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Will Germany preserve Western culture from Islam?

Germany’s famed cultural icons may be on the way to oblivion.

The first to intervene, a month ago, was the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble. Muslims in Germany “must accept our way of life”, Schäuble said. And if they do not like European culture they made the “wrong” decision to come. “There are better places than Europe to live under Islamic law”.

Now another politician, the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere,has shaken German public opinion.

He did it with an article published by Bild called “Wir sind nicht Burqa” – We are not burqa. And he promoted the revival of “Leitkultur”, the dominant culture made of hard work, respect for others, confidence in Europe, arts and education, including Bach and Goethe, and Christianity.


Polish Leader: Germany Should Pay the Consequences of the Migrant Crisis

Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), says it was Germany’s decision to open Europe’s borders, not Poland’s, and his countrymen should not have to pay for their neighbour’s mistakes.

“We have not opened Europe for refugees – Ms Merkel has,” the veteran conservative told public broadcaster TVP Info. “And it is Ms Merkel and Germany that have to bear the consequences, not Poland.”


Public Muslim prayer in Munich scrapped amid fears of ‘right-wing violence’

A rally and Friday prayer in Munich to raise awareness about the lack of mosques in the city center was canceled hours before the start “for security reasons” as far-right groups allegedly promised to show up at the event.

The abrupt cancellation was announced by rally organizer Massi Popal in a Facebook post, who cited “security reasons” as possible far-right violence might pose a threat to “the life and limb of the praying Muslims” and others who decided to attend.

Elsewhere in Germany… Planned cross on Berlin landmark palace stirs heated debate


Lawyer demands 100 million euros for victims after Berlin government cover-up of Muslim terrorist’s background

Victims’ lawyer Andreas Schulz on Friday accused the officials working for the Berlin state government of gross misconduct in the handling of the Anis Amri case and demanded significant compensation. It was revealed earlier this week that authorities had allegedly been involved in a cover-up designed to hide a number of missed opportunities to arrest Amri.

“This is undoubtedly a case of government liability,” Schulz reportedly told the weekly German news magazine Focus when raising the claim of 100 million euros ($111 million) in damages.

“If they had arrested Amri back in November (2016) this terrible attack would never have happened,” Schulz added, saying that he was also considering suing a number of government officials involved in the alleged whitewash of Amri’s criminal background.


Germany: Should Migrants Integrate?

A government task force created to promote the integration of migrants into German society has published a list of the core features of German culture.

The list studiously omits politically incorrect terms such as “patriotism” and “leading culture” (Leitkultur), and effectively reduces German traditions and values to the lowest common denominator. The task force, in fact, implicitly establishes multiculturalism as the most complete expression of German culture.

The so-called Cultural Integration Initiative (Initiative kulturelle Integration) was created by the German government in December 2016 to promote “social cohesion” after Chancellor Angela Merkel opened German borders to more than a million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Merkel Threatens UK, Securing Borders “Will Have Its Price”

In a rare move, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has threatened the British government with “consequences” if it were to restrict immigration from the EU member states after the country formally breaks away from the union. “If the British government says that free movement of people is no longer valid, that will have its price,” German Chancellor said. “Merkel threatens the Brits,” reported the leading German newspaper, Die Welt.


German Companies Boycott Breitbart, Not Ayatollahs

Reports in January noted how Gerald Hensel, a high-ranking employee of Scholz & Friends, one of the two largest advertising agencies in Germany, used his professional position to launch a private war against the freedom of expression, under the slogan “No Money for the Right Wing!”

“Right wing” websites — those which have criticized the German government for its policies on, for example, Muslim mass-migration, the euro rescue or climate policy — should, according to Hensel, be cut off from advertising revenues. If they have no more money, so the thinking goes, it will be more difficult for them to stay in business; perhaps they would give up, and opinions differing from the mainstream would not be put into circulation.

Hensel explained his strategy on his private blog, which featured a red Soviet star: Large conglomerates that want to advertise on the Internet usually do not directly contact specific websites. Instead, computer programs recognize who is interested in a particular product or service, based on the user’s search behavior. The advertisement is personalized: a car maker will only approach users who are looking for cars. The advertisement, however, will not only appear on car websites, but on all sites the user visits in the following hours or days.


Iraqi refugee sentenced to 11 years for raping Chinese students in Germany

A German court has sentenced an Iraqi asylum seeker to 11 years in prison for the “brutal rape” of two Chinese students who were studying at a local university.

“Eleven years is a tough sentence. However, it is the price for what the accused did to the absolutely innocent victims for no reason,” Volker Talarowski, judge at the town court in Bochum, western Germany, said as he pronounced the sentence. The public prosecutor’s office initially requested between 12 and 14 years behind bars for the offender.


A Berlin court has convicted a teenage Syrian refugee of setting fire to a homeless man

in’s Regional Court on Tuesday sentenced one of the youths charged with setting fire to a homeless man to two weeks of juvenile detention and community service.

The 17-year-old Syrian refugee received a more lenient sentence because the court found that he was not directly involved in the incident. Rather, by his own admission, he did not act when he realized that the man had been set on fire. The teenager is expected to skip detention, however, as his pre-trial custody counted towards the final sentence.

The trial against the remaining six suspects, born in Syria and Libya and aged between 16 and 21, is scheduled to resume on Friday. They all stand accused of attempted murder. Only the 21-year-old, who reportedly admitted to starting the fire, is being tried as an adult. If found guilty, he would face up to at least three years in prison – the minimum sentence for attempted murder in Germany.