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Rahaf’s Saudi family will never, ever stop coming after her

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, a Saudi teenager, has just tried to save her own life—and in so doing, has risked death for shaming her family and her country.

Rahaf fled her family vacation in Kuwait, took a plane to Bangkok, barricaded herself in her hotel room at the airport and began posting about her plight on social media. She demanded political asylum.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. In this case, the ammunition is digital and governmental.


Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia: ‘I escaped to seek a better life’

It’s a dramatic story that has brought the restrictions faced by women in Saudi Arabia back into the spotlight.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, garnered global attention last week after she locked herself into her hotel room and refused to fly back home.

She was fleeing her family in Saudi Arabia and, after instigating a high-profile Twitter campaign, was granted asylum in Canada.

As the debate about women’s rights in the country continues, another young woman who fled Saudi Arabia for Canada has told her story to the BBC.

Salwa, 24, ran away with her 19-year-old sister eight months ago and now lives in Montreal. This, in her own words, is her story.


Has Sharia Supremacism Invaded this Nation?

Many Americans are not aware that adherents to Islam’s Sharia are not like the faithful of other religions, for Sharia requires its followers to engage in Jihad (holy war) to force the whole world to submit to their dictates. Even those we consider to be “good” Muslim, namely peaceful, law-abiding ones who are loyal to our Constitution, can be subjected to intense coercion by dangerous groups like the Muslim brotherhood to conform to Sharia and its supremacist dictates. The Muslim Brotherhood, a dangerous and insidious Islamist group, has been operating stealthily inside our nation for over five decades.


Pope Francis’s advocacy for Islam could destroy Europe

If one depended on the European media and European schools for one’s knowledge of Islam, one would indeed come away with a misleading picture of Islam. But the same could be said of Catholics who rely on Church pronouncements about Islam. Ever since the Second Vatican Council, Church leaders have presented a smiley-faced version of Islam which emphasizes the commonalities with Catholicism and leaves out the alarming elements.


Wise parents in Essex withdraw children from religious studies lessons over objections to Islam

Parents in Essex are withdrawing their children from religious education lessons on Islam and stopping them from visiting mosques on school trips, a report for the council has found.

The trend has been uncovered in the area of Thurrock, a former stronghold for Ukip supporters, where a new report warns of “integration issues” within the local community.

The report, from the standing advisory council for religious education (SACRE), a body that advises on RE in schools, calls for the “nature and extent” of withdrawals to be investigated.

It says: “Parents have objected to the teaching of Islam and withdrawn children from lessons and visits to places of worship.

“The outcome [is that] those children, who arguably are those that most need to be taught about Islam, are no longer being taught about it.

What bullshit. These parents are protecting their children from an evil indoctrination.


CTV goes full dhimmi..

Canadian cleric says ‘Merry Christmas’ is worse than murder remarks were taken out of context

CTV regurgitated without question Sheikh Younus Kathrada’s lame explanation that the reporting of every word he said was taken out of context by being an exact reporting of every word he said. He said.


Why the Fuss? Kathleen Wynne beat them to it… Islamic Party of Ontario supports imposition of Sharia Law

Jawed Anwar’s party is the least of our concerns when it comes to sharia creep. Islam’s useful idiots within our political class are a greater threat.

The Islamic Party of Ontario is a symptom of the cultural suicide masquerading as diversity and multiculturalism imposed upon Canadians and enforced by the political class. Islam does not do integration. Useful idiots like Kathleen Wynne happily supported the implementation of Islam’s vile sharia law in Ontario Schools for Muslim votes. Islamists are allowed to perform their unvetted cult rituals on school property during school hours. Menstruating school girls are declared “unclean” during these rites and segregated from the other child captives of the cult.   This is the Canada of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party.

Girls are segregated as a matter of course during the performance of Muslim cult rituals at the TDSB’s Valley Park school. Menstruating girls are further demonized as unclean under this barbaric sharia law sanctioned practice.


Military says it’s aware of 30 members who hold ‘discriminatory’ views

…In recent years, several high-profile incidents of military personnel associated with far-right groups have forced the Canadian Armed Forces to confront the problem. In the most prominent of the cases, five Canadian Forces members — each of them members of the “Proud Boys” movement who proclaim their “Western chauvinism” — disrupted an Indigenous protest in Halifax.

An investigation last year by Radio-Canada found about 75 Armed Forces members were part of a private Facebook group associated with anti-immigration and anti-Islam views.

Imagine that, being a nationalist or objecting to bad immigration policy,  sharia law, female genital mutilation, honour killings and the murder of everyone from  homosexuals to apostates as sanctioned by Islam gets you labelled as “far-right” & “extremist” in Canada’s new and improved “Armed Forces” 


Hijab in the House

One of the notable results of the November 6 midterm elections was that the U.S. House of Representatives went from two Muslim members — Indiana’s André Carson and Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, who on the same day was elected his state’s attorney general — to three Muslims, Carson plus two new female members from Michigan and Minnesota. With few if any exceptions, the mainstream media rooted for these ladies throughout the campaign season and lustily cheered their victories, not because of their skills or experience or political views but because they represented “diversity.”


The Rubber Whip: Extremist Persecution of Christians, October 2018

The head teacher of the Government Boys Primary School… assaulted Sharjeel Masih, a 12-year-old Christian student, after he touched a water tap in her presence. “I was just trying to turn off a running tap when the teacher grabbed me… and asked why I had touched the tap and made it filthy…” The boy was then suspended from school. — Pakistan.


The Left and the Jews: A Tale of Three Countries

First in a series on the American left: Will left-wing anti-Zionists and anti-Semites in America succeed in hollowing out the traditional liberal left in the United States, as they have in Britain and France?

In the early spring of this year, an angry dispute broke out in the United Kingdom between the mainstream Jewish communal organizations and the leader of the radical left, currently head of the Labour Party, who is Jeremy Corbyn; and a couple of days later, a roughly similar dispute broke out in France between the equivalent French Jewish organization and Corbyn’s counterpart on the French left, who is Jean-Luc Mélenchon; and the double outbreak suggested a trend, which raises a question. It is about America and the Democratic Party. To wit: When the delegates to the Democratic National Convention assemble less than two years from now, will the showdown between centrists and progressives that everyone expects actually occur? Will a few zealots of anti-Zionism take their place among the progressives? Will they push their way to the microphone, and will they send mad orations beaming outward to the American public, calling for the elimination of an entire country? And will the mad orations lead to grisly chants and an occasional outbreak of medieval superstition, hither and yon? In short, will the same miserable battle that has torn apart large portions of the European left spread to America, not just on a miniature scale (which has already happened), but full blast, with national consequences? This is not a silly question.

If you cultivate the Islamic vote as all our political parties do then anti-semitism is inevitable. It will be subtle at first, as in the Liberal party’s funding to “Palestinian” terrorists under the guise of “humanitarianism” and restoring Canada’s position as an “honest broker” in the Middle East. Soon, very soon as we have seen, the Khalid’s of the world will have infiltrated. It only gets worse.


European Court of Human Rights Blasphemy Laws: Where a Word out of Place Can Cost Your Life

There are, of course, social settings where it pays to watch your words. Saying you fancy the looks of a mafioso’s new girlfriend could well prove fatal. Spending time with a bunch of Hamas terrorists while expressing your love for Israel might not lead to your premature demise. In London today, young men who make remarks or play music to other youths on the street can wind up stabbed to death. A recent comment on The Independent website claims, “In this country [the UK], some views, regardless of how valid and logical, can result in anything from public rebuke to loss of a job to violence.”