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JUST IN: Trump says White House will throw out Acosta “if he misbehaves”

This article contains details about the judge’s ruling that earlier reports didn’t reveal. Bottom line: it isn’t as bad for Trump as thought.


The Latest: Judge orders White House to return Acosta pass

A Trump-appointed judge ruled in favor of CNN’s Jim Acosta on Friday, allowing the network’s star report to temporarily regain access to his White house press credential.

Put him in the back row and never call on him again. This will go to the Supreme Court – what right does the Judiciary have to tell the Executive Branch how to run their press conferences? It’s not a free speech issue, it’s an issue of not having respect for the Office of the Presidency. Can you imagine the outrage if a reporter had behaved like this to the Obama administration?


Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, Trudeau says

Trudeau was deliberately posed on the far left (ha!) so he can be cropped out easily.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a press freedom event in Paris Sunday that one of the bulwarks protecting democratic governments from being undermined is also an institution under stress — a free-thinking, robust media.

Being in France, he must have been referring to the Charlie Hebdo attack, right?


Florida Vote Scandal Coverage Shows Media-Democrat Complicity. Again.

Florida voters elected Republican Ron DeSantis as governor and Republican Rick Scott as senator on election night. Both were announced as winners and their opponents conceded defeat. But then Democratic lawyer Marc Elias announced that Democrats would be going for a recount and would win the Senate seat.


Jim Acosta DID make contact with our intern says White House as Sarah Sanders doubles down on claim about CNN reporter after tweeting altered video of moment that cost him his press pass

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders refused to back down Thursday from the Trump administration’s decision to rescind CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass, insisting incidental physical contact with a female intern during a heated presidential press conference was enough to get him banned.


105 Articles Cover Ilhan Omar’s Win. Zero Cover Her Anti-Semitism, Finance Investigations, or Perjury Evidence

For two years, U.S. media has maintained a near-blackout on the specific evidence of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minnesota) disturbing character and legal issues. In the 18 hours after Omar was elected to replace Keith Ellison in MN Congressional District 5, the media left zero doubt as to why.


After Trump’s Scolding, Black PBS Reporter Now Has ‘Residue Of Hate’

American Urban Radio‘s White House correspondent April Ryan appeared on CNN Wednesday afternoon to talk about Trump’s reaction to Yamiche’s question. “I was in the room and was taken aback by him saying it was a racist question,” Ryan said.

“This president said he was a nationalist … Yamiche asked a real question because there is a concern about saying he is a nationalist. He is a white man who is a nationalist. There are people who are concerned this is code for ‘white nationalist.’”

Ryan said Yamiche is now left with a “residue of hate.”


VIDEO: Trump slams black reporter for racist question

At a lengthy and often heated press conference at the White House Wednesday, PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor asked President Trump a question about him being a “white nationalist” that he became extremely upset over.

“On the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist. Some people saw that as emboldening white nationalists. There are some people that say that the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists because of your rhetoric,” she said.