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What a coincidence! Eight out of 29 alleged child rapists charged today are named Mohammed!

8 out of 29, what are the odds?

Police in Kirklees have charged 29 people with numerous offences including Rape, Trafficking with intent to engage in sexual exploitation, sexual activity with a child, child neglect, child abduction, supply of Class A drugs and possession and making of indecent images of children.

The allegations against the defendants are non-recent sexual offences, having occurred between 2004 and 2011 and relate to 18 women. The offences were committed against them as children in the Huddersfield area and are alleged to have taken place while the women were aged between 11 and 17-years-old.

The defendants have been released on police bail and they will appear at Huddersfield Magistrates Court on 12 April 2017.

Members of Muslim Friendship organization attack church in Indonesia

Muslims launched an unprovoked attack on a church in Indonesia because their cult demands acts of psychopathic violence as a “religious” duty.

Several hundred protesters from a group called Forum for Bekasi Muslim Friendship staged a rowdy demonstration in front of the Santa Clara church in Kaliabang, a neighborhood of Bekasi city, after Friday prayers.

Witnesses said police fired tear gas as the protesters tried to force their way into the church, which has been under construction since November. Some also threw rocks and bottles into the site.

Raymundus Sianipar, a Catholic priest, said police asked him to leave the area for safety reasons.

Muslim-majority Indonesia recognizes six religions, but militant Islamic groups frequently protest against the minority faiths and police often do not intervene. Members of minority religions that aren’t recognized by the state face persistent discrimination.

‘British jihadis dubbed themselves ‘The Three Musketeers’ on trial

British extremists who called themselves the ‘Three Musketeers’ had a pipe bomb and machete with the Arabic word for ‘infidel’ on the blade, a court heard today.

Naweed Ali, 29, and Khobaib Hussain, 25, both of Birmingham, and Mohibur Rahman, 32, and Tahir Aziz, 38, of Stoke-on-Trent, were allegedly secretly plotting an attack.

Three of the defendants shared ‘significant’ encrypted messages using a Telegram messaging group called the Three Musketeers, London’s Old Bailey was told.

Canada: Bring on the Islamization!

Justin Trudeau is a stupid man who in his desire for Muslim votes has given the hatred central to Islam license.

No one — neither media, nor politicians — even bothered to ask whether there is a significant connection between the virulent Jew-hatred being preached in mosques and the disproportionately high occurrence of hate crimes against Jews. Instead, the entire Canadian parliament is preoccupied with banning “Islamophobia”.

Court orders VICE to hand RCMP communication records with ISIS

Farah Shirdon, Muslim terrorist beloved by Justin Trudeau for burning his passport in support of PM Useful Idiot’s post modern-democracy fantasy.

A Canadian appeals court upheld Wednesday a ruling ordering a journalist to hand over records of his communications with an alleged member of the ISIS group to federal police.

VICE Media Canada had appealed the March 2016 order by the Ontario Superior Court obliging VICE News reporter Ben Makuch to turn over records of his online chat with Farah Shirdon.

Shirdon, a Canadian charged in absentia in September 2015 with leaving the country to join a banned terrorist group, threatening Canada and its allies, and related offenses, is suspected of involvement with ISIS. The appeals court’s decision Wednesday to uphold the order set off an outcry from the reporter’s company and press freedom groups.

Europeans won’t be able to ‘walk safely’ if EU’s current attitude persists, Erdogan warns

Will the real Erdogan please stand up: From “Why are you running away, you sperm of Israel!” to… “I am very sad to see that my country, myself, and my colleagues, sometimes, are labeled as being antisemitic.”

People in Europe won’t be able to “walk safely” and freely on the streets if they don’t change their current attitudes, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has warned, amid a deepening diplomatic row over the cancellation of Turkish rallies in the EU.

Time to Deep Fry Turkey.

Video shows woman jump into Thames as Muslim viciously runs over pedestrians

Horrifying footage shows the moment a a woman plunged into the River Thames as a car ploughs onto the pavement in a terror attack in the heart of London.
Incredibly she was rescued alive from the river following the atrocity, which saw three members of the public killed on the bridge before the driver stabbed a police officer.

Five people have died and 40 people have been injured in a terror attack near the Houses of Parliament.

Child ‘suicide bomber’, 7, is disarmed by Iraqi troops

This is the dramatic moment Iraqi soldiers disarm a young child in a Chelsea kit who was found with what appears to be a suicide bomb strapped around his waist.

The boy, thought to be about seven, was seized outside the war-torn Iraqi city of Mosul after hiding among families fleeing ISIS.

A soldier can be seen gently lifting up the child’s blue shirt, bearing the name of Chelsea star Eden Hazard, to reveal what looks like an explosive belt fastened to his midriff.

In a tense two-minute clip, he then slowly snips wires and cuts away the device while telling the youngster: ‘Don’t be afraid’.

UK Parliament Terror Attack: “̶A̶s̶i̶a̶n̶”̶ Muslim assailant killed after murdering Cop, 2 others, injuring 20 in knife & vehicle jihad assault

Scotland Yard confirms a police officer was killed as well as two other victiims of the Muslim terrorist who was shot dead by police, at least 20 are injured.

Update- SkyNews is reporting Two dead and others with catastrophic injuries.

Tommy Robinson weighs in…

Armed Police have opened fire and shot an intruder inside the grounds of the Houses of Parliament.

Several shots were fired at around 2.35pm moments after a loud bang was heard inside the Palace estate.

Three bodies were visible on the floor and the Palace was placed on an immediate lock down.

The House of Commons was suspended by Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle. MPs have been ordered to wait inside the Commons chamber.

People outside the palace could be seen running from the scene when the shots were heard.

No suspects or motives revealed so far, but I’m betting it wasn’t Christadelphians.

From the Telegraph – Parliament in lockdown: Armed man ‘shot dead by police’ after ‘driving into pedestrians’ in Westminster

From the Independent – Parliament shooting: Police officer and another man shot and ‘people run over by car on Westminster Bridge’

From the Express – Shots fired outside Parliament as ‘police officer attacked’ – 12 injured


From RT – Two men have been shot outside parliament after charging the gates of parliament and attacking officers, it has been reported.

From IB Times – Police shoot man armed with knife after 4×4 ploughs into crowds on Westminster Bridge

Twitter UK Parliament

Asians are suspected to be behind the Attack, in Canada we call them Muslims.

Things are all over the place at this point, reports of 4 to 12 injured, including one policeman stabbed, most of the injured by suspected vehicle jihad, 1 or 2 assailants shot. It does appear to have been contained and no deaths have been reported.

That said a witness is reporting that at least one of the assailants was “Asian”“Jayne Wilkinson said: “We were taking photos of Big Ben and we saw all the people running towards us, and then there was an Asian guy in about his 40s carrying a knife about seven or eight inches long.

Asian is code for Muslim in the UK.

Expanded Internet Access in Muslim World Could Spur Next Islamic ‘Culture War’

The expansion of Internet access across the Middle East and North Africa will open communications channels for marginalized social and political groups, including those that criticize the Islamic faith, potentially sparking a culture war across the Muslim world, according to a new report.

How is this any different from shooting women in the head for offending bogeyman allah?

The disturbing trend of Taliban justice in Afghanistan

A Taliban “court” recently ordered a young man accused of theft to have his hand and foot chopped off. The victim spoke with DW about his ordeal as an increasing number of Afghans turn to the Islamist group for justice.

How is this a new “trend”? I guess this was the kinder gentler Taliban…

It’s those “Asians”… Shocking moment woman staggers away after racist Asian thugs break her nose

Muslims attack woman

This is the shocking moment a woman staggers away with a fractured nose and cheekbone after being beaten up in a racist assault by Asian thugs.

The 34-year-old white victim was caught on CCTV with her face in her hands after the men broke her nose before trading blows with her boyfriend.

She had been walking home with her partner after a night out at the Skydome in Coventry when she was racially abused by three men.