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Young Dutch people are sent for training by radical imam in Turkey

A mosque organisation in Netherlands is sending young people to a training camp in Turkey, where they are lectured by an imam who supports armed jihad, Dutch newspaper NRC said on Friday.

Dozens of Turkish-Dutch youngsters, who have been sent to Turkey in recent years by the Milli Görüş organisation, are being trained by Nurettin Yıldız, a preacher who supports armed jihad and violence against women, NRC said.


The Death of France

How French leaders trigger lawlessness by their own cowardice and passivity.

If radical Islamic clerics thought they were immune to terror threats themselves, then they have now been disabused of that notion.  Last month in France, instead of the predictable pattern of arrests of Islamic jihadists plotting deadly terrorist attacks; this time, the jihadists were apparently the targets themselves.  This turn of events signals France’s accelerated spiral into lawless violence.


And They Wonder Why We’re Angry

America is experiencing a major culture war between its interpreters and the people. It is less a war of political parties: Democrat versus Republican. It is less a war of ideologies: conservative versus liberal. The rapidly escalating censorship of the internet giants against Dennis Prager and an array of conventionally American advocates is a symptom of an interpretive class gone mad with their own power. In many respects, it pits the secular against the religious and the higher economic class against the lower class.


Swedish Nationalist Party Predicted to Make Huge Gains Next Month

The national Sweden Democrats are predicted to become the largest political party in the country following elections on September 9.

Their only problem is that none of the socialist parties that have ruled Sweden for more than 100 years will work with them. The situation is similar to what it is for other nationalist, eurosceptic parties in Germany, France, Holland, and other Western countries. The people support the nationalist agenda but other politicians refuse to have anything to do with them.


Pentagon says China’s armed forces are ‘likely training for strikes’ on US targets

China’s military has expanded its bomber operations in recent years while “likely training for strikes” against the United States and its allies, according to a Pentagon report released on Thursday.

The assessment, which comes at a time of heightened US-China tensions over trade, was contained in an annual report that highlighted China’s efforts to increase its global influence, with defence spending that the Pentagon estimates exceeded $190 billion in 2017.


Public Housing’s Most Notorious Failure

Revisionist history notwithstanding, Cabrini-Green more than deserved its reputation for crime and squalor.

For writers, it pays to be a contrarian. That is, it’s hard to make a living pitching books and articles that say: “The conventional wisdom about Subject X holds up pretty well.” A more promising approach is to contend that what everybody “knows” about X is wrong: the truth is very different, or at least complicated in ways both surprising and significant.

This second tactic describes journalist Ben Austen’s recent book High-Risers: Cabrini-Green and the Fate of American Public Housing. Seven years have passed since the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) tore down the last high-rise in the Cabrini-Green Homes, a public-housing project (named after Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini and labor leader William Green) where 23 towers, constructed between 1950 and 1962, provided 3,000 apartments. The towers came to be known almost solely for their crime and squalor. The Chicago Tribune noted that one particular adjective turned up in so many news stories about the project that city newcomers must have assumed that its full name was the Notorious Cabrini-Green Homes.


Don’t blame Ocasio-Cortez – blame her schooling

We should not be amazed that this newly hatched Socialist Democrat is so clueless about the economy and international relations.

Every time she appears on television she comes across dumber and dumber. The Left’s new IT Girl, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez can’t seem to get it straight on anything.

We should not be amazed that this newly hatched Socialist Democrat is so clueless about the economy and international relations…namely, at the moment, the Palestinian-Arab/Israeli conflict. On the economy, she’s prepared to give everything away for free – healthcare and education gratis for all, with no mention from where the money is coming.


All eyes on Andrew Scheer as Conservative convention set for Halifax

After a week of internal caucus squabbles, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will try to refocus the spotlight on trying to convince Canadians his party is a government-in-waiting.

Party members from across the country are preparing to gather this week for their first policy convention since Scheer was elected chief last year.

More here… From embryos to Jerusalem and supply management to pornography, here’s what’s on the agenda at the Conservative policy convention

Scheer will be leader in 2019, if he loses to Justin maybe Bernier will replace him. History favours an incumbent PM, only two have been voted out after a single term, but never underestimate Justin.


Thoughts on the Unthinkable: The Catholic Church Scandal

The latest Catholic Church rape scandal has been compared to the British “grooming gangs” stories. They’re both equally horrible, equally evil.

There’s a big difference, though. The priests who have raped kids, and the bishops and popes who have protected them, have betrayed the spirit of Christianity — the spirit of the gospels — even if the engineers of the cover-ups have, technically, acted in accordance with the precepts and priorities of their own Church. Indeed, nothing could be a more thorough betrayal of the spirit of the gospels than the sexual abuse of a helpless child.

By contrast, the grooming gangs have not betrayed Islam. Their sexual abuse of infidel children is thoroughly in line with the teachings of the Koran and the lesson of their religion’s founder. First, sex with a child? No big deal. The Prophet himself wed a six-year-old girl, although he waited until she was nine to consummate the marriage. Second, rape? “The seizure of Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves,” Robert Spencer has noted, “is sanctioned in the Qur’an.”


German Court: Bring Back Deported Jihadist

A court in Germany has ruled that the recent deportation to Tunisia of a failed asylum seeker — an Islamist suspected of being a bodyguard for the former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden — was unlawful and that, at taxpayer expense, he must be immediately returned to Germany.

The ruling has cast yet another spotlight on the dysfunctional nature of Germany’s deportation system, as well as on Germany’s politicized judicial system, one in which activist judges are now engaged in a power struggle with elected officials who want to speed up deportations.