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Ford once again presses Tory for action on gun violence in new letter

Premier Doug Ford slammed Toronto Mayor John Tory in an open letter Saturday afternoon saying once again that Tory has refused to bring the issue of guns and gangs before city council.

In his latest letter to Tory, Ford reiterated the provincial government’s investment of $25 million in funding, which will help in providing tools and resources to combat gun violence, but added that more needs to be done.


Tesla suing Ontario government over cancellation of electric vehicle rebates

The Canadian arm of Tesla, Inc., is taking the Ontario government to court, claiming it has been treated unfairly in the cancellation of a program providing rebates to residents who bought electric vehicles.

In an application for judicial review, Tesla Motors Canada says the decision by Premier Doug Ford‘s government to cancel the program in July left hundreds of its customers no longer eligible for rebates they expected to get when they ordered their vehicles.

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Teachers’ union to back members who defy province’s sex-ed decree

Any elementary teacher who teaches students the updated 2015 sex-ed curriculum will have the full and legal support of their union, says its leader.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario says it strongly denounces the Ontario government’s decision to repeal the updated sexual health curriculum which leaves teachers to provide lessons based on 1998 material. The old teachings don’t include topics such as gender identity, online safety or consent.


Horwath loses cool, and credibility, over Toronto council protest

Pandemonium is the best word to describe the goings-on at the Ontario Legislature last week.

NDP Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath verbally threw the kitchen sink at Premier Doug Ford, wildly making allegations Ford had a secret plot on municipal elections, acted like a dictator and carried out and engaged in the “most anti-democratic action this province has seen in years.”

I hope she keeps her “Batshit Crazy” going.


Former BC premier to lead inquiry into past govt. spending in Ontario

Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government has appointed a former British Columbia premier to lead an independent inquiry into the previous Liberal government’s spending.

Premier Doug Ford says Gordon Campbell will head the Commission of Inquiry, which will issue a public report on its findings by Aug. 30.

Ford also announced that the province is taking bids from outside experts to conduct a line-by-line audit of government books.