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Behind the exodus from US state schools

As fierce national debate over controversial social justice issues spills into America’s public schools, many parents are responding by pulling their children out.

This is playing out in Texas especially, because even though independent-minded Texans typically don’t have much time for government meddling, many nevertheless adhere to that higher form of government – religion.

Hence many Texas parents are increasingly frustrated at what they perceive as religion being phased out of Texas public schools.


Hippies Crying And Screaming Over A Tree


Antifa Plans Violence For August 12 In DC And Across The Country

On the Antifa group shutitdowndc website, we see a number of statements which tells us they are not only planning more violence and/or vandalism, but are planning for members to be arrested. They list groups associated with counter-protesting the Unite the Right 2 rally in DC, which include Black Lives Matter, resistance groups, anarchists, socialists, feminists, and a number of groups with Antifa in their names.


Hey BuzzFeed, Che Guevara Was A Bloodthirsty Terrorist

No one was ever made less poor by Che’s revolutions. Only less alive.

The terrorist Ernesto “Che” Guevara met his karmic end, executed without a trial in a muddy hut by CIA-trained Bolivian operatives, in 1967. Since that moment, however, his life has been endlessly romanticized by the Left—a trend that doesn’t seem to be abating.

His life isn’t only idealized by Communists or Cuban tyrants, but by old-fashioned American liberals who have a longstanding practice of whitewashing socialist history.


The Left’s Political Jihad Against Trump, The Constitution And America

When it comes to waging war, Democrats keep their eyes open at all times for ways to win their conflicts. Guerilla warfare was a bit too messy for them (after all, most of the guns are owned by patriotic, traditional Americans, who know how to use them), and Communism, Rules For Radicals instructions and the radical-left presidency of community organizer Barack Obama were tried and got them a great distance toward their goals, but the election of Donald Trump to the Oval Office upset their plans and threw them for a loop, so they decided to try a new tack and employ the no-holds-barred tactics of deadly serious radical Islamists.


Democratic Socialists set up shop on campuses nationwide

The Young Democratic Socialists of America organization claims to have added more than 200 campus chapters over the past year, up from just 15 chapters in 2016.

YDSA chapters ostensibly engage in activism on behalf of left-wing causes like free healthcare and abortion, but conservative students note that most of their efforts seem to involve vandalism and disrupting free speech.


When Progressives Colluded With the Kremlin in a Presidential Election

Progressive here, progressive there, progressive everywhere.

In fact, if you want a case of collusion between an American political party and Moscow in a presidential election, forget sniffing around 2016. Go back to 1948, where progressives created the smelly blueprint.

That year, the Progressive Party ran for president one Henry A. Wallace.


The Democrat Future Isn’t Socialist, It’s Crazy

They don’t want socialism, they want Trump dead.

The socialists are having a moment. At least if you believe the media

But if the socialists were really having a moment, their big show wouldn’t be a 28-year-old birdbrain whose big achievement was beating a boring white guy in a Hispanic district he didn’t even live in.


From riches to rags: Venezuelans become Latin America’s new underclass

Free-spending Venezuelans once crammed store aisles in foreign countries famously uttering “dame dos” — “I’ll take two.” But the citizens of what was once South America’s richest nation per capita are now confronting a devastating reversal of fortune, emerging as the region’s new underclass.

As their oil-rich country buckles under the weight of a failed socialist experiment, an estimated 5,000 people a day are departing the country in Latin America’s largest migrant outflow in decades.


Millennial Socialism: Stupid, Evil, or Both?

Congratulations, oh most insufferable of generations – against all odds and confounding the experts, you have still somehow managed to make yourselves even more annoying. Apparently, the hep new jive among your tiresome cohort is “Democratic Socialism,” resurrecting a poisonous nineteenth-century political death cult and putting a kicky new spin on it to make it palatable for the suckers. It’s the political equivalent of hipsters who insist vinyl records are superior because they didn’t grow up forced to crank their tunes on that miserable format.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the kind of socialist only capitalism could produce

Capitalism is the greatest engine for the production of wealth that the ingenuity of man has ever devised. But after it achieves a certain level of prosperity, it regularly excretes characters like Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, beneficiaries of capitalism whose contempt for its strictures is equaled only by their ignorance of its tenets.