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Le Pen Wants to Restore Border Control, Close Salafist Mosques to Curb Terrorism

“To begin with, I will restore our national borders. Secondly, I will deport all foreign nationals with [threat to national security] fiche S indicator, who are linked to fundamentalism, in compliance with precautionary principle. I will also fight against Islamic fundamentalism by closing salafist mosques or even by banning the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF),” Le Pen said answering the question on how she was going to prevent terrorist attacks in France.

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Quran ripped at PDSB contains modern commentary justifying wife beating and stoning

“You’re implementing an Islamic dominance rule in this country. That’s what you’re doing. We support Canadian values. No beheadings. No female genital mutilation. No child marriage. We don’t allow that in Canada. That’s what this book [Quran] says. We don’t religion in schools. The money dollar [from Saudi Arabic] is your pocket making decision for you. Mohammad the pedophile, and a warlord and a rapist. [Religion] does not belong in schools. Go to Pakistan. We will be in a Sharia [Islamic] Law state. It’s a book of hate [the Quran]. Islam will kill you. Islam will rape. Free speech. Free speech.”

‘We reached our limits’: Greece to stop taking back refugees – migration minister

As the European Commission pressures Athens to re-implement the Dublin Regulation – stipulating that refugees can be returned to the first EU state they arrived in – the Greek migration minister told Spiegel his country is not in a position to do so. The agreement was put on hold for Greece back in 2011 over problems in the country’s asylum system.

‘America First’ Is ‘A Nazi Slogan Being Pushed by Russia’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” journalist and former Conservative member of the UK Parliament Louise Mensch stated that the slogan “America First” is “a Nazi slogan being pushed by Russia, who are quite literally attacking, not only America, but the whole of the West.”

Toronto’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy is dangerous

Of all the bizarre ideas Toronto council gets into its head, putting pressure on Toronto police not to report illegal migrants to federal immigration authorities is one of the dumbest.

It’s reckless. It’s irresponsible. It’s potentially dangerous.

NY Times Admits MSNBC and CNN Refusing to Cover Story of Illegals Raping 14-Year-Old

The reason our dishonest liberal media is labeled “fake news” is because they not report sensationalized false stories, they also cherry pick their stories based on political ideology.

Case in point – the alleged rape of a 14-year-old child by two illegals.

MSNBC and CNN have refused to cover this shocking story.

Stephen Hawking appears at conference via hologram, discusses Trump

Striking a dour note, Hawking expressed his belief that the election of Donald Trump was part of a series of “right-wing successes” which could imperil the future of scientific research.

“With Brexit and Trump… we are witnessing a global revolt against experts,” the British scientist said, as cited by AFP.

Chelsea Clinton asks if Abraham Lincoln wearing a MAGA hat was photoshopped

Red Pilled World has focused on serious stories over the last few days, so on a lighter note today we take a look at a more humorous subject.

Seriously? You’re asking if a picture of Abraham Lincoln wearing a MAGA hat is photoshopped?

Swedish police with new strategy – drop investigating serious crimes

Investigators have been ordered to investigate traffic violations instead of other more serious crimes, as “Project Alcatraz” has been launched. Police now fear even more crime.

Swedish police are becoming less able to solve crimes, which is becoming an embarrassment for the national police chief, Dan Eliasson, who apparently now fears for his job.

Judge OK’s Petition for America’s First ‘Genderless’ Person

A Portland student has become the first American to gain legal designation as “genderless”, following a ruling by a Multnomah County judge.

The March 10 decision, reported for the first time on Thursday, involved a 27-year-old who was born male but claimed to identify with no gender whatsoever. Judge Amy Holmes, who approved the petition, also last year approved a “non-binary” gender designation for another Portland resident.

Why does Ontario government establish skin colour as a criterion for financial support?

What is happening to Canada? We welcome people from all over the world with the idea that we become Canadians. And then we sub-divide. In the call of our Prime Minister to be proud of our diversity, he is doing his best to divide us up into groups; each demanding special treatment.


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Trudeau’s popularity takes hit

The Justin Trudeau Liberals are now trailing the Conservatives slightly after delivering a widely unpopular budget this week, a Forum Research poll shows.

Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, said there were several items that drew a strong negative response in Thursday’s budget and that added up to a drop in popular support for the government.

The cancellation of a tax credit for public transit users, the end of Canada Savings Bonds and higher taxes on alcohol turned off many Canadians.

Google’s YouTube loses more advertisers over offensive videos

An advertising boycott of YouTube is broadening, a sign that big-spending companies doubt Google’s ability to prevent marketing campaigns from appearing alongside repugnant videos.

PepsiCo, Walmart Stores and Starbucks on Friday confirmed that they have also suspended their advertising on YouTube after the Wall Street Journal found Google’s automated programs placed their brands on five videos containing racist content. AT&T, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen and several other companies pulled ads earlier this week.

Denmark stops contributions to women who prefer burqa or niqab over job

Denmark sends a clear message to Muslim women: If you refuse to take a job where you can not wear the burqa or the niqab, social benefits end.

Now Muslim women can no longer refuse to take a job in Denmark, with reference to religion. If the job requires that they do not wear the niqab or similar garment, there will be financial consequences if they refuse.

Philadelphia MAGA Rally Canceled As Masked #disruptmaga Anarchists Show Up With Smoke Bombs

MAGA marches have been organized across the country for Saturday, with most occurring without issues. The rally in Providence, RI was crashed by a marching band, black lives matter activists, and a handful of anarchists. The Providence anti-MAGA protesters have to far been peaceful, mostly focusing on making enough noise to drown out the MAGA crowd.

The scene in Philadelphia was much more dramatic. A #disruptmaga group had been talking for weeks on social media about crashing the MAGA rally in a way which suggested there would be violence.

Associated Press issues new guidance on sex, gender: ‘avoid’ referring to ‘both’ or ‘either’ sexes

In a Friday email to subscribers listing updated entries for its style manual, the Associated Press is urging journalists to avoid making references in news stories that suggest there are only two sexes in the human race.

The term “gender,” the AP Stylebook says, is “[n]ot synonymous with sex.”

Canadian military seeks Muslim recruits

The Canadian Forces want more Muslims among their ranks.

There are few Muslims in the Canadian military and that is something that Rear Admiral Tyrone Pile, who is in charge of recruiting, wants to change.

On Friday, Pile visited Ottawa Central Mosque in the city’s west end to invite Muslim youths to join up.

“The Canadian Armed Forces do not reflect the cultural diversity in this country and that’s a pity,” Pile told observers at the mosque.

Google and social media companies could be prosecuted if they show extremist videos

Ministers are considering a new law which would mean Google – which owns YouTube – and other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be prosecuted if they allow such videos to be disseminated.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, made clear her displeasure at internet companies that publish extremist content on Friday, saying “the ball is in their court” over taking action.

Energy Star: The EPA-Owned Purveyor of Fake News

The ENERGY STAR brand is currently mandated for use by governments in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Taiwan and the European Union. The EPA claims their brand of certified ‘energy efficiency’ is producing over $23 Billion a year from energy-savings, which is more than the annual revenue from box office sales for the entire movie industry in America.

4-year-old boy brings bullet casing to preschool, gets suspended for 7 days. Yes, it gets worse.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jackson arrived at A Place 2 Grow to pick up Hunter, but she told KTVI-TV she instead “was met with a stone-faced teacher who said that my son had a shotgun bullet. I was horrified thinking, ‘Where could he have gotten this?’ ”

Jackson explained on Facebook that when she was “escorted to the office for a sit down,” she “was handed a tiny .22 empty brass casing. Not a ‘shotgun bullet.’ He found it on the ground, expelled from a .22 rifle over the weekend, while Hunter was target practicing with his police officer grandpa. He was so excited, and snuck it to school to show his friends. We had no idea about it.”

Ontario allocates $47 million to support “Black children”

Michael Coteau, Minister of Children and Youth Services and Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism, announced on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 a four-year, $47 million plan to support 10,800 Black children, youth and their families in schooling, postsecondary education and employment, as well as those in conflict with the law.


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UK pol on London jihadi: “The fact that the man is a Muslim is utterly and completely irrelevant”

Digby Jones is the former Minister of State for Trade and Investment in the UK. Here he is denying the ancient adage that one must know one’s enemy in order to defeat that enemy. The fact that Khalid Masood was a Muslim is only irrelevant if his Muslim identity had nothing to do with his motive for mounting the attack. But Jones doesn’t know whether it did or not; he is just assuming that it didn’t because to say otherwise would be politically inconvenient. If the London attacker had been a white supremacist, would Jones be saying that his motive was irrelevant? Of course not. If there were an organized group of international white supremacists calling for terror attacks in Britain and elsewhere, and vowing to destroy the British government and replace it with a white supremacist regime, and there were numerous white supremacists in Britain publicly avowing that they were on board with this program, and one of them drove into a crowd of pedestrians and then stabbed a police officer, would Digby Jones be saying that the attacker’s white supremacism was irrelevant?

Why more Muslims mean more terror attacks

Normally, my weekly show On the Hunt is available to Rebel Premium subscribers only. However, last night’s episode — shot in response to the Westminster terror attack in London — is one I’d like as many people as possible to see. So join me and my guest, Rebel Contributor Tommy Robinson, to talk about the attack, and the broader questions it raises.

De Blasio: We are preparing NYC Schools to resist ICE agents

At a press conference in front of New York’s Tweed Courthouse on Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio laid out the city’s plans to resist U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in the Trump era.

There are “deep fears and concerns” among immigrant families after President Trump announced new ICE protocols that give agents more freedom to hold illegal immigration raids, the mayor noted.

“Parents don’t know what the policies will mean for their children,” he said.

That’s where the sanctuary city is planning to step in.

Female-Run D.C. Distillery Releases Rye Inspired by Hillary Clinton

The owners of Republic Restoratives, a female-run craft distillery in D.C., spent months concocting a spirit worthy of celebrating their next president’s inauguration. Then, well, the election happened, and Rodham Rye sort of made no sense. But now, after “a period of self-described mourning,” Rachel Gardner and Pia Carusone have decided to move forward with the whiskey anyway.

Mosques urged to step up security amid fear of vigilante reprisal attacks

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said he had written to mosques urging them to work with local police to discuss security measures.

‘Sadly, after such terrorist atrocities innocent Muslims and our mosques are deliberately targeted as acts of Muslim hatred,’ he said.

Swiss Justice Minister: Open borders make Europe safer

Simonetta Sommaruga, Swiss Justice Minister and certified member of the loony left has said those wanting to end the EU’s open borders agreement are “irresponsible”.

Speaking to Swizz newspaper Blick, she said: “Without Schengen, we would be less protected from terror…Those who seek to terminate the Schengen Agreement are therefore irresponsible.”

Amy Schumer drops out as Barbie in film based on doll

Amy Schumer won’t be playing Barbie after all.

Variety reports the comedian has dropped out of a live-action film based on the Mattel doll due to scheduling conflicts. Variety says the movie was scheduled to start shooting on June 23, but Schumer has a lengthy promotional tour for her comedy, “Snatched,” which opens in May. She’s also set to begin shooting “She Came to Me” with Steve Carrell soon.

Swedes Begin Construction Of Police Fortress In “Little Mogadishu”

The police station will feature bullet proof windows, walls reinforced with sheet metal, and fencing around it, possibly with electrified barbed wire. So it will look more like a military installation than anything. Also it will be designated as “specially protected,” which means a year in prison for anyone even throwing a stone at it.

Canadians think problem of Islamophobia overblown

If left up to average Canadians, controversial M-103 would have been toast.

And an Angus Reid Institute poll also found that most believe politicians and the media are overblowing the problem of Islamophobia.


The MSM Knew Obama Spied On Trump and Lied To Cover It Up

What I am about to present to you is what really happened. All the proof is linked below, but what I’m about to do is what I call “Revealing the Matrix,” showing you the truth backed by incontrovertible fact and the media’s own words. Not my words. Not President Trump’s words. The media’s words.

We’re gunna cut through all the code, all the spin, all the fog, all the lies, and all the Coordinated Narratives used by our media to obscure Truth.

Worth reading every word.

Two ‘significant arrests’ made as police appeal to public for information

Police made the arrests overnight in the West Midlands and the North West of England, Mark Rowley, the Met Police Assistant Commisioner,  said during a briefing this morning.

The number of arrests has now risen to ten, with nine still in custody after a woman from Birmingham was released on bail.

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German Media Watchdog Instructs Press to Censor Ethnicity and Religion in Reports

The German Press Council – a voluntary, industry-run body – says information about a person’s ethnicity shouldn’t be published “unless there is a justified public interest in doing so.”

The wording agreed Wednesday replaces previous guidance that said such details should only be published if there was a link between a person’s ethnicity or religion and the crime.

Obama’s NSA Illegally Spied on Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah’s fraudulent documents were a “national security issue” and that Obama was the “aggressor” in attacking America. However, one wonders just how much he understood the threat a timeline has now emerged via an Operation Dragnet Whistleblower that details how the National Security Agency was conducting illegal electronic surveillance on then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona judges involved in the immigration case at the time while then-Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice was prosecuting Arpaio between 2008 and 2010.

VCU Students Say They Suffer From Racial Battle Fatigue and Mental Illness Due to White People

Black Lives Matter activists at a VCU in Virginia claim they’re suffering from racist battle fatigue and mental illness due to white people. Brittney Maddox and Taneasha White recently started the “Black Minds Matter Project” at the university to combat the conditions in the black community caused by white people.

Canada: Man who threatened to shoot people at Ontario mosque is…Muslim

A 24-year-old London man is facing multiple charges after allegedly threatening to shoot people inside the London Muslim Mosque over the weekend, London police said Monday.

As a result of the investigation, Omid Ghaffouri, 24, has been charged with uttering threats of death or bodily harm, disturbing religious worship or certain meetings, and failing to leave premises when directed, police said.

Twitter brings IBM’s AI machine Watson on board to fight abuse

Twitter is employing the help of artificial intelligence to crack down on abuse on its platform amid a furore over social media companies failing to police hate speech online.

The social media giant is teaming up with IBM to use its Watson AI technology to track and stem abusive messages.

Theresa May says ‘Islamist’ Westminster Attack ‘Not Islamic’

Taking on the role of a theologian, Theresa May insisted: “It is wrong to describe this as Islamic terrorism. It is Islamist terrorism. It is a perversion of a great faith.”

Speaking in Parliament, she also said the attack showed “the importance of all of our faiths working together, and recognising the values that we share”.

Government, Islamic groups mum over anti-Christian and pro-jihad sermons

Masjid Toronto mosque (168 Dundas Street West) published on its official YouTube channel Friday sermons in which imams at the mosque recited supplications that asked Allah to “slay” the Jews/ disbelievers “one by one”, to purify al-Aqsa mosque from the “filth of the Jews”, to support the “mujahideen” (those who engage in jihad) everywhere and to give victory to Muslims over the “disbelievers”, “polytheists” (identified by Muslim scholars as Christians) and “atheists.”


London attack: UK police arrest 7 in massive pre-dawn raids

British police said Thursday that six homes were raided and seven arrests were made in connection to the terror attack that left five dead, including the attacker and a police officer.

Armed police carried out the raid in the central city of Birmingham, about 130 miles north of London. Police said they believed the attacker acted alone and was “inspired by international terrorism.” The identity of the attacker has not been released.