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Germany deports convicted 9/11 accomplice Motassadeq to Morocco

Mounir el-Motassadeq was collected from his German jail cell, where he had spent almost 15 years, on Monday, ready for deportation to Morocco. His jail term for complicity in 3,000 counts of murder in the September 11, 2001 attacks and for membership of a terrorist organization was set to expire this November.

It seems a world away, but tracing 9/11 today takes us to Steindamm, a busy road in the center of Hamburg. On a blustery afternoon late this September, few people linger. The shops sell vegetables, kaftans, and flights to Mecca and Turkey.


Angela Merkel’s arch-conservative allies in Bavaria sink to worst result in 68 years as ruling party’s anti-refugee stance fails to stop far-right surge

Angela Merkel’s arch-conservative sister party in Bavaria has crashed to its worst result for 68 years in state elections, according to preliminary results, piling further pressure on the German Chancellor’s beleaguered coalition.

The Christian Social Union (CSU), which has ruled the wealthy southern state almost single-handedly since the 1960s, is projected to lose its absolute majority after dropping more than 10 percentage points to register around 37 per cent of the vote.

The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) won its first seats in the Bavarian parliament, scoring more than 10 per cent in spite of the CSU’s efforts to fend it off with a hardline stance on immigration and law and order.


YouTube now warns that the German National Anthem is offensive ‘for some groups’

Some people wrongly believe it is the Nazi version, as Chris Fox a BBC reporter did. The anthem predates the Nazis and they only sang the first verse followed by the Horst-Wessel-Song. The melody was first written in 1796/97. The verses of the poem were written in 1841.


Bavarian Election Exit Poll: Merkel Allies See Huge Losses

The Christian Social Union (CSU) is projected to win the Bavarian election but the allies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has seen huge losses in support while the Green Party has surged.

An exit poll released by Infratest dimap shows the centre-right CSU as the winner of the election with 35.5 percent of the vote, which constitutes a massive 12.2 percent loss compared to the previous Bavarian election in 2013.


Katie Hopkins & Michael Stürzenberger: Islam’s threat to Germany

We had a long discussion on the threat of radical Islam in Germany and how it’s influencing the growth of a populist political backlash.


Germany: AfD calls for ban of Koran passages – Islam and Sharia are incompatible with the rule of law

‘Islam Belongs to Merkel, But She Doesn’t Belong to Germany’ – AfD MP

A representative of the AfD party in the German Bundestag, Gottfried Curio, has presented a request to the government asking that dissemination be restricted for certain Koranic passages that allegedly allow crimes such as honor killing, forced marriage and physical abuse of women. Curio believes that Islam’s key religious book “ideologically legitimizes committing crimes” in its text.


AfD tells German pupils to denounce teachers who discuss political views

The AfD is taking on institutionalized leftism, that has the usual suspects in an uproar.

…But the party, which rose to power on its anti-immigrant stance, winning 90 parliamentary seats at the last election, has hit back. It says its website has nothing to do with denunciation. According to Bernd Baumann, a leading member of the AfD’s parliamentary group, it is a chance to address the considerable evidence the party said it had collected, showing that schools were often drawing “a very severe picture of the AfD as radical, inhuman and cold”.

The party has encouraged pupils to look out for “cloddish AfD bashing”, including those wearing bags, badges or T-shirts bearing the slogan “FCK AfD”, as well as pointing out anything that might be recognisable as political indoctrination.


“I prefer to be part of a party that wants to help living Jews, not dead Jews,” said one Jewish AfD supporter.

(October 9, 2018 / JNS) At a nondescript community center in the city of Wiesbaden on Sunday, dozens of Jews got together to officially form the Jewish faction of the rising right-wing political party in Germany: Alternative for Deutschland (AfD). Judging from the amount of cameras and reporters present—from Deutsche Welle to The New York Times magazine—it would seem that this was the most important Jewish event in Germany since the opening of Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.