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Students Fight Oppressive Ice Cream Marginalizing Muslims, Vegans

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are taking action against discriminatory and marginalizing ice cream on campus, since some of the flavors use a beef gelatin.

Yes, we’ve become so far removed from reality on college campuses that students are now fighting against oppressive ice cream. Talk about First World problems.


The Left’s Unfunny War on Comedy

Norm MacDonald was getting his hair and makeup done for The Tonight Show when the comedian was told by Jimmy Fallon, the show’s host, that he wouldn’t be going on.

It wasn’t the first time that NBC had booted Norm.

During the Saturday Night Live era, he had been fired from the show for repeatedly calling O.J. Simpson a murderer to the displeasure of NBC brass who had an extensive relationship with the murderer. Last time around, NBC had shoved Norm out the door for assuming O.J. was guilty. (After the verdict, he had famously joked, “It’s finally official: Murder is legal in the state of California.”) But this time, Norm was shoved out for questioning the #MeToo lynch mob and its ‘verdict first, trial second’ lynch mob.


University announces “White Awake” safe space for white students immediately changes name

Update: After publication of this article, University of Maryland-College Park changed the name of the group to “Anti-Racism and Ally Building Group,” along with a shorter description, which reads, “Do you want to improve your ability to relate to and connect with people different from yourself? Do you want to become a better ally? Members will support and share feedback with each other as they learn more about themselves and how they can fit into a diverse world.”

In a statement provided to Campus Reform on Friday, the university explained the name change: “Our Counseling Center acknowledges that we did not choose the right words in raising awareness about this research-based initiative, and how this group has been perceived is counter to the values of inclusiveness and diversity that we embody. Therefore, we are renaming the group to better reflect our intention and values.”

Oh, so it’s just the usual university hate space.


Terms ‘whiter than white’, ‘pale, stale and male’ and ‘a good egg’ result in racism probes at Scotland Yard

Senior Scotland Yard officer faces the sack for using ‘racist’ term ‘whiter than white’ in briefing to colleagues about being faultless in their inquiries

A senior officer with the Met Police faces the sack after he was accused of racism for using the phrase ‘whiter than white’.

The detective in Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption squad is facing an investigation by the police watchdog after he is said to have used the phrase during a briefing to colleagues.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the term means ‘never doing anything wrong’, and the detective reportedly used it to mean officers’ actions should be beyond reproach.

Another Met officer told The Evening Standard: ‘It may have been a poor use of language but this is not what the misconduct process is for. This is not corruption, this is not serious wrongdoing.’

The paper reported that other officers are being investigating over the use of seemingly innocuous phrases including ‘pale, stale and male’ and ‘a good egg’.


Lawsuit accusing college of banning ‘straight male’ from campus takes a turn

A Title IX official at Montana State University (MSU) has lost her title and has been reassigned during an ongoing federal lawsuit,  is ongoing which accuses the Title IX administrator of being biased against a “straight male” during a Title IX investigation.

The director of the Office of Institutional Equality and Title IX coordinator, Jyl Shaffer, had a “change in status”  which happened on August 3, and is now serving in a new role at MSU as an adjunct instructor in Native American studies, according to the Idaho State Journal. MSU confirmed to Campus Reform that Shaffer had a “change in status,” but would not comment further. The university said they do not comment on ongoing litigation.


Reflections on the Revolution at Yale

Three years ago this Fall, Yale University descended into what can only be described as a fit of mass psychosis.

On November 9, 2015, over 1,000 people—about one fifth of the undergraduate student body—walked out of classrooms and into the quad to participate in a ‘March of Resilience.’ An a cappella group led the crowd in a medley of “We Shall Overcome.” Native Indian performers formed a drum circle. “We are not victims,” a student organizer affiliated with the school’s Latino cultural center declared. “Today, we are on our way to being victors.”

Against what sinister forces did Yale’s students feel compelled to summon up their stocks of ‘resilience’ in righteous battle? The first grievance cited by the student protestors was an alleged ‘white girls only’ party thrown by one of the university’s fraternities. Word of this event had gone from a Facebook post to international headlines, tarnishing Yale’s good name in the process. Had such a party actually taken place, it indeed would have been cause for protest.


Poll Reports Nike Kaepernick Ad Is Shoe-icide

This might be turn out to be the biggest marketing disaster since Coca-Cola changed its formula to become New Coke. Last week Nike was an iconic American brand. But that was before it decided to commit shoe-icde. Since it signed anti-American protester Colin brand favorability for its 30-anniversary “Just Do It” public support for the brand plunged. In other words, Nike Did It–to themselves.


Pro-Free Speech Professor Rick Mehta Fired By Acadia University

Acadia University psychology professor Rick Mehta has been fired six months after the school launched an investigation over allegedly “racist and transphobic” comments. The school said it was legally obligated to investigate in order to provide an environment free from harassment and discrimination.

A brief statement from Acadia University confirmed Mehta’s dismissal this week.


Pukearchy – a complex pyramidal system of intersecting vomit inducing SJW inanities

University of Kansas Hosts ‘Feminist Parenting Group’ to Explore ‘Strategies for Raising Intersectional Feminist Children’

This semester, the University of Kansas will be hosting a “feminist parenting group.” The group will explore “strategies for raising intersectional feminist children” and “empower parents and caregivers to raise children who challenge gender stereotypes and kyriarchy.”


WALSH: The Worst Bullies In America

LGBT activists have succeeded in shutting down another adoption agency. This time Catholic Charities of Buffalo was compelled to discontinue its adoption services because Catholic Charities committed the crime of being Catholic. The organization would not send children into households with same-sex parents. For that, it was forced to shutter. LGBT activists have closed adoption agencies across the country and the world on this same basis.