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Racist incidents are down since Trump’s election. Yes, really

The election of Donald Trump has, of course, unleashed the latent racist which lurks within millions of Americans. We know this because enlightened opinion keeps telling us so. The New Yorker, for example, ran a piece in November 2016 declaring ‘Hate on rise since Trump’s election’, and quoting a list of incidents collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center – including the experience of a girl in Colorado who was allegedly told by a white man: ‘Now that Trump is president I am going to shoot you and all the blacks I can find’. TIME magazine, too, ran a story in the same month announcing ‘Racist incidents are up since Donald Trump’s election’. In March 2017 the Nation asserted ‘Donald Trump’s rise has coincided with an explosion in hate groups’, claiming that 100 racist organizations had been founded since Trump began his presidential campaign.


Black Brooklynites Attack Hasidic Jews, de Blasio Blames Trump And ‘White Supremacy’

In a recent spate of hate crime attacks on Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, virtually all the perpetrators have been African-American, according to local activists, elected officials, and victims.

Yet at a recent news briefing reporting an 82 percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the city, when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked about the attacks, he connected the attacks to national trends, blaming “white supremacy” and “nativism.”


Diversity & Inclusion, at All Costs

My longtime friend and colleague Dr. Thomas Sowell has just published a revised and enlarged edition of “Discrimination and Disparities.”

It lays waste to myth after myth about the causes of human differences not only in the United States but around the globe. Throughout the book, Sowell shows that socioeconomic outcomes differ vastly among individuals, groups and nations in ways that cannot be easily explained by any one factor, whether it’s genetics, sex or race discrimination or a history of gross mistreatment that includes expulsion and genocide.


Judge Rules London Uber Drivers Can Sue Mayor For Racism Over Congestion Charges

The racial dispute lies in the mayor’s decision to impose a daily $15.13 congestion charge only on Uber drivers and minicabs, and not on the city’s traditional black cabs. Uber drivers alone are set to pay the charge, which is estimated to drop their yearly salary from £29,097 to £26,337, starting April 8.

However, the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB), which represents the private drivers, say that the decision amounts to racial discrimination. In the Thursday court filings, the union said that 88% of black cab drivers are white, while 94% of those driving Uber or minicabs are from minority backgrounds.


‘We are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy’: Hillary issues grave warning at Selma civil rights event as Jesse Jackson says Trump would probably have been ‘with the storm troopers’ on ‘Bloody Sunday’

Yep that’s racism right there

The air remained chilly between 2016 Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders when the two were in Selma, Ala., on Sunday for a breakfast marking the 54th year since the march across the Edmund Pettus bridge.

Clinton and Sanders joined fellow Democrats Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown in addressing the Martin and Coretta King Unity Breakfast, where Clinton warned of a ‘full-fledged crisis in our democracy.’

Also present was civil rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson, who told Yahoo! News earlier in the day that he believes President Donald Trump would probably have been on the side of the ‘storm troopers’ who beat protesters in what has become known as ‘Bloody Sunday.’


Brazile: We Need ‘Some Reconciliation’ for African-Americans in U.S.; Follow South Africa Model

Former Democratic National Committee Interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile suggested that the U.S. follow South Africa’s example on reparations.

Under President Thabo Mbeki in 2003, the South African government announced it would “pay reparations totaling $85 million to more than 19,000 victims of apartheid crimes who testified about their suffering before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” according to the New York Times.