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Look for the ‘Hate’ Label (or, Why Everybody’s a ‘Far-Right’ Extremist Now)

Who is Kevin Panetta? He is the writer behind a comic book called Zodiac Starforce, which looks a lot like a ripoff of Sailor Moon, but that’s irrelevant to his role as a volunteer with the Thought Police. Panetta got more than 45,000 retweets and more than 80,000 likes for his assertion that disagreeing with SJWs is “just hate.” Notice his all-inclusive laundry list of Thought Crimes which, he declares, are not “political views” and therefore need to be silenced.

Now ask, What do these words mean?”


Chicago Theater Establishment Wants to Disinvite Famed Critic From Shows Because She Defended Police

Hedy Weiss has been Chief Theater Critic for the Chicago Sun-Times since 1984, a popular fixture in theater circles for decades. But that has changed in recent weeks. Leading arts figures in the Windy City have created a petition demanding that she no longer be invited to productions.

Weiss’ “crime”? She keeps posting opinions the Chicago theater scene finds offensive. It all came to a head when Weiss recently reviewed Steppenwolf Theater’s production of playwright Antoinette Nwandu’s Pass Over, a modern black version of Samuel Beckett’s classic Waiting for Godot.


Children of Darkness – non-fiction television – Liberalism and Mental Health Issues


Anti-bullying activist accused of faking bullying

TORONTO – An anti-bullying activist has been charged with public mischief after an investigation by the Toronto District School Board and Toronto Police.

Emily Wright, a former early childhood educator with the TDSB, had complained officially to police that someone among her Orde Street Public School colleagues had sent her bullying and threatening notes.

Const. Victor Kwong said investigators believe Wright was the author of those notes, including one written on the bottom of her dog’s bowl.

Here’s her original sad sad sad story. Sad.

“I put in a lot of extra hours and tried to make an assembly for the whole school so everyone could benefit on Pink Shirt Day,” Wright said. “And the next morning when I came to school I had a note from somebody else who worked in the school stating that my assembly sucked as much as I did.”


Brown University Teaching High School Kids to Be Social Justice Warriors

While some high-school students spend the summer playing video games or hanging out with friends, other teens have different plans — and many of them are learning how to become social justice activists through college-sponsored summer programs.

Next month, Brown University will play host to one of these programs, a “Leadership and Social Justice” class geared towards students as young as 15.


Manufacturing victimhood at University of Toronto

In the late 1960s in Pakistan, during the uprising against Field Marshal Ayub Khan’s military dictatorship, the Left that led us infused the concept of ‘internationalism’ and ‘universal human rights’.

The concept of ‘cultural appropriation’ or segregation based on colour was alien to my teenaged comrades.

The concept of tribal identity or communities based on skin colour was a ‘reactionary’ concept – a primitive idea that we thought had been given a death knell by the 1948 UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights.


After High Schoolers Walk Out Offended, University Adds Trigger Warning to ‘The Fantasticks’

High school students attending a University of Wyoming pre-college summer camp are already engaging in activism, walking out of the theater department’s summer musical because they considered its content deeply offensive and triggering.

The Department of Theater and Dance is performing The Fantasticks, a famed Broadway show that debuted in 1960.


4 Recent Entertaining Episodes Of SJWs Tying Themselves In Knots

If there were any doubt remaining, last week’s Team Kardashian camo-bikini outrage confirmed the Left has vaulted from the realm of parody into the twilight zone of cognitive dissonance. Cultural appropriation is definitively getting out of hand, and the results are hilarious. Here are four of the most obvious recent examples of the Left’s continuing excursion in nonsense-land.


Evergreen Prof. Bret Weinstein’s greatest alleged sin? Not suffering in silence

By now you hopefully are familiar with the plight of Evergreen State College professor Bret Weinstein. You can follow our prior coverage at the Evergreen State College Tag.

The short version of the story is that for the sin of objecting to a racist proposal that white students and faculty leave campus for a day, Weinstein has been subjected to well-documented harassment, threats and abuse by a coalition of “social justice” students and faculty on campus. The administration further enabled the attacks on Weinstein through cowardly capitulation to student demands.


Now saying genius or brilliant ‘can alienate female students’

Now saying genius or brilliant ‘can alienate female students’: Cambridge academics are discouraged from using phrases with ‘assumptions of gender inequality’