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U.S. Parents Raise Gender-Neutral ‘Theybies’ to Counteract Stereotypes

The parents embarking on this bizarre new experiment in social engineering refer to their children as “theybies”—rather than “babies”—to underscore their gender amorphousness. They refuse to refer to their children as “he” or “she” and dress them in gender-neutral clothing and hairstyles, presumably to allow the children to drift toward a particular gender identity without parental prodding.


UT makes student reflect on ‘masculinity’ as punishment

…In a interview with Campus Reform, the student said that the sanctions “[make] it clear that my sex was a factor in their disciplinary decision,” pointing out that “My restitution was to go through counseling…and write some humiliating paper about how I would conform to their standards for my sex.”

Boys having actual fun. Toxic!

“That’s not just discrimination; that’s treating masculinity as a mental health issue, and pretending they have some pretentious duty to correct the supposed defects in my sex for the betterment of all society,” he added.

“If the University of Texas-Austin had a program to counsel black students on how to tamp down characteristics associated with black stereotypes, nobody would hesitate to call that racist,” he argued, drawing a parallel with the school’s masculinity programming.

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Andrea Horwath demands Conservative minister apologize for not giving racialized bullets a fair shot

NDP demands PC minister apologize for ‘racist’ vest remarks

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is demanding a Doug Ford cabinet minister apologize for the “racist” comment that he wore a bulletproof vest on a ride along with police in the Jane-Finch community.

“He used awful stereotypes to describe that community, and he made comments that were deeply offensive to many people,” Horwath said in the Ontario legislature Thursday. “You don’t build trust with racist slurs.”

Andrea – you made this a race issue.


David Staples: In new social studies curriculum, there’s no such things as Albertans or Canadians

In the world according to the new social studies curriculum there is no such thing as Albertans or even Canadians.

In the many thousands of words of the new curriculum prototype document for K-4 social studies, which spells out in detail how and what things are going to be taught in Alberta schools, there’s not one explicit reference to Albertans or Canadians, let alone any notion that there’s value in teaching Alberta history or Canadian history.

That’s evidently not a priority. Nor is introducing students to the broad sweep of human history.

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Punch smacks out Judy in blind rage after Snowflakes cancel show

Child entertainer blasts ‘PC culture’ and ‘snowflakes’ after his Punch and Judy shows were cancelled over fears it portrayed domestic violence

A children’s entertainer has told how he was forced to cancel a Punch and Judy show at a primary school because of fears that it portrayed domestic violence.

Brian Llewellyn, 64, was asked to ensure that Punch did not hit Judy – even though that is a key element of the show. He also had to scrap a performance at an Armed Forces Day event because it was due to take place near a women’s refuge.


Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ poem scrubbed off wall by students who claim he was a ‘racist’

He is regarded as one of England’s greatest writers, whose poems were praised as the nation’s favourites and whose books were lauded as classics of children’s literature.

But it appears that Rudyard Kipling has fallen out of favour with today’s generation of students, after it emerged that his “If” poem has been scrubbed off a building by university students who claim he was a “racist”.

Student leaders at Manchester University declared that Kipling “stands for the opposite of liberation, empowerment, and human rights”


Far-Left Sleeping Giants Demands Twitter Censorship After Founder Matt Rivitz Revealed

Far-left boycott group Sleeping Giants, which specializes in harassing the advertisers of conservative media organizations, is now complaining to Twitter about alleged harassment after its anonymous leader, Matt Rivitz, was revealed.

Sleeping Giants, along with other far-left groups like Media Matters for America, aims to drive conservative media off the web through social media campaigns directed at their advertisers.


Winning! Is there anything President Trump can’t accomplish? Prof claims Trump ‘making microaggressions worse’ on campus

A professor at the University of St. Thomas in Texas recently blamed the Trump administration for the rise in microaggressions she and her colleagues have allegedly faced from each other since the 2016 election.

Nicole Walters published “Trump’s America is Making Microaggressions an Even Greater Reality for Women Faculty of Color” in the recent issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal Women, Gender, and Families of Color.


‘Clean up after yourselves’: San Francisco mayor plans to ask homeless nicely not to poo in streets

San Francisco’s mayor has an idea to stop the homeless pooping in the street: ask them to stop – or to at least clean up. She blames charities for San-Fran’s poo-gate, saying they should teach people to “respect the community”.

The city is in crisis – vagrants brazenly use drugs on the streets and trash is strewn across footpaths and roads… but watch where you step, as you could also find yourself ankle-deep in human poop. After reports showed that complaints about human feces have doubled in the last three years, the newly-minted mayor, London Breed, pledged to tackle the issue head on – by simply asking the homeless to take more pride in their community.


The High Cost of Catering to SJWs on Campus: Dwindling Enrollment and Finances

Over the last few years, a select few schools around the country have shown the high cost of catering to the demands of partisan activist groups and mobs of social justice warriors.

Schools like Evergreen State College, the University of Missouri and Oberlin College are all notorious for their tendency to pander to social justice activists — and now they are paying the price. Although college enrollment is slightly declining throughout the country, these institutions have seen massive declines over just the past few years.


Academics at Bath University are told to stop saying ‘as you know’ to ‘snowflake’ students ‘in case it makes them feel inadequate’

Academics at one of Britain’s top universities have been urged to avoid saying ‘as you know’ in lectures for fear that ‘snowflake’ students will be left feeling inadequate.

The advice was given at a meeting of Bath University’s equality and diversity network, where members were warned it might cause some undergraduates to feel dimmer than others if they did not know what was being referred to and as a result do worse in their degree courses.

Berenice Dalrymple, co-chair of the university’s student union race equality group, told the meeting: ‘Some lecturers used commonly known references stating “as you know”, which could make students feel at fault for not knowing and make it difficult to engage with the course content.’


LEVY: Another shelter wreaks havoc on innocent residents

I first noticed the videos of druggies outside her home on her Twitter posts.

Sammy Barcelos, a mom of three, posted a series showing the lawlessness in her own neighbourhood on the same day — Monday — my story appeared on the crime and violence that has greatly increased around some downtown safe injection sites.


Asian Americans Are The Tipping Point For Rejecting Affirmative Action

Progressives refuse to address the disproportionate harm done to Asian students by affirmative action policies. But everyone else is waking up to it.

This week the Trump administration reversed an Obama-era policy that encouraged colleges to use race as a consideration in admissions. While the move itself is mostly symbolic, it coincides with the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who in 2016 was the swing vote in a case upholding the University of Texas’ race-based admissions policies.