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MALCOLM: Canada should step up for Pakistani refugee

What is a refugee? The term gets thrown around a lot and, if you get your information from the mainstream media in Canada, you could be forgiven for believing a refugee is any migrant who arrives in a Western country hoping to stay.

The media in Canada, following cues from the Trudeau Liberals, erroneously conflate asylum seekers with bona-fide refugees. It happens every day on the CBC and on the pages of newspapers, such as the Toronto Star.

But not all asylum seekers are refugees.


You Didn’t Hear About This Mob Attack in Minnesota

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, while the world focused on the tragedy in Iran of the Ahvaz military parade attack carried out by ISIS, a mob of Somali Muslim men and boys rushed the entrance to Valleyfair, a family amusement park that had set aside the day to honor law enforcement in Minnesota.


New York Times Observes Sharia Blasphemy Laws

Mohammed Hanif, the author of this disgraceful op-ed published Friday in the New York Times, is a Pakistani novelist, and so it is perhaps understandable that he may wish to observe Islamic blasphemy laws, but why is the New York Times, which is supposedly a journalistic outlet in a nation that upholds the freedom of speech, validating his doing so?


Anarchy threatens France and within five years the situation could be irreversible – Ex-Minister

Tugdual Denis, editor in chief of French news outlet Valeurs Actuelles, tweeted a picture of an interview transcript where Gerard Collomb, France’s ex-Interior Minister, predicts France’s dislocation due to immigration.


Upholding the Jihadist’s Veto

In his provocative essay The Age of Reason, Thomas Paine didn’t mince words on Christianity. ”What is it the Bible teaches us?” he asked, and answered: ”repine, cruelty and murder. What is it the New Testament teaches us?—to believe that the Almighty committed debauchery with a woman engaged to be married; and the belief of this debauchery is called faith.”

In 1819, the English deist Richard Carlile was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to two years in prison for selling the Age of Reason.


Islamic State fighter offered to trade Yazidi captive for Adidas sneakers; foreign men led atrocities: Reports

In a report, the Paris-based International Federation for Human Rights emphasized how foreign fighters led organized rape and slavery devised by the Islamic State group’s Iraqi hierarchy. It said the actions amounted to genocide and crimes against humanity, and called for the extremist group’s members to be prosecuted as war criminals.


Muslim Council of Britain launches scheme to train women for leadership in mosques and community bodies

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Britain’s leading Muslim organisation, has launched a scheme, the ‘Women in Mosques Development Programme’, to train women for leadership in mosques and community bodies. The six-month scheme is currently being undertaken by twenty women, who are given one-to-one mentoring and visit “best-practice mosques”. They are also given public speaking training and training in media relations.


Institute for Social Policy and Understanding: One-third of American Muslims are “at or below the federal poverty line”

Claims that American Muslims are well-integrated have been supported by the fact that Muslims in America fare better socioeconomically than other minority Muslim populations around the world, such as French and British Muslims, and the expanding number of successful Muslim entrepreneurs. However, the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding’s (ISPU) 2018 American Muslim Poll reveals that, “Even though some American Muslims are quite well-off, a significantly larger percentage of the community struggles financially”.