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Thousands of ex-Taliban fighters may have entered Germany: report

Thousands of former Taliban fighters may have entered Germany over the past two years among an influx of more than a million migrants and refugees, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Saturday.

Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) informed security officials that thousands of migrants had identified themselves as former Taliban insurgents during the asylum application process, the magazine said.

It added that at least 70 Afghan men were being investigated by Germany’s over-stretched chief federal prosecutor, though it was not clear whether all of them were suspected of being active Taliban militants.

Six are being held in investigatory detention and preliminary court hearings involving several others are due to start next week, the magazine added.

German Judge Says Turkish Man’s Forced Violent Sex Is ‘Culturally’ Not Rape

A German judge has acquitted a Turkish man of rape, despite the fact that he forced a woman to have sex with him, and left her incapacitated. The judge argued that in “the mentality of the Turkish cultural circle,” what the woman “had experienced as rape” might be considered merely “wild sex.” The judge refused to convict the rapist, because “no intention is demonstrable.”

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German-Russian suspect, 28, ‘hoping to make £3million profit from fall in club’s share price’ is arrested over bomb attack on Borussia Dortmund football team bus

Police in Germany have arrested a man behind the Dortmund bus bombing.

Prosecutors claim the intention to kill Borussia Dortmund team players in a diabolical plan to get rich on the stock markets as the club’s value tumbled.

Experts believe his position on 15,000 shares could have netted in excess of £3.3 million from an initial investment of

Shortly before 6.00am Friday morning Russian Sergei W. aged 28 was arrested.

Planned Attack on Russian Embassy Foiled ‘at Last Minute’ After Security Forces Storm Migrant Camp

The Moroccan migrant suspect at the centre of a foiled plot to launch an attack outside the Russian embassy in Berlin, Germany, was arrested “at the last minute”, just hours before the terror attack was due to take place.

The migrant had come to the attention of the security services after discussing his plans on social media under a number of pseudonyms.

German police detain three Muslim collaborators of suspected terrorist

Two men and a woman – one Afghan, one Turkish and one German – have been detained in Germany on suspicion of supporting and encouraging a terrorist in planning a bomb attack on police or soldiers, prosecutors in the northern city of Celle said on Friday.

The three, aged between 25 and 27, were taken into custody on Thursday night, and are suspected of aiding and abetting a serious act of violence against the state, the prosecutors said. One was found in Cologne, one in Bünde – both in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia – and one in Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, further to the north.

Angela Merkel angers German security services by turning to British spy chiefs for advice on how to handle the escalating Islamic terror threat

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had infuriated the heads of her intelligence services by turning to the UK for advice on how to combat her country’s escalating Islamic terror threat.

Respected news magazine Focus reports in its latest issue that 18 months ago she met the heads of MI5, MI6 and the director of GCHQ, the agency which was discovered to have conducted covert surveillance on Germany.

Her contacts with the British have rankled German spooks. One anonymous official said to the magazine: ‘In 12 years she has not once attended one of the weekly security briefings for her government.

German official makes sensible statement about Muslim settlers, Hell not frozen over

Germany’s Schaeuble says if Muslim migrants don’t like Europe, go elsewhere

Muslims who migrate to Europe should understand that there are better places for them to live if they do not want to accept the European way of life, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Wednesday.

Such migrants who do not accept Europe’s way of living should be told “you have made the wrong decision”, Schaeuble said during a round table discussion in Berlin.

“There are better places in the world to live under Islamic law than Europe,” he added.

Is Dortmund attacker still on the run?

German police have admitted they have no evidence linking the sole suspect in the Borussia Dortmund football team bus bombing with the attack – but believe he has been a member of ISIS.

A 26-year-old Iraqi, identified only as Abdul Baset al-O, was arrested yesterday in connection with the attack.

Chilling ‘confession’ letters found close to the scene of Tuesday’s bombing, which injured Spanish international Marc Bartra, blamed German involvement in Syria – but made no mention of support for ISIS.

Now prosecutors have cast doubt over whether the suspect was responsible, meaning the real terrorist could still be at large.

Officials are, however, seeking to detain the man over allegations he had led a terror cell in Iraq, which aimed to ‘prepare kidnappings, abductions, extortion and killings’.

The letters warned Angela Merkel to withdraw troops from Syria, it has emerged.

A Reader Sends: A Warning from Berlin, Germany

A Warning from Berlin, Germany

Shortly after the recent Stockholm terrorist attack, I sent messages to a few friends in Canada and the USA and also to my Russian-Jewish friend, Vlad, who along with his wife and young daughter and son, has lived in Berlin for approximately the last fifteen years. I concluded my brief message with a question:

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what do you and your wife and close friends, Jewish and non-Jewish, think of censorship in Germany lately?”

Then I added, “A short answer would be very much appreciated if you have a few minutes.”

Accompanying my question was the following link, an informative article about censorship in Europe: Europe’s Out-of-Control Censorship

Mere hours later I received the following reply:

Dear Michael [not my real name],

To be honest I am extremely concerned both about the dangers of Muslim migration and terrorism and the political developments in Germany… It is not only about censorship on Facebook; everybody is forced to stop with free discussions and to join the mainstream which is ruled by the government and the affiliated mass media. The parliament doesn’t play any role any more and there is practically no opposition like in the socialist times. People don’t dare to say openly their opinion because they get troubles in their working places and get socially isolated if they are critical.

Any warning of uncontrolled migration is called “racism”. Muslim antisemitism is getting more and more threatening. The criminality rates in Germany increased enormously in the last two years. In every big city there are the so-called “no-go-areas” where the state doesn’t exist any more. So I am really not sure how long Jewish life would be possible here and how long we are going to stay in this country…
Very often my feeling is that we are approaching a huge disaster… Best regards! Vlad. 

I read the message and was astonished how straightforward and sobering it was for me. Since receiving it on Friday late afternoon I have read it over several times. I also shared the original with BCF who suggested this short article appear in the blog.

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Muslim arrested over Dortmund coach bombing

Iraqi ‘Islamist’ is arrested over Dortmund coach bombing

An ‘Islamist’ suspect has been arrested in connection with the pipe bomb attack on Borussia Dortmund’s team bus as authorities say they are treating it as a ‘terrorist attack’.

German police searched properties belonging to ‘two suspects from the Islamist spectrum’ on Wednesday and arrested a 25-year-old Iraqi man from Wuppertal – not far from Dortmund – meaning another man is still on the loose.

The explosive devices used in the attack contained metal pins, one of which was found buried in a headrest on the vehicle, according to Frauke Koehler, a spokeswoman for federal prosecutors.

Ms Koehler said it was lucky ‘that nothing worse happened’, adding that investigators are still working to determine how the devices were detonated and what substance was used.

The second suspect is a German, aged 28, from Froenderburg, near Unna, also in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

German-Muslim Author Faces Death Threats After Publishing Book Critical of Islam

With her book The Veiled Threat dealing with the plight of Muslim women in Europe, former radical feminist Zana Ramadani has kicked the Islamist hornets’ nest in Germany. Being born a Muslim herself, Ramadani is fearful of her life after receiving countless death threats from radical Muslims in Germany. German authorities have not granted her police protection yet.

Germany’s successful integration of “Refugees” swells Sex-Worker ranks

German aid charities have reported a marked increase in the number of young migrants turning to prostitution in Germany. That’s according to an investigation published on Monday by Berlin broadcaster rbb in cooperation with a number of local charities.

The increase has seen more young men to sex work, namely of Afghan, Pakistani and Iranian backgrounds.

Aid charities see Germany’s wavering social system as the catalyst for the rise. Once refugees turn 18 they no longer qualify for state support for young people, forcing them to turn to prostitution as a way to make ends meet.