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Summer Of Action!

Keep a can by the front door.

Days of Action are mass mobilizations of our supporters – on the doorstep, on the phone, or at community events – so that we can engage Canadians in important conversations about building a better future. Having particular days set aside that you can plan for gives you time to engage and orient new volunteers, train your team leaders, and celebrate your success!

We want to give ridings time to plan and organize their teams with specific goals in mind – engage our movement of supporters, increase the number of active volunteers, engage with your community, and identify more Liberals for 2019.

The primary focus for Days of Action will be engagement with voters – to go knock doors! We want to engage with as many Canadians as possible – from coast to coast to coast.

3 coasts?


Stephen King Pens ‘Horrifying’ New Novel In Which Conservatives Get Supreme Court Majority

“Pennywise, Jack Torrance, Barlow, Randall Flagg—there are so many classic villains that I’ve loved writing,” King said in an interview. “But you know who’s more evil than any of them? Brett Kavanaugh. My work has always focused on the evil humanity is capable of—as well as the strength of the human spirit—and I can’t think of any better way to test the fortitude of my characters than to put them in the dark shadow of a Supreme Court that leans to the right.”


‘Perception is reality’: Why we notice when Justin Trudeau jogs, and why that matters

Photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jogging get picked up and go viral nearly every time one surfaces online, and the reaction is instant. With each one of these moments his supporters fawn, celebrating his discipline; and detractors scoff, chalking it up to a distraction.

As these seemingly impromptu images circulate—helping to enhance the image of an engaged and active prime minister—it’s not just critics who question just how staged they might be.


AP Anti-Trump Propaganda: Lies About Immigrants Being Booted from US Army – Here’s the Truth

The story titled, ”AP NewsBreak: US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits”by Martha Mendoza and Garance Burke; is a complete lie in order to be used as propaganda against President Trump, claiming that he is somehow responsible for booting immigrants from the US Army who were promised citizenship.


Beware of Root Causes

It’s common, for instance, to hear the assertion that ‘the root cause of terrorism is Western foreign policy’. The implication being that the responsibility for terrorist attacks ultimately lies at the feet of the West since its interventionist foreign policy has destabilized the Middle East – irrespective of any other source of causality. The phrase ‘root cause’ invites us to become privy to society’s underlying pathologies that, if remedied, could improve the world beyond the scope of someone merely observing the surface.


The Child Separation Scam Is A Reminder That The Media Are Nothing More Than Propagandists For The Democrat Party

Lies, distortions and trickery — these are the weapons that the mainstream propaganda media employ daily to hoodwink millions of unsuspecting Americans into consuming and ultimately adopting the Democrat Party’s agenda every time they turn on the news, pick up a newspaper or glance through headlines.


Confirmed: Americans See Media Bias Everywhere–And They’re Angry

These results from recent public surveys are not just bad news for the news business, struggling through a now-chronic financial crisis. They’re bad news for our form of democracy, which requires informed participation by voters relying on accurate news to cast their ballots. Misinformation can easily result in mistaken choices, or none at all.


David Hogg Calls For Another Mob Action Against Ingraham Sponsors

The shameless opportunist who saw his ticket to fame and fortune in working with the media to exploit his dead classmates has slowly morphed from a champion of the gun grabbers and a national poster boy for preventing school shootings into just another one of the blabbermouths who are shilling for the Democrat party in the endless election cycle.


Derek Hunter Calls Out ‘Diabolical’ Media Trying to ‘Prevent Rational Thought’ on Immigration

After beginning the segment with clips of liberal media personalities spouting off and acting morally superior, Carlson pointed out how “the Democratic Party is all for open borders, but, their water carries in the press have taken it a step farther. They’re not even trying to hide their opinion that any kind of border enforcement is a Nazi move.”