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There’s a growing debate over who qualifies as a ‘person of color’ — who is and isn’t included?

The definition of “person of color” in the 21st century has been less about skin color and more about marking those that have been affected racism and white supremacy, but some argue that the effects of racism for Asian Americans has been less significant than for other populations.


Beleaguered Florida election boss says RACISM was ‘probably a factor’ in the backlash she and her office faced for the shambolic recounts after more than TWO THOUSAND ballots were lost

Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes thinks racism was ‘probably’ a factor in the backlash against her for the South Florida office missing Thursday’s recount deadline in a Senate race.


After Trump’s Scolding, Black PBS Reporter Now Has ‘Residue Of Hate’

American Urban Radio‘s White House correspondent April Ryan appeared on CNN Wednesday afternoon to talk about Trump’s reaction to Yamiche’s question. “I was in the room and was taken aback by him saying it was a racist question,” Ryan said.

“This president said he was a nationalist … Yamiche asked a real question because there is a concern about saying he is a nationalist. He is a white man who is a nationalist. There are people who are concerned this is code for ‘white nationalist.’”

Ryan said Yamiche is now left with a “residue of hate.”


VIDEO: Trump slams black reporter for racist question

At a lengthy and often heated press conference at the White House Wednesday, PBS correspondent Yamiche Alcindor asked President Trump a question about him being a “white nationalist” that he became extremely upset over.

“On the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist. Some people saw that as emboldening white nationalists. There are some people that say that the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists because of your rhetoric,” she said.


Don Lemon: ‘Biggest Terror Threat Is White Men on the Right’

On Tuesday night, CNN’s Don Lemon urged people to stop demonizing “any one group or any one ethnicity” and, in the very same breath, stigmatized “white men … radicalized to the right” as “the biggest terror threat in this country.” So, conservative white men are not “any one group or any one ethnicity”? Oh, right, according to “intersectionality,” we’re not people!


Flashback: Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel And Sarah Silverman All Wore Blackface

Megyn Kelly lost her job at NBC within 48 hours of saying it was considered okay when she was a child for white people to put on “blackface” as long as they “were dressing up as a character.” Three popular anti-Trump comedians did much more than simply talk about it — and they are all still employed.


Call the Munk debates advisors and shut down Bannon in Toronto!

Comrades, family, friends,

It’s a sad day in Toronto. We just watched a publically racist, white-supremacist, xenophobic hate-monger — Faith Goldy — get over 25,000 votes in the mayoral election. And you are probably aware that the Munk foundation here in Toronto is hosting Steve Bannon — ex-Trump advisor, alt-right figurehead and campaigner for xenophobic, racist parties here and in Europe.

h/t Marvin


Got Racism? PETA Says Milk Is A Symbol For White Supremacists.

Enjoying a glass of milk has been something generations of Americans have done for the past century. In fact, it has been encouraged by our government and campaigns like the Got Milk push which the state of California promoted for a number of years.

Now, though, we know the truth. Drinking milk has been a sign of white supremacy all along. We all have been DUPED.