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Twitter CEO “Fully Admits” Employees Have “Largely Left-Leaning Bias”

After US President Donald Trump called out social media as being openly discriminatory towards conservative voices, Big Tech, which just last week colluded to ban Mr Alex Jones, went on the defensive knowing that the backlash they faced had to be contained.

First one in the spotlight was Twitter CEO Mr Jack Dorsey, who was getting hammered by Mr Trump, the Twitter star with 53 million followers. During a CNN interview with Brian Stelter, Mr Dorsey stated in response to the President’s criticism: “We need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit is…is more left-leaning.”

Episcopal Bishop Forced to Apologize After Making Up Israeli Atrocities

Gayle Harris, Suffragan Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, has apologized for presenting unsubstantiated atrocity stories against Israel during her church’s General Convention in July.

“The fault is solely mine,” she said in a statement issued Friday. “I was ill-advised to repeat the stories without verification, and I apologize for doing so,” she said.

Holiday to mark legacy of residential schools spurs range of reactions

The federal government’s intention to enact a statutory holiday aimed at remembering the legacy of Canada’s residential school system has drawn mixed reactions from Indigenous Canadians, with responses to the plan ranging from cautious optimism to open disdain.

Many have expressed concern that such an occasion – dedicated to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples – could simply devolve into another day off for most Canadians, and note that a lot of work will need to be done if the day is to achieve its goal.

Jihadis are making their way into U.S. politics

Rashida Tlaib is a “Palestinian” congressional candidate in Michigan. There are many problems with Tlaib running for congress. One major problem is that she won’t admit that Hamas is a terrorist organization. If she can’t admit that, she clearly supports the obliteration of Israel. Because that is Hamas’s goal.

U.S. politics cannot be filled with hatred toward Israel. Israel and the United States are strong allies. Anyone who is against that friendship should be stopped from winning elections.

Maxime Bernier Declares the Death of Political Correctness in Canada

Mr. Bernier has been engaged in a war of words over the last week with the press, the Prime Minister, and the leader of his party, for opposing what he calls Justin Trudeau’s “cult of diversity”

Given the tense nature of this topic, it is extremely likely that other significant political figures will comment on this post.


California Demands Trump, Congress Apologize to Illegal Aliens

The California Senate resolution calls on Congress to specifically apologize to the children separated from the adult foreign nationals who illegally brought them across the U.S. border. It also petitions Congress and President Trump to acknowledge wrongdoing in separating illegal alien adults and children.


NYC Mayor Proposes Prison Plan To Include Retail Stores, Housing

Democratic politicians have continually proven that their priorities are utterly skewed. It only takes a quick browse through recent news reports to see that many on the left appear to value the lives and welfare of illegal aliens over the American people. Recently, one democratic mayor announced a plan which further illustrates his misaligned priorities which appear to favor prisoners over his local community.


After “Pretty Boy” Trudeau Takes Cheap Shot At Trump, Canada Suffers Consequences

The Prime Minister of Canada has been celebrated as a new “Obama.” The super-liberal politician has been worshiped by the media, both in Canada and the United States. He’s even tried to upstage President Donald Trump, criticizing him over his policies. But now his country is feeling the sting of his mouth, as a new crisis is growing.


Minnesota: Muslima Running For Congress Voted Against Bill To Stop Insurance Payments to Jihad Terrorists

It isn’t surprising that Ilhan Omar would think this way. She is a hijab-wearing, devout Muslim, and jihad warfare against non-Muslims is exhorted in the Quran. What is shameful about this is that her views are mainstream in the Democrat Party today. She should never have been chosen as a candidate for Congress with hateful views of this kind, but this is the way the Democrat leadership, and the Democrat base thinks. They want candidates like Ilhan Omar. And they know they’ll win, because this is their base today.


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Austria: Interior Minister Proposes Criminalizing Sharia Law Advocacy

Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) Interior Minister Herbert Kickl has floated the idea of charging radical Islamic adherents if they advocate for Sharia law over the constitutional law of Austria.

The populist Interior Minister laid out the proposal as part of a programme to fight against the spread of radical Islamic extremism in Austria, Kronen Zeitung reports.

New Looney Milk & Water Bill Introduced in California, Where Else?

Although California has major problems with crime, homelessness, illegal immigration, high taxes, droughts, and fires, they aren’t priorities. Children drinking sodas in restaurants with their parents are.

With the best of intentions, the control freaks in power in Cali have a new crazy bill.

Diplomacy 101: Three Things Justin Trudeau Needs to Learn

On August 2, 2018, Christia Freeland, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, sent out a tweet that called for Saudi Arabia to release Samar Badawi, a Saudi female rights activist, and Raif Badawi, a blogger. This was followed up with a similar tweet by the Foreign Affairs Department.

In response, Saudi Arabia, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salma, imposed retaliatory measures against Canada. These include suspending diplomatic relations, cancelling funding for 16,000 students, and banning imports of Canadian wheat.

United Nations: Peacekeeping could protect Gazans from Israel

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Friday condemned Israel’s “violence” towards Gaza and suggested an international peacekeeping force could protect Gazans in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

The peacekeeping force could be made of civilian observers, an armed military, or a police force.

Counter-protest planned as controversial group schedules another Halifax-area rally

A political group with controversial views on immigration has planned another rally in Nova Scotia.

The National Citizens Alliance’s “Canadians First Rally” was scheduled to take place at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth on Saturday, but has been rescheduled to Sunday due to rain.


Palestinians use slingshots to hurl stones at Israel troops who return fire killing two and wounding dozens of others in latest Gaza border clashes

Some 20,000 people took part in Friday’s protests, which took place a few hundred meters from the fence, though dozens came closer, with some rolling burning tyres, witnesses said.