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Fordham students fight back against Christian group’s petition to cancel drag show

The Bronx Jesuit school’s offices received angry calls and emails last week after an evangelical organization, the Tradition Family Property Student Group, posted a petition ripping the event at a school auditorium.


Arielle Scarcella: Gay People Are ‘F–king Terrified’ to Criticize Trans Ideology

Fear of being labelled a “TERF” (trans-exclusive radical feminist) causes many lesbian YouTubers to avoid the topic of transgenderism entirely, Ms. Scarcella explains, because SJWs (social justice warriors) like Riley Dennis have specifically targeted the lesbian community as “bigots” for rejecting relationships with men who think they’re women.


Airsickness: Virgin launching Drag Queen Air


Virgin is launching a one-off “Pride Flight”, manned by LGBT+ pilots and crew, between London Heathrow and Newark airport in New York.

Hosted by Tituss Burgess, best known for playing Titus Andromedon in Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the flight will depart on 28 June in celebration of World Pride 2019.

The flight is being billed as “a true celebration of queer culture 38,000ft above the Atlantic”.

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BBC issues ‘ally’ badges to heterosexual staff who promote LGBT issues in a bid to tackle its ‘heteronormative culture’

The BBC is encouraging staff to become ‘straight allies’ of colleagues who are gay, lesbian or have other gender identities.

The move is an attempt to tackle what it calls a ‘heteronormative culture’, in which being straight is considered the norm.

To shift the balance, staff who are heterosexual but ‘actively promote’ LGBT issues will wear pin badges or use email signatures to signify that they are ‘allies’ of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleagues.


Row over Australia plan to let faith schools reject gay students

Australia’s prime minister has defended leaked proposals to let religious schools discriminate against gay students.

Scott Morrison said the proposals were already “existing law”.

Schools in some states can already reject staff if they are gay. The new proposals would apply nationwide.

They are contained in a report into religious freedom that was commissioned after same-sex marriage was made legal last year.


UK court sides with bakers against gay cake Nazis

A Northern Irish bakery that refused to bake a cake iced with a pro-gay slogan won its bid to overturn an earlier prosecution for discrimination after the UK’s Supreme Court.

The five judges ruled that the business relationship between the prospective buyer, Gareth Lee, and vendor, Ashers Baking, did not involve people being refused jobs or services because of their religious faith, political affliation or sexual orientation.


Children’s Television: From Rainbow to Multi-Racial, LGBT Brainwashing in 40 Years

The state-funded BBC now teaches our children that they have no real identity and that Jamal, who moved here from Pakistan and voted for Brexit, is just as British as they are. Thomas the Tank Engine has received a makeover in a bid to achieve gender equality and represent multicultural Britain. The show now features Charubala, a female railway controller from India. Steven Universe, a cartoon first aired in 2013, features on Cartoon Network and stars various gender-confused and non-binary characters. The show also boasts the title of broadcasting television’s first animated same-sex kiss and same-sex marriage. 

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Director of latest ‘Harry Potter’ prequel says Dumbledore’s homosexuality will be ‘clear’ to viewers

During her 2007 tour for the final book of the main Harry Potter series, author J.K. Rowling told a crowd that “Dumbledore is gay, actually,” despite the elderly mentor character’s sexual attraction not being referenced in the books themselves. The bombshell earned her accolades from pro-LGBT activists but also criticism from parents concerned about exposing their kids to adult and morally-objectionable themes. Critics of the series, such as the late Vatican exorcist Father Gabriel Amorth and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, had already maintained that its subversive themes could negatively predispose children to curiousity about the occult.


UN Unleashes LGBT Czar to Promote Homosexuality, Transgenderism

The United Nations “Human Rights Council,” which counts some of the world’s most ruthless dictatorships as members, sparked global outrage last week by voting to appoint a UN czar to oversee the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism around the world. In the crosshairs are religious and moral views that reject homosexual behavior as sinful, as well as objective reality and biological facts that until recent years were taken for granted. The deeply controversial scheme was pushed through by communist and socialist rulers with fervent support from the Obama administration, which for years has been lawlessly using American tax dollars and diplomatic resources to bribe and bully foreign governments into compliance with the radical agenda. But there was a great deal of opposition, and criticism of the UN extremism is growing.