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‘I was stoned’: Syrian denies Berlin belt attack on Jew was anti-Semitic

A Syrian man in Berlin has apologized to the victim of a suspected anti-Semitic attack as Germany continues its crackdown on resurgent hostility towards Jews in the country.

The 19-year-old asylum seeker was on trial Tuesday after video emerged of him attacking a youth wearing a kippah in an affluent neighbourhood in the German capital in April. He is alleged to have struck his victim ten times with a belt, wounding him in the face, stomach and leg. The defendant, who denied the attack was anti-Semitic, told the Berlin-Tiergarten District Court he was under the influence of ecstasy at the time.


German Car Makers Call on EU to Scrap Auto Tariffs to Preserve Access to U.S. Market

Germany’s leading car manufacturers have called on the European Union (EU) to scrap its import tariffs on U.S. cars, which are far higher than those imposed on European cars entering America.

The firms called for all tariffs to end, on both the EU and U.S. side, to boost free but also fair trade across the Atlantic, passing the message to the U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell.


“Asylum Seekers” Return Their Homelands On Vacation With Taxpayers’ Money

After the controversial scandal surrounding suspected bribes and purchased residence permits for immigrants, statistics are showing that more so-called asylum seekers are reportedly “on holiday” in their home country. The journeys are becoming more and more frequent according to the German Migration Board, commonly known as BAMF.


Iraqi murderer of German teen girl bragged: Everything is for free here, no working and a salary from the state

During their stay in Germany for several years, Ali B. and his family apparently raved about the conditions in this country to relatives in northern Iraq. “They said that they are doing well in Germany,” says a cousin of Ali B. from the Iraqi Kurdish region.


Angela Merkel buys time in government crisis over asylum

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing another tough day in the ongoing stand-off with her ally Horst Seehofer, interior minister and leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister-party to her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

The row is centered on an asylum system reform plan Seehofer wants to implement in Germany, which would see migrants who had already been registered in another European Union country turned away at the German border.

This would potentially disrupt the EU’s Dublin immigration system and threaten the principle of free movement within the EU, especially if, as Merkel fears, other countries impose similar border controls. Some critics, including former Interior Minister Gerhart Baum, have described Seehofer’s proposal as illegal, not to mention as a destabilization of a new government.


“Refugee” stands trial in Germany over alleged murder of teen

A refugee, who is reportedly from Afghanistan, is on trial for the murder of Mia, a 15-year-old teenager from Kandel with whom he had been in a short relationship.

The murder trial, which is being held in the southwestern city of Landau, is not open to the public as the suspect is being tried as a minor. His age has been difficult to ascertain, but authorities believe he was under 18 years of age when he allegedly committed the crime.

He is believed to have acted out of jealousy, as the victim broke off the relationship and reported him to police for harassment prior to the murder last December. He reportedly approached Mia in a pharmacy and stabbed her seven times.


Doubted at home, bypassed abroad: is Merkel’s reign nearing a frustrated end?

…Merkel’s political obituary has been written many times, but now the final draft is nearing completion. She is under fire from the hard-right, anti-immigrant Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which stormed into the Bundestag last autumn. She has problems with the failing, unpopular Social Democrats on her left, on whom she depends for support.


German court declares Muslim Rappers’ holocaust lyrics to be expression of “artistic freedom”

Two German rappers will not be prosecuted after an outcry over lyrics about Auschwitz and the Holocaust.

Critics attacked Kollegah and Farid Bang for comparing their muscular bodies with those of Auschwitz inmates, and suggesting a new Holocaust.

But prosecutors said the artistic freedom was guaranteed by the constitution.

The gangsta rap lyrics, while offensive, did not amount to Holocaust denial or inciting violence, they said.

Düsseldorf prosecutor’s office spokesman Ralf Herrenbrück told German media that while the genre might be vulgar, misogynistic and homophobic, it would not be possible to bring charges.


And next we’ll burn their books and ban their deviant art!

Populist talkshows fuel rise of “far right”, German TV bosses told to shut them down by Culture Czar

The head of Germany’s most powerful cultural body has called for the plug to be pulled on the nation’s multitude of political talkshows for a year, arguing that their populist agenda has helped fuel the rise of the far right.

Olaf Zimmermann, who heads the German cultural council, an umbrella group for organisations from art galleries to television companies, said public broadcasters needed to step back and rethink a format that has helped cement gloom-ridden public attitudes towards refugees and Islam, and propelled the AfD into parliament at last September’s election.

“I’d suggest for them, take a break for a year … though the length of the intermission isn’t the decisive factor. What is crucial is that they return with new talkshow concepts and try to come up with more suitable contents with regards to social cohesion in our society,” Zimmermann said, arguing that the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF were obsessed with refugee-related issues, often framing them negatively.

Haven’t we seen this movie before?