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Prisons ‘highly problematic institutions’ for fighting radicalization

Many European citizens left the continent to join the Islamic State group. As the war against IS winds down, hundreds of them are still imprisoned in Kurdish-controlled regions of northern Syria. United States President Donald Trump has demanded European countries take back their citizensbeing held by the Kurds. Many of the returnees would likely end up in prison in Europe. Some politicians and experts worry that in Germany, authorities would then be confronted with the challenge of preventing Islamic extremists from turning the country’s prisons into breeding grounds for radicalization. According to Michael Kiefer, an expert on Salafism and radicalization prevention who teaches at the University of Osnabrück, that is a very real danger.


A Month of Multiculturalism in Germany: January 2019

January 1. Four teenage migrants — three Afghans and one Iranian — assaulted more than a dozen passersby in Amberg. Twelve people between the ages of 13 and 42 were injured in the attacks; a 17-year-old was hospitalized for a head injury. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said the four perpetrators cannot be deported for legal reasons


‘Everything was fine until he was hit by a drone and died two months later. God, what bad luck I have with men,’ says ISIS bride

German ISIS bride tells how she spent wedding night in a ‘blood-stained torture chamber’ with terrorist husband after fleeing life as a Hells Angel

A woman who went to Syria to become the bride of an ISIS terrorist has revealed how she spent her wedding night in a ‘blood-stained torture chamber’.

Currently in Germany in investigative custody, 26-year-old Derya O., who hails from a Turkish family living in Germany, said that she fell in with the wrong crowd at an ‘impressionable age’.

For several years she was the girlfriend of a Hells Angels boss, and says she became increasingly unhappy with her life shortly before meeting German convert Mario Sciannimanica online, who told her about life in ISIS.


Germany preparing to prosecute dozens of IS fighters: report

German authorities are preparing to prosecute dozens of citizens who joined the extremist group “Islamic State,” (IS) several media outlets revealed on Monday.

Authorities have already issued arrest warrants for 18 out of the 63 adult German citizens being held in Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Greece, according a joint report by newspaper 
Süddeutsche Zeitung
 and public broadcasters NDR and WDR. Including children, the list of German citizens held jumps into three figures.

In total there are 32 preliminary court proceedings against German IS members imprisoned abroad.


Syrian “refugee” accused of gang rape of 18-year-old girl along with ‘ten others’ in Germany will appear in juvenile court despite being aged 22

A 22-year-old Syrian man accused of being the instigator of a brutal gang rape of an 18-year-old German woman will appear in a juvenile court, despite his age.

Majd H. allegedly orchestrated the brutal four-hour gang rape of the teenager, which took place after he allegedly drugged her in a nightclub in Freiburg, south-west Germany on October 14 last year.

German police believe Majd H. raped the woman outside the club, before calling ‘at least nine’ of his friends, aged between 19 and 30, who then took turns in sexually assaulting her.


Germany’s Merkel Warns U.S. Against Withdrawing From Syria, Afghanistan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that a hasty U.S. pullout from Syria runs the risk of strengthening the roles of Russia and Iran in the Middle East.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference on February 16, Merkel questioned whether the planned U.S. withdrawal was “a good idea.”

“Will it once more strengthen the capacity of Iran and Russia to exert their influence?” she asked.

Pretty ballsy for someone whose country doesn’t even pay it’s own share in NATO.


Syrian “asylum seekers” held in Germany for suspected crimes against humanity

Germany says it has arrested two former Syrian intelligence officers alleged to have been involved in torturing critics of President Bashar al-Assad.

Both men seem to have sought asylum in Germany after leaving Syria a few years before the migrant influx in 2015.

One them, Anwar R, is suspected of committing crimes against humanity.

He was allegedly in charge of a General Intelligence Directorate (GID) prison where 2,000 people were tortured between April 2011 and September 2012.

The other man, Eyad A, is suspected of aiding and abetting a crime against humanity at the same prison.

A third man – also believed to have been a GID employee – was arrested in France on Tuesday as part of a joint investigation, according to Germany.


Germany: Number of Foreign-Born Prison Inmates at Record High

The proportion of foreign-born inmates in German prisons is now at a record high, according to a new survey of the justice ministries in Germany’s 16 federal states. In Berlin and Hamburg, for example, more than 50% of inmates are now from abroad, according to the report, which also revealed a spike in the number of Islamists in the German prison system.

The data, compiled by the newspaper Rheinische Postshows that the surge of foreign-born inmates began in 2015, when Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed into Germany more than a million mostly unvetted migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Anti-Americanism: As German as Apple Strudel

The news came in a recent issue of the Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ): “Two years after President Trump’s inauguration, the Germans have lost much of their trust in the United States.” Eighty-five percent of respondents in an Atlantik-Brücke survey, reported FAZ, view the U.S. either “negatively” or “very negatively.” Many Germans look more favorably upon Communist China than upon the U.S.; more than half would like Germany to distance itself further from the U.S., with only thirteen percent wanting a closer relationship. Germans aren’t big on NATO, either: Only a quarter of those surveyed think their country should pay its agreed-upon share of the NATO budget. Many support the idea of an EU army. Of all the major political parties, only members of the anti-immigrant AfD are favorably disposed toward America.


Germany closes Muslim kindergarten over Islamist links

Officials in the city of Mainz on Monday withdrew the license of the only Muslim kindergarten in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate amid allegations that the facility was promoting Salafism.

The president of the state’s youth office, Detlef Placzek, said the promotion of Salafist materials meant that the nursery no longer adhered to the German constitution.

Officials had a duty to intervene, Placzek said, when an operator was unwilling or unable to “to create the conditions that ensure the well-being of children.”

Islam, who thought it a good idea to import this cult?