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Hoop Earrings Are The Latest Victim Of Cultural Appropriation

It’s 2017 and hoop earrings are now apparently the latest victim of cultural appropriation.

That’s at least according to Rachel Hosie, a writer for The Independent who recently came out with the article, “Hoop Earrings Criticized As Cultural Appropriation.”

More than just a fashion trend, Hosie says hoop earrings “carry a lot more meaning, and one woman has now called out hoop earrings as a form of cultural appropriation.”


SJW Talks About Why He’s Afraid of Other SJWs

Social justice warriors are a uniquely annoying part of American culture. They will find fault with everyone over a long enough time period, often over insignificant things, and will invariably lash out at anything other than perfect adherence to their own particular brand of zealotry.

Now, an SJW is speaking out about why he fears his own…

Random SJW pic added for color.


Black model defends Dove ad, says it wasn’t racist

Lola Ogunyemi unwittingly found herself at the center of an international furor over a 3-second video posted on Dove’s US Facebook page which showed her removing her t-shirt to reveal a white woman, who then took hers off to reveal an Asian woman.

“I don’t feel it was racist,” she said in an interview with the BBC on Wednesday.

The ad was not racist. Now this poor girl has been cheated out of potential earnings as a result of it being pulled. Way to go SJW’s.


Why It’s Cruel And Stupid To Politicize Marriage And Hard Work As ‘Racism’

These law-school faculty prove the Left has become so Puritanical and rigid that any positive reflection on the post-war period is immediately ‘racist.’ This isn’t history—it’s religion.

Thirty-three professors at the University of Pennsylvania’s Law School have lost their minds in response to their colleague Amy Wax, who published a piece stating something apparently atrocious: Culture matters for human flourishing.

In response to this simple claim, the university erupted in petitionscondemnation, and a spluttering of essays that accomplish very little apart from signaling leftward piety (hereherehere, and here). These precious articles represent the academy’s bad-faith efforts to traduce one of few un-silent conservatives on campus, symptomatic of the intellectual dilapidation in the modern academy.


Your oppressive cisgendered heteronormative patriarchy is making your transgendered dog crazy

Academics claim SEXISM is turning dogs crazy – because pooches struggle to meet ‘gender stereotypes’

Sexism is apparently bad for dogs.

Academics Paul McGreevy, from the University of Sydney, and the University of Wollongong’s Fiona Probyn-Rapsey have blamed gender stereotypes for harming the mental health of pooches.

‘While we know how damaging stereotypes can be for humans, dog owners may not consider just how their conceptual baggage of gender stereotypes affects the animals they live with,’ they said in an article published on The Conversation.

Dr McGreevy, a professor of animal behaviour, and Professor Probyn-Rapsey, a humanities academic, said many dog owners were forcing their ‘own gender identities’ on to their pets.

‘The lives of dogs depend upon how they conform to gender expectations,’ they said.


Biology prof Bret Weinstein’s persecutors face sanctions from Evergreen State College

You know, that non-PC nerd who was warned that it wasn’t safe for him to go back to teach and eventually settled for $500k. From Eric Owens at Daily Caller:

School officials at the 4,000-student school received approximately 120 incident reports involving 180 students during the days-long series of protests, reports The Olympian, the main newspaper in the town surrounding Evergreen State.

“Of those 180 students, approximately 80 were found responsible for their actions,” Evergreen State spokeswoman Sandra Kaiser told The Olympian. “They received sanctions ranging from formal warnings, community service and probation, to suspension.”

Read the rest of the story, it gets crazier. Then:

Last month, school officials announced that Evergreen State is now facing a $2.1 million budget shortfall as well as a five percent plunge in enrollment. More.

The secret of accountable authority is to know when to use it — for example, when publicly funded universities become dominated by a mission to suppress ideas.

Note this curious detail: “An unidentified person who does not attend Evergreen State was also “subsequently arrested and permanently barred from campus,” Evergreen State spokesman Zach Powers told The Olympian.” Michael Shermer also mentioned at Scientific American that the 2016 prof assault case at Middlebury featured off-campus thugs:

… Editor’s Note (8/18/17): This sentence was edited after the print article was posted online. The original stated that students at Middlebury College “physically attacked” Charles Murray and his campus host, Allison Stanger. In fact, a police investigation determined that it appears several participants in the demonstration against Murray came from outside the campus community and that those wearing masks used “tactics that indicated training in obstruction and intimidation.” Although the attackers were never identified, and thus the police were unable to press charges, Middlebury maintains that the masked assailants were not students but outside agitators.

Free advice for U adminbots: If you tolerate thugs on campus, no surprise, you will attract more vicious and more experienced thugs from the back alleys. If you can’t figure that out, quit soon so we can replace you with people who can. It isn’t hard math, after all.

And while we are here, instead of focusing on punishing the students, try cutting off the problem at the source by going after the profs who lead students to believe that thuggery is freedom. Why should those profs retire in comfort while the students, acting in good faith, have become unemployable menaces, convinced that everyone else is to blame?

See also: This just in: Evergreen U settles with biology prof over threat of harm due to non-PC stance

Could Evergreen State College in Washington, USA, be declared a state pen?

Evergreen biologist files suit

Evergreen biology prof Bret Weinstein’s shocking testimony at You Tube


Bad sex

Australian universities appear to have completely capitulated to the virulently anti-male propaganda of radical feminists. Feminists increasingly control what is taught in our faculty departments, even influencing faculty recruitment, where preference is given to women and minority groups. Faculties are presently lowering academic standards in hiring in order to be politically correct. This necessarily lowers the quality of education offered to students and the standards of scholarly publication. The point is not merely that white males have been subject to systematic discrimination in higher education, though that is clearly unacceptable. Free speech is also under serious threat at Australian universities. ‘Speech codes’ and ‘sensitivity training’ severely limit what can be said on campus. And fines are imposed on many campuses for causing ‘offence’.


Don’t get angry about a bunch of white girls singing n***as, blame Kanye and the rap industry for putting it in their songs in the first place

The chorus to ‘Gold Digger’ includes this line:

‘Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger,

But she ain’t messing with no broke niggas,

Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger,

But she ain’t messing with no broke niggas.’

I’ve spelled out the word ‘niggas’ exactly as it was written in the song’s lyrics because it’s important and relevant to do so for the purposes of this column.

Of course, by doing so, I will inevitably provoke outrage from certain quarters, but that outrage is also an important and relevant factor for the purposes of this column.