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Painting of Turkey’s President Erdogan with a banana up his buttocks sparks anger at German art fair

The gallery owner said he took down the caricature to “avoid trouble”

h/t Andrew Bostom who notes…


Europe: The Rapid Spread of Dhimmitude

Although Europe is not part of the Muslim world, many European authorities nevertheless seem to feel obliged to submit to Islam in more or less subtle ways. This voluntary submission appears to be unprecedented: Dhimmi, historically speaking, is the Arabic term for the conquered non-Muslim, who agrees to live as a second-rate, “tolerated” citizen, under Islamic rule, submitting to a separate, demeaning set of laws and the demands of his Islamic masters.

In Europe, submitting to the demands of Islam, in the name of “diversity” and “human rights”, has also been happening voluntarily. This submission to Islam is, of course, highly ironic, as the Western concepts of “diversity” and “human rights” do not exist within the foundational texts of Islam. On the contrary, these texts denounce in the strongest – and supremacist – terms those who refuse to submit to the Islamic concept of divinity, Allah, as infidels who must either convert, pay the jizya [“protection”] tax or die.


Ministers too ‘politically correct’ to enforce hijab policy in schools, former Ofsted boss warns

The Government is too politically correct to enforce rules on hijabs in schools, leaving teachers “alone, isolated and vulnerable”, the former head of Ofsted has warned.

Sir Michael Wilshaw said a lack of formal policy from the Department for Education on whether children should be allowed to cover their heads in lessons has led to angry clashes.

He also highlighted concerns that there are 150 schools around the country which make it compulsory for children to wear hijabs, adding that “the country has enormously changed” and some communities hold very conservative views which cannot easily be challenged.


Death of Democracy? – Part II

…Most importantly, we seem unable to understand that Islam is, above all else, a totalitarian project covering all aspects of human life from the spiritual to the material, from law to government to clothing to food to sex to taxation and more. This totalitarianism rejects democracy in the most basic way, as having come from mere humans rather than divinely, from Allah.


Scout master is forced to quit after comparing a Muslim leader wearing a niqab to Darth Vader

A Scout master who compared a Muslim leader wearing a niqab, a veil covering the face, to Darth Vader has been forced to quit.

The woman featured in a Scouting magazine article where it stated she wore a veil ‘when she took the girls out canoeing’.

Outraged Brian Walker, 63 emailed the magazine saying: ‘Canoeists don’t dress like this; they need all-round unobstructed vision, they protect the group.

‘They will most likely drown wearing that Darth Vader tent’, reports the Sunday Times


Islamic ‘outreach’ coming soon to a public library near you, compliments of Muslim Brotherhood

Center Line, Michigan, population 8,200, is a small town surrounded by the larger city of Warren, where thousands of Muslim migrants have arrived over the years, brought there by resettlement agencies, industries and universities.


Tucker Carlson Interviews ‘Feminist’ Supporter Of Hijab

…the only thing I’m endorsing today with you and with all of your viewers is that discrimination is alive and well for women in this country.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed, in the form of the hijab, for example, just to name one,” he shot back.


What a surprise! A Muslim wants to deny Canadians the right to free speech

‘Weaponization’ of free speech prompts talk of a new hate law

The climate for hate speech regulation in Canada appears to be shifting.

Seeks to censor criticism of barbaric death cult in Canada. Dresses funny.

Traditional free speech advocates are reconsidering the status quo they helped create, in which hate speech is only a Criminal Code charge that requires political approval, and so is rarely prosecuted. There is even talk of resurrecting the defunct and much maligned ban on internet hate speech, Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Bullshit. No such shift exists except in the fevered wish dreams of leftists and medieval death cultists. This clown is offended because Islam is indefensible.

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Star columnist attempts to gaslight the public about the threat posed by the Islamic cult

The persistent gaslighting of Muslims about Islamophobia

Last week — the same week that marked the one-year anniversary of the Quebec mosque massacre, the most fatal act of ideology-inspired violence in Canada since 1989 — the Parliamentary Heritage Committee released the fruits of its months-long study on Islamophobia and systemic racism.

The shooting rampage in the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec, which killed six men and injured 19 others, emblematized the deadly power of Islamophobia in Canada. And the Heritage Committee’s report, which largely ignores Islamophobia’s deep and pervasive Canadian roots, epitomizes the gross inadequacy of the government’s response blah blah blah ...

The entire column is a shrill and all too familiar Islamist apologist whine detailing Canada’s rampant “Islamophobia”.

This steaming pile of verbal crap downplays the fact that the bulk of Canada’s security budget is spent monitoring the writer’s bloodthirsty fellow cultists who reside here or have gone off to join ISIS and other murderous Muslim jihad entities at the cost of ignoring  organized crime and other threats. To the author Islam is always the victim despite the perpetual killing rampage it wages the world over.  The article is an example of the toxic mix of perpetual victimhood and supremacism that Islam’ serves up to indoctrinate its adherents making “Islamophobia”  the hoax crime of our time.

The cost of Islam to western societies far outweighs the mythical benefits of Islamist immigration. 

Remember that the next time you bump into a diversity bollard. 

h/t MP


Europe: Making Islam Great Again

“We cannot and will never be able to stop migration”, wrote the EU’s Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos recently. “At the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm and tailor our policies accordingly”.

Given that such people would have us believe that migration has become such a categorical and seemingly incontestable policy of the EU — “Migration is deeply intertwined with our policies on economics, trade, education and employment”, Avramapolous also wrote — it is crucial to analyze what kind of “diversity” the EU is inviting to make its home on the European continent.


Muslim Student Tries To Get Another Student Expelled For Refusing To Wear A Hijab

A Muslim student tried to get another student expelled Thursday, which was World Hijab Day, after the second student refused to wear a hijab.

A Muslim student at the University of Central Florida said that she invited fellow student Kathy Zhu to try on a hijab, reported Twitchy. After Zhu declined her offer, the Muslim student, identified by Zhu to The Daily Caller News Foundation as UCF health sciences student Rayyan Sukkarieh, took to Twitter, posting “let’s get this girl expelled.”


Unmasked: Extremists who bullied an inspiring primary school headteacher into reversing a ban on hijabs

Zahid Akhtar and livestock

Neena Lall’s success as a headmistress stems from a simple mantra: ‘Every child can,’ she says. And: ‘If they can’t, why can’t they?’

It’s a philosophy which has turned St Stephen’s in Newham, East London, into one of the best primary schools in Britain.

At seven, pupils at St Stephen’s, which tops national league tables, know all their times tables. By ten, they have routinely finished the national curriculum a year early. At 11, SATs results prove they are the best in England at reading, spelling and maths.


LEVY: Council a step closer to jumping on Islamophobia bandwagon

Council yet again proved Thursday that when it comes to social justice issues — no matter how ridiculous — they simply can’t say no.

After waiving referral of the motion to executive committee earlier in the afternoon, council voted after their dinner break (when they thought no one was watching) to approve a ridiculous Islamophobia motion by council’s newest social justice warrior, Neethan Shan.


‘Islamophobia’ Hysteria In Canada

Offensive Holocaust comparisons have gone too far.

Canada continues its submission to Islamism. My local paper, the Hamilton Spectator, ran an op-ed on January 26th from a local Muslim doctor under the headline, “Islamophobia is alive and well.” Dr. Raza Khan, writing about the tragic shooting a year ago by a lone individual in a Quebec City mosque killing 6 and injuring more, advocates that Canada should designate January 29th as a “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.” The doctor recites a few anti-Muslim actions by some fringe groups, and Quebec’s law that those wearing burkas or niqabs would not be eligible from offering or receiving public services, its legislature feeling that faces should be disclosed. From this he hectors us that “Racism is surging in Quebec” and that “the ugly face of hatred (is) here in Canada.”