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‘There Are No Girls Left’: Syria’s Christian Villages Hollowed Out by ISIS

TEL TAL, Syria — The memories of the retired oilman dot the village in Syria where he grew up. The mud chapel he got married in. The concrete church he helped build that would overflow with worshipers on holidays. The tight community of Assyrian Christian families who had lived together in this area for generations.

Now it’s a village of ghosts.


Conflicting Reports Emerge over ISIS Leader’s Death… Again?

Conflicting reports have emerged in recent days over the fate of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi amid claims that he was “clinically dead.”

An Iraqi intelligence source announced on Monday that the Iraqi air force had targeted a meeting of ISIS leaders in Syria in June, leaving several of them dead or injured, including Baghdadi.

He was severely wounded and left clinically dead, which prompted some non-Iraqi ISIS leaders to nominate Abou Othman al-Tunisi as his successor, added the source.


ISIS still has up to 30,000 members in Syria and Iraq, UN report finds

Islamic State still has as many as 30,000 members in Syria and Iraq – a far higher number than previously estimated, a United Nations report has found.

The report by UN sanctions monitors said of those 20,000-30,000, which are equally distributed between the two countries, several thousand were thought to be foreign fighters.

The US-led coalition against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) claimed last December that there were fewer than 1,000 fighters remaining in Iraq and Syria and that the group was close to being defeated.


Rape, Forced Marriages, And Child Soldiers — Life Under Islamic State In Afghanistan

SHEBERGHAN, Afghanistan — Clad in a dusty blue burqa and clutching a piece of stale bread, Khaleda cowers in front of her three wailing young children in a makeshift refugee camp in northern Afghanistan.

The 35-year-old, who only goes by one name, is among thousands of people who recently escaped the brutal rule of the Islamic State (IS) extremist group in the Darzab district of Jawzjan Province, a stronghold of the militants for the past year.

Now living among hundreds of other families in a bulging camp on the outskirts of the provincial capital, Sheberghan, Khaleda recalls the horrors of life under the militants.


The Iraqi Spy Who Infiltrated ISIS

BAGHDAD — The driver was sweating as his white Kia pickup truck sped along a rain-slicked Baghdad highway toward a neighborhood bustling with open-air markets.

With every jolt and turn, his pulse quickened. Hidden in the truck’s chassis was 1,100 pounds of military-grade explosives that the Islamic State planned to use in an audacious attack on New Year’s Eve shoppers in the Iraqi capital.


German ‘Islamic State’ recruit Lamia K.’s journey to Iraq

It was 2014 when Lamia K. packed her bags and, her two teenage daughters in tow, moved to Syria to join the “Islamic State” (IS), which was sweeping across Iraq and Syria

A divorced woman in her early 50s at the time of her departure, Lamia kept mostly to herself, former friends and acquaintances told DW.

Lamia grew up middle class in Rabat and moved to Trier, in western Germany, in the mid-1990s with a grant to pursue a postgraduate degree in German studies. There she met a man who converted to Islam to marry her and with whom she would go on to have three children: a boy and two girls.


Iraq sentences German and French ISIS members to life in prison

An Iraqi court on Monday sentenced a French man and a German woman to life in prison in the latest punishments handed down for belonging to the Islamic State jihadist group.

Frenchman Lahcen Gueboudj, 58, and a German woman whose name was given only as Nadia were sentenced separately at the Baghdad central criminal court.

Nadia’s mother, a German woman of Moroccan origin, was sentenced to death in January for Isil membership but the sentence was later commuted to life, which in Iraq is equivalent to 20 years.


Afghan Government Under Fire for Rescuing Islamic State Militants

ISLAMABAD — Officials in Afghanistan have vowed to bring to justice perpetrators of “war crimes” among scores of Islamic State militants who recently surrendered to the government in northern Jowzjan province to avoid being captured by the Taliban.

The top commander of the self-proclaimed Islamic State Khorsan Province, or IS-K, in northern Afghanistan, Mawlawi Habib Rahman, along with his 250 fighters, turned themselves in last week in the Darzab and Qush Tepa districts.

The Afghan government has since been criticized for its unexplained action of providing asylum and protection to IS-K militants, accused by residents of committing serious crimes against innocent civilians while running strongholds in the two isolated Jowzjan districts for three years.

Also – Islamic State Commander Accused of Rape Surrenders


MALCOLM: Media spin on Danforth shooting is troubling

The world learned on Wednesday morning that the Islamic State took responsibility for the Danforth shooting that left two dead and 13 injured.

Canadians could be forgiven, however, for not knowing that the deranged Islamist death cult claimed to have had a hand in the Toronto massacre. Most Canadian media outlets decided to ignore the news altogether.


More than 150 people are killed in ISIS suicide blasts and gun attacks in government-held city in Syria’s south

Islamic State militants have killed more than 150 people in a series of gun attacks and suicide blasts on government-held parts of southwestern Syria.

Raids and suicide bombings carried out today in Syria’s southern Sweida province have killed 156 people including 62 civilians, a war monitor group said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitoring watchdog, said they were killed following seemingly coordinated attacks, including multiple suicide blasts in Sweida city itself.


ISIS kidnappings soar in Iraq, despite declared victory over militants, but ‘media stays silent’

Despite the Western Coalition declaring victory over Islamic State in Iraq last year, the militants’ activity is surging. More Iraqis are kidnapped every month, as state media stays silent, a government security adviser told RT.

The Western Coalition declared Iraq “completely liberated” from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in December, but the militants’ activities didn’t cease – in fact, they are surging, with more Iraqis getting abducted and murdered by terrorists, Hisham al-Hashimi said.


14 Canadian children linked to ISIS, says study that calls on government to rehabilitate them

“Currently, the number of global attacks successfully conducted by returning IS minors is still comparatively low,” the report said. “However, without effective de-radicalization and reintegration initiatives tailored to children and teenagers, indoctrinated and trained minors will continue to pose a significant threat in the future, wherever they end up.”

Plus they’re contagious.