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As the End of Merkelism Nears, What Next for Germany?

If you’re wondering why Merkel — who just recently “won” her recent re-election — is thinking about running again so soon, here’s the reason: while her “conservative” party, the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian counterpart, the Christian Socialist Union), emerged again as the largest party in the Bundestag, she can’t form a functioning government without some sort of tactical alliance with one or more of the other parties. And that isn’t happening.


Exposing Muslim anti-Semitism in Germany

Karl Lagerfeld to Merkel: One cannot kill millions of Jews and put millions of their worst enemies in their place.

To what extent did top designer Karl Lagerfeld tell the truth when he attacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the Salut les Terriens! (Hello Earthlings!) Show on the C8 Channel on November 11 for her policy of open borders for refugees? He observed that one cannot – even if decades pass between these events – kill millions of Jews and put millions of their worst enemies in their place .

Lagerfeld added: “I know someone in Germany who took in a young Syrian. After four days, the young man said: ‘The greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust.’ The young man was thrown out.”


Germany bans violent Syrian “refugee” who flew to Greece with ankle monitor

A man who had been fitted with an electronic ankle tag as a surveillance measure was allowed to leave Germany unhindered on a commercial flight, according to press reports.

Police said 35-year-old Hussein Z., a refugee from Syria, boarded a flight to Athens from Hamburg on October 11, a few days after telling police that he wanted to get his sick son from a hospital on the Turkey-Syria border. According to Der Spiegel, he also contacted Hamburg police after his arrival in Turkey.

According to a statement by Bavarian police, the man had come to their attention during his stay in the town of Aschaffenburg because of “aggressive behavior and attacks” on others in the shelter where he was living, as well as after making “various threats.”


German court blocks Islamic associations effort to introduce cult’s teachings to public school system

Muslims routinely burn churches in countries such as Pakistan as shown above. In fact religious persecution by Muslims is endemic to Islamic nations. Why should this violent cult expect it’s violent creed to be taught in Western states? Why does our government insist on importing this violent supremacist cult?

Two of Germany’s biggest Muslim federations, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD) and the Islamrat (“Islam council”), have failed in their bid to get schools in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) to adopt Islamic religious lessons.

The higher administrative court in Münster turned down the federations’ suit last week on the grounds that they did not fulfill all the criteria of a religious association as defined by the German constitution, and so could not claim the same privileges that the Protestant and Catholic churches have in Germany.


Six “Syrian Refugees” held over ISIS plot to launch terror attacks on Christmas markets

The Syrian men were arrested during raids involving 500 officers in the towns of Kassel, Hannover, Essen and Leipzig.

German media reports the suspects were planning a co-ordinated attack on a Christmas market in the country’s north west using weapons and explosives.


‘Merkel is finished! AfD leader’s stark warning to beleaguered Merkel after talks collapse

Germany may be soon recalled to the polls after Ms Merkel failed to conclude talks with coalition partners in order to prop up a new Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Government.

And AfD co-leader Alice Wiedel warned her party was ready to further gains should new elections be called.

She said: “Merkel is finished. This shows that the AfD works because we prevented a black and green government [with the CDU/CSU and Greens].


Germany, Austria: Imams Warn Muslims Not to Integrate

In the debate on migrants in Germany and Austria, no other term is used more often than “integration.” But the institution that is most important for many Muslim migrants does not generally contribute much to this effort — and often actively fights it: the mosque. That is the finding of an official Austrian study as well as private research conducted by a German journalist.