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Far-Left Sleeping Giants Demands Twitter Censorship After Founder Matt Rivitz Revealed

Far-left boycott group Sleeping Giants, which specializes in harassing the advertisers of conservative media organizations, is now complaining to Twitter about alleged harassment after its anonymous leader, Matt Rivitz, was revealed.

Sleeping Giants, along with other far-left groups like Media Matters for America, aims to drive conservative media off the web through social media campaigns directed at their advertisers.


‘Clean up after yourselves’: San Francisco mayor plans to ask homeless nicely not to poo in streets

San Francisco’s mayor has an idea to stop the homeless pooping in the street: ask them to stop – or to at least clean up. She blames charities for San-Fran’s poo-gate, saying they should teach people to “respect the community”.

The city is in crisis – vagrants brazenly use drugs on the streets and trash is strewn across footpaths and roads… but watch where you step, as you could also find yourself ankle-deep in human poop. After reports showed that complaints about human feces have doubled in the last three years, the newly-minted mayor, London Breed, pledged to tackle the issue head on – by simply asking the homeless to take more pride in their community.


The Occupy Movement Is Back, and This Time Its Marxism Is in Plain View

The Occupy movement has returned. Unlike “the 1 percent” in 2011, its target this season is ICE–the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency of the U.S. government.

Last month, in the wake of the bad PR that has recently been associated with ICE, protesters in the city of Portland, Oregon, provided the spark that lit the fire to start the latest Occupy movement.

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Academics at Bath University are told to stop saying ‘as you know’ to ‘snowflake’ students ‘in case it makes them feel inadequate’

Academics at one of Britain’s top universities have been urged to avoid saying ‘as you know’ in lectures for fear that ‘snowflake’ students will be left feeling inadequate.

The advice was given at a meeting of Bath University’s equality and diversity network, where members were warned it might cause some undergraduates to feel dimmer than others if they did not know what was being referred to and as a result do worse in their degree courses.

Berenice Dalrymple, co-chair of the university’s student union race equality group, told the meeting: ‘Some lecturers used commonly known references stating “as you know”, which could make students feel at fault for not knowing and make it difficult to engage with the course content.’


Fake History That Inspires Today’s Progressives

Five myths of the Russian Revolution.

Mindful of Voltaire’s dictum (“To hold a pen is to be at war”), we take up the pen against five enduring myths about the Russian Revolution and the advent of socialism. The five myths are long-standing pillars of falsehood — used to curtail liberty, justify past atrocities, and (in the name of “progress”) lead free people into servitude.

Calling themselves “progressives,” many people today readily accept most or all of these myths as the truth. Filled with socialist yearnings, they have become a new force to be reckoned with in American politics.


Progressive Child Abuse in the Schools

Many “educators” today sadly have become indoctrinators. Educators and professors who teach students to use logic and critical thinking are doing God’s work. Teachers who spur cognition and who encourage students to question, to read, and to investigate all points of view are truly teaching. On the flip-side of the coin, we have teachers who now subscribe to methods of leftist indoctrination and who are currently using this indoctrination as a weapon within the classroom


California university plans to slash its number of white students in a huge diversity drive

A California university is looking to slash its number of white students in a drive to boost diversity on campus.

California Polytechnic State University recently released a 30-page report which stated that it was hoping to reduce its percentage of white students from 55 per cent to less than 40 per cent.

The percentage of Caucasian students has already fallen from 63 in 2011, to 55 in 2017, but there is still much work to do,’ the report states.


Twitter, BBC, Ofsted – there’s no escape from the Thought Police

On Tuesday, I was meandering around the charity shops with my beautiful three-year-old daughter. She has even more attitude than I, only with bags of charm. All the older ladies coo over her, and they inevitably throw in a little extra to whatever book we buy. When I got outside the shop one woman said: ‘Gosh she is so gorgeous, beautiful’, and then checked herself, asking: ‘Is it OK to say that?’ ‘Of course’, I said. ‘Well you never know’, she replied, ‘there was that one woman who took offence when someone said something nice about her child.’

And then the penny dropped. We live in an offence-taking culture, and it is not just confined to Twitter.


Fury as feminist activist says she’s ‘confused’ seeing black man with pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper-stickers

Kimberley Johnson – concerned that Negroes are getting Uppity.

An activist author ignited a social media firestorm on Thursday after saying she was left “very confused” seeing a black man with a pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper-sticker on his car.

Kimberley Johnson, a feminist contributor to HuffPost and the spokeswoman for the national advocacy group We Are Woman, was slammed for questioning why a black person would not embrace progressive politics.


Increasingly Putrid City by the Bay

One of the world’s most beautiful cities has turned into a cesspool, but officials seem more interested in pursuing grandiose progressive ideals than dealing with basic civic duties.

The most stunning thing about California’s Democratic-dominated progressivism is that it continually works toward some future Nirvana even as it blatantly neglects its fundamental, current responsibilities. The state’s infrastructure is crumbling and it has the nation’s highest cost-of-living-based poverty rate, but that hasn’t stopped the Legislature from focusing on such things as providing free universal health care and banning internal-combustion engines.


Country band says Facebook prevented promotion of song, ‘I Stand for the Flag,’ because of ‘political content’

According to one Nashville-based country music group, Facebook has prevented it from using the social media’s paid tools to promote the group’s song, “I Stand for the Flag,” because of “political content.”

The Wes Cook Band released its music video for the song on Tuesday morning and planned to promote the song using Facebook’s paid promotions tools. Even though the advertisement was originally approved, it was later rejected.

The band’s frontman, Wes Cook, says that the reason for the rejection was “political content,” but argues that the group’s song is about patriotism and not dividing the nation. Lyrics to the song include “you ain’t gotta pick a side; you can love your fellow man and still have pride.”

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Rachel Dolezal AKA Nkechi Diallo Arrested For Welfare Fraud

Former Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who was pretending to be black under the name Nkechi Diallo, was arrested on multiple charges relating to welfare fraud on Monday.

She pled guilty to state charges of first-degree theft by welfare fraud, making false verification and second-degree perjury last month.

Diallo, who legally changed her in 2016, is facing up to 15 years in prison.


Abolishing ICE becomes Dem litmus test

Abolishing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is fast becoming a litmus test for Democrats after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s shock victory in a Democratic primary.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) on Thursday became the first senator to call for the scrapping of ICE, arguing that it has become “a deportation force.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) followed suit on Friday, saying, “We should abolish ICE.”

And on Saturday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called for “replacing ICE” while tearing into the administration’s “ugly” immigration practices.


You know things are bad for the lefties when they start calling each other racists

Twenty-eight-year-old Sandernista socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who riled up the Democrats by ousting Rep. Joe Crowley the other day, seems to be a symptom of some sort of problem on the left. Or, as Roger Simon explained, the left is dead.

It follows another bad week for the left over the immigration issue and the left’s unhinged response to that, ahead of this week’s menu of screamings sure to come of the Supreme Court decisions and vacancy news this week.