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LILLEY: Ford’s beer battle could be lost due to Wynne

“Don’t worry, beer is coming to those convenience stores,” Ford said.

But standing between that promise and reality is one of the worst agreements ever signed by the Government of Ontario.

Don’t get me wrong… if you are the Beer Store or one of its original shareholders — Labatt, Molson and Sleeman — then this is a great deal, but from the point of view of the taxpayer, it is awful.


Province, feds submit closing arguments in Ontario carbon tax court battle

Ontario’s constitutional challenge to Ottawa’s imposition of a carbon charge was left in the hands of five Appeal Court justices on Thursday after the hearing wrapped up with each side pressing the court to find in its favour.

In closing submissions, a federal lawyer warned that climate change posed an urgent threat. Ottawa, she said, has addressed an issue of national concern in a manner that respects provincial jurisdiction.

Ontario, however, stood by its view that the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act — if deemed constitutional — would undermine co-operative federalism by allowing Ottawa to overstep the dividing line between federal and provincial spheres of authority.


Ontario wants to ban ‘hate-promoting’ rallies. Parents and pro-lifers are alarmed

Canada’s leading pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition is raising the alarm that a private member’s bill banning “hate-promoting demonstrations” at Ontario’s legislature will be used to squelch pro-family protests against sex-ed or the homosexual agenda in provincial schools.

Of course it will.


Ontario’s challenge of Federal carbon tax heads to court this week

TORONTO – The federal and Ontario governments are set to square off in the province’s top court this week over Ottawa’s climate change law in a fight experts say is as much political and ideological as it is legal.

At issue is the validity of Liberal government legislation that kicked in on April 1 and imposed a charge on gasoline and other fossil fuels as well as on industrial polluters. The law applies in those provinces that have no carbon-pricing regime of their own that meets national standards.


Usual suspects slam Ontario’s ‘discriminatory’ legal aid cuts for refugee claimants

Legal Aid Ontario’s funding was slashed by 30 per cent in the province’s 2019 budget, prompting criticism from lawyers and the federal government.

The Doug Ford government said the cuts — which mean Legal Aid Ontario will receive $133 million less in this fiscal year than the $456 million it had anticipated — will eliminate funding for refugee and immigration law services.

Let Justin pay for Justin’s refugees.


GOLDSTEIN: Doug Ford’s first budget is Liberal-lite

If there was any doubt before Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s first budget Thursday, we now know his Progressive Conservatives are nothing like Mike Harris’ common sense revolutionaries of 1995 to 2002.

Ford’s PC’s are populists, not revolutionaries, and, alarmingly, are already displaying the spendthrift tendencies of the Dalton McGuinty — Kathleeen Wynne Liberal governments of 2003 to 2018.


Doug Ford commits $11.2B for 4 major GTA transit projects, including new ‘Ontario Line’

Premier Doug Ford’s provincial government unveiled its nearly $30-billion transit expansion plan — including a new 15-kilometre “Ontario Line” stretching from Ontario Place to the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.

Meant to replace the concept of a Downtown Relief Line to ease what Ford calls the “dangerous congestion” on the city’s subway network, the proposed line will be double the length proposed by the city at a cost of nearly $11 billion.

“We’re making the largest investment in new subways in Canadian history,” Ford told reporters on Wednesday.

Well at least there’s no plan for a monorail.


Reaction pours in following news of Ontario’s plan to cut 3,475 teaching jobs

Educators, parents, and politicians in Ontario are reacting to reports the provincial government plans to cut thousands of full-time teaching positions over the next four years.

According to a memo sent by Ontario’s Ministry of Education to school board directors on Wednesday, 3,475 teaching positions will be phased out for an estimated saving of $851 million.