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Attack on Jewish men in Berlin caught on video

The attacker is heard calling “Yahudi” during the event. “Yahudi” is an Arabic word for “Jew.”


Teenager who coerced a 12-year-old boy into failed suicide bombing at German Christmas market and wanted his wife, 17, to blow up a US air base, is jailed for nine years

A 19-year-old man who planned a failed terror attack in Germany where a 12-year-old boy was meant to have blown himself up at a Christmas market has been jailed for nine years in Austria.

The teenager was also found guilty of plotting to use his 17-year-old wife as a suicide bomber to attack United States’ Ramstein Air Base in southwestern Germany.

The defendant was convicted at the Vienna state court of two counts of attempted incitement to murder as a terrorist crime, as well as membership in a terrorist organization and other offenses.


German Mass Migration: A No-Win Situation?

The recent decision of Essener Tafel, a food bank in the city of Essen, Germany, temporarily to stop issuing membership cards to non-Germans has triggered an outcry among German politicians, journalists and activists, who have accused the charitable organization of “racism”. Serving about 16,000 poor people in the industrial city of Essen, Essener Tafel is one of the biggest charities in Germany, operated by volunteers only.


Germany: Crackdown on Middle Eastern Crime Families

German authorities have launched a crackdown on Middle Eastern crime families in Essen, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia where some 70 Turkish, Kurdish and Arab-born clan members regularly engage in racketeering, extortion, money laundering, pimping and trafficking in humans, weapons and drugs.

Middle Eastern crime clans now control large swathes of German cities and towns — areas that are effectively lawless and which German police increasingly fear to approach.


German nurses report constant disrespect & need for security: “If we are not fast enough, then we are ‘bitches’ and ‘sluts'”

Bielefeld. The local editorial office received a lot of feedback on the reporting on verbal and physical attacks in Bielefeld hospitals . Above all, young nurses came forward because they no longer feel safe at their own workplace.

They hope for a rethink in the emergency rooms and on the stations. As reported, the Bethel Evangelical Institute has now launched a de-escalation program, reflecting on self-defense and emergency buttons. In other cities, security services in the emergency room are part of everyday life.

A young nurse (all report anonymously) reports that the increase in verbal and physical violence has long been felt. Insults are now the order of the day, especially of southern patients and relatives, “she explains.” The threats that we have to put up with on a daily basis are ready. ”

She tells of a shocking case in which she had to resuscitate a patient at night with a doctor. “When I left the room for a short while to get medication, I was sneered at by a patient about how long it would take.”

When she told him that a life-threatening emergency needed the full attention of the staff, “he spit on my feet.”

Note the translation of southern is from südländisch and refers broadly to the Mediterranean


Germany’s Echo music prize to reconsider awarding Muslim anti-semites in future

Rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang received an award for top anti-semitic rap song in the diversity category or something.

The controversy surrounding two rappers who won Germany’s top music prize despite anti-Semitic lyrics began to gather steam on Sunday, with business leaders joining the government in condemning artists Kollegah and Farid Bang.

“That hurts Germany’s international reputation. Is anti-Semitism becoming acceptable in Germany?” Airbus CEO Tom Enders said in comments to the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

His comments were similar to that of Justice Minister Heiko Maas, who told Der Spiegel on Saturday that “anti-Semitic provocations do not deserve a prize; they are repugnant”.


Germans fear the rise of ‘lawless’ neighborhoods, poll shows

A poll published on Sunday by Germany’s biggest tabloid, Bild, found that just a little over half of Germans believe there are neighborhoods in the country so dangerous that even police fear to tread there.

About 51 percent of participants said that they believed lawless “no-go” zones existed, whereas 41 percent said there were no such areas in Germany. About 77 percent said they wished police would crack down harder on crime syndicates.

DW, the CBC in German.


‘Islam runs against democratic values & has no place in Germany,’ says leading coalition politician

One of the top figures in the CSU, Angela Merkel’s Bavarian sister party, has said Islam has no place in German society and insists the government must reject recent immigration policies or face annihilation by the rising AfD.
“Islam has no cultural roots in Germany and with Sharia as a legal system, it has nothing in common with our Judeo-Christian heritage,” Alexander Dobrindt, the deputy leader of Bundestag’s biggest party, CDU/CSU, told Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.


AfD disability query slammed by churches, ethics council

A far-right parliamentary question linking incest, disability and migrants has outraged Germany’s ethics council and Catholic bishops. They say the query amounts to inhumane contempt bordering on former Nazi language.

Not so fast virtue signalers!

It’s time to confront this taboo: First cousin marriages in Muslim communities are putting hundreds of children at risk

Dispatches – When Cousins Marry (Channel 4 Documentary)


More Of Angela Merkel’s Germany


Failed asylum seeker wrenches a five-year-old boy from his mother’s arms before jumping under a train with him in Germany

A failed asylum seeker wrenched the five-year-old son of a stranger from his mother’s arms before leaping with him beneath the wheels of an oncoming train.

The Indian man lay between the rails at Wuppertal train station in western Germany clutching the child as the train rolled over them.

The man arrived in the country in March 2010 and was due to be deported to his homeland next month.

Local media speculated he may have been trying to injure himself to prevent deportation, but there was no explanation for taking the child with him.


Münster residents searching for answers after deadly attack

Three days on, very little is yet known about attacker Jens R.’s motives. Police have so far only been able to rule out possible incentives. They’ve found no evidence he was driven by any political or religious ideology.

Instead, a picture is building of a man suffering from serious mental health problems. A man who had hinted at having suicidal thoughts in an email to acquaintances and had run-ins with the law. Precious little, though, points to any plan to carry out his murderous rampage in the peaceful streets of Münster’s old town.