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Minnesota: Star-Tribune refuses to report name or background of Muslim migrant mall stabber

It’s true. I just searched the Star-Tribune website for Mahad Abdirahman. Nothing. Why not? Because Job One for the Star-Tribune, and the establishment media in general, is to make sure that no one has a negative view of Islam. Related to this is the media mission to make sure that no one thinks ill of Muslim migrants. Among those migrants, however, will inevitably be an unknowable number of jihad terrorists. So the Star-Tribune is contributing to ignorance and complacency about an issue that people need to know about, and is enabling more jihad activity.


Mainstream media spreading word for Islamic State, says top counter terrorism cop

Rowley is expected to tell the conference that up to 50 percent of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) propaganda can be found published on media websites or in newspapers, and is only available to a very small audience on encrypted channels before it spreads through news reporting.


WATCH: CNN Falsely Claims That Terrorist Said ‘God Is Great’ Instead Of ‘Allahu Akbar’

Facebook also did their best to gloss over the fact that the attack was an Islamic terrorist attack just blocks away from the World Trade Center. The social media platform created a “Crisis Response” named “The Violent Incident in Manhattan, New York” for people to identify if they were safe or not.


A String of Bomb Blasts in Sweden Is Prompting Questions and Alt-Right Conspiracy Theories

There have been at least five bomb blasts or scares in Sweden since the early hours of Friday, Oct. 13. These incidents have rocked the Scandinavian nation, and have added fuel to the alt-right’s campaign to use the country as a cautionary paradigm of liberal immigration policies gone astray.

Not exactly fake news, but definitely tailored to fit the left’s narrative.


CNN and Qatar Airways: Taking Fake News to New Heights

For many years, commercial time on CNN International has been filled largely with advertisements for the tourist boards and state-owned airlines of various Muslim countries. Given CNN’s unusually friendly coverage of these countries, and its disinclination to mention Islam when covering such topics as jihadist terrorism and immigrant crime in Europe, it is hard not to view CNN’s willingness to run these commercials with a jaundiced eye.