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Supporter of homophobic, anti-Semitic U.S. religious leader to speak at NDP convention

An American political activist who publicly supports a U.S. religious leader known for his homophobic and anti-Semitic rhetoric is among the keynote speakers at the New Democrats’ biennial convention this weekend in Ottawa.

Tamika Mallory, one of the organizers of last year’s Women’s March on Washington that took place immediately after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, will address NDP delegates late Friday afternoon.

Ms. Mallory, a campaigner for social justice, health care and gun-control legislation, is also a vocal supporter of Louis Farrakhan, who blames Jews for the slave trade and black oppression. He also perpetuates a conspiracy theory that says a small handful of Jewish people control the United States, and has lamented Christian “blindness to that wicked state of Israel.”


University of British Columbia Student Clubs Denounced for Promoting Conspiracy Theories About Jews

Two clubs at Canada’s University of British Columbia have been denounced as promoting the “kinds of racist conspiracy theories that helped inspire the Holocaust” after posting on social media a list of 140 “Zionist crimes.”

Colour Connected Against Racism UBC and Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – UBC have been sharply condemned by a coalition of on-campus Jewish organizations for linking this week on their official Facebook pages to an article accusing Jews, Zionists, and Israel of orchestrating 9/11 and mass war, and “Jewish Big Money” of controlling American politics.

Leveraging the rhetoric of #MeToo, the article excoriated the “Western hypocrisy” of American politicians supporting “the criminal and genocidal Zionist colonial enterprise and a nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel,” while denouncing “non-deadly and non-illegal inappropriate behaviour to women.”


Somali Migrant Plotted to Kill Queen and Jewish Londoners, Court Hears

A Somali migrant and Dutch national living in the UK discussed killing Her Majesty The Queen with a fellow Islamic State jihadist supporter, a court has heard.

Aweys Shikhey also allegedly fanaticised about shooting Jewish people near his home in London and attacking Tottenham Hotspur football club with Kenya-based Somalian Abdirahman Idrissa Hassan in conversations dating back to May 31st, 2016.


Obama’s anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism reigned at the IRS from 2010- 2017.

After a “long, lonely and expensive seven year struggle,” one that she alone, on behalf of Z STREET bore, Lori Lowenthal Marcus, the founder of Z STREET has just won a significant legal victory which grants her organization tax-exempt status and definitively exposes Obama’s IRS as obsessively anti-Israel.


Shocka! Jewish Labour group says party has failed to act on antisemitism complaints

The bitter Labour party controversy over antisemitism erupted again last night, as the main organisation representing its Jewish members accused the leadership of failing to deal with a “vast backlog” of complaints and of allowing a second inquiry into Ken Livingstone to get “stuck in limbo”.

Personally I doubt you can really be Jewish and be a member of Britain’s Labour party, unless suicidal I suppose.


Greece’s “Robin Hood” Terrorists

The radical leftist Greek organization, the Group of People’s Fighters (OLA), which claimed responsibility for the December 22 bombing of the Athens Court of Appeal, has been committing terrorist attacks on governmental targets since 2013, when the country entered its serious debt crisis. According to the Greek authorities the OLA has ties with the terrorist organization “Revolutionary Struggle” (EA), and attacked at the past the offices of New Democracy political party, a Bank, the Greek Industrialists Association and the German Ambassador’s home in Athens.

The OLA boasted of this and other attacks on the “bourgeois, imperialist and capitalist” government institutions, the media and businesses in a 4,500-word manifesto published on the anarchist website Indymedia. Among the declarations in its lengthy rant is a message of

“solidarity to the Palestinian people who accept the raging attack of American imperialism and Zionism, after Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In this context, it is our imperative international duty to sabotage by any means the reactionary axis of Greece-Cyprus-Israel-Egypt, as well as all kinds of Greece’s cooperation with reactionary regimes such as that of Saudi Arabia. The weapons of the Palestinian Resistance organizations, the stones, the knives and the Molotov cocktails of Intifada will win!”

On Christmas, three days after the Court of Appeal bombing, members of Rouvikonas, an anarchist group, sprayed the entrance to the Israeli Embassy in Athens with paint. In an online video claiming responsibility for the vandalism, the group also expressed solidarity with the Palestinians, to whom it referred as “the people who for decades has been the victim of oppression… [and] ethnic cleansing at a low intensity level.”


Muslim anti-Semitism in the UK

4.5% of the current population in the UK is Muslim. A great many of these are imported anti-Semites.

In the UK the presence of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel attitudes is two to four times higher among Muslims than in the general population. This is one major conclusions of a recent report titled, “Antisemitism in Contemporary Great Britain, a Study of Attitudes Toward Jews and Israel.” The study was published by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) and the Community Security Trust (CST). Its author is L. Daniel Staetsky.

The publishers claim that this is the largest and most detailed survey of attitudes toward Jews and Israel ever conducted in Great Britain. Even though there are many more findings about anti-Israel and anti-Semitic attitudes we can only address part of them here.

If one focuses on the UK’s Muslim population’s attitudes toward Israel and the Jews, the answers to the individual questions show that Muslims are always more negative about Israel and/or the Jews than the general population. For instance, in the general population 13% answered in the affirmative that ‘Jews think they are better than other people.’ Among Muslims, that figure is 28%. The study also separates out the answers from religious Muslims which isn’t often done in similar surveys elsewhere. Here the figure is 32%.


Germans Tackling Exploding Anti-Semitism?

Finally, it seems, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is proposing legislationthat might even include deporting migrants who are anti-Semites, according to Die Welt.

The alarming scale of anti-Semitism in Germany has been escalating with newly arrived refugees, mainly from Muslim lands, and causing the government previously to launch a desperate integration program with a warning that this kind of hatred would not be tolerated in the country.

The German government also decided to introduce extensive discussions about Germany’s Nazi past in the course designed to make newcomers integrate into democratic societies.

The situation seemed to be getting out of control with escalating anti-Semitism among more than a million asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.


As Attacks On Jews Rise in Europe, Anti-Semitism is the New Cool

More disturbing than the alleged arson at a suburban Paris kosher supermarket on Tuesday – the third anniversary of the terror attack at the kosher Hyper-Cacher market, also outside Paris – is this: no one was terribly surprised. Shocked, yes; of course people were shocked – but not entirely surprised.

How could they be, after a rash of anti-Semitic attacks and regular calls for “death to Jews” that have plagued Europe in recent months? At this point, in Europe, Jew hate has practically become the norm.


‘There will soon be no Jews in France’ as antisemitism escalates

The antisemitic sentiment already prevalent among French Jews will intensify in the wake of Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last month, locals believe.

“Every day we have people who are hurt, every day we have people who are insulted,” Ricard Abitbol, President of The Confederation of Jews in France and Friends of Israel told RT. “We can be hurt by words, but we don’t mind, but when we are hurt by a knife, a gun, you can’t say I don’t mind.”

Attacks against the Jewish community surged dramatically in 2015, when authorities officially registered 808 antisemitic attacks. The actual number of cases, however, can be much higher, as not all the victims filed official complaints.


German Jewish Leader Warns That Jews May Require Police Protection As Anti-Semitism Escalates

Police shielding Hanukkah Menorah in Berlin

Former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Charlotte Knobloch claims that Jews are increasingly under threat in public and may require police protection to lead a normal life without harassment and violence.


Three kinds of anti-Semitism in Labour ranks, Momentum leader admits

The Labour Party has three separate “categories” of anti-Semitism but has “a lot of denial” that the problem exists, the founder of the Corbynite group Momentum has admitted.

Jon Lansman, who is himself Jewish, said Labour must do more to “stamp out” anti-Semitism in the party, though he said there is no “one size fits all” solution to the problem.

Mr Lansman, 60, has successfully shifted the Labour Party to the far Left by marshalling support for far-Left candidates in the general election, as well as backing Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

Only 3?