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Trudeau government doing another stupid useless thing

Canada hoping U.S. gets on board as it moves to update gender info on NEXUS cards

Canada’s border agency is about to shake up the way it tracks sex and gender information — which could lead to some awkward conversations with Washington.

For the past two years, the federal government has been looking into how to introduce a third gender identifier across federal departments — something beyond checking off “male” or “female” on a form.

Because all our other problems are solved.


Canadians would like to limit politicians time in office

In the U.S, the length of time a president can serve is limited to two four-year terms only. This limit came into effect with the 22nd Amendment following the Second World War.

Many countries have other limits on leaders terms in power, many have no limits and have had the same person in power for decades.

Canada has no limits on the length of time a politician can serve.


He told the judge he still had Jihad in his heart and Jihad in his blood.

“My hands are tied,” judge sentences convicted terrorist Amor Ftouhi to life in prison for Bishop stabbing

PORT HURON, Mich. (WXYZ) — Fifty-one-year old Amor Ftouhi will spend the rest of his life in prison. Federal Judge Matthew Leitman imposed the sentence in Flint after hearing Ftouhi say he regrets he didn’t kill the cop, regrets he didn’t kill people, and regrets he couldn’t get a machine gun.

Ftouhi was convicted in the June 2017 attack at Flint’s Bishop Airport. Police Lt. Jeff Neville was approached from behind and his throat slit with a knife.


Government seeks life term for “Canadian” Muslim terrorist in US airport attack

Amor Ftouhi Muslim Terrorist

FLINT, Mich. – U.S. prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for a Canadian man who was convicted of terrorism for nearly killing a Michigan airport police officer.

Amor Ftouhi (ah-MOOR’ fuh-TOO’-ee) is returning to federal court on Thursday. He drove 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers) from Montreal in 2017 and arrived at the airport in Flint, Michigan, where he yelled “God is great” in Arabic and repeatedly stabbed Lt. Jeff Neville.


Refugee claimant, in Canada since 2015, complicit in ISIS crimes against humanity, tribunal says

A mechanic who came to Canada in 2015 has been found complicit in crimes against humanity for repairing vehicles for the so-called Islamic State, Global News has learned.

Before arriving in Canada and claiming refugee status, the Lebanese national made several trips to Syria to work on ISIS military vehicles and also supervised other ISIS mechanics.

As such, he made a “knowing and significant contribution to ISIS,” the Refugee Appeal Division ruled, noting the terror group needed his high-level expertise in auto electrical systems.


Ontario wants to ban ‘hate-promoting’ rallies. Parents and pro-lifers are alarmed

Canada’s leading pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition is raising the alarm that a private member’s bill banning “hate-promoting demonstrations” at Ontario’s legislature will be used to squelch pro-family protests against sex-ed or the homosexual agenda in provincial schools.

Of course it will.


‘Leaders have a responsibility to tackle climate change,’ McKenna says day after Kenney victory

One day after Alberta voted in a premier who promised that his first act in office would be to repeal his province’s carbon pricing plan, Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna reminded Jason Kenney that fighting climate change is as much his responsibility as it is hers.


So Which Friend Of Justin Stands To Lose? Canada & EU Blast US Move to Permit Lawsuits Against Foreign Firms in Cuba

And Pol Pot was very concerned with vision care for people!

The European Union and Canada on Wednesday condemned the US over the decision to apply extraterritorial Cuba-related sanctions as they say such measure violates international law.

“The decision by the United States to renege on its long-standing commitment to waive Title III of the Helms-Burton (LIBERTAD) Act is regrettable, and will have an important impact on legitimate EU and Canadian economic operators in Cuba,” EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmstrom said in a joint statement on Wednesday.

“The EU and Canada consider the extraterritorial application of unilateral Cuba-related measures contrary to international law.”


Legal aid stops taking new immigration, refugee cases

Refugees will no longer be covered by legal aid for appeals and federal court reviews of negative and allegedly wrongful asylum and deportation decisions as of this week.

…“When refugee claimants do not have adequate legal representation, many face life-threatening consequences, including detention, torture, and possibly even death after deportation to the places from which they fled. The consequences of not having adequate legal representation for immigrants and refugees are irreversible.”

I hear Upper New York State is a hell hole worse than Rwanda!


Feds could tell you when to drive if carbon price law stands, court told

The federal government will end up with the power to regulate almost every facet of life — such as when you can drive or where you can live — if its law aimed at curbing harmful greenhouse gas emissions is allowed to stand, Ontario’s top court heard Monday.

Ottawa’s climate-change law is so broad, a lawyer for the province told the start of a four-day Appeal Court hearing, that it would give the federal government powers that would be destabilizing to Canada in the name of curbing the cumulative effects of global-warming emissions.

That’s a feature not a bug!