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The New York Times’s Islamic Flimflam Man

On February 18, in keeping with its apparent goal of remaining America’s most reliable source of pro-Islamic propaganda, the New York Times ran yet another op-ed by Mustafa Akyol, who seems to be replacing Tariq Ramadan (who is currently in jail awaiting trial for raping two women) not only as the Times’s house dissembler on Islam (since 2013, he has held the title of contributing opinion writer) but, more broadly, as the leading personification of “modern Islam” or “moderate Islam” in the West.

Last November, the Times published a piece by Akyol entitled “True Islam Does Not  Kill Blasphemers.” Anyone who has even a patchy awareness of Islam knows just how dishonest a claim this is; as Robert Spencer dryly observed at the time, “if Akyol denied the death penalty for blasphemy in any Sharia state, he could end up being executed for blasphemy himself.”

In keeping with his practice of blatantly lying about his faith and its adherents, Akyol’s latest Times piece was headlined “The Creeping Liberalism in American Islam.”


Muslim Congresswoman’s District Reported to Be ‘Terrorist Recruitment Capital’ of US

FBI statistics reveal that Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, represented by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), is the terrorism recruitment capital of the United States.

According to the FBI, more Somali American men and boys from this district have joined, or have attempted to join, a foreign terror organization in the last 12 years than any other community in the US.

“Forty-five Somalis left to join the ranks of either the Somalia-based Islamic insurgency al-Shabab, or the Iraq- and Syria-based ISIS combined,”


Does @JustinTrudeau and the @liberal_party of Canada have an MP they know to be under the influence of the Iranian Regime?

This is where “identity politics” leads


Rahaf Mohammed, Linda Sarsour, and the Question of Apostasy

The saga of the 18-year-old Saudi girl, Rahaf Mohammed, has ended. She is now safe in Canada, where she was granted asylum, and was even greeted at Toronto’s airport on January 10 by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. She had been on the run from her family who, she said, might well kill her. Her crime? Daring to think for herself. At the age of 16, she had apparently thought for herself, and decided to leave Islam. She did not announce it to anyone in her family, but from that time forth she began to plan her escape from Saudi Arabia. She was in touch by email with another Saudi girl, also an apostate, who had managed to make it safely to the West, and from whose example Rahaf took heart. She initially set her sights on Australia.


Ex-Air Force counterintelligence agent is charged with spying for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Federal prosecutors have charged a former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence specialist with collaborating with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard forces to spy on her former American colleagues.

Monica Elfriede Witt, 39, defected to Iran in 2013, and brought with information about U.S. spy techniques and the people who took part in them.

She is charged with conspiring to deliver as well as delivering national defense information to representatives of the Iranian government, a long-time adversary of Washington.


A cancer in the House of Representatives

There is a cancer in the House of Representatives and democrats have their hands full attempting to control it. I warned about this. Ilhan Omar reportedly married her brother and has an interesting history.


Ilhan Omar’s Non-Apology for Her Anti-Semitism

The anti-Semitism of hijabbed Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has apparently gotten to be too much even for the inveterately anti-Israel Democrat Party leadership. “I unequivocally apologize,” Omar tweeted Monday, after party leaders including Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, James E. Clyburn and others publicly castigated her: “Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive. We condemn these remarks and we call upon Congresswoman Omar to immediately apologize for these hurtful comments.”

However, Omar’s apology was more of an admission that she had gotten caught than a sign of a genuine change of heart.


The Democrats’ Anti-Semitism Problem Isn’t Going Away

This weekend, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Rep. Ilhan Omar, a woman who had previously argued that Jews had hypnotized the world for their “evil” deeds, claimed that Americans only supported Israel because of American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) “Benjamins”— and then retweeted a person pointing out that she might as well call all Jews “hooked nose.”

Though Nancy Pelosi, who put Omar on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, offered a condemnation of the Minnesota congresswoman’s comments, many progressives jumped immediately to her defense.


Will Canada be the battleground between ‘progressives’ and Islam?

MOST Canadians are like milk – inoffensive and gentle. A few are sour but on the whole they are a kind and welcoming people. Bump a supermarket trolley into a Canadian and they will apologise profusely even though they are not at fault. Such a pity that their prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is inept and incapable of holding back dark forces threatening Canadian democracy. Trudeau is like zero per cent fat milk – weak and not worth it.


Ilhan Omar Urges Keith Ellison To Investigate USA Powerlifting For Barring Biological Males From Women’s Events

WASHINGTON — Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar recommended Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison investigate USA Powerlifting for barring biological males from women’s events, according to a Jan. 31 letter she sent USA Powerlifting.

Omar called it a “myth” that men who identify as transgender women have a “direct competitive advantage” and copied Ellison on the letter, “with a recommendation that he investigate this discriminatory behavior.”

Imagine that, an alliance between Islam’s 5th column and Big Tranny. The hate they bring grows more perverse.


When will Canada take action on FGM? – “The most serious type of FGM, practised almost universally in Somalia where many Canadian immigrants hail from…”

When will Canada take action for girls who endure FGM?

…The most serious type of FGM, practised almost universally in Somalia where many Canadian immigrants hail from, involves removing the external part of the clitoris, the labia minora and majora, and then sewing everything shut, leaving only a tiny opening. It’s not difficult to grasp the serious health implications that result – post-traumatic stress, difficulty and excruciating pain passing urine and menstrual blood, complications in childbirth – even death. Never mind the right to pain-free, joyful sexual intimacy that every human being is entitled to.

The Liberal Party would offend its base were it to act against FGM. Why else do you think they chose a moral eunuch as “leader.”


Katie Hopkins On Muslim Community Patrols


“Long Live the Intifada” against Israel says Trudeau pal

Funny how Justin knows so many scumbags isn’t it.

Islamic Relief Canada’s senior official: “Long Live the Intifada” against Israel

Fatima Benhatta is the representative of Islamic Relief Canada in British Columbia since 2011.

On April 20, 2017 Canada’s prime minister sent a letter to Fatima Benhatta. Here are excerpts from the letter: (archive, archive)

Dear Ms. [Fatima] Benhatta,

On behalf of the Government I would like to thank you for your hard work and contribution to Islamic Relief Canada… Thank you once again for your service. I wish you all the best. Please accept my warmest regards,


Justin Trudeau

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