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Brazile: We Need ‘Some Reconciliation’ for African-Americans in U.S.; Follow South Africa Model

Former Democratic National Committee Interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile suggested that the U.S. follow South Africa’s example on reparations.

Under President Thabo Mbeki in 2003, the South African government announced it would “pay reparations totaling $85 million to more than 19,000 victims of apartheid crimes who testified about their suffering before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” according to the New York Times.


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau thinks Canadians are anti-immigrant

It’s clearly going to be a Liberal theme throughout the election campaign leading up to the vote on Oct. 21 — a deliberate political strategy linking criticism of Liberal immigration and refugee policies to allegations the underlying motives are xenophobia and racism.

Reliable sources have informed me- almost daily, in fact- that Canadians are indeed racist bastards.


D.C. City Council overrides mayor’s veto, will allow fare theft because so many perps are black

The bill was originally introduced by Trayon White, who claimed the current laws meant citations were disproportionately “issued to black people.” White sparked an outcry last year when he accused Jews of controlling the weather and for leaving in the middle of a scheduled tour of Washington’s Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Watch: Radical University Professor Defends Using Anti-White Remarks

In a video provided to the college campus watchdog group ACT For America, a man identified as University of Georgia Professor Irami Osei-Frimpong is confronted by a student over racist comments the professor made on social media. Rather than deny he made the comments or apologize for the behavior, Osei-Frimpong defended his use of stereotypes to negatively describe white people.


Racist school bullying has risen in areas that voted for Trump in presidential election, study finds

The study, which focused on voting patterns and bullying incidents in the state of Virginia, found that 18 per cent more seventh and eighth grade students experienced some form of bullying in districts where support was given to Mr Trump rather than Hillary Clinton.


‘It came off wrong’: New York weatherman fired after using racial slur while naming Martin Luther King Jr.

Jeremy Kappell, a News10NBC meteorologist, used a derogatory term for black people as he was describing a picture of the park during a Friday broadcast about the weather, inserting the slur between “Luther” and “King.” A clip of the segment began circulating over the weekend, drawing furious reactions and calls for reprimand.


London’s Khan Demands Gang Database Overhauled as 4 in 5 Named Are Black

Alleging potential racial discrimination, the review, published Friday, said, “We must acknowledge the possibility of conscious or unconscious bias against young black males in London – whether the term ‘gang’ is now heavily racially loaded and that this perception that a gang is often comprised of young black males, and ergo that young black males are often in a gang, either directly or unconsciously influences the enforcement focus of the police and subsequent actions of the justice service.”