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Pakistan’s ‘last Jew’ Fishel Benkhald complains of anti-Semitism

Dubbed “Pakistan’s last Jew,” Fishel Benkhald, a resident of the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, was originally registered as a Muslim and was named Faisal Khalid. After several months of bureaucratic struggle and paperwork, he was finally recognized by the Islamic country’s authorities as a Jew in March this year.


Exposing Muslim anti-Semitism in Germany

Karl Lagerfeld to Merkel: One cannot kill millions of Jews and put millions of their worst enemies in their place.

To what extent did top designer Karl Lagerfeld tell the truth when he attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the Salut les Terriens! (Hello Earthlings!) Show on the C8 Channel on November 11 for her policy of open borders for refugees? He observed that one cannot – even if decades pass between these events – kill millions of Jews and put millions of their worst enemies in their place .

Lagerfeld added: “I know someone in Germany who took in a young Syrian. After four days, the young man said: ‘The greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust.’ The young man was thrown out.”


Excusing Jew hatred in Canada

‘Under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has become a more dangerous place for Jews.”

The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, recently published a disgraceful article defending a Toronto imam who called for the genocide of Jews.

Ayman Elkasrawy is a former teaching assistant at Ryerson University and junior employee at his mosque, Masjid Toronto.

“O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them. O Allah! Purify the Al-Aqsa mosque from the filth of the Jews!” invoked Elkasrawy in a sermon in 2016. After video of his prayer surfaced, Elkasrawy backtracked, claiming that he misspoke.

The Toronto Star contends that Elkasrawy’s words were twisted.

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Normalizing Anti-Semitism in Student Governments

In the campus war against Israel, the all too familiar refrain from student anti-Israel activists, many of whom form the loose coalition of groups and individuals spearheading the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, is that their quarrel is only with Israel and its government’s policies, not with Jews themselves. But that specious defense continues to fall away, revealing some caustic and base anti-Semitism, representing a seismic shift in the way that Jews are now being indicted not just for supporting Israel, but merely for being Jewish.

This is multiculturalism. This is diversity. This is the poison your government has unleashed.


Mother of terrorist who murdered French Jewish children: “The prophet permits the killing of Jewish children”

In Paris, France, the trial against Abelkader Merah (35), the brother of Mohammed Merah, is entering its fourth week. Mohammed Merah, the 23-year-old gunman who killed seven people, including three Jewish children, a teacher and three paratroopers whom he shot in the back, was shot and killed by French police after a 32-hour stand-off in 2012. His brother, Abelkader, is on trial for complicity in the killings. Special attention has been given to his mother’s, Zoulikha Aziri, testimony, which was given on 18 October.


A Toronto imam was accused of hate-preaching against Jews. But that wasn’t the whole story

Ayman Elkasrawy got the phone call late on a Sunday night in February. An incredulous friend was on the line, with a strange and troubling question.

“Did you pray for the killing of the Jews?”

The friend sent him an online article about Masjid Toronto, the downtown mosque where Elkasrawy worked as an assistant imam. It included a video: rows of Muslim worshippers standing under fluorescent lights, their eyes closed and hands cupped. At the front of the crowded room was Elkasrawy, dressed in white and praying to God in Arabic.

“O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them,” read the article’s translation of his prayers. “O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa mosque from the filth of the Jews!”

Looks like we’re going to need a category for Plausible Denial – and it only took 8 months to come up with this version of events.


Toronto Star Expose! Imam was Jew Hatey but not Jew Hatey Jew Hatey or something…

Seriously, the Star published this steaming pile of crap.

A Toronto imam was accused of hate-preaching against Jews. But that wasn’t the whole story

“…Elkasrawy now realizes how wrong it was to mention “the Jews,” especially since his intention was to pray for the mosque, not against people.

“If I could say it in a more clear way,” he says, “it would be ‘O Allah, protect the Al-Aqsa mosque from occupation. Or preserve the sacredness of the Al-Aqsa mosque from violation.’”

He said “Jews” is widely used in the Arabic-speaking world to mean “Israeli forces” or “Israeli occupiers,” not as a sweeping reference to all ethnic and religious Jews. But he acknowledges this common usage is problematic. And, he asks, “How is it perceived in my (current) community? It’s something I didn’t take into account.”

He said “Jews” is widely used in the Arabic-speaking world to mean “Israeli forces” or “Israeli occupiers,” not as a sweeping reference to all ethnic and religious Jews.

See he was just misunderstood! Like they always claim when they get caught.  “Anti-Zionists” state emphatically that they refer specifically to Zionists and not Jews or Judaism when they vent their hatred of Israel, guess this guy will say he’s been misunderstood again. Only the Star could publish such crap.

Ayman Elkasrawy only a little bit Jew Hatey says Toronto Star

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The Toronto Star Whitewashes Islamic Scripture–and an Imam Who Quoted From It–So That It Can Slam/Slander Israel

You have to read this Toronto Star piece in its entirety in order to believe it–and even then you may find it utterly gobsmacking. (I know I did.) In a nutshell, it’s about a Toronto imam who got into hot water when he recited a hateful passage of Islamic scripture, and about how he reached out to some local Jews for absolution. The Star reporter underscores that the whole thing was a big mix-up, since Islamic scripture doesn’t really say mean things about Jews, and, besides, Israel/Zionism/”the Occupation” and its mean-spirited “far right” supporters are the real problem.


Simon Wiesenthal Center calls on TDSB to pull Islamic guide that cites anti-Semitic Nation of Islam

The Toronto District School Board’s controversial Islamic Heritage Month guidebook is facing criticism from yet another prominent advocacy organization, this time the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC).

While the organization is urging the TDSB pull the whole guide pending a full review of all its contents, they’ve focused their complaint on one section in the guide that promotes the Nation of Islam.

It’s not the first the first time the TDSB has called on the Nation of Islam to supply student inspiration, in 2013 they quoted Minister Farrakhan… in an “Equitable Schools” Document. Now that’s gall.


Jewish groups disappointed charges were not laid against two imams

Jewish groups are disappointed that the Crown will not bring charges against two imams who made anti-Semitic statements, including a call for the death of Jews, in a Montreal mosque, due to the amount of time that’s passed.

Wael al-Ghitawi and Sayed al-Ghitawi gave the contentious sermons at the Al-Andalous Islamic Centre in the St-Laurent borough of Montreal in 2014.

Both the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and B’nai Brith Canada filed complaints against the men with Montreal police, charging that they had incited hatred and violence against Jews.

Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s shared values with Islam…


Anti-Semitic Incidents In Germany Rising As Jews Claim Islamic Extremists Commit Most Violent Attacks

The German Interior Ministry has announced that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the country has risen by four per cent since last year as some accuse the government of presenting the crimes as coming from right-wing sources rather than radical Islamists.


‘I knew he’d get beaten to a pulp’

French ex-principal reveals he advised Jews not to attend his school for their safety.

A former principal at a preparatory school for teenagers in Marseille said that he regularly advised Jews not to attend his institution for fear of harassment by other students.

The revelation, that has grabbed front-page headlines in mainstream media in France, came in a newly-published book coauthored by the retired principal, Bernard Ravet, and Emmanuel Davindenkoff, a Le Monde journalist.

In an interview for the L’Express newspaper, Ravet recalled one case in which he as the principal of a public school asked a counterpart from a private Jewish school in Marseille to accept an Israeli boy whose mother wanted to enroll him at Ravet’s school.