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Palestinians confuse movie set for new outpost

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Israeli children’s TV star ‘Yuval HaMebulbal’ (‘Confused Yuval’) caused an unlikely uproar on Wednesday when the temporary location of his filming set in the West Bank was mistaken for a new Israeli settler outpost by Palestinian media.
Calm was only restored when photos later emerged of the true reason for the “outpost” – the set of a movie featuring ‘Yuval HaMebulbal’, who is famous for being remarkably confused, among both toddlers and parents alike.

The outrage commenced when Palestinian activist Nazmi Salman posted a message on social media stating that a group of Israeli settlers had established a new outpost close to the West Bank city of Ariel. Salman described heavy traffic flow around the site, the pitching of tents and the construction of wooden buildings and electricity lines. Palestinian farmers that approached were ushered away by security.

News of the construction of the “outpost” spread quickly and was even picked up by several major Palestinian news agencies, including popular Palestinian Authority network Ma’an.

On Twitter, Ma’an announced that “Israeli settlers take over Palestinian lands in Salfit, erect illegal outpost.”

The reality was that it was a set-up for a children’s film due for release next summer.


Palestinians: Israel’s Goodwill Gestures Send Wrong Messages

Palestinian terrorists who were released from prison by Israel as a “goodwill gesture” are honored at Mahmoud Abbas’ presidential compound in Ramallah, on October 30, 2013. According to statistics, at least half of released Palestinian prisoners have returned to terrorism. (Photo by Oren Ziv/Getty Images)

Here is what is being said on the Palestinian street: Today Israel runs away from the West Bank or the Gaza Strip; tomorrow Israel will run away from Ashkelon, then from Tel Aviv and from there to the sea, and we have achieved our goal of destroying Israel. Therefore, we need to continue attacking Israel.


Trump calls on allies to ‘obliterate this evil ideology’ after Manchester bombing

“All civilized nations must be united in this effort. This trip is focused on that goal,” Trump said at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, after meeting earlier with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank.

Bonus: “We are telling you right now that Iran will not have nuclear weapons,” he vowed.


Throughout the Obama administration, US officials illegally leaked top secret information about Israeli operations to the media.

Trump and Israel: Enemies of the system

The United States is sailing in uncharted waters today as the intelligence-security community wages an all-but-declared rebellion against President Donald Trump.

Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein’s decision on Wednesday to appoint former FBI director Robert Mueller to serve as a special counsel charged with investigating allegations of “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump,” is the latest and so far most significant development in this grave saga.


Palestinians: The Diploma for Terror

  • A glance at their leaders and senior officials tells them that Palestinian Authority jobs go to “graduates” of Israeli prisons.
  • Besides sending a message to Palestinians about who is valued in Palestinian society, the Fatah leader is also making it clear that the path to leadership and employment passes through Israeli prisons. Abbas’s senior representative is telling Palestinians that there is no need for them to pursue actual education: Israeli prisons are the best “universities.”
  • The longer the time spent in prison, the higher the military rank. Ten years will earn them the rank of Colonel. More than that will earn them General. The path to winning a job with a PA ministry also passes through Israeli prisons. These are the leaders touted as role models to young Palestinians.