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Avenue to Oblivion

Review: ‘To Heal the World? How the Jewish Left Corrupts Judaism and Endangers Israel’ by Jonathan Neumann

Jonathan Neumann has written a splendid book. The first-time author has produced a devastating broadside against Jewish radicals who have co-opted tikkun olam—a Hebrew phrase meaning “to heal (or repair) the world”—to claim a special Jewish religious obligation to engage in left-wing politics. “This theology is a contrived religious system,” he writes, “a sort of New Age mysticism that distorts the biblical Creation story and Kabbalistic (Jewish mystical) motifs in order to portray the politics of social justice as an organic Jewish teaching.”

Most astonishing is their success


Is Safetyism Destroying a Generation?

In recent years behaviours on university campuses have created widespread unease. Safe spaces, trigger warnings, and speech codes. Demands for speakers to be disinvited. Words construed as violence and liberalism described as ‘white supremacy’. Students walking on eggshells, too scared to speak their minds. Controversial speakers violently rebuked – from conservative provocateurs such as Milo Yiannopoulos to serious sociologists such as Charles Murray, to left-leaning academics such as Bret Weinstein.

Historically, campus censorship was enacted by zealous university administrators. Students were radicals who pushed the boundaries of acceptability, like during the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley in the 1960s. Today, however, students work in tandem with administrators to make their campus ‘safe’ from threatening ideas.


Why does the Left hate Tolkien?

JRR Tolkien has millions of fans around the world. One of them is the Gandalf-like figure of Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury. This month he took to the pages of the New Statesman in defence of Tolkien and his fantasy world of Middle Earth.

Why does he, and it, need defending? Well, with entire academic disciplines dedicated to damnation of dead white males, Tolkien, who is one, is accused of all the ‘isms’. But leaving aside this tedious bigoteering, is there anything in Tolkien’s work – as he meant it – that is genuinely objectionable?


Progressives: The Real World vs. Neverland

“Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child,” Cicero astutely observed. For many self-described progressives today, however, this seems not to be a drawback. On the contrary, like adolescents — insisting that they are grown-ups when their parents get in the way of their fun, but then running home for all their basic needs and creature comforts — such people seem to give no thought to the past and equally little to the future.

Many people like this are said to suffer from a “Peter Pan Syndrome“: the inability or unwillingness to grow up. In thought, they seem to lean to the political left. They want the government to take on the role of parent, even if that involves maxing out the country’s “credit cards,” so that even for a short time, they can live beyond what they earn.


‘Portlandia’ Feminist Bookstore Taken Over by Prison Abolitionists

The Portland feminist bookstore In Other Words, which was featured on the IFC sketch comedy show Portlandia, shut down at the end of June. Since then, the space has been taken over by a group of equally ambitious activists demanding the complete “abolition” of prison and the criminal justice system.

Founded in 1993, In Other Words only employed volunteers and sold books below market rate. After 25 years, the store was forced to close: not due to finances, the ownership claimed, but due to the difficulties of managing an unpaid “staff.”


A is for Activist?

It is dispiriting to note that those to whom we have entrusted the education of our children in the primary and public schools are woefully under-educated practitioners of the discipline.  In an article titled “Educational Rot,” Walter Williams laments “the low academic quality of so many teachers.”  Williams is referring to the abomination of teacher training colleges, which recruit the dregs of the graduate schools, catering to candidates “who have the lowest academic test scores.”  The same applies to graduates of the gender studies programs in the universities, who, unfit for productive employment, often end up in the K-12 classroom.  The damage such instructors do to the public school system and to our children is incalculable.


Judge Gives No Jail Time To Imran Awan, Attorney Claims He Was Building ‘Women’s Shelter’

A federal judge declined to give jail time to former Democratic IT aide Imran Awan Tuesday, saying he has “suffered enough” at the hands of politicians “at the highest levels of government.” In addition, the Department of Justice said it did not find any evidence that supported criminal charges.


Suspicion and the Corruption of the Liberal Mind

“…I suspect the discomfort many of us are experiencing with the Left begins, as it did for me, with a strong, pre-verbal aversion to the mood permeating its activism. As the writer Thomas Cook once remarked, “There are moral fault lines to whose subtle trembling we must remain alert.” Our sensitivity to that trembling alerts us but it takes time and a great deal of contemplation to unlock just why it has occurred.”


Public Housing’s Most Notorious Failure

Revisionist history notwithstanding, Cabrini-Green more than deserved its reputation for crime and squalor.

For writers, it pays to be a contrarian. That is, it’s hard to make a living pitching books and articles that say: “The conventional wisdom about Subject X holds up pretty well.” A more promising approach is to contend that what everybody “knows” about X is wrong: the truth is very different, or at least complicated in ways both surprising and significant.

This second tactic describes journalist Ben Austen’s recent book High-Risers: Cabrini-Green and the Fate of American Public Housing. Seven years have passed since the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) tore down the last high-rise in the Cabrini-Green Homes, a public-housing project (named after Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini and labor leader William Green) where 23 towers, constructed between 1950 and 1962, provided 3,000 apartments. The towers came to be known almost solely for their crime and squalor. The Chicago Tribune noted that one particular adjective turned up in so many news stories about the project that city newcomers must have assumed that its full name was the Notorious Cabrini-Green Homes.


Plaque that replaced Sir John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria reconciliation effort vandalized

VICTORIA — An offer from Ontario to find a new home for a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald has been declined by the city of Victoria.

Mayor Lisa Helps says the city is carefully storing the statue of Canada’s first prime minister after recently removing it from the grounds at city hall.

She says in a text that the city is continuing to discuss the best place to locate the statue with First Nations and the community.


Dozens of Neo-Nazi Losers Seeking Attention in DC Met By Hundreds of Far-Left Weirdos

Around two dozen hate-mongering, white nationalists traveled to Washington, DC today in an attempt to gain relevance, media attention, and spout nonsensical theories at some event they called a “Unite the Right 2” rally. In turn, hundreds of far-left Antifa freaks counteracted the protest by haranguing President Trump, police, and the free press with threats of violence and uprising.