcement officers?” Bass said during a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) briefing on Capitol Hill late last month about “Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated To Target Law Enforcement Officers,” an internal 12-page August 2017 FBI document that was leaked and published in October.


SCAM: Biggest Black Lives Matter Page On Facebook Was Allegedly Tied To Middle-Aged White Australian Man

The biggest page on Facebook purporting to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement had alleged ties to a middle-aged white Australian man; some of the money it raised went to Australian bank accounts. According to CNN, even when Facebook was alerted to the issue, months went by before action was taken, and that was only after CNN spent a week sending emails and making phone calls to Facebook to tell them they were going to run the story.


Ignorance: The Greatest Threat to Black Americans

Turning 65, my relative is about to retire from her job as a Baltimore City transit bus-driver. She said she is extremely tired of having to deal with black people with entitlement mindsets. Self-preservation has taught her not to argue with thugs boarding her bus, refusing to pay the fare.

Upon asking a gentleman to pay his bus fare, he exploded in anger, ranting about how a black man can’t catch a break in this f****** country. He excoriated my relative for being a black woman unwilling to give a black man a break.


Maybe just stop committing crimes?

Ontario judge urged to adopt new way of sentencing Black offenders

An Ontario Superior Court judge has been asked to adopt a new way of sentencing Black offenders, similar to how courts must consider the impact of the social and cultural history of Indigenous Canadians when determining punishment.

On Tuesday, Toronto defence lawyer Emily Lam told Justice Shaun Nakatsuru her case is an opportunity to address the problem of over-incarceration, which has been viewed as a relevant sentencing factor in cases involving Indigenous offenders, who, like Black people, are over-represented in prison.

Sorry but no, as in HELL NO.