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EU to force tech firms to hand over terror suspects’ messages

The European commission is seeking to force technology companies wherever they are based in the EU to hand over emails, text messages and app communications of terror suspects within hours of a court order.

Under the plans, judges in one member state will be able to seize electronic evidence held on a service provider in another European country through a transnational European production order.

The powers would further cover the seizure of data held outside the EU by a tech company “offering services in the union and established or represented” in an EU member state.


ISIS Slays Afghan Boy, 12, for assisting Police

Islamic State militants executed a 12-year-old boy on charges of helping local police in northern Afghanistan, according to a senior Afghan government official who spoke to VOA.

The boy was accused of supplying food and water to an Afghan local police check post in northern Jawzjan province.

“The kid was apparently helping his brother-in-law, who is a member of (the) Afghan local police, fighting against militants in Kota-e-Osti district,” Lutfullah Azizi, Jawzjan province governor, told VOA. “It is not the first time that IS militants are committing atrocities against civilians. They have previously killed women in summary executions.”


Military grade firearms increasingly available to terrorists in Europe – report

An “arms race” between criminal groups in Europe risks making it easier for terrorists to obtain high-powered, military grade firearms, a report has warned.

The survey says long-standing barriers to obtaining firearms have broken down in recent years owing to the emergence of the internet, cross-border smuggling of military-grade assault rifles into the EU, the conversion of large numbers of blank-firing guns and the widespread reactivation of weapons previously rendered unusable to be sold to collectors.

“The increased availability of firearms has contributed to arms races between criminal groups across the EU,” the report, funded by the European commission, said.

But they have such strict gun laws!


Inside the Internet Research Agency: a Mole Among Trolls

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA — Vitaly Bespalov, a 23-year-old journalism school graduate, had no idea what to expect when he arrived at a nondescript four-story business center in St. Petersburg to interview for a job.

Everything about the building at Savushkina 55 seemed odd. Security was heavy and the windows were tinted. Guards dressed in camouflage demanded his passport and his home address before letting him into the building. And, as he negotiated his entry, Bespalov noticed a woman enter the lobby in a rage.

“She was yelling something about how she refused to be part of this,” says Bespalov. “Everything about the place was strange.”


A Real Quandary: Homeless Tent Cities in New Orleans and Elsewhere

I remember to this day the look of agony, desperation and forlorn hopelessness in the eyes of a beautiful young woman begging on the streets of New York City one very cold night years ago. I remember thinking, as she peered up at me from the doorway where she was huddled, that she had been, not long before, a person of some accomplishment and, perhaps even affluence, based upon her now-shabby and dirty clothing. I remember so clearly going back to the hotel room and telling my wife that I would probably never be able to get those eyes, and their nightmarish fear, out of my memory. That was years ago, and those eyes came back to me as I thought about sharing a recent, and very unsettling, experience while visiting New Orleans and seeing its block after block homeless tent city, just one of a number spread throughout the Central Business District.


Trudeau’s carbon scheme takes our money for nothing

Small wonder the Trudeau government waited to release its annual report on Canada’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions until the prime minister was in France, boasting about Canada’s efforts to fight climate change.

That’s because Canada’s latest report on emissions submitted to the United Nations shows an insignificant drop for 2016, the first year for which the Trudeau government is entirely responsible, and the last for which figures are available.


Gee Thanks Kathleen! Moody’s just downgraded Ontario’s financial outlook to ‘negative’

TORONTO — A key ratings agency has downgraded its outlook on Ontario’s finances to “negative” from “stable” in light of the Liberal government’s plan to run six consecutive multibillion-dollar deficits.

Moody’s Investor Services says spending pressure will challenge the province’s ability to “sustain balanced fiscal results” over a number of years.

Moody’s also says financing requirements on the province’s debt —projected to be $325 billion in 2018-2019 — will be larger than previously believed, leading to a faster increase in interest expenses.


Conservatives urge crack down on Justin’s illegal alien invasion

As ministers from the Quebec government prepare for a meeting with federal officials Wednesday over fears of a spring spike in illegal migrant border crossings, the Conservatives are doubling down in their call for the Liberals to crack down and put an end to the flow.

Justin’s handlers seek to make Canada a 3rd world nation, the illegal alien invasion isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. 


Rift exposed between Quebec, federal government over handling of asylum seekers

The Premier of Quebec and the federal Immigration Minister have each accused the other level of government of ducking responsibility for an anticipated summertime surge of asylum seekers from the United States, cracking the united front they presented in last summer’s migration crisis.

The rift was exposed as officials from the provinces were set to meet with the federal government Wednesday evening to discuss their strategy for coping with an influx of irregular border crossers, particularly in Quebec. Some 25,000 asylum seekers arrived in the province last year, 75 per cent of whom walked across the border. Quebec normally receives about 3,500 claimants.

Quebec raised the alarm this week, saying the number of people crossing at a makeshift border post between New York State and Quebec is already at 6,074 for the year – three times greater than last year’s pace.


Give me a vente of “lovin it when they eat their own”

Women’s March Leader: Boycott Starbucks Over Partnership With Jewish Group

Tamika Mallory, well known Women’s March Harpy and Louis Farrakhan aficionado has unleashed her hate on the ADL, the Jewish Anti-Defamation league.

Why? Because the ADL hates blacks! That’s what Tamara says and given her mentor-ship by the Reverend Farrakhan who are we to question her expertise?

Even worse, Starbucks has recruited the ADL to assist in their employee race indoctrination training which apparently is designed to teach baristas how to properly talk to Black people in a non cis-gendered white privileged plantation owner manner.

But the ADL hates blacks so watch out Starbucks, you’re about to be caught in an intersectional crossfire.

And I’m lovin it, a cat fight between the wretched racist Tamika, the woke Starbucks and the left-wing propaganda organ called the ADL.

Think I’ll have a biscotti with that coffee .


Now that’s vibrant diversity!

Man arrested after random, unprovoked attacks on 5 women: police

Ahmed Oumer, 24, was arrested on April 18, 2018, and charged in connection with random and unprovoked attacks in downtown Toronto.

Man arrested after multiple sexual assaults on Dufferin TTC bus

Kethiswaran Shanmuganathan, 47, of Toronto, has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference.

2 men allegedly sexually assaulted while shovelling snow near Bloor, Parkside: Toronto police

Police describe the suspect as black, six-foot-two, between the age of 25 and 30 and approximately 170 pounds.

Two more women testify to being sexually abused by Windsor doctor Bassam El-Tatari

Toronto neurosurgeon Mohammed Shamji charged with killing wife to stand trial next year

Supporters of Edmonton Mall refugee sex assault victims pack courthouse for final submissions


What does Students for Justice in Palestine MEAN when they call for “Intifada”?

Canary Mission’s NEW report, SJP and “Intifada,” sheds light on a shocking trend whereby activists from the campus hate-group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) actively show support for these periods of violent unrest.

It’s not a “shocking trend”, it’s what Muslims believe.