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Environmentalists say Alberta government war room threat “amateur hour”

Environmental groups targeted by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney are shrugging off the new government’s promised $30-million “war room” to fight criticisms of the province’s energy industry.

“The war room makes for good theatre, but the people who follow this closely are going to look at this as amateur hour,” said Keith Stewart of Greenpeace.

“Chasing environmentalists might play well politically, but it’s not actually relevant to the discussion that Alberta and Canada need to be having,” added Simon Dyer of the clean-energy think tank Pembina Institute.


BONOKOSKI: Enemy No. 1 for Jason Kenney is not just Justin Trudeau

You can smell the smarm.

…Election 2019, if the overseers are wise, will carry a viewer discretion warning, and at least a 14A rating strongly suggesting adult accompaniment.

It’s building up to be that ugly.

Trudeau’s MSM mercenaries will soon be in attack mode, I admit to admiring how Bernier has chosen to handle the Liberal Party’s MSM smear machine.


Jack Mintz: Why Alberta’s discontent with Canada is harder to quell than Quebec’s

Canadians are used to taking seriously the threat of separation when it comes to Quebec, but a more serious, less manageable form of conflict may eventually emerge in the federation between Western Canada and the rest of Canada. The Canadian government has been successful so far in managing the “conflict of taste” that has led to Quebec’s historic discomfort in the Canadian federation, because the federal government possesses the tools to address that challenge. But it does not have the same tools to manage the “conflict of claim” that is creating increased dissatisfaction with Confederation in the West. The result is that Canada is a less stable federation than many observers realize. Interestingly, the future of our unity depends largely on whether the West is able to establish a lasting political alliance with Ontario, even though that would mean Quebec no longer being critical for national coalitions.


Quebec slags Alberta’s oil bounty, while gorging itself on it at the same time

Quebec, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois wants everyone to know, doesn’t want Alberta oil within its borders. The MNA from Québec solidaire upbraided Alberta Premier Jason Kenney for the latter’s contention, delivered en français, that an oil pipeline through Quebec would be beneficial to all Canadians.

“Quebec’s not into tar sands oil and Albertan pipelines,” Nadeau-Dubois informed Kenney via Twitter.

The self-righteousness of his comment, perhaps forgivable for the 28-year-old former student leader, is nonetheless outdone by its gobsmacking hypocrisy. Quebec, as even a cursory bit of Googling reveals, is actually really, really into Alberta oil and Alberta pipelines. Some 44 per cent of the province’s oil comes from Western Canada, the vast majority of it harvested from the very oilsands Nadeau-Dubois frequently derides.


Kenney warns of constitutional challenge if environmental assessment overhaul is passed as written

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is warning the Senate against passing the federal Liberal government’s environmental assessment bill in its current form or risk inflaming a burgeoning national unity “crisis” in his province.

In an appearance before the upper house’s energy committee Thursday, Kenney said Ottawa’s attempt to rewrite existing assessment legislation, do away with the National Energy Board and bolster Indigenous participation in the approvals process — among many other changes to the natural resources regime — creates uncertainty for an industry that is facing constrained pipeline capacity and cratering commodity prices.


B.C. government files court action to stop Alberta from using ‘turn off the taps’ legislation

The B.C. government has acted swiftly in challenging Alberta’s Bill 12.

The province has filed at Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench for immediate relief from the courts, in essence an injunction, over Alberta’s proclamation of the “turn off the taps” legislation.

More… Sask. comes out swinging against Bill C-48, saying tanker ban will ‘alienate Western Canadians’


Albertans unite like never before to battle Trudeau’s oil policies

There will be no stopping the made-in-Alberta juggernaut now fighting for our oil industry.

Never in my lifetime have I seen such unity and determination on a single issue from our leaders from the political left, centre and right, and, most crucially, from Alberta’s First Nations.

The common purpose is already making a major impact at Senate hearings on two bills, C-69, the environmental assessment of industrial projects, and C-48, the proposed tanker ban on Alberta crude oil from key shipping lanes on British Columbia’s northwest coast.


John Ivison: Trudeau itching for a fight if Jason Kenney overturns pledge to cap oilsands emissions

Jason Kenney was recently elected premier of Alberta after campaigning against Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberals, rather than Rachel Notley’s provincial NDP.

Now Trudeau is weighing the prospect of returning the favour.

Sources suggest the Trudeau government is actively considering the idea of blocking the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, which the federal government owns, if Kenney’s Alberta government overturns a pledge by its predecessor to cap carbon emissions from the oilsands at 100 megatons a year.


GUNTER: Making Alberta the bogeyman of Confederation

I think the federal Liberals are planning on (or at least thinking of) killing the Trans Mountain (TMX) pipeline just to get re-elected this fall.

This comes as no surprise as I have maintained all along that one of the reasons they bought the pipeline from Kinder Morgan just about a year ago was so they could control the timing of any developments to ensure TMX didn’t thwart their re-election efforts.


John Ivison: Frustrated Albertans want to see Jason Kenney get very aggressive, very quickly

The anger was to be expected; the hurt, less so.

A new study of public opinion in Alberta by communications firm Navigator, based on eight post-election focus groups, suggests Albertans want premier-designate Jason Kenney to get very aggressive very quickly when it comes to taking on the federal government, environmentalists, intransigent provinces and anyone else who gets in the way of their quest to build an oil pipeline to new markets.


BRUTAL: Former National Director Of Liberal Party (Who Was Found Guilty Of Violating Lobbying Law) Says Trudeau Should Kill TransMountain Pipeline Expansion To Win Election, Claims Racism ‘More Mainstream’ In Alberta

In yet another example of the total contempt the entrenched Liberal elites have for the Canadian People, the former National Director of the Liberal Party is calling on Justin Trudeau to kill the TransMountain Pipeline expansion in order to win the next election.

Jamie Carroll made that call in a recent article for National Newswatch, an article that is stunning in terms of how insulting, condescending, and out of touch it is.


Alberta home to disproportionate number of extremist movements

Alberta is home to a disproportionate number of extremist movements — including far-right groups and people travelling abroad to join armed groups such as ISIS — according to a new report billed as the first of its kind.

The upcoming study, Extremism and Hate Motivated Violence in Alberta, runs nearly 100 pages and provides a taxonomy of the province’s extremist groups. It includes provincial membership estimates for violent or potentially violent ideological movements, and assessments of whether the groups are growing or shrinking.

The Organization for the Prevention of Violence (OPV), which produced the report, received a $1.2 million grant from the federal government last year as part of a plan to counter hate and violent extremism in Alberta, which has seen a rise in police-reported hate crimes. The report is poised to be made public next month.

This seems a reasonably balanced assessment.


Corbella: Kenney vows to use Krause’s research to crush Alberta’s enemies

During his rousing victory speech Tuesday night marking the United Conservative Party’s majority mandate, premier designate Jason Kenney talked about Vivian Krause and her research.

While he didn’t mention Krause by name — just hearing Kenney mention the concerted U.S.-funded campaign to landlock Alberta oil — was like hitting the release valve on a pressure cooker.

Finally, the lies that have been spread about Alberta’s world-leading, ethical energy industry over the past decade were mentioned for the first time by a Canadian premier on a national stage.