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Charlie Daniels: Socialism Is Not About Compassion; It’s About Control

What I write here is admittedly theoretical, an opinion cultivated by trying to figure out the end game of those who seem dead set on turning America into a socialist nation, and, at least in my opinion, wittingly or unwittingly, serve a cause that is neither being acknowledged or admitted to. It is but a shadowy end game that lurks in the enclaves of international politics and intrigue.


Secular universities now demand a ‘profession of faith’

Many religious universities have historically used “statements of faith” to uphold their religious mission. But while such policies are on the wane, a different sort of religious statement is increasingly common at secular colleges — namely, the statement of diversity.

Professors and other faculty members are asked to pledge their commitment to “equity” and “inclusion” and to demonstrate how they have acted to fulfill this pledge in the past. And much as with the religious version, the goal of these policies is to ensure uniformity of belief.

Consider the University of California, Los Angeles.


Ocasio-Cortez, Omar fire back after NRA official says ‘real America’ will reject socialist policies

U.S. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar attacked NRA lobbyist Chris Cox on Friday after he warned of the “socialist wave” engulfing America and promised there will be a “rude awakening” when “real America” votes against those espousing far-left ideas.


The Ideological Roots of Modern Socialists

More often than not, socialism is associated with Marxism. But this is a misconception, as Marxism is an ideology of communism, an extreme and exceptional current of socialism. Marxism left a significant ideological imprint in socialist doctrines; nevertheless, it did not constitute a mass movement of the Left.

The reality is trivial: Marxism belongs to the Left, but the mainstream of the Left’s ideologies is not Marxian.


Ocasio-Cortez Makes A ‘How My Green New Steal Saved The World’ Video

Perhaps to feed America’s superhero envy, or more probably to feed her own ego, freshman member of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has starred in a video of herself decades in the future explaining how her Green New Deal saved the world and made America a better place.

The video’s script was written by Socialist/America hater Naiomi Klein, produced by the environment organization Sunrise Movement, and published by Glenn Greenwald’s site, The Intercept.


Michael Moore Lashes Out On ‘Old, Tired, Privileged’ White People, Including Nancy Pelosi, On Twitter

“White people,” he tweeted, along with a video clip of Pelosi’s “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday. “Nobody likes giving up power. And they never see the writing on the wall. The new day arrives and no one has the heart to tell them they and their old tired privileged ways are over.”


Pandering to the Marxist max: Ocasio-Cortez pushes an unserious ‘agenda of reparations’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become her party’s ‘activist in chief’ with her lead-off “Green New Deal” that fell so flat in the Senate it became the biggest legislative defeat practically in the history of the chamber, failing to garner even a single Democrat vote (57-0).

Now she’s pushing something called an “agenda for reparations” in which she seeks to pander…er, ingratiate…herself with black voters.


Ocasio-Cortez Compares People Mocking the Green New Deal to Civil Rights Opposition

Ocasio-Cortez answered several questions during an Instagram live session, including a question about climate change that appeared to be in jest. Someone asked the freshman Democrat how many years were left until the world ends, prompting her to go on a rant against people who mock climate change and the Green New Deal resolution that she co-sponsored.

h/t Todd


Canada should sue Jack Layton’s Estate for the costs of his toxic socialist waste progeny

Toronto should sue oil companies over climate change, councillor says

Toronto should follow the lead of a handful of U.S. municipalities and sue major oil companies for the billions of dollars in extra costs the city could incur in coming decades from floods and storms caused by climate change, Councillor Mike Layton says.

“We could be on the hook for an enormous amount of money, into the billions as a city,” Mr. Layton said in an interview. “I am a firm believer in the notion that polluters should pay.”

Me too. Pony up commie.


Looking Forward: “Purpose Over Profit” Will Drive the Big Business Strategy Trends of the Next Decade

If there is one major theme that will drive business trends over the next decade, it is the idea that purpose should come before profit. In 2018, Larry Fink, of BlackRock fame, penned a controversial letter asking companies to “serve a social purpose.” Fink doubled down on his call to action in 2019, saying that years of frustration over stagnant wages and uncertainty about the future was driving social unrest around the world, and that society, disappointed in governmental institutions’ failure to provide solutions, would increasingly look to the business world to address social and economic issues.