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German court convicts two Syrian “refugee” fighters on terror charges

A Munich court on Tuesday convicted two former Syrian rebel fighters who came to Germany as refugees.

Kamel T., 25, was sentenced to four years in prison, while his friend Azad R., 23, was given two years’ parole due to his age at the time of the crime.

The two were accused of being members of a foreign terrorist organization in Syria, where they fought alongside the Salafist Ahrar al-Sham militant group. They also violated the German laws on the use of weapon in foreign war zones.


Islam a ‘political doctrine,’ not just a religion – co-chair of Germany’s AfD party

Islam is not only a religion, but also a “political doctrine” seeking to penetrate all areas of society, said Alexander Gauland, the co-chair of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, adding that it is “incompatible” with democracy.

“The growing Islamization of Germany poses an urgent challenge for its public and state order; cultural identity and internal peace,” Gauland said during the press conference held less than a week before the German parliamentary elections scheduled for September 24.


Muslim ‘Mole’ in German intelligence agency sentenced by Dusseldorf court

A Dusseldorf court sentenced a former employee of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, BfV, to one year of probation on Tuesday for attempting to share secret information with Salafists.

The court said the defendant, Roque M., had expressed at different times militaristic, extreme-right and Salafist remarks over social media out of boredom and had welcomed the terrorist attacks carried out by the “Islamic State” (IS) in Paris in November 2016.

“There is no one who regrets all of this more than me,” the man said.

One year probation? I bet he sues and gets his job back.


AfD Party & PEGIDA Rally before German vote

DRESDEN, Germany (Reuters) – In the shadows of a Dresden church, hundreds of Alternative for Germany party members rallied with anti-Islam activists, counting down the days to a vote set to make the AfD the first far-right group in parliament in more than half a century.

Supporters of both movements stood side by side waving Germany’s black, red and gold flag – a public demonstration of the fellow feeling between AfD and hardline PEGIDA, though they are officially separate groups.

Outside the city’s towering Frauenkirche – destroyed by Allied bombing in World War Two, then rebuilt after reunification – supporters stood by a huge blue banner that urged people to vote for the AfD on Sept. 24.

One supporter held an AfD poster bearing the slogan: “Get your country back”.


M103: ‘I have never seen such fomented anger’ says Muslim 5th Columnist

Members of Parliament of different political stripes have been getting an earful about a controversial anti-Islamophobia motion passed last spring.

On Monday, the House of Commons heritage committee began a study of racism and religious discrimination required by M-103, a motion whose sponsor, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, received death threats and hate mail after she tabled it in December 2016.

She’s not the only MP who’s been hearing about it. A number of those present remarked that they’ve been contacted repeatedly about the issue.

This is the Liberal Party, Quislings all.


After 5 months in jail, Muslim “doctor” in genital cutting case released on $4.5M bond


The lead defendant in a genital mutilation investigation is about to taste freedom again thanks to generous friends: They offered more than $4.5 million in property to secure Dr. Jumana Nagarwala’s bond and her release from federal lockup after five months.

That’s the largest unsecured bond in the history of Detroit’s federal court.

The size of the bond, along with other factors, convinced U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman today to grant bond to Nagarwala, whom the government believes subjected as many as 100 minor girls belonging to a small Muslim sect to genital cutting procedures. Friedman concluded that Nagarwala isn’t a flight risk given all that her friends and family have to lose should she flee.


3rd Muslim arrested in connection with Parsons Green bomb attack

A 25-year-old man has been arrested in Newport, Wales, in connection with the Parsons Green terror attack, Scotland Yard have said.

Police are searching a property in Newport following the arrest on Tuesday evening.

Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Met Counter Terrorism Command, said: “This continues to be a fast-moving investigation. A significant amount of activity has taken place since the attack on Friday.

“We now have three men in custody and searches are continuing at four addresses. Detectives are carrying out extensive inquiries to determine the full facts behind the attack.


Parsons Green terror suspect ‘wouldn’t hurt an ant’, relatives say

Relatives of the Syrian refugee arrested as part of the investigation into the Parsons Green bombing have insisted the suspect “wouldn’t hurt an ant” and “loves” the UK.

Yahyah Farroukh, 21, became the second person to be arrested in connection with Friday’s attack on a rush hour Tube train which injured 30 people.

Like the 18-year-old Iraqi man arrested in Dover, Mr Farroukh had also lived at the Surrey home of a respected elderly couple who specialised in the foster care of refugees.


Scandinavia: Shift in Immigration Debate

Not long ago, Norwegian journalists were virtually united in representing Sweden, with its exceedingly liberal immigration policy and its strict limits on public discussion of the subject, as a model of enlightened thinking that deserved to be emulated. Meanwhile Denmark, with its far freer atmosphere of debate (remember the Danish cartoons) and more sensible border controls, was almost universally depicted in Norway as a deplorable hotbed of Islamophobia. That appears to be changing. As Hans Rustad of the alternative Norwegian news website noted recently, the term “Swedish conditions,” which some of us have been using for years to refer to the colossal scale of Sweden’s Muslim-related problems, is actually turning up these days in the mainstream Norwegian media — although the relationship of those conditions to Islam is still routinely underplayed, if not entirely avoided.


Britain is No.1 in Europe… for online jihadist propaganda, report finds

Gee, I wonder what happened that the UK should rank so high?

Online jihadist propaganda gets more views in the UK than in any other European country, according to a new report.

Britain is ranked fifth in the world scale of audiences accessing online extremist material, trailing behind Turkey, the US, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, the Policy Exchange study found.


A kinder, gentler M-103? Let’s just wait and see

The controversial M-103 committee hearings finally got underway Monday, the whole affair being more of a whimper than the bang observers expected.

It was a tone-setting meeting, with the first witness to offer testimony being Liberal MP Iqra Khalid.

In some sense, it was fitting, as she was the MP who presented the motion calling on the heritage committee to look into “systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia.”


Eiffel Tower loses its Liberté: Work begins on anti-Muslim terrorist bullet-proof glass wall that will surround iconic monument

The cost of Islam.

Work is starting today to build bullet-proof glass walls around the Eiffel Tower as part of increased security measures at the world’s most visited monument.

The changes come after a string of jihadist attacks in the French capital over the past two years in which more than 200 people have died.

A bulletproof glass wall will be installed around the monument’s gardens under the 30million-euro, nine-month works, said the city’s tourism chief, Jean-Francois Martins.


Mass-Migration: The Tiniest Dose of Reality Hits

“…Politicians such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Canada have used the opportunity of Europe’s migration catastrophe to grandstand and present themselves as offering a different way. In the wake of Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric on building a wall along the US-Mexican border, Trudeau in particular has presented himself as the yin to Donald Trump’s yang. In January, when President Trump was sworn into office, Trudeau sent out a Tweet reading, “To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength.” To which he added the hashtag, #WelcomeToCanada. In March of this year, in another clear response to the US President, Trudeau tweeted, “Regardless of who you are or where you come from, there’s always a place for you in Canada” — a tall order, given the existence of 7.5 billion people on this earth, many of whom are not already Canadian.

The movement which the Canadian Prime Minister appears to be auditioning to lead is one which seeks (as protestors often put it) to “build bridges not walls”. It is an attractive slogan, although anyone who utters it cannot have been to London recently where (after attacks on Westminster and London Bridge within just a few weeks) the city’s bridges are covered in security walls and barricades. Which might suggest that the “walls and bridges issue” is not, after all, an either/or business, or even the central issue at all.

Yet, given this considerable grandstanding in the early part of the year, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh now at the situation in which Prime Minister Trudeau finds himself. In recent months, thousands of migrants, most of them from Haiti, have crossed the border — illegally — from the US into Canada. This influx — tiny by European standards — has already started to buckle the Canadian immigration system. Hundreds of migrants have had to be housed in emergency tent villages set up by the Canadian army and many have been temporarily housed at the old Olympic stadium in Montreal.”


Islamophonia: Muslim nabbed for terrorist manual loses false arrest case

Man arrested over ’44 ways to support jihad’ booklet loses West Midlands Police damages action

A man who was arrested after he asked for a booklet called “44 ways to support Jihad” to be printed has lost his High Court damages action against the police.

Gas engineer Muhammad Z Khan, who lived with his parents Ashraf and Bibi in Wellingborough at the time in January 2014, sued the chief constables of West Midlands and Northamptonshire Police.

Dismissing his case in London on Tuesday, Sir David Eady said that Khan had gone to a printing firm in the town in December 2013 and asked for 50 copies of the work by Anwar Al-Awlaki to be printed and bound.