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More Antisemitism and Homophobia from Imam Praised by B.C. Premier

May 22, 2018 – VANCOUVER – A firebrand Vancouver imam recently lauded by B.C. Premier John Horgan has doubled down on his antisemitic and homophobic rhetoric just days after the Premier’s Office refused to withdraw its letter of recognition.

On Sunday, Tarek Ramadan of the Kingsway Mosque publicly posted a video on Facebook which accuses the Jewish Rothschild family of controlling the world’s banks and media, while justifying the Holocaust on the basis that “the Jews sold Germany down the river.” Claims of Jewish control over the media and banks are classic antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Another post by Ramadan, made on Friday, describes Israeli soldiers as “fags,” a homophobic slur.

On April 20, Horgan lauded Ramadan’s “work as a community activist” and extended his “best wishes for [his] continued success,” despite previous antisemitic comments by Ramadan, which were exposed by B’nai Brith. Ramadan understood the Premier’s plaudits as a vindication of his harsh rhetoric, stating that “[G-d] is exalted, and He harnesses His servants as He wishes to defend me and bear witness for me.”

“Premier Horgan’s refusal to disown this man’s antisemitic and homophobic rhetoric is incomprehensible,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “We expect the Premier to admit his error and show some leadership.

“Tarek Ramadan is not working ‘to ensure our province is a place of acceptance and vibrancy,’ as the Premier claims. In fact, he is doing exactly the opposite, abusing his position of leadership to fan the flames of hatred and division in society.”

Rather than rescinding its praise of Ramadan, the Premier’s Office has blamed “previous governments” for sending similar certificates to him, and said it was “reviewing the process by which certificates are administered.”

To demand that Premier Horgan rescind his letter of recognition for those who engage in antisemitism and homophobia, contact him at and copy


American Islamists Celebrate an Avowed Anti-Semite’s Election

Fresh off the increasingly awkward relationship between some of the leaders of the Women’s March and their associations with notorious anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan, there is a new champion illustrating the consistent disregard for anti-Semitism when it serves an Islamist purpose.


Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour Rips Claim Trump Is Best President Ever For The Jews

On Monday, the virulently anti-Semitic icon of the Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, decided to attack the idea of President Trump as the greatest president for the Jewish people in American history in the most ironic way possible: by sanctimoniously citing someone else’s supposed anti-Semitism.


‘Peaceful human waves’ of Palestinians aim to breach fence into Israel

On Monday and Tuesday, Artema’s audacious “Great March of Return” will face what could be its most formidable and perhaps final test: an attempt by hundreds of thousands of protesters to breach the razor wire fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel.


Al Qaida Leader Calls For Jihad Ahead Of U.S. Embassy Move To Jerusalem

The leader of the terrorist organization Al Qaida has called for Muslims to wage jihad against the United States. Ayman al-Zawahiri told his followers America’s decision to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem was evidence that negations and “appeasement” have failed Palestinians. Al-Zawahiri said this in a five-minute video entitled “Tel Aviv is also a land of Muslims”.


The Quran, The Gospels And Tanach Say Jerusalem Is Jewish So Why Doesn’t Everyone?

According to UNESCO, the Palestinians, and the Muslim States, Israel, and the Jewish People have no right to Jerusalem. It is this fake belief that until Donald Trump became president kept the U.S. from recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Jewish world. Most of the world outside America continues to believe the Palestinian/Muslim propaganda that ignores that the ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians, and even the ancient Muslims, reported Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were the property of the Jewish people.


Iranian cleric: We will destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa if Israel acts ‘foolishly’

“We will expand our missile capabilities despite Western pressure … to let Israel know that if it acts foolishly, Tel Aviv and Haifa will brought down in ruins and totally destroyed,” Khatami said in a televised speech at Tehran University.

Return his molecules to a disorganized state.


German president under fire for hosting antisemitic Iran regime clerics

From DW which made no mention of the Iranian clerics radical views – “German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier asked Shiite Muslim representatives on Monday how they were handling growing anti-Semitism in Germany.” Answer – We’re luvin it!

…Steinmeier, a social democratic politician and former foreign minister, met with leaders from the Islamic Association of Shi’ite Congregations in Germany (IGS).

Hamburg’s most recent intelligence report from 2017, which monitors threats to Germany’s democracy, includes a reference to the IGS and a number of its members’ organizations, including the Islamic Center of Hamburg.

The German government classifies the Shi’ite umbrella group as “influenced by extremism,” the intelligence report wrote. Iran’s Blue Mosque, the Islamic Academy and the Islamic Center of Hamburg are widely considered the long-arm institutions in Germany of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.


Is Germany Capable of Protecting Its Jews?

The nation’s recent intake of migrants Muslim states where anti-Semitism is ubiquitous has produced a scary tension—and one that’s not easy to resolve.

…For the plain fact is that most of the migrants who have come (and continue to come) to Europe hail from Muslim-majority countries that long ago expelled their once-vibrant Jewish populations, where anti-Semitism figures prominently in state propaganda, and where belief in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories is widespread. To take just one obvious incongruity between Germany and the migrants it is accepting: Holocaust denial, a crime punishable by prison in Germany, is pervasive across the Muslim and Arab Middle East. Of course, it would be wrong to presume that every Syrian refugee holds the anti-Semitic attitudes of the country’s former defense minister, who published a book repeating the ancient blood libel about Jews killing gentile children to bake matzos for Passover. But it is equally misguided to deny that many have been profoundly influenced by the anti-Semitic environments in which they were raised.


After a massive Muslim refugee influx, Germany is confronting an imported anti-Semitism

BERLIN – Bullied students. Crude rap lyrics. An ugly confrontation on an upmarket city street.

In another country – one less attuned to the horrors wrought by anti-Semitism – evidence that the scourge is once again growing might have been ignored.

But this is Germany, a nation that nearly annihilated an entire continent’s Jewish population. And after a series of high-profile incidents, the country isn’t waiting to sound the alarm on a pattern of rising hatred toward Jews.


GOLDSTEIN: From left or right, hatred of Jews is wrong

B’nai Brith’s annual report on anti-Semitism in Canada, released Tuesday, touched upon what has been, in my view, the major transformation of Jew hatred in Canada since the Second World War.

That is that today, the threat comes as much — if not more — from the extreme left, aided and abetted by so-called progressive politicians who pander to Jew-haters in their opportunistic search for votes, as from the extreme right, where so-called conservative politicians historically pandered to neo-Nazis and white supremacists for the same reason.


Head of German Jewish organisation warns people to avoid wearing skullcaps for their own safety

The head of Germany’s leading Jewish organisation on Tuesday warned people to avoid wearing Jewish skullcaps in major cities following a series of violent anti-Semitic attacks.

“I have to advise people to avoid showing themselves openly with a kippah in a big city setting in Germany, and to wear a baseball cap or something else to cover their head instead,” Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, told German radio.