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Are We Really A “Fundamentally Racist” Nation?

If you heard a liberal talk about the United States you might find yourself wondering what country they’re talking about, sometimes what planet. Rather than seeing this country as a beacon of hope and freedom for the world – a “shining city on a hill,” so to speak – they see only a horribly racist country built on the concept of beating down anyone who is not white. But, as is often the case with the liberal worldview, it is something else entirely.


Black Lives Matter Protests Only Serve to Endanger Black Lives

I was made aware of this article by a friend of mine. It’s an essay on the recent police shooting in Chicago, the protests (riots) that ensued, the hypocrisy of those protesters (rioters), and how the lies that spew from the mouths of Black Lives Matter regarding police racism and brutality will only serve to make black communities even more dangerous places than they already are, by causing law enforcement to become less and less willing to enforce the law.


North Carolina ‘Community Advocates’ Call for Fourth of July Boycott

“You know, with so much injustice in the world – African Americans still going through racism, Mexican, Latino people still dealing with unfair immigration laws, and all of that – people are asking ‘what can I do as an individual to make things better?’” said Minister Paul Scott on Instagram.


Student group tells ‘white folks’ to ‘STOP CALLING THE COPS’

A student organization at Marquette University is asking “white folks” to “STOP CALLING THE COPS” and instead try to resolve threatening situations on their own.

If the matter can’t be handled independently, Marquette Empowerment suggests consulting friends, neighbors, and professional mediators before contacting law enforcement.