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After “Pretty Boy” Trudeau Takes Cheap Shot At Trump, Canada Suffers Consequences

The Prime Minister of Canada has been celebrated as a new “Obama.” The super-liberal politician has been worshiped by the media, both in Canada and the United States. He’s even tried to upstage President Donald Trump, criticizing him over his policies. But now his country is feeling the sting of his mouth, as a new crisis is growing.


Canada struggling with illegal border ‘crisis’ of its own ahead of crucial elections

As migrants continue to spill over the porous southern border, many politicians are calling the situation a “crisis” and are urging the government to do more.  Some have even proposed putting up a fence along one of the longest borders in the world.

The border in question, however, is not America’s border with Mexico, but Canada’s with the United States. Some estimate that as many as 400 a day are crossing the 5,525 mile border between Canada and the U.S. through non-official ports of entry and with provincial elections looming, the issue is causing political ramifications.


Cautious conservatism in Canada won’t outshine Trudeau

Andrew Scheer, the head of Canada’s Conservative Party, is a nice man, a bright man, and by any objective standard, a man capable of running the country.

However, Scheer has 14 months to make the case that he would not merely make a decent prime minister, but a better one than Justin Trudeau. Only by doing so can he convince voters to make the relatively unprecedented move of unseating an incumbent Canadian majority government after a single term.


CLIMATE CLOWNS: Under Trudeau Government, A Record Amount Of Raw Sewage Is Flowing Into Canada’s Waterways

Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna want everyone focused on the demonization of Canada’s energy industry. They want to justify their anti-Canadian carbon tax (which they don’t apply to Saudi oil or other foreign oil imports), and they want to stop people from questioning why they’re destroying the Canadian coal industry.


FUREY: Canadian history isn’t a competition – we can study it all

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s largest report runs 527 pages. That’s both long and short, depending on how you look at it.

Long in that those of us who spend our days poring over government reports and documents and public policy papers are used to finding that extra half an hour in the day to read through the latest 20-page release from Finance Canada or, say, the Fraser Institute, but not hundreds of pages.