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Massachusetts Campus Police Chief on Leave After Liking Tweets by NRA, Trump

The new joint campus police chief for Mount Holyoke College and Smith College in Massachusetts has been placed on leave after his personal Twitter account sparked outrage among students. The police chief had allegedly “liked” tweets from the National Rifle Association and President Donald Trump, which caused students to question whether their campus community is “safe.”


Why We Should All Use They/Them Pronouns

This week, tech developers introduced Q, the world’s first “genderless” virtual assistant. Whereas Siri, Alexa and most other electronic helpers speak in conspicuously feminine tones, Q has been engineered to create a gender-neutral effect. As a result, users can benefit from all the useful information and guidance available to us today, without reinforcing the old-fashioned idea that the role of eager helpmate is necessarily played by a woman.

But degendering is not just good for robots. It’s time we humans get serious about it too.


Beto O’Rourke Calls on US to Pay to Latin American Countries to Curb Migration

Former congressman and current Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has come up with an unexpected solution to the migration problem: the US must pour taxpayer money into countries where migrants originate from — predominantly the “Northern Triangle” of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras — to make their lives cozy enough to dissuade them from going to the United States.


Liberals’ Invite-Only – ̷A̷n̷t̷i̷-̷R̷a̷c̷i̷s̷m̷ ̷S̷t̷r̷a̷t̷e̷g̷y̷ – Blame Whitey Election Strategy Consultations Quietly Wrap In Secrecy

OTTAWA — Details about the government’s new anti-racism strategy continue to be shrouded in secrecy after at least $845,000 was spent on 22 closed-door consultations across Canada.

Documents tabled in the House of Commons show all the invitation-only meetings were held between October 2018 and early March in cities including Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Calgary, and Vancouver. The last one was held in Iqaluit, Nunavut on March 4.

I would love to see the “secret feedback” from these consultations. The Liberal Party’s stock in trade is hate. They’re currently conspiracy mongering on social media with a blitz warning of the growing threat posed by  “white supremacy”.  Its purpose is to fire up the LPC base with hate for anyone opposed to Trudeau and it will sell well in the last urban bastions of LPC strength. If the LPC hope to hold on to power they need to pump up their base of guilt ridden white liberals, the ususal suspect ethnic vote blocs and the SJW’s of the only industry they have actually managed to grow – Hate Mongering.


Trudeau, Scheer Tangle In Heated Exchange About White Supremacy

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer traded heated barbs in the House of Commons Wednesday on the scourge of white supremacy.

Trudeau called on the Conservative leader to denounce white supremacists by name after a Tory senator’s remarks about racism. Scheer accused the prime minister of using “typical Liberal smear tactics” to avoid talking about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

A simple “F&ck Off Justin you’re a lowlife race baiter” would do.


Racial Resentment As Pedagogy

Education researchers seem far more interested in “interrogating whiteness” than in developing methodologies to help black students improve their skills

This weekend, more than 14,000 academics will gather in Toronto to share their research for the American Educational Research Association’s annual conference. In past years, I’ve documented the focus of AERA academics on matters that seem only obliquely connected to curriculum, instruction, and policy. It looks like more of the same this year, from the symposium on “Liberating Oppressed Ontologies and Cosmologies for Transformational Praxis” to the paper “Queer Evolution: (Re)invigorating Environmental Education through Queer Interpretations of Evolutionary Onto-Epistemological Choreography.” But this year’s conference has especially lofty ambitions. Under the title Leveraging Education Research in a ‘Post-Truth’ Era: Multimodal Narratives to Democratize Evidence, the event’s promotional poster features a lighthouse inscribed with the words “Trust, Integrity, Methodology, and Reliability,” which looks out over a sea of “Post-Truth, Propaganda, and Fabrication.”


NYC Casting Call Says ‘White Artists’ Will Be Paid Less Than ‘POC Artists,’ And Undergo ‘Mandatory’ Session Of ‘Anti-Racism Training’

A casting call was recently posted on Backstage, a website for actors and technicians, for a small ensemble play in New York City.

Underneath the “rehearsal” heading, the call stated that white actors who were cast in the show would participate in a mandatory “anti-racism training” session. That training session would not be mandatory for actors of other races.

Under the “compensation” heading, the call stated that actors of color would be paid more than white actors.


So Yale Law School endorses anti-religious bigotry now?

…One might expect an event with a successful Supreme Court advocate to be welcomed at an elite law school. But before the event had even taken place, more than 20 student organizations publicly condemned the event and speaker.

The problem? Waggoner’s orthodox Christian beliefs and a commitment to religious liberty. Parroting Southern Poverty Law Center talking points, protesters claimed she worked for a “homophobic, transphobic hate group.” Never mind that Alliance Defending Freedom has won nine Supreme Court cases in the past seven years.


Eva Kiryakos should have stood her ground

Calgary UCP candidate drops out as ‘bully’ threatens to reveal her social media posts on ‘migrant rape crisis’

Eva Kiryakos should have stood her ground. If Kenney had any decency he’d stand up for her.

She has not said anything untruthful. Unpalatable to politically correct cowards, bigots and racists perhaps, but none of it can be disputed.

Only a monster would deny that the persecution of Christians in the Middle East by Islamists is a matter of routine.

So called “Asian” rape gangs were allowed to run rampant in Great Britain, and “migrant” rape is very real in Germany and throughout Europe.

A perverse regime of political correctness that made the fear of being called “racist” the ultimate crime is cited by “authorities” to explain why they willfully turned a blind eye to rape gang predation of children in Great Britain.

This same sick & twisted political correctness is at work in the vile lynch mob that has stalked Eva Kiryakos.

So why isn’t Kenney defending her?