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Liberals Trying To Kill Electoral College Without Constitutional Amendment

Have you heard of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact? This is a serious business of the highest magnitude. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an associated group of eleven states and the District of Columbia – with one goal in mind, destroying the Electoral College. Instead of the Electoral College, which was set up via the Constitution by the founders, presidential elections would be decided by the popular vote instead. These states that belong to the compact have agreed that their states electoral votes would all go to whoever wins the popular vote. Ten more states have legislation pending to join the NPVIC.

Disqualify every vote in states that subvert the Constitution.


Huckabee: President Trump’s Speech Tonight

Tonight, President Trump will go to the House of Representatives (his invitation got delayed in the mail by a week) to give his State of the Union Address. Advance word is that he will attempt to reach out to work with Democrats, which is no surprise since one of the major reasons he was elected was his reputation as a deal-maker. But voters didn’t reckon on just how around-the-bend nutzo his opponents would be.


CNN Anchors Demand Americans Stop Wearing MAGA Hats

What Lemon and Cuomo are trying to do to the MAGA hat is the same thing the enemedia at large has done to the counter-jihad resistance for years.

They associate it with something that is evil, something that it has nothing to do with, and then demand that others shun it on the basis of that association.


Colonization of the Americas killed so many people that Earth cooled down when abandoned land became overgrown and sucked carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Researchers estimate the arrival of Europeans in 1492 caused roughly 56 million deaths by the year 1600 due to disease, conflict, and slavery.

Mass deaths, in turn, resulted in the reforestation of landscapes that were left abandoned.

As swathes of agricultural land became overgrown, the new trees and foliage absorbed higher levels of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, sparking what’s now casually referred to as a ‘little Ice Age’.


Media Claim Warren’s ‘Popular,’ ‘Mainstream’ Wealth Tax Could ‘Save America’

Left? Lefter? Leftist? In the quest to see which candidate can be the most liberal, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for an “ultra-millionaire tax” to force the wealthy to fork over more to the government.

Her proposal is not a tax on income, but rather on individuals’ assets. If implemented, anyone with more than $50 million in assets (including property) would face a 2 percent annual wealth tax, higher if they have more than $1 billion in assets. Liberal media promoted and defended it, or turned to liberal economists who would.


From the archives: Senators Overlooked Radical Record of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I quoted extensively from her 230-page book called Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, published in 1977 by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The purpose of this book was to show how the proposed Equal Rights Amendment (for which she was an aggressive advocate) would change federal laws to make them sex-neutral and “eliminate sex-discriminatory provisions.”


Lindsey Graham On FIRE Over The Wall: We’re Not Gonna Give In To This Radical Left, EVER

The left side of politics is perpetually calling the right flank ridiculous names — racists, xenophobes, Nazis, etc.

Not to mention a staggering decline in civility, like this absolutely inexcusable gaffe.

And Lindsey Graham is fed up.


Maclean’s magazine encourages women to regret having children

The article’s headline was meant to grab women’s attention, and I am sure it did: “‘I Regret Having Children’,” a feature article in the February issue of Maclean’s mag, throws a positive light on what the author, veteran journalist Anne Kingston, seems to believe is the opening salvo in a brave new epoch of female liberation, the desanctification of motherhood.


Disgusting liberals manipulate “gay” penguins to push anti-science LGBT agenda

Penguins are undeniably interesting creatures, with their feather tuxedos and trademark waddle. Recently, gay penguins have been a subject of particular interest — especially now that these “couples” are being given their own eggs to care for. In Sydney, Australia, a pair of male Gentoo penguins named Magic and Sphen have been applauded for “fostering” an egg. But is all this media mayhem about gay penguins really about the penguins, or is the liberal media using these animals to push their own agenda?