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Report: Standing Up to Pee Gives Boys an Unfair Advantage in Physics

Yes, you read the headline correctly. In the latest example of identity politics taken to its absurd end, three Australian college professors believe that “playful urination practices – from seeing how high you can pee to games such as Peeball (where men compete using their urine to destroy a ball placed in a urinal) – may give boys an advantage over girls when it comes to physics.”


Secularist Dogmas That Live Loudly Within Lefties

When not playing with Sally Quinn’s tarot cards, they claim ownership of “reason.”

For years, the Washington establishment held up Sally Quinn, the wife of the late Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, as the society doyenne par excellence and a “serious” reporter. The Great and Good would gather at her mansion to bat around the issues of the day. Much talk of a sinister religiosity afoot in the land would ensue. But it turns out that Quinn, when not passing around drinks and appetizers to these self-proclaimed rationalists, was in the back playing with her tarot cards and concocting hexes for her enemies.


They Stink

Cultural institutions dominated by the Left seem to be populated by the unqualified and incompetent.

Lynn Yaeger – Circus Freak

“…We could agree that Vogue passes for a cultural institution, no? Take that magazine’s contributing fashion editor Lynn Yaeger, who came to a larger public recognition when she started a media firestorm by criticizing Melania Trump’s choice of shoes on the latter’s trip to Corpus Christi to view hurricane damage. In no time photos of Yaeger, and her highly deficient personal style — she looks like someone you’d see fishing through dumpsters for cans and plastic bottles — became an internet sensation. Yaeger goes beyond quirky in her sartorial choices; there is no objective judgment under which she could present herself as having expertise in fashion given her manifest refusal to participate in it.”


Berkeley Offering Counseling To Students Traumatized By … Ben Shapiro’s Upcoming Speech

Note: They’re not providing counseling for people traumatized by the *content* of Shapiro’s speech, which would be pitiful enough. They’re not providing counseling for people afraid that Antifa will burn down the campus, a not unreasonable worry. From what I can tell, they’re providing counseling for people traumatized by the mere fact that Shapiro is speaking on campus.


DOJ backs baker who refused to make cake for gay couple

The Trump administration on Thursday filed papers at the U.S. Supreme Court backing a Christian baker in Colorado whom a state court ruled against for declining to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

In the brief, Acting Solicitor General Jeff Wall said Jack Phillips should be exempt from Colorado’s anti-discrimination law because making custom cakes is a form of free expression protected under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.


This isn’t anti-racism – it’s middle-class misanthropy

When is it okay for someone from a ‘solidly middle-class’ background, who was brought up by a mother who was ‘super successful’ at a ‘financial company’, to scoff at the homeless? To imply that it is they who are privileged? To remove the silver spoon from her mouth for five seconds and in her cut-glass tones declare: ‘You can be homeless and still have white privilege’? When that person is Munroe Bergdorf, the queer, trans model who was given the heave-ho by L’Oréal last week for saying all white people are racist. Ms Bergdorf is interviewed in the Guardian today, and the interview is the definition of cringe. It provides an alarming, if unwitting, insight into the competitive victimhood and class hatred that underpin modern-day identity politics. Ms Bergdorf urgently needs some PR advice, if only to disguise her prejudices.


Hawaii Considers A “Universal Basic Income” As Robots Seen Stealing Jobs, There’s Just One Catch…

Forget social security, medicaid and WIC, today’s progressives have moved well beyond discussing such entitlement relics of the past and nowadays dedicate their efforts to the concept of a “Universal Basic Income” for all…call it the New ‘New Deal’.  You know, because having to work for that “car in every garage and chicken in every pot” is just considered cruel and unusual punishment by today’s standards.