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Language Warning: Massive Anti-Trudeau Sign Spotted at Churchill Square in Edmonton

The sign is likely a response to the continued hypocrisy of the Prime Minister to remain close with individuals such as B.C. Premier John Horgan who aims to stop any and all possible expansion of our oil supply to tidewater, at the same time that provinces who refuse to move forward on the national carbon tax are attacked.


Rex Murphy: How much more can Canadians ask Alberta to take?

If cars and trains and planes could run on green sanctimony, in the age of Justin Trudeau, Canada would be Kuwait. But of course they don’t. And in Save the Auto Pact week, which is how I would characterize Chrystia Freeland’s frantic return from Europe and Ukraine to Washington, to answer Mr. Trump’s summons and catch up with her Mexican “partners,” who would have guessed that a federal court would shoot a thunderbolt at the industry that allows all those cars to do what cars do in the first place?


BONOKOSKI: Alberta gets yet another kick in the slats over Trans Mountain

Alberta can’t win for losing.

On the very day shareholders of Kinder Morgan were set to vote on whether to sell the Trans Mountain pipeline to the Canadian government, the driving force being the project’s uncertainty, the Federal Court of Appeal effectively quashed the Trudeau Liberals’ plan to build it on the backs of taxpayers.


Alberta to pull out of national climate plan, Premier Rachel Notley vows

EDMONTON—Premier Rachel Notley vowed to pull Alberta out of the national climate plan after the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision put the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project on hold.

“Albertans are angry, I am angry. Alberta has done everything right and we have been let down,” said Notley in a live broadcast address Thursday evening.



GUNTER: Notley’s tough talk on Trans Mountain not enough to save Alberta

The Notley government has spent three years doing everything it can to ruin Alberta’s economy.

It has imposed – and then raised – an unwanted carbon tax. It has risked reducing development of the oilsands by imposing a hard cap on emissions. It has raised taxes on energy companies, cozied up to the federal Liberals and accelerated the shut down of every one of our coal-fired power plants at a tremendous cost to Alberta taxpayers and coal communities.

And in the process of paying for this, the NDP are on a path to rack up nearly $100 billion in debt.


Alberta parents ask judge to block law that allows schools to keep secret a child joining LGBT club

A Court of Queen’s Bench judge in the city of Medicine Hat is hearing 25 faith-based schools and others’ case against Bill 24, The Canadian Press reports. The plaintiffs want enforcement of the law delayed until its constitutionality is decided.

Last year, Alberta education minister David Eggen led the effort to pass Bill 24, which forbids schools from telling parents if their children have joined GSAs without the child’s consent, even children as young as kindergarten.