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Palestinians launch a SWASTIKA kite on Hitler’s birthday during protests on the Israeli border

Palestinian protesters have raised a swastika emblazoned kite near the Israeli border during a violent protest on Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

The turbulent demonstration has seen Palestinian women increasingly involved – and standing in front of men because they are less likely to be shot by snipers.

Deadly protests have taken place at the flash point every Friday over the last month – and this week’s has been labelled the ‘Women’s March of Gaza’.


Yes, come join Hamas at its next picnic…bring the kids, and don’t forget your swastika banners.

NY Times finds “journalists,” no terrorists among Hamas rioters

We shouldn’t be surprised, but once again The New York Times has twisted itself into a pretzel as a means to defame Israel.

Of the recent tire-burning Hamas riot at Israel’s border, the Timeseditorializes that Israel purposely targeted Yasser Murtaja, who was shot and killed while supposedly serving as a Palestinian Arab journalist. The Times is outraged that this should have happened – while, in the same breath, admitting that Hamas is a “ruthless” organization, which “has drawn tens of thousands of Palestinians to Gaza’s border with Israel.”


4 Palestinians reported killed in explosion in Gaza

At least four Palestinians were killed Saturday in an explosion near the Gaza Strip border with Israel.

Palestinian sources said the blast was caused by the IDF shelling a Hamas post just east of Rafah.

The IDF denied any involvement in the incident and said none of its forces had opened fire in the area.

This sounds Self Inflicted…

Palestinians fly a kite bomb into Israel and set off IEDs as 10,000 Gazans gather at the border for a third consecutive Friday of mass protests


Hamas’s Chosen Weapon Against Muslim Moderates Is Holocaust Denial, New Report Shows

The spectacle of the Nazi swastika flying alongside Palestinian flags at violent demonstrations on the Israel-Gaza border over the last fortnight has been widely interpreted in Israel as one more example of the “genocidal message” that Hamas is sending to the Jewish state.


Alleged Canadian “journalists” hold emergency meeting over statement condemning Gaza violence

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression has called an emergency meeting to reconsider a statement it released earlier this month condemning “one-sided use” of military force against journalists and civilians in Gaza and asking Canada to pressure Israel to initiate an investigation into “the massacre.”

The statement triggered controversy over the journalistic organization’s mandate. In the days since it was released, critics have slammed the statement for overstepping the group’s role in defending free expression domestically and around the world, and for seemingly taking a position in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

At an emergency meeting Tuesday evening, the board was expected to determine its next steps and reconsider the process statements go through before being published.

Canadian Fellow Travelers is more like it… somewhere Walter Duranty is smiling


Palestinians: Abbas Targets Hamas, Then Condemns Israel for Targeting Hamas

The Palestinian Authority (PA), now calling for an international inquiry into the March 30 events along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, says that Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have the right to demonstrate and protest against Israel.

Ironically, however, when it comes to areas under the control of the PA in the West Bank, Palestinians are banned from staging protests in front of President Mahmoud Abbas’s “presidential” Mukata headquarters in Ramallah. In general, the PA leadership does not tolerate any form of criticism — which happens to be the reason that protests against Abbas and his government are virtually unheard of.


Two more idiots killed trying to rush Israeli border

Two Palestinian protesters have been killed and scores more injured by Israeli fire on the Gaza border, a week after 18 Palestinians were killed at similar demonstrations. Five of those wounded were said to be in a critical condition.

The renewed violence came despite a call by the UN secretary general, António Guterres, to Israel to exercise “extreme caution”, echoed by the UN human rights spokeswoman Elizabeth Throssell that unjustified recourse to live fire could amount to wilful killing of civilians – a breach of the fourth Geneva convention.

Figures for the injured were supplied by the Hamas-controlled health ministry in Gaza and a website associated with the group. The most seriously injured had reportedly been shot in the head or upper body.


Hamas plans massive tire burn for next assault on Gaza-Israel border

The confrontation at the Gaza-Israel border during the so-called “Great Return March” last Friday reportedly resulted in 18 deaths of Palestinians, at least 11 of whom have been identified as Hamas, Islamic Jihad or other terror military members. When more information becomes known, it is likely to result in all or almost all of the dead being terrorists.


Who’s buying this latest Hamas con job?

Gaza terrorists “peacefully” armed with guns and media.

This time Hamas did not use rockets and terror tunnels in its quest to destroy Israel; it used people as weapons… among them women and children.

Thousands of them were sent stampeding in order to clash with the IDF, first to prove that it can overwhelm the Jewish State through sheer numbers – numbers, that they’ve got– second, and far more cynical, this was a “million man” publicity stunt contrived to “pity the Palestinians” and “hate the Jews.”


Palestinian prime minister survives assassination attempt in Gaza as bomb hits his convoy

The Palestinian prime minister survived an assassination attempt during a rare visit to Hamas-controlled Gaza on Tuesday, putting a fresh strain on the already torrid relations between the two leading Palestinian factions.

Rami Hamdallah, the prime minister of the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority, had just entered Gaza when a roadside explosive detonated near his convoy. Mr Hamdallah was not injured but seven of his guards and aides suffered slight wounds, according to Palestinian media.


Gaza women’s TV channel blocked by Hamas

Authorities in Gaza have blocked the launch of a women’s television channel there, just before it was due to go on air.

Officials from the Palestinian militant Islamist group Hamas, which dominates the territory, said Taif TV had not obtained the necessary licences.

However the channel said it had met all the legal requirements.

Civil liberties groups have long criticised Hamas for what they say is a poor record on women’s rights in Gaza.