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Our leading hate group

The concept of a “hate group” could be useful. In practice, however, it is like the concept of “hate speech,” applied to shut down heterodox speech and confine the public square to dissemination of officially approved thought. The concepts somehow overlook the likes of the hilariously misnamed Southern Poverty Law Center and its works, which direct something far beyond the Orwellian Two Minutes Hate to the likes of Charles Murray and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. If there is such a thing as a “hate group” — as I say, it could be a useful concept — the SPLC is it. Indeed, I think it may be our most influential hate group.


True Islam

Each new Islamic terrorist atrocity is denounced by western leaders such as our Prime Minister as a ‘twisted’ or ‘perverted’ version of Islam, the ‘Religion of Peace’. True Muslims, they emphasise, are peace-loving and tolerant. What this really amounts to is a way of saying: ‘Look how broad-minded I am! I have nothing against true Islam! Also I am learned enough in Islamic doctrine to distinguish between false and true Islam.’

Unfortunately, this is merely self-promoting codswallop. There is no ‘true’ version of Islam, and there is no false version. Or rather, there is no way of judging which is true and which is false.


Next Stop…

Detroit, MI – New dashcam video from the Detroit Department of Transportation shows the chaotic moments on board as a bus slammed into a building on the city’s west side. The video shows what happened May 26 as the bus and two other vehicles were involved in a crash that left five people injured. Police said an 18-year-old man driving an SUV blew through a stop sign at Dexter Avenue and Doris Street before colliding with the bus, sending it crashing through the building.


America and India tackle terror, while Canada plays identity politics

All Canadian media have swooned over PM Useful Idiot’s Ramadan socks.

The U.S. State Department on Monday designated Syed Salahuddin, the Pakistan-based head of the jihadi group “Hizb ul Mujahideen”, as a global terrorist.

The announcement came hours before a meeting at the White House between U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where the two leaders declared: “Destroying radical Islamic terrorism together” and “ending terror safe havens”, were the top goals of the two countries.

North of the border it was a somewhat different story.


Man experiences terrifying paragliding accident in Austria

Dramatic footage has emerged of a paraglider getting his chute tangled in mid-air and experiencing a terrifying free fall.

The video, captured in Kossen, Austria on June 14, shows the rider’s reserve chute getting tangled up with the glider, causing the craft to spiral rapidly downwards.

The rider can be heard screaming as he hurtles down to earth.

Fortunately, a tree softens his landing, and he falls to the ground shaken but relatively unharmed.

According to the filmer, he spent the next 6 days in hospital but no surgery was required.


‘I meant to harm those people’ – Says Justin Trudeau Style “Canadian” ISIS Supporter

Don’t worry dear, Justin will have you sprung for Canada Day.

‘I meant to harm those people’: Toronto woman who pledged allegiance to ISIS appears in court

A 32-year-old woman charged with uttering death threats while allegedly armed with a knife at a Toronto store before pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group earlier this month told a courtroom Monday that she would attempt to do it “again and again” if released.

“I meant to harm those people,” Rehab Dughmosh told Justice Kimberley Crosbie through an Arabic interpreter during a court appearance.


Lawrence Solomon: Trump’s detractors are convinced he’s a buffoon. So why does he keep winning?

President Trump’s detractors consider him a buffoon who can’t get anything done. They do so at their peril. In just five months in office, Trump has racked up a jaw-dropping string of accomplishments. This “buffoon” is buffaloing his critics, most of whom are too blind to see how effectively he’s implementing his agenda.

Trump is delivering in spades on one of his most publicized campaign promises — keeping illegal immigrants out of the United States and deporting the worst of those who made it into the country. Even without building his wall, illegal immigration is down 67 per cent over last year’s levels, mostly on the strength of Trump’s tough talk and tough action.


Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamation

Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times for defamation, according to documents filed on Tuesday obtained by The Daily Caller.

The lawsuit has to do with an editorial the NYT ran on June 14 that falsely smeared Palin as inciting the 2011 shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords by a mentally ill man who had been obsessed with Giffords for years. There is no evidence to support the NYT’s implication that Palin played a role in inciting the Giffords shooting.