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Can you go to jail for ‘misgendering’? One British journalist is about to find out

Here we go again. Another woman in Britain is facing a police investigation – and potentially, a jail sentence – because she wrote things online about sex, gender and a person who changed gender.

So far, so familiar, but this tale has a significant feature. The woman is a journalist. A British police force is investigating a journalist over words that she published.


Human Rights Commission director says she was regulating ‘hate speech’ – Gets Ass Kicked

Pro-tip for Marti Buscaglia: She may want to just stop talking to the press. She’s not making it better and now that there’s an official investigation into her conduct, it’s time for her to just clam up for a bit. In fact, taking a quick vacation to Hawaii would be advisable.

Buscaglia, the executive director of the Alaska Human Rights Commission told a reporter on Friday that she simply wasn’t sure:

Was the “Black Rifles Matter” truck decal free speech or hate speech?

Since she wasn’t sure, she took action to regulate it as hate speech in a parking lot on A Street that is leased by the State.

Marti Buscaglia is the sort of person who in the old Soviet Union was happy just doing their job – running Gulags. It’s a peculiar personality that is well suited to work at “Human Rights” commissions.


Vancouver talk derailed as free speech versus hate speech conflict escalates

VANCOUVER—An event featuring controversial far-right speakers is now in limbo as a conflict between two UBC student groups this week continues to escalate, prompting the planned venue to pull out Wednesday morning.

The event was planned by the UBC Free Speech Club, which has gained attention since its inception in 2016 for bringing in far-right speakers. Friday’s headliners were to be Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, who have been widely condemned as racists, fascists and white nationalists.

Max Pechstein – Poster for periodical An die Laterne (To the Lamp Post) – 1919
Pechstein, one of the most politically engaged artists of the early postwar period, made this poster to advertise the short-lived journal An die Laterne (To the lamp post), which promoted the incumbent Social Democratic Party. Its image of clenched-fisted, flag-carrying protestors—probably communists—marching past a man hanged from a lamppost was a warning against the mob violence and anarchy that threatened to destabilize the fledgling Weimar Republic.


Memes could be filtered out by EU copyright law

“User-generated platforms would look completely different from what we know today” warned Dr. Stephan Dreyer, at the Leibniz Institute for Media Research. Article 13 of the EU’s new directive on Copyright is under sustained criticism from media experts and campaigners, warning of a risk of unintended censorship with no working exceptions for satire or small businesses, which could lead to a filtering of legal content and a further monopolization of the internet.

Although the initiative has strong support from publishers like the Axel Springer Group, and copyright agencies like the German GEMA service, Media Rights experts from the Science Media Center Germany have issued a warning about the consequences of the legislation on freedom of speech and in particular satire.


We Ban Books Here

Way back in the old days, the Left used to accuse conservatives of being against free speech and open debate. They would say the Right was in favor of burning books and heresy laws. When conservatives rose to power in the 1980’s, it was time for them to “own the libs” by pointing out that the Soviets banned books, threw dissidents into gulags and banned speech critical of the state. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn became a celebrity among conservatives, as an example of how the communists suppressed speech.


Serena Williams cartoon not racist, Australian press watchdog rules

A controversial cartoon of Serena Williams which was accused of being racist and presenting her as “ape-like” has been found by Australia’s media watchdog to be acceptable.

The cartoon, which appeared in Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper, depicted a heated exchange between Williams and an umpire during her loss to Naomi Osaka in the final of last year’s US Open.

The Australian Press Council issued a ruling on the cartoon after receiving complaints from readers who found it offensive and sexist and believed it presented a prejudicial racial stereotype of African-American people.


University student suspended for criticising halal slaughter and the Islamisation of Britain

Sebastian Walsh expressed his controversial opinions during class seminars and the University of Central Lancashire decided to suspend him after they received several complaints about his behaviour.


Twitter Allows ‘Verified’ Calls for Violence Against Conservative High School Kids

Twitter has spent years assuring the public that it will crack down on trolling, harassment, and violent threats. It’s also pledged to tackle “misinformation” and “unhealthy conversation,” using these loaded terms as excuses to ban a wide range of anti-progressive dissidents from the platform.


How the Left Turned Free Speech into Hate Speech

The Sixties Revolution has gone the way of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution and every other left-wing revolution that comes to mind. The radicalism of yesteryear somehow turned into PC orthodoxy or what we might call Correctism. Another revolution that was meant to be about emancipation has become humanity’s nightmare. The heirs to the 1960s Free Speech Movement have taken it upon themselves to play the role—as Google Inc put it—of “the Good Censor”.

Why did fashionable libertarians give up on libertarianism? When did the ideological successors to the do-what-you-want-to-do-be-what-you-want-to-be movement stop defending free speech in order to prosecute hate speech? The late Timothy Leary, were his mortal remains not spinning in the stratosphere, would be turning in his grave. To make sense of it all we must, as Chairman Mao would counsel us, seek the contradictions within the revolution itself.


Free Speech Is Dead in Canada: The Persecution of Christian Activist Bill Whatcott

In the past year, I witnessed two frightening assaults on free speech by a kangaroo “justice” system. This wasn’t in some banana republic, North Korea, or China; it was in Canada. These were gut-wrenching experiences for me.

These stories from Canada are potent warnings to the U.S.

If Congress and more states pass anti-discrimination “equality” laws giving special protection to LGBTQ identities, “hate speech” prosecutions and compelled speech will surely follow.


‘Anything you’ve ever said will be used against you’

Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, on what his ban from Patreon means for internet freedom.

Recently, YouTuber Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, was banned from Patreon, one of the internet’s most popular crowdfunding platforms for content-creators. Benjamin is well-known for his regular missives against PC culture and for his willingness to offend.

Patreon says Benjamin violated its community guidelines on hate speech. But the offending content was never hosted or funded by Patreon. In an interview for another YouTube channel, Benjamin referred to a group of alt-right trolls who had been harassing him as ‘niggers’ and ‘faggots’.

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