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China’s Censorship Obsession

The Chinese government has recently produced a lot of international news: the trade war with the U.S. government ; the suspicious financing on Malaysia’s former corrupted ruling party ; the suppression on Taiwan’s foreign and diplomatic space , etc. Excluding the news related to international politics, the Chinese government was also fighting against the Chinese internet users at the same time. What exactly are going on?


Video: Congressional Leadership Development Program (for Muslims only)

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) and the Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF) have teamed up to create the Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP) that creates tomorrow’s American Muslim leaders and fosters pride in government service. Simply put, we’re cultivating the next Mayors, City Councilors, Members of Congress, CEOs and non-profit Executive Directors.


Continental Breakfast

Say hello to all of your breakfast dreams: Burrata Breakfast Pizza

Black Men Shouldn’t Speak: NY Prof Triples Down On Identity Politics

Stony Brook University professor Crystal Fleming wants to silence men from speaking publicly if they haven’t studied the “work” of black women, according to her series of tweets on Friday.

“I don’t think black men should be allowed to speak about ANYTHING in public without first studying black women’s work,” Fleming said.

Liberal Website Calls For People To Disown Family Members Who Support Trump

The left has become fanatical, fascistic and dangerous in the year and a half since Trump was sworn in as POTUS and bullying, doxing and public shaming have become the norm. It used to be that in this country that the results of elections were honored but that doesn’t apply to the generation that came of age during the political pestilence of the Obama years and a good many of them have managed to worm their way into the media where they have the ability to influence people.

All-inclusive teepee camps could turn Canadian reserves into tourist destinations, says entrepreneur

A Piikani man is hoping to turn his entrepreneurial endeavour on the southern Alberta First Nation into a sustainable source of employment for Indigenous people across the country.

Riel Houle runs Pale Horse Tipi Camp, an all-inclusive immersive cultural experience where guests sleep in teepees, have meals provided and participate in guided cultural programs that include medicine hikes, singing, drumming, storytelling and dance.

“The most important thing people get when they come to teepee camp is they get a meaningful experience,” Houle told CBC News. “They get to come back to the earth, to Mother Nature.”

Swedish farmer called racist after displaying national flag to support cancer foundation

Johan Andersson and his wife Katrine, natives of Torphsammar, created the image of the national flag out of hay stacks and posted the photo on facebook.

Thousands of Swedish fans welcomed the photo and joined into the tribute, which was also a support initiative against childhood cancer.

But triggered leftists and self proclaimed ‘anti-racists’ filled the comment section with hatred towards the farmer and his wife.

Pride Gets Its Logo On Police Uniforms, But Police Still Banned From Wearing Them In the Parade

Tensions involving police and the parade were brewing in 2016, when members of Black Lives Matter abruptly halted the march to present several demands, among them that uniformed police, their floats and cruisers be excluded.

The group cited tensions between the police force and black citizens possibly arising, and among other things, racial profiling.


UN says Trump separation of migrant children with parents ‘may amount to torture’, in damning condemnation

In a statement issued by the UN’s Human Rights Council, experts said the president’s recent executive order, ostensibly to halt the controversial separations, failed to resolve the problem and “may lead to indefinite detention of entire families in violation of international human rights standards”.


Malmö reality show: Gunshots and drug trafficking on the streets

Of the six injured people hospitalized following the shooting attack in Drottninggatan, three of them eventually died of their injuries.

“Unfortunately, we are quite used to this kind of affair,” said police clerk Stefan Sintéus during a press conference last week.

And it is unfortunately the truth. Gunshots and drug trafficking on the open street has become a reality in Malmö.


Canada: Omitting “hate” facts in migrant rape cases becomes official policy

On last night’s show, I discussed the rape problem in Halifax as yet another case has emerged – this time with a Muslim migrant raping a hotel cleaning lady.

There have been more than a dozen rapes like this reported, but how many more haven’t?


Confirmed: Red Hen Restaurant Refused Service To Sarah Sanders’ Family

The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia kicked them out because she was employed in the Trump administration and has been a target of the now totally unleashed fury of the mob that has been driven over the edge over a lost election and egged on by the media.


Liberals Are Crazy. Will Voters Notice?

Over the last few days we have reached peak insanity, especially on Twitter. I can’t begin to recount all of the outrages. Apart from the whole nonsense at the Southern border that dominated the news, we had Peter Fonda, a former actor who was washed up decades ago, threatening Barron Trump to the extent that Melania Trump referred him to the Secret Service. We had a gang of socialists accosting Homeland Security Security Kirstjen Nielsen while she was eating dinner in a restaurant, and much more.


The Child Separation Scam Is A Reminder That The Media Are Nothing More Than Propagandists For The Democrat Party

Lies, distortions and trickery — these are the weapons that the mainstream propaganda media employ daily to hoodwink millions of unsuspecting Americans into consuming and ultimately adopting the Democrat Party’s agenda every time they turn on the news, pick up a newspaper or glance through headlines.