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Ontario’s power-price crisis — how it happened and who got hurt

Ontario’s power troubles began after the provincial government began phasing-out coal power generation in 2005. But electricity prices really took off in 2009 when the government launched its Green Energy Act, which features a program to provide long-term guaranteed contracts to generators with renewable sources (wind, solar, etc.) at a fixed, above-market price.


Black parents ask Ottawa public schools to collect race data

A group of parents from Ottawa’s black community are calling on the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board to collect race-based data so they can fight discrimination in the education system.

Richard Sharpe said his 16-year-old son has faced undue discrimination at school.

“We found that he was being racially profiled. We found that he was being disproportionately penalized for small things,” Sharpe said.


Justin’s returning Jihadis pose potential chemical weapons risk to Canada: internal government documents

ISIS members who return to Canada from Syria and Iraq could have knowledge of chemical weapons and put it to use in a terrorist attack, according to internal government documents obtained by Global News.

The documents said the so-called Islamic State had repeatedly used chlorine and mustard gas in Syria and Iraq, raising the prospect of their use in Canada by returning foreign fighters.


York Regional Police addressed by Imam who says marrying 9 year old girls is just swell

That’s Moulana Sayyid Muhhamad Rizvi of the Jaffari centre addressing an assembly of York Region’s finest.

Rizvi is a devout Shia Muslim who believes marrying 9 year old girls is a swell idea and whose school utilized a text comparing Jews to Nazis.

You can get a good run down of Rizvi’s devout Muslim faith from my prior work exposing this vibrant addition to our mosaic of diversity , here and also here and here too.

No matter how despicable, the useful idiots continue to push the lie that Islam is compatible with civilization.


Canada’s Climate Change Policies Are Affecting Its Economy When it Comes to Resource Development

Canada is a vast and rich country that has among its bounties the third largest known oil reserves in the world. The exploitation of these resources should be paying for our socialist leaning Liberal and Nation Democratic Party agendas with money left over much like Norway. Instead our governments are running massive deficits and spending money we do not have to try and maintain the façade that we can give away free social programs without worry. At the same time these governments are virtual signaling that Canadians are to blame for the Climate changing and we must have a price for carbon to pay for our sins.


Kevin Libin: Alberta’s now copying Ontario’s disastrous electricity policies. What could go wrong?

Not every province gets the chance to live through the kind of white-knuckle excitement in its electricity sector that Ontario has enjoyed over the last decade: soaring power bills, fleeing industries and endless boondoggles in provincial contracts for solar and wind energy. The dramatic climax arrived last week as David Livingston, the one-time chief of staff to Dalton McGuinty, the premier who imposed on Ontario the entire electricity fiasco, was sentenced to prison over a scheme to destroy evidence of the Liberal government’s political mischief in the power market.


FUREY: Iqra Khalid story goes from bad to worse

“A week after the gassing of Syrian children, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid brought greetings to one of Assad’s worst apologists on behalf of Justin Trudeau. Canada needs an answer why this happened,” Conservative Senator Linda Frum posted to social media, leading a charge that was later echoed by MPs in Question Period.

I wish there would be serious consequences resulting from this latest display of Islamist triumphalism but based on my dealings over the years with Canada’s Muslims and their useful idiot apologists I doubt Khalid or Trudeau will suffer anything more than a fleeting sense of discomfort.

Back in the Olden Days I covered Palestine House extensively through to their de-funding by the federal government and beyond. 

Sadly nothing has changed, in fact it grows worse every year as the Islamists continue their long march and infiltrate our political parties and institutions.  

And now we’ve reached the point where our Prime Minister and his handlers call us racists and Islamophobes for pointing out that Islam is a violent supremacist cult incompatible with our nation’s values.

But what else can we expect from a useful idiot who consorts with Mohammedan 5th Columnists?


Police reveal disturbing details surrounding the death of Nadia El-Dib

Officials with the Calgary Police Service have released details regarding the investigation into the March 25 death of a Calgary woman in a northeast neighbourhood and confirm the search for her killer ended with  Adam Bettahar’s death west of Edmonton.

“Based on all the evidence we have, we are totally confident that Mr. Bettahar is responsible for Nadia’s murder,” said Staff Sergeant Colin Chisholm of the CPS homicide unit.

According to police, 22-year-old Nadia El-Dib left a downtown shisha bar with Abderrahmane ‘Adam’ Bettahar in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 25. El-Dib contacted a friend roughly an hour later stating the Bettahar was refusing to return her to her vehicle parked near the shisha bar.

CPS officials say Bettahar parked the vehicle he and El-Dib were driving in behind a home in the 1000 block of Maitland Drive N.E., in the community of Marlborough Park, and he proceed to stab her approximately 40 times before slitting her throat.

The injured woman exited the vehicle but Bettahar shot her and stopped her attempted escape. El-Dib collapsed in the backyard of a nearby home.


The Ottawa Police and Islamist Outreach

The photo below was tweeted out by Constable Sue Wright of the Ottawa Police Service with the attached comment that said “@AmiraElghawaby speaking about local efforts to encourage reporting hate crimes.” Constable Wright self-identifies as being part of the Ottawa Police Service Outreach and Recruitment section.

This photo raises so many questions, while also calling into question the competency of the Chief of the Ottawa Police Force and the Mayor of Ottawa.