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Somalian kidnapper of Canadian reporter Amanda Lindhout given 15 years in prison

OTTAWA — A Somalian man found guilty in the kidnapping of Amanda Lindhout has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Smith handed down the sentence for Ali Omar Ader today.

Smith ruled in December that Ader, a 40-year-old Somalian national, was a “willing participant” in the 2008 hostage-taking of Lindhout, who was working as a freelance journalist near Mogadishu at the time.


US Success Could Be Reason Bureaucrats Rejected ‘Bonanza’ Star Lorne Greene As Canadian Of ‘Historic Significance’

A panel of bureaucrats who decide whether Canadian personalities are significant enough to be remembered with an official plaque from the Canadian government has rejected actor Lorne Green — again — for that honor.

Greene, who starred as iconic Ben Cartwright in the TV series “Bonanza” from 1959-73, was also in dozens of feature films, did Shakespeare on the Canadian stage and was called “The Voice of Doom” as a CBC Radio Second World War news anchor because of his deep baritone.

That sounds like the actions of a certain sort of “Canadian”.


Canada in for fight of its life in NAFTA talks

“I’ve argued that if we want to have a trade agreement, our overarching strategic objective must be not to protect the dairy farmers, not to protect the telecom, not to protect banks, not to protect airlines,” Lee said. “Our strategic objective should be to obtain clear complete access to the totality of the U.S. $20-trillion economy without any tariffs whatsoever and with a dispute mechanism.

“And if we have to put those protected industries on the table as bargaining chips, so be it,” he said.


Why Canadians will never give up American products

When I moved to New York a decade ago, my family and friends in Canada turned me into their cross-border mule.

It was never drugs, alcohol or cigarettes that I was asked to smuggle across the border to avoid paying a hefty tariff or Canada Customs duty.

It was refrigerator screws, a barbecue cover, and camera and bicycle parts — items that Amazon and other online retailers in the US just don’t bother shipping north of the border because of the myriad and dizzying array of tariffs and taxes that Canada charges its citizens on goods they buy in the U.S.


“Immigrant advocacy group” marches in support of benefit shopping illegal alien invaders sucking on the public teat

Immigrant advocacy group marches in support of undocumented migrants

Demonstrators marched in the streets of Montreal on Saturday to make an appeal for the rights of migrant groups.

“We need in Canada a comprehensive regularization program for all migrants,” Claire Abraham spokesperson for Solidarity Across Borders told Global News.

…“Many of the migrants who cross the border from the United States get sent back to the United States, which puts them in a position of extreme insecurity,” Abraham said.

No it doesn’t and no they are not “immigrants”, they’re criminals.