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Ilhan Omar Slammed U.S. Soldiers Involved in ‘Black Hawk Down’ Incident

The United States Army was the villain in the “Black Hawk Down” incident in Somalia, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., wrote in a 2017 Twitter post.

Omar, a Somali native elected to Congress last fall, was responding to a tweet that falsely described the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu as the worst terrorist attack in Somali history. The original tweet noted that 19 American soldiers were killed and 73 American soldiers were wounded.


The Sri Lanka Jihad Massacre and the Decline of the West

How many times is the charade of denial going to play out?

Well over two hundred people are dead, and hundreds more injured, in jihad massacres in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday morning, and now the usual denial and obfuscation are in full swing. I’m often asked, when I speak around the country, what it will take to wake people up to the nature and gravity of the jihad threat. For all too many people, the answer, as the Sri Lanka attacks abundantly show, is nothing.

The facts were clear enough, at least if one checked the Indian media. India’s reported that “two of the six attacks that rocked Sri Lanka this morning are reportedly to be have been carried out by suicide bombers,” that telltale sign that this was a jihad attack, with the bombers hoping to claim the Qur’an’s promise of Paradise for those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (9:111). “The attack at Shangri La hotel,” News18 continued, “was carried out by suicide bomber Zahran Hashim, while Abu Mohammad has been identified as the attacker at the Batticalao church.”

Good old CBC still pushing the “nothing to do with Islam line”


Sri Lanka attacks: Death toll soars to 290 after bombings hit churches and hotels

The death toll in Sri Lanka has soared to 290 after a wave of blasts hit churches and luxury hotels across the country on Sunday.

Police said 24 people had been arrested, but it is not yet known who carried out the attacks.

About 500 people are injured and at least 35 foreigners are among the dead.

The Easter Sunday bombings were the deadliest violence Sri Lanka has witnessed since the end of the country’s civil war in 2009.


Begum’s case is not about human rights, it’s about protecting us from jihad

FIVE years ago, a boy named Zane Gbangbola died during the Surrey floods.

Zane was only seven years old when he succumbed to what his parents suspect was cyanide gas caused by the floodwaters to leak from a former landfill site. Kye Gbangbola and Nicole Lawler’s request for legal aid to represent their case at Zane’s inquest was turned down by the Legal Aid Agency who said this did not constitute ‘the public interest’.

Yet civil servants at the Legal Aid Agency have seen fit to grant Shamima Begum legal aid – funded by the British taxpayer – to appeal against Sajid Javid’s decision to strip her of her citizenship. As Melanie Phillips correctly says, Begum has the right to apply for legal aid.

But why was she was given it when more deserving cases are not? Legal aid is means tested. How is it in ‘the public interest’ to risk letting this jihadist back into the UK?


How a German mining town became a recruiting ground for IS

A deep-seated mistrust is noticeable, even from inside the car, as we drive slowly through the streets of Dinslaken-Lohberg. Due to bad weather, only a few people are outside, following us with their glances.

“That’s normal in Lohberg,” social worker Önay Duranöz explains as he drives. “Everyone who passes through here is watched closely and with suspicion. Especially when they are strangers.” Social pedagogy student Omar Chengafe, in the back seat, nods in agreement.

The district of Lohberg lies in the north of the small city of Dinslaken in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). It’s a small world of its own — a rather reclusive community, whose around 6,000 inhabitants prefer to keep to themselves and be left alone.


Minnesota: City of St. Cloud Orders Cease-and-Desist on Mosque’s Look-alike Police Car

The city of St. Cloud this week issued a cease-and-desist order against the Islamic Center of St. Cloud because its security vehicle looks too similar to a police vehicle.

But the president of the center said Thursday they modeled the vehicle’s design after other area security vehicles at organizations such as CentraCare Health and Crossroads Center.


Gothenburg Isis fighter’s seven orphaned children one step closer to returning home

The seven children of dead Isis fighter Michael Skråmo have been given the green light to be taken from a Syrian refugee camp to Sweden’s consulate in Iraq, reports TV4.

Kurdish authorities in Iraq announced on Friday that the children of notorious Islamic State fighter and recruiter Michael Skråmo can be taken from the al-Hol refugee camp in Syria to Sweden’s consulate in the city of Erbil in Iraq.

The children, aged between one and eight years old, were left orphaned and alone in the caliphate after their father was killed in battle in the Syrian town of Baghouz in late March. Their mother was also killed in early 2019.


Greece: A “No-Go” Zone in Athens?

An assault on members of the Hellenic Coast Guard during a drug raid in Athens on April 4 highlights a growing problem in Greece. Some opponents of the far-left Syriza-led government attribute the increasing drug traffic in the country to a dangerous alliance between political anarchists and illegal immigrants. The anarchists might be considered the Greek equivalent of the “far left”.


Australia’s First Terrorist Has Served His Sentence, But Won’t Be Allowed Out

Faheem Lodhi hatched a chilling terror plot, to bomb the nation’s power grid and military bases — hoping to cause mass casualties — and has been locked up for the past 15 years.

In a little over 24 hours’ time he’s due to walk out of one of the nation’s toughest jails Goulburn Supermax but 10 News First can exclusively reveal the Federal Attorney-General has stepped in, to ensure Lodhi remains behind bars.

Lodhi planned to unleash terror on a mass scale. Armed with a so called “jihadi cd” filled with violent propaganda and a terrorist how to guide on explosives a judge found his plot was ready to.


Islamist Politician Responds to FrontPage Article Alleging Terror Ties

City Commission candidate Khurrum Wahid reacts with lies, deceit and false charges of racism.

Khurrum Wahid is running for Coral Springs, Florida City Commission, in a special election that is to take place June 18th. Last month, this author wrote an article that was published in FrontPage Magazine, titled, ‘Terror-Connected Lawyer Running for City Commission in Florida,’ which discusses in detail Wahid’s many ties to Islamic extremism. This past weekend, Wahid responded to my claims – claims that are backed up by proof – with lies, deceit and false and defamatory charges of racism.


Spain: Does the Term ‘Islamist’ Constitute Hate Speech?

“The left defends any gratuitous offense, even the most beastly ones, against Christians as ‘freedom of expression.’ At the same time, the mere fact of criticizing Islam is branded as ‘Islamophobia.’ …. Is this still Spain or are we in Iran?” — Elantir, blogger, Contando Estrelas.


HASSAN: Ilhan Omar seems destined to get herself into more trouble

Ilhan Omar is in trouble again. In February one of her tweets ignited accusations of anti-Semitism for implying well-funded Jewish lobbying was behind support for Israel. This time the Somali-born Democratic Congresswoman, speaking at a meeting of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), appeared to downplay the horror of 9/11 by saying euphemistically, “Some people did something.”


Lib Dem candidate suspended over sensible comments about Muslims

A Liberal Democrat candidate has been suspended from the party over comments such as: ‘There is no such thing as Islamophobia.’

Dániel Tóth-Nagy, 32, was due to stand for election in Manchester but is now facing an investigation.

In one of the comments, he responded to a Twitter post by MP Naz Shah about Islamophobia asking: ‘What about FGM? Honor Killings? Forced marriage? What do you think about the protest of women in Iran, Saudi-Arabia and other Islamic countries against the compulsory hijab?

Oh the horror!