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White Widow forced her son to behead goats

JoJo was an odd little boy…

White Widow Sally Jones dragged her son to join ISIS where she forced him to behead goats as preparation for executing prisoners.

Sources close to the family have revealed how the terrorist’s son, Jojo, was brainwashed into becoming a jihadi before his mother took him to ISIS camps in the Middle East in 2013.

She died in a US airstrike in June and it is thought the 12-year-old boy was also killed, possibly due to his own mother using him as a human shield.


“The murderer then hit him in the skull and then carved a cross with the same tool into Monsignor Samaan’s forehead.”

Coptic priest stabbed to death by Islamist terrorist

The brutal Jihadist murder of Coptic priest Monsignor Samaan on a busy Cairo street has so far elicited no response from Egypt’s government.

In an act of jihad by a Cairo Muslim named Ahmed Saayed Al Sunbaty, wielding a sword in the streets of Al Marg in Egypt’s capital city in broad daylight, two Orthodox priests, Father Beeman Muftah and Monsignor Samaan, became the targets of a brutal terrorist murderer. On Thursday, October 12, the two priests were visiting Cairo to raise funds for the poor villagers of Bani Sweef (Al Minya). They departed from a store (a construction steel seller) and returned to their car when the Monsignor realized he forgot his cell phone in the store. Father Beeman asked their driver, Gerges Kamel, to accompany the Monsignor on his return to the store in order to retrieve it.

Mr. Kamel gave the following firsthand account: “There was water in the street dividing us. I followed him separated by water, and suddenly I saw a man carrying a sword begin to follow Monsignor Samaan who began running toward the store. At the store entrance, the attacker reached the Monsignor and stabbed him in his side. Monsignor fell to the ground. At that point, the killer stabbed him again in the neck, slaughtering him. The murderer then hit him in the skull and then carved a cross with the same tool into Monsignor Samaan’s forehead.”


Muslims Target Egyptian Christians Through Abductions, Forced Marriages and Conversions

It’s an atrocity of epic concern – the radical Islamic targeting and trafficking of Christians.

The latest target of Islamic jihadist human trafficking is women and girls – and the latest reports from Egypt are appalling.

Muslim men are kidnapping Egyptian Christian women and girls, forcing them to marry, and in so doing, convert them to Islam. The abducted are also subjected to physical and sexual abuse, drugging, domestic servitude, and prostitution.

In Egypt, networks of abductors work as Islamic mercenary kidnappers-for-hire. Whether the abductors get involved in these networks for ideology or economy or both remains to be seen. However, either way, vast sums of money and material benefits can be attained every time they steal a girl from her family and forcibly convert her to Islam in preparation for marriage to the highest bidder.


Muslim migrant found guilty of unprovoked interfaith dialogue on 14 year old at Christian camp in Sweden

A 19-year-old Afghan man has been found guilty of sexual molestation of a minor after groping a 14-year-old girl at a Christian church camp in Sweden.

Arif Moradi ‘repeatedly groped the girl’s breast and bottom’ while giving her a massage at the camp in Söderköping, south-east Sweden, where he was a leader.

Within hours of the verdict, Moradi and dozens of his supporters had taken to social media to accuse the young victim of lying and calling for her to be ‘punished’.

Islam… The Harvey Weinstein of religions… h/t MW


‘I’m f****** glad she’s dead’: White Widow’s British ex-boyfriend

The furious ex-boyfriend of Britain’s most wanted female terrorist Sally Jones said he was ‘glad’ she had been killed by a US drone attack.

Darren Dixon was in a relationship with Sally, dubbed the ‘White Widow’, and is believed to be the father of Jojo, the 12-year-old son she took with her to Syria.

Speaking outside the tower block where he lives with his new partner in Kings Norton, Birmingham, He ranted: ‘I’m f****** glad she’s dead.’


Market trader BANNED from town centre for selling Knights Templar coffee mugs that are ‘offensive’ to Muslims

‘Not to us Lord, not to us, but to Your Name give the glory’

A market stall holder has been banned from having a stand in a town centre because she was selling ‘offensive’ Knights Templar coffee mugs.

Tina Gayle has been prohibited from having a stall in Loughborough Market after someone complained about the mugs.

She said the complainant had told the council the £6 Knights Templar mugs were offensive to Muslims and so she was asked to remove them from her stall.

When she refused to do so she was sent a letter and informed she had been given an outright ban.


Libya recovers remains of 21 beheaded Coptic Christians

Libyan authorities have recovered the remains of 21 Coptic Christians who were beheaded by so-called “Islamic State” (IS) militants more than two years ago, the anti-IS organization al-Bonyan al-Marsous announced Saturday .

The gruesome discovery was made in the seaside city of Sirte — the home town of former dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who was toppled in 2011.

A statement said officials were led to the site by an IS militant who had witnessed the attack in early 2015.


The fall of Raqqa: hunting the last jihadists in Isis’s capital of cruelty

Abu Awad, a stalwart fighter for Islamic State, was unsettled. His battered men, sheltering in the rubble of bombed-out buildings, were running low on supplies and they were losing patience – and discipline.

“Abu Osama,” he said on a radio frequency that his pursuers were monitoring two streets away, from the other side of the frontline of the battle for Raqqa. “We don’t have water for ablutions, and we don’t have enough medicine to treat our injured.”

“Cleanse yourself with dirt and I will get some to you in the morning,” a man replied in a tired voice.


Today’s knife-wielding Muslim shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ claimed he wanted to finish the Nazis work

A knife-wielding man threatening to kill passengers caused panic on a train in the Belgian capital, Brussels earlier this week, local media reported on Friday, citing officials.

The man shouted “Allahu Akbar” (‘God is great’ in Arabic) and “we’re going to kill all of you,” causing panic among the passengers, Belgian media reports.

He was also reportedly screaming that he wanted to “finish the work started by the Nazis.”


Muslim terrorist Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy from Canada arrested in NYC Bomb plot

U.S. law enforcement officials say a 19-year-old Mississauga man has pleaded guilty to being part of a plot to bomb a busy location in New York City last year, and went as far as buying the ingredients to build the explosives.

The Mississauga man, along with two other men, sought to blow up Times Square, a subway station in the city or a concert venue in May 2016, police say.

The Canadian suspect, identified as Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, was arrested in Crawford, New Jersey on May 21, 2016 and has since pleaded guilty to terror offences.

From the DOJ Charge sheet

In the spring of 2016, EL BAHNASAWY and HAROON were plotting to carry out terrorist attacks in New York City in support of ISIS during the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan (which ran from approximately June 5 to July 5 in 2016). In the course of their preparations, EL BAHNASAWY and HAROON communicated, via electronic messaging applications accessible on cellphones, with a certain individual posing as an ISIS supporter who was, unbeknownst to them, the UC.

EL BAHNASAWY and HAROON declared their allegiance to ISIS in electronic communications with the UC, and expressed their intention of carrying out Paris- and Brussels-like terrorist attacks on behalf of ISIS in New York City. EL BAHNASAWY explained to the UC that he was in contact with an ISIS affiliate about obtaining official sanction of the planned attacks by the Khorasan Province, a branch of ISIS active in Pakistan. HAROON, who was based in Pakistan and was introduced to the UC by EL BAHNASAWY, informed the UC that he was in contact with ISIS associates within the Khorasan Province, and that “khurasan dawla [ISIS] has o[u]r back.” EL BAHNASAWY stated to the UC that “[t]hese Americans need an attack,” that he aspired to “create the next 9/11,” and that he planned to “com[e] to new York at around may 22” from Canada. HAROON stated that he intended to fly from Pakistan to New York City to carry out the NYC Attacks with EL BAHNASAWY, and hoped to “cause great destruction to the filthy kuffars[4] by our hands.”[5]


German schoolgirl who married Isis fighter reveals she was groomed by a girl

A German girl who fled the country to join Isis and marry a terrorist has revealed that she was groomed online by a Jordanian girl.

Linda Wenzel, who left home last year to marry Abu Usama al-Shishani, could still face the death penalty having been captured in Iraq.

No sympathy here.