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Feminist-Celebrated Imam’s Son Ran Terrorist Camp For School Shooters

A camp within the United States where children were being trained to shoot up schools in terrorist attacks should be in the news every day, until every connection is scrutinized.

Already missing from the news cycle is the story of Muslim leader Siraj Wahhaj, who alerted authorities to the squalid conditions in New Mexico in which his son, two daughters, another man and woman, and 11 children were living.


Mastercard Forces Patreon to Blacklist Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer

Mastercard has reportedly forced funding platform Patreon to kick conservative author and “Jihad Watch” owner Robert Spencer off its site.

A predictably hypocritical stance.

Remember the MohammedCard – MasterCard Canada Offers Halal Credit Card Supporting Jew Baiting 9/11 Truther

Followed by… The Ottawa Islamic Terrorists, The RS Foundation, & The Blood Libel MasterCard


Islamist 5th Columnist MP Iqra Khalid Must Rescind Certificate to Muslim Activist Linked to Hate Rally

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – A Member of Parliament with a checkered history has added to her list of controversies by presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to an activist who led a rally laden with hate-filled and antisemitic slogans, B’nai Brith Canada has learned.

Consequently, B’nai Brith is launching a petition demanding that Mississauga-Erin Mills MP Iqra Khalid rescind the certificate and apologize to Canadians for her insensitive and dangerous actions.

I’m loving it. Soon the LPC will be just like Corbyn’s Labour Party. That’s what you get for courting the Muslim vote.


The Gray Lady Once Again Sanitizes Radical Islam

For many years now, the New York Times has sanitized radical Islamic groups, militant Islamic leaders and even Islamic terrorist attacks. The paper has does this by deliberately omitting critical details that would discredit Islamist groups. For example, the Times routinely describes the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as either being a civil rights or a Muslim advocacy group. In reality, CAIR was started as a front for Hamas and continues to serve as one. But over the course of more than two decades, the Times has never reported on any of the many government documents and official transcripts that prove CAIR’s role as a front group for Hamas.


Toronto Shooting: Politically Correct Cover-Up?

On July 22, two youngsters — 18-year-old Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis — were killed, and another 13 people, ranging in age from 17 to 59, were wounded in a brutal shooting attack at a number of restaurants on Danforth Avenue, in Toronto’s popular Greektown neighborhood. The perpetrator, who was later identified as Faisal Hussain, killed himself after exchanging gunfire with police.

Hussain’s firing stance and ability to reload his 40-caliber Smith and Wesson handgun while on the move suggested that he had experience with firearms.


Group works to encourage Muslim families to become foster caregivers in GTA

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto didn’t provide exact figures on how many Muslim children are in foster care, but said there was a need for more caregivers of that faith.

“We understand that when we take kids from one culture and put them in homes that are of a different culture, that is not in their best interest,” said Mahesh Prajapat, Chief Operating Office of CAS Toronto.

So much for assimilation.


Why Is the Mainstream Media Ignoring the New Mexico Compound/Islam Story?

News broke this week that a deranged man, Siraj Wahhaj, was arrested for training a group of starving children at a filthy New Mexico compound how to carry out school shootings. Still, despite the newsworthy aspects of the story, including a Muslim ringleader, children, and the potential for deadly school shootings, mainstream news outlets have covered it only briefly, if at all.


It is the refusal to criticise certain groups that smacks of racism.

Who’s really racist – Boris or his critics?

Here’s the strange thing about the Boris/burqa controversy: the very people who constantly kick up a fuss about repressive male behaviour are now up in arms at Boris for talking about repressive male behaviour. The same tweeters and liberals and feminists who have spent the past year of #MeToo cheering the new public conversation about how awful men are now want to shut down a public conversation about the possibility that some Muslim men might be awful too and might be inflicting a repressive culture on women. The same people who think a bloke ever so slightly spreading his legs on the Tube on the way to work is committing the crime of ‘manspreading’ and is proof of the continued existence of the patriarchy refuse to accept that a man putting pressure on his wife to cover herself head to toe in a black cloak might just be a tad patriarchal.


Europe is dying—but don’t be alarmed

Many in the West remain complacent about Islam’s rising tide because they rely on the assurances of people who have been consistently wrong about Islam and immigration. Meanwhile, they are being denied access to the opinions of the people who have been reliably right—the so-called “alarmists.”


Why? U.S. should do more to prevent torture of suspected ISIS militants: rights group

Human Rights Watch says the U.S. should ensure that suspected Islamic State militants captured by its allies aren’t handed over to countries where they might be at risk of torture.

The group said in a press release that the U.S. transferred eight Lebanese men captured in Syria to Lebanese military intelligence, which has previously been accused of torturing suspects to the point of death.

Why aren’t they shot on sight?


Canada: Anti-Islamization Blogger Convicted of Defaming Sharia Supremacist, Fined $60K

The political prosecution under the sharia of Philippe Magnan, the anti-jihad blogger who operates the website Poste de veille, will be appealed. But make no mistake, this will have an absolutely chilling effect on all Canadian bloggers nee pamphleteers who fear similar persecution.