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Alleged terror-attacker should be kicked out of Canada

Diversity sucks, like Justin.

Canada should grant alleged terror-attacker Rehab Dughmosh her request and send her back to her country of origin.

The 32-year-old mother is accused of swinging a golf club while armed with a knife and screaming threats and Islamic chants inside a Scarborough Canadian Tire this month.

“I reject all counsel here. I only believe in Islamic Sharia law,”


Liberal politicization of immigration system gets even worse

Two weeks ago, I wrote that the federal Liberal government was playing partisan games with Canada’s immigration appeal system. In the name of transparency and objectivity, the Trudeau government was refusing to renew the appointments of any immigration judges who were male or who had been appointed by the Harper government.

That meant immigration appeal offices across the country would have too few adjudicators to handle the current case load.


A Battle Over Prayer in Schools Tests Canada’s Multiculturalism

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — The troubles began over sermons.

For nearly two decades, Muslim students in the Peel School District, outside Toronto, had been allowed to pray independently on Fridays, part of a policy in many Canadian provinces to accommodate religious beliefs in public schools.

Last fall, the school board decided to standardize the prayer sessions and offer six preapproved sermons that the children could recite, rather than let them use their own.

Muslim students protested, saying the move violated their right to free speech, and the board reversed itself, allowing the children to write their own sermons.

But the dispute unleashed a storm of protest that continued through this spring.

Brace yourself, this is a New York Times piece.

The school boards and government are equally complicit in this shakedown.

Each student represents money from the province to the school board so they are desperate to keep Muslim kids in public schools and willingly turn a blind eye to Sharia creep. This despicable arrangement keeps the tax payer funded gravy train rolling and the Islamists happy at having their agenda advanced under the guise of “accommodation” and the insidious lie of multiculturalism.

By the way,  you’re a racist if you disagree with this fraud.


Czech Election Favourite: ‘If There Will Be More Muslims Than Belgians in Brussels, That’s Their Problem. We Have to Fight for What Our Ancestors Built Here.’

Andrej Babis, tipped to become the next Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, has backed the government’s decision to fight the European Union’s attempts to impose a compulsory migrant quota on the country.


Project Submission: Why is my government so damn stupid about Islam?

‘Before tragedy strikes’: Liberals launch centre to prevent home-grown terrorism

“The new Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence will help us do as much as humanly possible to prevent radicalization to violence before tragedy strikes,” Goodale said in a statement. “It will support and empower local leaders to develop initiatives that are suited to their community.”

Last year’s budget set aside $35 million over five years and $10 million each year after to combat radicalization and violence in Canada.

The government is accepting proposals for the Community Resilience Fund as of July 6, 2017, which has $1.4 million available to fund projects in 2018-19. For subsequent years, there will be $7 million for continuing and new projects.

I hope my project submission gets approved I get some of that Free Money!


Black-only graduations are a step backwards

Believe it or not, this week the University of Toronto gave its official blessing and taxpayer dollars for a black-students-only graduation.

No doubt administrators saw their actions as the height of enlightenment, the epitome of tolerance. Instead, what this was yet another step away from a truly inclusive society and into the middle of a racial and gender identity-politics minefield.

It would only be racist if white students did it.


Canada needs a coherent policy to tackle the Islamist agenda

For all of the talk we engage in about Islamist extremism, it’s hard to believe we don’t have anything resembling a coherent policy to tackle this menace.

Canada doesn’t have its act together on this most vital of global issues. But we’re not alone. The United States, for all of its conflicts with al-Qaeda and ISIS along with homegrown extremism, doesn’t have a clearly articulated philosophy.

Case in point: The other week the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee held controversial hearings on “Ideology and Terror: Understanding the Tools, Tactics and Techniques of Violent Extremism”.

Islamic terror is an immigration issue and unfortunately formation of a coherent policy would have to include an honest discussion about immigration, that simply won’t happen if our political class has its way.


Weasel words cannot hide the reality of terror links

THERE are a million stories in the naked city but sometimes the naked truth makes people twitchy. That might explain an intriguing little suburban news item this month.

The Mordialloc-Chelsea Leader reported, beside tales of stolen purses and the like, that three men with iron bars “attempted to hijack” a late-model Commodore in a Bonbeach reserve on Sunday evening, June 4.

“One man opened the driver’s door while the others bashed the car but … they fled after one of the passengers challenged them,” the item said.

Funny, that. Who was in the car that could scare men armed with iron bars? A Hells Angels convention? A live crocodile?


Douglas Murray: ‘I’d sensed for a long time we were doing something crazy to Europe’

Terrorism and the scale of immigration mean “public attitudes are moving only in one direction everywhere”.

France has the biggest problem with Islamic extremism, he says: “… no doubt … it’s got all sorts of things, even more wrong than everyone else has …”

But it, like America, has a strong civic identity that has helped it cope with attacks – Britain, he says, does not have such an identity.


Vox Publishes Article Lecturing White Christians For Their ‘Blind Spot’ On Race

Liberal site published an article today lecturing white evangelical Christians on their “blind spot” on racial discrimination.

In the article, titled, “Study: when it comes to detecting racial inequality, white Christians have a blind spot,” Tara Isabella Burton writes, “How do Americans perceive the discrimination faced by its own minority groups? It depends on whom you ask.”


Did Muslim from Canada plan Michigan terror attack?

Amor Ftouhi will miss marching in Pride with Justin this year.

The Montreal man accused of trying to kill an airport cop in the U.S. did so on a highly symbolic day for Muslims, TVA reports.

The network reports that Wednesday — the day Amor Ftouhi allegedly almost killed the officer at an airport in Flint, Michigan — was Laylat Al-Qadr or “night of fate.”

It’s one of the nights that ends the month of Ramadan and is in memory of the angel Gabriel, who revealed the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad.


Let’s assess the refugee process fairly, not solely based on Liberal dogma

A recent article in The New York Times stated as fact that Justin Trudeau’s Syrian refugee resettlement program is widely seen as a success in Canada.

That may be true if you only ask liberal elites and leftist journalists. The mainstream media selectively – and almost exclusively – report on positive stories about the Syrian refugee program, while purposely burying stories that may portray the program in a negative light.

These elites are paranoid about a backlash against Syrians, against refugees and against Muslims. They just don’t trust everyday Canadians to be fair and draw the correct conclusions – correct according to the Liberal open-borders dogma.


Identitarian movement – Germany’s ‘new right’ hipsters

A small but dramatic demonstration stopped tourists in their tracks at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in late August 2015: a group of young protesters clambered atop the famous monument and unfurled a black banner with the words “Secure Borders Secure Future.” These were activists from the Identitarian Movement (IB), a reactionary youth movement on the rise across Europe.

It was a watershed moment for the IB in Germany. Much of their campaign until that point had been waged on social media and online forums. This was their biggest public splash – and it worked. Images of the activists atop the Brandenburg Gate rippled across German media, thrusting the Identitarians into the spotlight.