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Why Islamic State brides should be shown no mercy

The clutch of women attempting to weep their way, baby in arms, back from the Islamic State disaster should not be given second chances.

They made their choices and cannot claim to have been ignorant of what the fanatics they rushed to join were up to.

They made a bad choice that amounted to siding with a regime of intolerance, destruction, primitive thought and murderous strategy. And not all of them have condemned their former hosts.


Idiot Muslim Convertible Of The Day

IT programmer Muslim convert, 37, screams Allahu Akbar as he is jailed for four years for posting a hate-filled rant on Facebook

A Scottish IT programmer turned Muslim convert screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he was jailed for posting a rant on Facebook in support of the Manchester Arena bombing the day after the attack.

Hamza Siddiq – born Andrew Calladine – took to social media while colleagues held a minute’s silence to remember the 22 people killed in the 2017 terror attack.

He wrote: ‘I do not think the attack in Manchester was the best choice of action to take but I refuse to apologise for it or pretend I don’t know the cause.


‘Kill his daughter, son-in-law. Kill ’em all’ – Muslim charged in jihad plot threatened Trump children

An indictment alleges an Ohio man who adopted aliases including Abdur Raheem Refeeq and Salah ad-Deen Osama Waleed threatened the lives of President Trump’s children.

The Maple Heights man, Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts, 49, is facing an indictment that includes those counts as well as terrorism.

Scripps Media reported he previously had been indicted on terrorism counts, and the new charges were added in a superseding indictment that now has been released.

He had been facing counts of trying to provide material support to al-Qaida.


UK: Only one in 10 jihadis returning from Syria prosecuted, figures reveal

Only one in 10 jihadis returning from Syria to the UK have been prosecuted, it can be revealed.

Amid calls for the government to repatriate Shamima Begum for criminal investigation rather than remove her British citizenship, police have warned it is “no easy task” to evidence a suspect’s activities abroad.

Ben Wallace, the security minister, said around 40 people “have been successfully prosecuted so far – either because of direct action they have carried out in Syria or, subsequent to coming back, linked to that foreign fighting”.

But more than 400 people “of national security concern” are believed to have returned from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.


Abu Hamza’s son ‘trying to appeal’ decision to revoke British passport after travelling to Syria to fight

The family that jihads together…

The son of Britain’s Abu Hamza is reportedly trying to appeal the decision to revoke his British passport amid the furore of the case of Isil bride Shamima Begum.

Sufyan Mustafa, 23, was stripped of his UK passport in 2017 after travelling to Syria to fight with jihadists.

But at the end of last year he was said to have been stopped from boarding a flight to the UK from Turkey when his name was flagged as being on the terror watch list.


ISIS’s last march: Truckloads of jihadis & their slatterns – carrying designer knockoff bags – surrender after US-coalition airstrikes

The final remnants of Islamic State have left the group’s last pocket of territory in eastern Syria – as truckloads of fighters and their jihadi brides are seen being transported from the area.

The move came just hours after US-led coalition air strikes intended to pressure the militants targeted the area on the banks of the Euphrates River.

At least 36 trucks and two buses were seen leaving the area through a humanitarian corridor from the militants’ last patch of territory in the remote village of Baghouz near the Iraqi border.

They were escorted by gun-mounted trucks belonging to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).


Sweden Has Become for Jihadis ‘What Argentina Was for Nazis’ – MP

During a televised debate on jihadis retuning to Sweden, Moderate MP Hanif Bali has lashed out against the government’s passive attitude toward extremism and the lax laws allowing terrorists to go unpunished.

“These [jihadist] trips have been happening for several years now, but you haven’t done anything”, Bali told Green Party spokesman Rasmus Ling, whose party has been part of the Swedish government during Europe’s migrant crisis and enacted laws that led to the current situation.

Bali called it offensive that there are people whose parents have been slaughtered by terrorists and who are stuck in refugee camps in Syria, and Sweden chooses to take care of terrorists instead.


Shamima Begum and the Myth of Islamic Deradicalization

If only we could squeeze Shamima Begum (hijab, prayer mat, Koran and all) into H.G. Wells’ time machine and catapult the ISIS bride to the era of Guy Fawkes, we might just about solve our problem with jihadi Judases returning to Britain.

In merry olde England, we’d truss up a traitor and get a bad-tempered horse to yank him across hard ground. Then we’d then string him on IKEA-like gallows, disembowel, behead and carve the quisling into four quarters. The fairer sex didn’t get hung, drawn and quartered—a female turncoat was simply burned.

Shamima Begum: I am willing to change to keep British citizenship

Nineteen-year-old who joined Isis asks UK to show ‘a bit more mercy’ in assessing her case


The New York Times’s Islamic Flimflam Man

On February 18, in keeping with its apparent goal of remaining America’s most reliable source of pro-Islamic propaganda, the New York Times ran yet another op-ed by Mustafa Akyol, who seems to be replacing Tariq Ramadan (who is currently in jail awaiting trial for raping two women) not only as the Times’s house dissembler on Islam (since 2013, he has held the title of contributing opinion writer) but, more broadly, as the leading personification of “modern Islam” or “moderate Islam” in the West.

Last November, the Times published a piece by Akyol entitled “True Islam Does Not  Kill Blasphemers.” Anyone who has even a patchy awareness of Islam knows just how dishonest a claim this is; as Robert Spencer dryly observed at the time, “if Akyol denied the death penalty for blasphemy in any Sharia state, he could end up being executed for blasphemy himself.”

In keeping with his practice of blatantly lying about his faith and its adherents, Akyol’s latest Times piece was headlined “The Creeping Liberalism in American Islam.”


Muslim Terrorist Faisal Hussain Shot Up The Danforth But It Had Nothing To With Islam

Police investigation finds Danforth shooter ‘acted alone:’ source

The police investigation into the Danforth mass shooter who killed two and left 13 others injured last July is now complete, with no links to other individuals identified.

A source tells CP24 that after a lengthy investigation involving searches of his Thorncliffe Park home, a variety of his personal devices and his online history, Toronto police have concluded their probe.

There are reportedly “no surprises” in the findings and Faisal Hussain is believed to have acted alone and deemed to be a “troubled man.”


But they are dangerous! Europe reluctant to ‘take back’ ISIS fighters as Trump demands

Trump’s call to European countries to “take back” and prosecute jihadists captured in Syria has met quite a mixed reaction, with Germany expressing legal concerns over the move and Denmark rejecting it altogether.

The bold demand was tweeted by the US president on Sunday. The options for Europe are simple – to take Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) fighters “back,” or the US and its subordinate militants in Syria “will be forced to release them.”

The call was heard, yet some countries flatly rejected it.


Prisons ‘highly problematic institutions’ for fighting radicalization

Many European citizens left the continent to join the Islamic State group. As the war against IS winds down, hundreds of them are still imprisoned in Kurdish-controlled regions of northern Syria. United States President Donald Trump has demanded European countries take back their citizensbeing held by the Kurds. Many of the returnees would likely end up in prison in Europe. Some politicians and experts worry that in Germany, authorities would then be confronted with the challenge of preventing Islamic extremists from turning the country’s prisons into breeding grounds for radicalization. According to Michael Kiefer, an expert on Salafism and radicalization prevention who teaches at the University of Osnabrück, that is a very real danger.


An extremist in the family

Rasheed Benyahia was in a hurry. Like so many young adults going places in Britain today, he needed to get a move on.

If Monday 1 June 2015 had been a normal working day, he would have been out of the door before the rest of his family, running for the bus. That was his life as a 19-year-old engineering apprentice.


Huge Costs of Monitoring Jihadists Means Majority May Roam Free in UK

British government security orders that can be placed on known extremists are so expensive to enforce they are hardly ever used, leaving the majority of returning jihadists to “roam free”.

The arrangements made for Islamist extremists living in the United Kingdom has come under intense scrutiny in the wake of the rediscovery of a former London schoolgirl who defected to the Islamic State in 2015, who now wants to come to Britain to raise an ISIS fighter’s son.

The same applies in Canada. The cost of Islam is huge.