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Get used to it, she says

British troops have been deployed in Britain to protect the elites from attacks by the very Muslims they let in. It’s Nail Bomb Roulette for everyone else.

Hours after the Manchester Massacre, the BBC’s Katty Kay told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that “Europe is getting used to attacks like this.”

Like what? Like 22 dead, 59 wounded when at the Ariana Grande concert a terrorist set off a homemade bomb.

He’s been identified as Salman Abedi – a name so typically British, and he is indeed a Brit but whose parents brought him over from Libya.

Ms. Kay, who anchors the USA bureau for the BBC, continued – “They have to [get used to it] because we are never going to be able to wipe this out.”

To American and Israeli ears, that’s Europe Talk and sounds like surrender…and what makes you say WE, Kemosabe?


Four Muslims charged following Counter Terrorism investigation

The four were arrested last Wednesday at addresses in the boroughs of Newham and Barking.

Umar Ahmed Haque, 24, arrested at his home in Newham, is accused of an offence under the 2006 Terrorism Act with the intent to commit acts of terrorism engaged in conduct in preparation for that intention between March 25 and May 18.

He is also charged with four offences under the 2000 Terrorism Act of possessing a record of information that was likely to be useful in committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

Muhammad Abid, 27, also from Newham, was charged under the 2000 Terrorism Act where he had information on or before March 25 which he knew or believed might be of material assistance in securing the arrest, prosecution or conviction of Umar Haque, for an offence involving committing, preparing or instigating an act of terrorism, but did not disclose the information to police “as soon as reasonable practicable”.

The third person charged is 18-year-old Abuthaher Mamun, from Barking, under the 2006 Terrorism Act, that between March 25 and May 18 intended to assist another to commit acts of terrorism by engaging in preparing and giving effect to that intention.

The fourth person, Nadeem Ilyas Patel, 25, also from Newham, is charged under the 1977 Criminal Law Act with conspiring with Umar Haque on March 30 to possess any firearm or imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

All four have been remanded in custody to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today.


The strange death of liberal Europe

Douglas Murray offers a powerful critique of immigration, identity politics and Islam.

In The Strange Death of Europe, Douglas Murray argues, as the title suggests, that Europe is in its death throes. He reaches this conclusion by weaving together two arguments. First, there are too many migrants, especially of the wrong sort, entering Europe. Secondly, they are coming at a time when Europe ‘has lost sight of what it is’. Hence, he argues, ‘the movement of millions of people into a guilty, jaded and dying culture’ cannot work.


Laughing Afghan refugees are guilty of gang-raping girl, 16

Rafiullah Hamidy Muslim rapist

A group of men who gang-raped a lost 16-year-old girl above a takeaway have been found guilty.

The girl had asked for directions when she was taken to the room and subjected to a ‘frightening ordeal’ by the four men.

She was on her way home from a night out in Ramsgate, Kent, when the men picked her up.


France: Macron, President of the Elites and Islamists

Emmanuel Macron — whose victory in the French presidential election on May 7, 2017 was declared decisive — was presented as a centrist, a newcomer in politics with strong ties to the business world, and a man who could bring a new impetus to a stagnant country.

The reality, however, is quite different.

His victory was actually not “decisive”. Although he received a high percentage of the votes cast (66%), the number of voters who cast a blank ballot or decided to abstain was the highest ever in a French presidential election.

Although his opponent, Marine Le Pen, tried to dissociate herself from the anti-Semitism of her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, she was treated as a walking horror by almost all politicians and journalists during the entire campaign. That she nevertheless drew 34% of the votes was a sign of the depth of the anger and frustration that has been engulfing the French people. More than half of those who chose Macron were apparently voting against Marine Le Pen, rather than for Macron.


Middle Eastern Muslims stupefied by Western response to terrorism

“In Pakistan, I had a conversation with a Government Minister. He said the Pakistani army had captured and arrested a Dutch jihadi who was travelling to Al-Qaeda and could potentially execute a terror attack in the Netherlands. The minister said he expected a “thank you” from the Netherlands, for capturing a Dutch extremist. But the contrary happened. “The Dutch embassy scolded Pakistan for mistreating a Dutch citizen.” The Dutch wanted him back immediately because he didn’t get enough sleep and he was beaten. Eventually, the Pakistanis released the extremist and put him on a plane to the Netherlands. “you guys then deal with it yourselves”, the Minister said flabbergasted.”

h/t TROP


First He Became an American—Then He Joined ISIS

Abdullah ramo pazara had a craving for packets of instant hot cocoa. The Bosnian-American former truck driver was, at the time, a commander of an Islamic State tank battalion in Syria. Apparently, even foreign fighters who reject their former lives in Western countries for a chance at martyrdom for ISIS sometimes long for the creature comforts of their previous homes.


How the Manchester bomber was ‘injured on the front line in Libya while fighting with jihadis in his gap year’

Salman Abedi – Mass Murderer is Islam’s latest hero

Bomber Salman Abedi may have learnt to kill during the school summer holidays when his father took him to the 2011 Libyan uprising.

He returned to the front line in 2014 when he was hospitalised fighting alongside jihadis in Libya during his gap year, it was claimed last night.

He was injured on the front line in Ajdabiya, eastern Libya, and taken to Turkey for treatment using a false passport, a source told the Mail.


We must never accept terror as the new normal

Oh yea, this’ll work, Manchester, in fact the entire UK will never be attacked by Muslims again.

Months before the Manchester attack, London mayor Sadiq Khan had called the threat of terrorism “part and parcel” of living in a big city.

Many are appalled that the mayor is insensitive enough to make such a statement.

However, the context confirmed that he merely suggested that big cities must be prepared for any attacks that terrorists may be plotting.

While critics may have ignored his intended meaning, his statement is still problematic in that it shows a degree of resignation about terror as a new normal.


Denial still flows over Londonistan

In the wake of the jihadi human bomb attack in Manchester, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said: “We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that sees a room packed with young children not as a scene to cherish but an opportunity for carnage.”

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel said: “ It is unbelievable that somebody has used a joyful pop concert to kill or seriously injure so many people.”

A headline in the Washington Post read: “In suburban Manchester, a search for what might have motivated the attacker”.

“Struggle to comprehend”? “Unbelievable”? “What might have motivated the attacker”? Really??


STFU: Muslim leaders in Manchester report rise in Islamophobic incidents.. Oh My!

Muslim leaders in Manchester have expressed concern about a number of Islamophobic incidents in the city, from verbal abuse to criminal damage to mosques.

Senior members of the Muslim community say that they have received reports of abusive behaviour since the attack on Manchester Arena earlier this week.

Any of that abusive behavior involve children being shredded by nail bombs?


‘Why are you wearing it like this?’ Islamic preacher slams Muslim women who don’t cover their ears or necks with hijabs saying they are ‘sinful’

Nassim Abdi – Primitive Muslim

A hardline Muslim preacher from Sydney’s west has told hijab-wearing Muslim women it’s sinful for them to reveal their ears or their neck in public.

Nassim Abdi, a fundamentalist Sunni, has castigated Muslim women for trying to copy the fashion styles of other Muslim women.

‘The sister, why are you wearing it like this? Because other women are wearing it like this?,’ he asked this week.

‘You show only your face and your hands. Not your neck and your ears.’