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Muslim terrorist supporters celebrate founding of Hamas by fighting with other Muslim terrorist supporters

Violence in the West Bank as pro-Hamas protesters clash with Palestinian security forces on 31st anniversary of Islamist party’s creation

A good time was had by all.

Palestinian security forces beat Hamas supporters with batons as they broke up a protest Friday in the West Bank city of Hebron, witnesses and police said.

The protest in the southern West Bank city was planned in support of the militant Islamist group on the 31st anniversary of its founding.

Around 50 activists carried Hamas flags confronted Palestinian Authority security forces and blocked traffic following noon prayers.

On social media sites, activists posted videos showing the security forces using batons against both male and female demonstrators in Hebron.


Mom of German Girl Killed by Iraqi Refugee Blames Merkel’s Policy for Her Death

Diana Feldmann, who lost her daughter in a brutal murder, confessed to by 21-year-old Ali Bashar from Iraq, revealed to The Jerusalem Post that the murderer received a “fan page” on Instagram as some celebrated her daughter’s murder. Although she refuted the speculations that the killing had anti-Semitic motives, she said that some people had praised the Iraqi for killing a Jewish “slut” on this “hater” account, now deleted, and posted collages with Susanna and a burning Israeli flag.


New England ICE Field Director Pleads with Sanctuary Cities to Stop Helping Criminal Illegal Aliens

The New England Immigration and Customs Enforcement office has a simple request as well as a warning to sanctuary cities: Help us snag illegal alien criminals or continue putting the public in danger.

In comments given to the Boston Herald Todd Michael Lyons, the acting field director for New England ICE, said that because of cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, law enforcement is “always two steps behind any criminal alien.”


How a red dot kept Chinese-Canadian readers from getting the full story on Huawei

VANCOUVER—Users of China’s hugely popular social-media app WeChat know it well: the big red dot.

The dot lets them know the news article they want to read is no longer available. It says the link is suspected of phishing or malware and has been blocked, but in reality the dot often appears when the Chinese government doesn’t want a story seen.


An 8-Year-Old Bride

“At eight years old my parents sat me down for a serious talk,” said Noushin, during the interview. “I can still remember the tremble in my mother’s voice. She told me that in two days I would be part of an Islamic religious blessing. My father insisted that I behave, and not cause a scene. I was confused, but I trusted them, that they were telling me the truth. I trusted them right up to the moment that the wedding ring went onto my finger and I became the bride of a 43 year old man.” Noushin, now 19, is the mother of three.

You might assume that her parents, who so willingly gave their child to this man, were not educated or had never been exposed to modern ways of thinking. In fact, Noushin’s father had been educated in Europe, and then came back to his country to work for the regime.


Harvey Weinstein bragged about sleeping with Jennifer Lawrence, lawsuit claims

arvey Weinstein bragged about sleeping with Jennifer Lawrence after another actress rejected his advances, a lawsuit alleges.

The latest allegation against the film producer emerged in court documents on Friday, with an unnamed woman claiming he forcibly performed oral sex on her.

Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.

I believe him. About Jennifer Lawrence.


Jew-hatred is a paramount value in the contemporary Islamic World

Is Islamic anti-Zionism comparable to Nazi anti-Semitism?

The fact Hamas would rather starve the children of Gaza than coexist with a Jewish neighbor epitomizes the degree to which Jew-hatred is a paramount value in the contemporary Islamic World.

Many educated people believe that anti-Semitism is a regrettable, yet altogether recent phenomenon in the Muslim World. In their Islamophile view of history, Jews and Muslims lived peacefully together until Zionism ruined their idyllic coexistence.

This argument implies that Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism in the Muslim World. The corollary of this position being that the onus of restoring peace to the Middle East rests on Jews.


Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed that his government will recognise West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

However, he said Australia’s embassy would not move from Tel Aviv, until a peace settlement was achieved.

He added Australia also recognised the aspirations of the Palestinians to a state with a capital in East Jerusalem.

The status of Jerusalem is one of the most contested issues between Israel and the Palestinians.


A year later, police still struggling to solve deaths of Honey and Barry Sherman

Almost a year after billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman were found dead in their Toronto mansion, police are still struggling to solve the mystery.

Barry Sherman, 75, was the founder and CEO of generic drug manufacturer Apotex. His wife, Honey, 70, was a well-known philanthropist.

The case has attracted international attention, not only because of the bizarre circumstances surrounding their deaths, but also due to the couple’s well-known multimillion-dollar gifts to charities in Canada and abroad


Corbella: Notley stays quiet while Bill C-69 passes another hurdle

On Wednesday afternoon, federal Bill C-69 passed second reading in the Senate by a vote of 56-29.

The response from the Alberta government on this troubling news?

Crickets. Deafening silence. Inaction on an epic scale.

Officially called the Impact Assessment Act, many people in the energy industry prefer to call it Justin Trudeau’s “No More Pipelines Law”. Deron Bilous, Alberta’s economic development and trade minister, said Bill C-69 will “doom our energy sector.”

Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP government argues it has done plenty to object to Bill C-69.

The facts state otherwise.


Gingerbread men banned at Scottish Parliament as part of a new drive to ‘stamp out sexism’

Gingerbread men have been replaced by gingerbread persons in the Scottish Parliament’s coffee shop in case the traditional name causes offence.

The move comes as a strategy aimed at stamping out sexual harassment and sexism was introduced at Holyrood this week after a survey found 30 per cent of women working there believed they had been sexually harassed.

But the decision to rename the sweet treat has not gone down well with everyone.


‘Yellow-vest’ protesters defy government to gather in Paris

“Yellow vest” protesters have gathered on the Champs-Elysées in Paris for a fifth consecutive weekend of demonstrations.

Thousands of police will be deployed in case of violent clashes and disruptions that have marked previous protests.

The movement began five weeks ago, initially against a rise in fuel taxes, but has since spread to take in other issues, including education reforms.

Dozens of people have already been arrested this Saturday.

Nude Mariannes’s confront Police on the Champs Élysées.