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Painting of Turkey’s President Erdogan with a banana up his buttocks sparks anger at German art fair

The gallery owner said he took down the caricature to “avoid trouble”

h/t Andrew Bostom who notes…


German food bank BANS migrants, saying influx of foreigners stopped elderly & single mothers receiving free meals

A food bank in Germany has temporarily stopped taking on new foreign clients after saying a huge influx of migrants had displaced desperate locals.

Joerg Sartor, chairman of the Essener Tafel charity that serves free meals to the poor in the western city of Essen, said: ‘We want the German granny to be able to keep coming to us’.

He said especially German elderly people and single mothers had been gradually displaced over the past two years as the share of migrants had risen to three-quarters of recipients.


Angela Merkel has created Germany’s far-right

Bankruptcy, wrote Ernest Hemingway, happens in two ways — ‘gradually and then suddenly’. By now, Angela Merkel will be beginning to fear that her remarkable career is about to move into that second motion. Barely a year ago, she was being talked about as the leader of the free world. Now she is blamed by her own party for upending German politics and, in the process, allowing the far-right to become a real political force for the first time since the 1940s. The cover of Der Spiegel, Germany’s main weekly, last week summed it up in one word: ‘Crisis.’


German prisons: 150 dangerous Islamists need deradicalizing, say police

About 150 dangerous Islamists are being held in prisons across Germany, according to figures from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) published by German daily Die Welt on Wednesday.

The men are either serving jail sentences or are in custody on terror-related charges, the paper cited the BKA as saying.

The newspaper said there were also several “relevant persons” being held, which it said were those regarded as sympathizers or supporters of radical Islam.

“In the next few years we must expect a wave of extremists in our prisons,” the German state of Hesse’s Minister of Justice, Eva Kühne-Hörmann (CDU), told the newspaper.


‘Thank you, Mama Merkel’: Syrian refugee lives with 2 wives, 6 kids on benefits in Germany

A documentary about a Syrian refugee in Germany, who happily lives on state handouts with his two wives and six kids, has angered many in the country where polygamy is against the law.

The Spiegel TV film was aired over the weekend, telling the story of 32-year-old Ahmad A. who fled the fighting in Syria’s Aleppo back in 2015 with his large family, and found a safe haven in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany.

The man lives in a two-story house provided by the community with two wives and six children. Despite polygamy being illegal in Germany, Ahmad was allowed to bring his second wife into the country as she is the mother of four of his kids.


German man attacks three immigrants with knife ‘because he was angry about Merkel’s refugee policy’

A drunk pensioner attacked and wounded three migrants with a knife because he was angry about the German government’s refugee policy, officials believe.

Prosecutors in southwest Germany said the 70-year-old man wanted to send a message with the assault over the weekend.

The man, who has German and Russian citizenship, seriously wounded a 17-year-old Afghan in the attack near a church in the city of Heilbronn.


Asylum seeker jailed 11 years for raping a woman trys to burn himself alive in prison

A Ghanaian man sentenced to nearly 12 years in jail for raping a young woman in front of her boyfriend in Germany, has tried to burn himself to death in his prison cell.

Eric X, 31, was handed the 11 year and six month jail term last October following the brutal attack on the 23-year-old woman at a campsite near Bonn, west Germany.

Last week, he set fire to the bedding in his maximum security jail cell and suffered third degree burns on 30 per cent of his body.


German jihadi bride is jailed for six years in Iraq after avoiding the death penalty

Linda Wenzel. Idiot Muslim terrorist convert.

A German teenager who ran away from home and joined ISIS has been jailed for six years in Iraq.

Linda Wenzel has been caged in the Iraqi capital Baghdad for her role as an Islamic Sharia law-enforcer with the terror group, which she joined at 15.

Wenzel, who last year sobbed on TV ‘I have ruined my life,’ could have faced the death penalty.


Germany: Meet Jens Spahn, Merkel’s Possible Successor “I am a burkaphobe.”

Jens Spahn, Merkel’s Possible Successor, Possible Non-Suicidal Gay.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has sparked a mutiny from within her own party over a controversial coalition deal that allows her to remain in office for a fourth term. The deal, in which Merkel agreed to relinquish control over the most influential government ministries, has led a growing number of voices from within her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to say — publicly — that it is time to begin looking for her successor.


AfD leader faces legal action for saying ‘camel driver’ Turks should ‘go back to where they belong’

A Turkish group in Germany said Thursday it was taking legal action against a state leader of the far-right AfD who defamed the ethnic minority as “camel drivers”.

The latest controversy sparked by the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany party came as Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was Thursday due to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on a visit meant to improve frayed relations.


Germany: Women barred from entering Turkish bar in Berlin migrant suburb

Women are not allowed to enter a bar in one of Berlin’s migrant suburbs, newspaper the Berliner Kurier reports.

One of the newspaper’s reporters was waiting in front of the bar when a woman asked if he could buy her some cigarettes. When the reporter asked why she couldn’t do it herself, she said: “Women are not allowed to go inside.”

The reporter asked the woman if she wasn’t even allowed to buy cigarettes. The woman said, “No that won’t work” and added “Some Turkish men are like that.”


German Anti-Terror Chief Warns of ‘Complex Attacks’ in the Near Future

Olaf Lindner, the new president of the German Federal Police Special Forces Directorate, has warned that German authorities expect “complex” terror attacks to be attempted in Germany in the future.

Lindner, the former head of Germany’s top anti-terror unit GSG 9, made his remarks at the European Police Congress in Berlin this week, Kronen Zeitung reports.