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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Setting Women Back Light Years In Politics

Vox dubbed her “the most buzzed-about first-term member of the House of Representatives,” and The Atlantic credited her with an “unusually transparent approach to public relations.” She’s a former Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer and a self-styled democratic socialist. Despite all the fanfare, her recent “60 Minutes” interview with Anderson Cooper shined a bright spotlight on a painful fact: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will make it harder for young women in politics to be taken seriously in the future.


They really do want you to eat bugs and live in poverty

Scientists say a plant-forward diet could save millions of lives and avoid climate change

#Foodcanfixit: an international team of scientists has made a bold promise of health and sustainability … in a hashtag. A dramatic global change in diet and food production has the power to prevent roughly 11 million deaths each year and avoid climate change, the Eat-Lancet Commission says in a report published Wednesday in the medical journal The Lancet.

The commission developed the new “planetary health diet” with the goal of feeding 10 billion people, healthfully and without damaging the planet, by 2050. In order to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris agreement, the authors say, the world must drastically change the way it eats. For North Americans, this means eating 84 per cent less red meat and six times more legumes (e.g. beans and lentils), according to The Guardian. Worldwide, the guidelines require sugar consumption to be slashed by half.

No thanks.

Update: Meet the Billionaire Eco-Hypocrite who funded the study.

Glamorous billionaire who funded study telling people they must only eat a quarter of a rasher of bacon a day to save the planet is slammed as hypocrite for jetting around the world in her £20m private PLANE

Gunhild Stordalen Eco Hypocrite


The “Green New Deal” Is a Fiscal Fantasy

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—AOC, as she’s often now called—claims that her so-called Green New Deal will help end global warming and cure several societal ills. The effort, she concedes, will be expensive, but the dangers we face from climate change and other social problems warrant national mobilization, on the level of the Second World War. Paying for the plan, she suggested, might involve a dramatic hike in the top marginal income-tax rate—up to 70 percent. That figure shocked some, but not Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who considers it “reasonable.” Details remain vague, but some context on the AOC plan, and on the sleight of hand that Krugman uses to support it, is revealing.


University funds dog walking for students to stop them becoming stressed ahead of exams

A university has funded dog walking for students in order to prevent stress during the exam season.

The University of East Anglia, in Norwich, received around £12,000 of funding to help improve student well-being through physical activity. Part of this money is going towards pet therapy.

Students will be able to go on walks with dogs to Cromer beach and Thetford Forest. The dogs will be lent to the university by academics and members of the public. The university is also in contact with a local dog day care to see if they can lend their animals to the cause.


John Robson: The left keeps losing because it’s lost a sense of loyalty

Why can’t the left win elections? This question was raised in Monday’s National Post in a Bloomberg News piece by Leonid Bershidsky. And I think the answer is that it has a loyalty problem.

There are other possible explanations, of course. Including denying the premise and saying it can win, from Justin Trudeau in 2015 to the U.S. Democrats in the 2018 House elections. But as Bershidsky notes, the left is on the ropes in Europe, where among other failures the French Socialist party got crushed by an empty suit named Emmanuel Macron who now seems to be losing to nobody at all, while Germany’s Social Democrats are fading even as their chief adversary, Angela Merkel, does the same.


Ocasio-Cortez attacks fact-checkers for ‘false equivalency,’ ‘bias’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at fact-checkers just days after taking office, accusing them of “false equivalency” and “bias” toward her in their columns examining her statements.

Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has been called out by fact-checkers at a steady clip since her upset primary win last year over then-Rep. Joe Crowley. She’s apparently had enough. On Monday, she took aim at PolitiFact and The Washington Post fact-check unit for supposedly singling her out.


The Progressive Movement’s Sordid Past

The American left has perfected the art of changing the meaning of words or phrases. For example, gun confiscation is reshaped to now mean “sensible gun safety measures.” White male now means privileged. Republican and racist are now interchangeable words. Voter ID laws for fair and clean elections means voter suppression to liberals. Moreover, political violence—torching buildings and bludgeoning innocent Americans on the street is now synonymous in their lexicon, as a peaceful protest.


Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez compares refugees to baby Jesus

Even a holiday greeting from newly-elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sparked controversy when she compared refugees to the baby Jesus.

“Joy to the World! Merry Christmas everyone – here’s to a holiday filled with happiness, family, and love for all people. 🌎(Including refugee babies in mangers + their parents.),” the self-described Democratic Socialist wrote in a Christmas Day tweet referencing the myth of Jesus’s birth in a manger.


Eight-year-old pupils to be told ‘boys can have periods too’ under new sex education lessons guidelines

Sex education lessons in which pupils as young as eight will be told ‘all genders’ have periods were yesterday condemned as unnecessarily confusing for young children.

The classes follow guidelines that were issued to teachers to help them avoid offending girls who identify as boys.

But critics described the guidelines as inappropriate and another example of political correctness gone mad.


Lawrence Solomon: A guide for left-wingers to watching Fox News

Ever wonder why Donald Trump hasn’t been impeached yet, given the mountains of evidence against him and all those convictions of his cronies? Maybe you were even surprised that he was elected president. And that the stock market immediately soared. And that manufacturing has come back to the United States. And that U.S. economic growth is again at levels many thought were a thing of the past.


Don’t Underestimate Dumb Voters’ Appetite For Idiot Leftist Politicians

You should not for a moment fail to appreciate the risk posed to your freedom by left-wing It-Fascists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Beto O’Rourke. There’s an undeniable appeal of this kind of Potemkin Politician for the kind of morons that the Democrats count on at the ballot box. Sure, the Nitwit Naïf is ridiculously ignorant and dumb – she knows nothing and demonstrates no capacity to learn anything. Sure, Tex Kennedy is a meat puppet dancing on the strings held by his masters. But this is the same country where the voters elected Barack Obama, twice.