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Husband, 29, who tried to flee to Syria to join ISIS was helped by his pregnant wife

Khan was arrested at Manchester Airport after police received a tip-off that he was preparing to fly to Athens and then on to Syria to fight alongside Islamic State troops.

Leeds Crown Court heard his wife Afsheen Khan, 28, had provided some money from joint funds in her account for him to buy the ticket and provided £1,000 in cash.

ISIS Could Eradicate Christians From Middle East

Christians living in areas controlled by the Islamic State continue to be killed en masse by the radical Muslim group, threatening their existence in the region, according to a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers who are calling on the Trump administration to immediately take steps to end what they describe as genocide.

Not a single ISIS perpetrator has been held accountable for genocide, crimes against humanity, or war crimes since former Secretary of State John Kerry formally declared genocide was taking place in the region, according to the group of lawmakers, who slam the former administration for its lack of action.

Iraqi Forces Advance Toward Mosul Mosque Where IS Declared Caliphate

Iraqi forces on Thursday continued their advance in western Mosul, reaching the outskirts of a historic mosque where Islamic State’s leader declared the establishment of its self-styled caliphate in 2014, Iraqi commanders told VOA.

Iraqi military leaders reported fierce battles with IS fighters in a dense neighborhood of old Mosul near the Grand Mosque of al-Nuri.

Arrest of ISIS Suspect in Rural Town Puts Australia on Edge

On a rural road about two hours’ drive from the nearest major city, the small Australian town of Young has long been known for cherries and little else. But in recent years, the once largely white, working-class community has seen a steady influx of Lebanese Muslim families, many who say they have relocated from Sydney for a better and safer life.

Among them are members of the Zahab family. Now one of them, Haisem Zahab, a 42-year-old electrician, is accused of using the internet to try to help the Islamic State develop a guided missile. Officials suspect that some of his relatives traveled to Syria to join the extremist group, which is also known as ISIS or ISIL.

Israel fears ISIS chemical attack in Europe

The bureau was specifically concerned with the possibility that ISIS would try to carry out a mass casualty chemical attack in a main European city, the Channel 2 report said. The bomb could be made using over-the-counter ingredients available in supermarkets and home improvement supply stores.

British terror suspect blames ‘evil spirits’; had no intention to wage jihad

“The defence will say the defendant sought to join ISIS as a way of exorcising the various evil spirits that plagued him, that he did not have any intention to commit acts of terrorism anywhere, that he had no intention to engage in violent jihad,” Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson said at the ongoing trial this week, the report said.

Hero Iraqi soldier saves his comrades from an ISIS suicide bomber

In the shocking footage, the car bomb can be seen approaching from the top of the screen and was heading towards a group of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit forces involved in the battle to retake the city.

The suicide bomber’s vehicle explodes as it reaches the Humvee. It is not known if either driver survived but commentators online have described the Iraqi soldiers actions as ‘the ultimate sacrifice’.

ISIS propaganda machine left fuming as ‘fake’ versions of jihadi magazines shared online

Infamous Al-Hayat media centre went into meltdown when ‘fake’ issues of ISIS’ monthly magazine ‘Rumiyah’ begun being distributed online.

The March issue of Rumiyah was released in ten different languages, but as soon as jihadi fan boys began searching for the extremist material, a fake began doing the rounds.

Social media users mocked the panic from the depraved killers.

300 refugees subjects of FBI terror investigations, U.S. officials say

Hundreds of people admitted to the United States as refugees are the subjects of FBI counterterrorism investigations involving ISIS – including some individuals from countries cited on President Trump’s revised travel ban.

Trump’s order, which was announced late Monday morning, temporarily bans travel to those without valid visas from Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

Terror Threat to U.S. Airports Said to Grow as al-Qaeda Rebounds

The threat to U.S. airports from terror groups such as al-Qaeda and Islamic State is expected to grow because of instability in parts of the Middle East and Asia, a former high-ranking intelligence official said Thursday.

The focus on fighting Islamic State, also known as ISIS, has allowed al-Qaeda and its offshoots to “rebound” in countries including Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan, said Michael Morell, former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Man accused over terror plot ’10 times worse’ than Boston bombing

Robert Hester, 25, was charged in federal court in Kansas City with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organisation.

Hester, of Columbia, Missouri, was arrested on Friday when he arrived at a meeting with who he thought was an Islamic State sympathiser, but was in fact an undercover FBI agent.