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ISIS Bride Who Wants To Return To U.S. Is Asked About Her Tweet Urging People To Slaughter Americans

The mainstream media has done its part in trying to promote the efforts of Hoda Muthana, the American-born daughter of a former Yemen diplomat who embraced radical Islam, urged the murder of innocent people while living in the States, journeyed to Syria in 2014 to fight alongside the barbaric terrorist group, and now wants to return to United States. Her biggest obstacle now is that both the Obama and Trump administrations determined that she isn’t even a citizen of the United States.


British ISIS fighters join ‘Jihadi union’ as they DEMAND right to return to UK

More than 100 Britons in Syria are believed to be “key players” in the new group which has launched a systematic campaign to repatriate foreigners to their home countries in the West. Called the Unity Project, its aim is to act as “an advocate to bring some rights back to some of the people who have either lost their citizenship or lost their passports”. It will also provide legal assistance and secure passports and nationality rights for the children of expatriates born in Syria.


New Airstrikes Target Last Islamic State Enclave

Coalition warplanes launched new airstrikes against the last remaining enclave of the Islamic State terror group’s self-declared caliphate after efforts to evacuate additional civilians stalled.

The strikes, accompanied by artillery fire, targeted the outskirts of the final piece of IS-held territory in the eastern Syrian village of Baghuz on Thursday, a day after 2,000 civilians were evacuated from the area.


‘Islamic State’ in Syria shrunk to half a square kilometer: commander

The commander of the operation led by US-backed forces to expel the ‘Islamic State’ (IS) group from its last remaining territory in Syria says the extremists have been encircled in an area of little more than half a square kilometer.

“We want to confirm that Baghouz [Al-Baghouz Fawqani] is within firing range and is besieged,” Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commander, Jia Furat, told reporters on Saturday.

“These days, IS is surrounded in a neighborhood estimated to be 700 meters (840 yards) long and 700 meters wide,” he added.


US-backed forces fighting ISIS to declare victory ‘in a very short time’

Western-backed forces said on Saturday morning that in a “very short time” they would announce the defeat of Isil.

Jiya Furat, a commander with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said that they had cornered the remaining Islamic State militants in one tiny neighbourhood of Baghouz village in eastern Deir Ezzor province, under its fire from all sides.

“Very soon bring good news to the whole world,” he said in an apparent reference to an announcement about the defeat of the extremists in Syria.


‘The fighting was intense’: witness tells of two-day attempt to kill Isis leader

Fresh details have emerged of the coup attempt against Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, with witnesses claiming foreign members of the terror group lost a two-day battle with his bodyguards before being rounded up and executed.

A witness who spoke to the Guardian after being smuggled from the last hamlet in eastern Syria held by Isis, said the clash took place in al Keshma, a village next to Baghouz in September, three months earlier than regional intelligence officials believed it had taken place.

“I saw him with my own eyes,” said Jumah Hamdi Hamdan, 53. “He was in Keshma and in September the Khawarij (infidels) tried to capture him.