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Oxford University: Delirious Capital of Political Correctness

“Don’t feel guilty about our colonial history”, Oxford Professor Nigel Biggar titled a column in The Times. He asked his colleagues and students to have “pride” in many aspects of their imperialist past:

“Pride at the Royal Navy’s century-long suppression of the Atlantic slave trade, for example, will not be entirely obscured by shame at the slaughter of innocents at Amritsar in 1919. And while we might well be moved to think with care about how to intervene abroad successfully, we won’t simply abandon the world to its own devices”.

Dozens of Oxford academics immediately united to condemn the “simple-minded” defense of British colonialism by the professor. Student associations also branded Biggar a “racist” and a “bigot”, and asked the university to suspend him. Trevor Phillips, former chair of the UK Equalities and Human Rights Commission, saidthat Biggar’s critics are using “an attack line of which Joseph Stalin would have been proud”. Its goal, in fact, seems the moral destruction of the intellectual adversary.


Winston Churchill-inspired ‘Blighty cafe’ is stormed by group of Left-wing protesters who brand Britain’s wartime saviour a ‘racist’

A group of protesters stormed a Winston Churchill-themed cafe and chanted that the war time prime minister was a ‘racist’ in front of customers.

Campaigners sang ‘it is our duty to fight for our freedom’ and urged the owner of the Blighty UK cafe in Finsbury Park, north London, to apologise to the local community.

They also urged diners to boycott the packed cafe, and chanted: ‘We have nothing to lose but our chains’.

Police were called after they stormed the eatery, which has already been under attack from vandals and Labour activists.


Socialism by Any Other Name

Those who claim the mantle seem to be ideologically confused.

Seattle city councilwoman Kshama Sawant wants you to believe she’s a socialist. Even though councilmembers are nonpartisan, she declared her affiliation with the Trotskyite Socialist Alternative party during her first campaign back in 2015. In her inauguration speech, she reminded Seattleites that she “wear[s] the badge of socialist with pride.”

Sawant’s fellow Socialist Alternative members, in turn, want you to believe that a socialist revolution is coming. In the November general election, a second member of the party, Ginger Jentzen, won a city-council seat, this one in Minneapolis. “It wasn’t an aberration,” the party cried in its monthly newsletter, and perhaps they’re right. During his 2016 campaign, Bernie Sanders convinced many impressionable young progressives of socialism’s beauty and limitless possibility, dragging Democrats farther left in the process.


‘Victims of Socialism’ event triggers Bernie-loving students

Members of the University at Buffalo’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter were recently blamed for vandalizing their own flyers, only for a liberal student to confess responsibility.

“Just 2 weeks until our speaker event! Some of our flyers were missing today, so we graciously replaced them for your convenience!,” YAF tweeted on November 20, accompanied by a picture showing numerous gaps where posters were removed.


Teaching assistant who was sanctioned questions sincerity of Wilfrid Laurier University’s “apology”

Lindsay Shepherd says she’s glad her supervising professor and the president of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., have apologized.

But she also says she doesn’t think they had any other option.


NYT Columnist Calls Capitalism The ‘Real Culprit Of The Climate Crisis’

A New York Times opinion article recycles the old argument that capitalism is the root cause of global warming, and that turning to socialism would give humanity a better chance of survival.

Capitalism is often invoked as a global warming boogeyman that will inevitably lead to another mass extinction if more restrictive policies aren’t put in place. However, this NYT column goes on to claim that a “democratic socialist society” is the answer.


‘The S-word’: how young Americans fell in love with socialism

Young Americans blame capitalism for crises in housing, healthcare and falling wages. Once demonised, the word ‘socialism’ is back as a new political movement takes root

At 18, Olivia Katbi was answering the phones and emails in a Republican state senator’s office in Ohio. Then the legislator threw his weight behind a particularly contentious anti-abortion law. “I realised that the party I’m working for is evil. After that I identified as a Democrat but I wasn’t really happy with their policies either,” said Katbi, now 25.

Back then, she couldn’t articulate her reservations about President Barack Obama. There were the drone strikes, and the limitations of his healthcare reforms. But mostly it was a frustrating sense he wasn’t serving her interests so much as those of a monied elite. So in the 2012 presidential election, Katbi voted for Jill Stein, the Green party candidate. But that didn’t change the world.

It was only last year, when Bernie Sanders made his run under the banner of democratic socialism, that it all started to fall into place.


Asshats posing as Teachers call for Sir John A. Macdonald school to be renamed, saying Canada’s first PM committed ‘genocide’

DURHAM — The name of Sir John. A. Macdonald P.S. in Pickering could soon be up for debate.

Even passed out drunk Sir John A. was a better PM than Justin could ever be.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has approved a motion calling on school boards across the province to rename schools bearing the name of Canada’s first prime minister.

The motion, which was passed during ETFO’s annual meeting earlier this month, says school boards should rethink the use of Sir John A. Macdonald’s name “in recognition of his central role as the architect of genocide against Indigenous peoples, the impact that this has on the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, parents and educators, and the ways in which his namesake buildings can contribute to an unsafe space to learn and to work.”

Home-school your kids.


Federal Judge To IRS: Reveal The Names Of Those Who Targeted Conservative Organizations

Well, the time has come for the Internal Revenue Service to name the specific employees that were targeting conservative groups. The government agency has been embroiled in controversy ever since it was revealed that certain groups were subjected to intense vetting concerning obtaining 501(c)(4) nonprofit status. Almost every group that was targeted was politically conservative in nature.