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‘Sensitivity and understanding needed to encourage families who may report extremism fears’

Greater levels of sensitivity and understanding must be shown towards people who are considering telling the authorities of their fears that a friend or family member has been radicalised, according to a landmark study by Yorkshire academics.

A report into the barriers stopping people from reporting family and friends who they suspect of being drawn into extremism has been published by the University of Huddersfield in a bid to fill a “critical blind spot” in counter-terrorism efforts.


Independent: Focusing on London Tube bomber’s refugee status “shamelessly Islamophobic”

Yes, stopping or even slowing the Muslim migrant influx won’t stop native-born Muslims from waging jihad. Yes, some refugees have no intention of waging jihad or trying to impose Sharia norms over the law of the land. But the argument presented here is ridiculous: “We will not stop terrorism by kicking blameless families of refugees out of the country. This only radicalises would-be terrorists into thinking they are defending their own communities.”


UK: Nail bomb explodes in Manchester – Media keeps silent for a week

A bomb which exploded outside a café was packed with nails and screws.

It was left under the shutters of The Lounge in Pendleton, Salford, earlier this week.

It damaged the shutters, canopy, windows and pavement outside the cafe.


Brian Jenkins: Terrorists can use cars, trucks and vans to kill their targets. What’s the best way to keep people safe?

The attacks have added urgency to discussions of what can be done to reduce vehicular terrorism. In the lexicon of the security world, these ideas come under the heading of “hostile vehicle mitigation measures,” and they include a broad range of possibilities.

This dhimmi leaves out the most obvious cause and solution.


A Long-Pursued ISIS Preacher Is Finally Charged in New York

For two decades, Abdullah el-Faisal has preached jihad, on the streets and online, first promoting the grim theology of Al Qaeda and then endorsing the Islamic State. Imprisoned in England and later deported from Kenya to his native Jamaica, he has in recent years kept up his internet proselytizing from his home near Kingston. His influence has turned up repeatedly in major terrorism cases.


Experience: ‘I stopped a terrorist attack’

It’s 10 years since I found myself in the middle of the Glasgow Airport terror attack. It was 30 June 2007. I was at the airport, picking up my brother, sister-in-law and niece from holiday. As I walked through the terminal, I noticed people being ushered out the way I’d come in. I wasn’t sure what was going on – there was no panic – but I thought that if something had happened, I wasn’t leaving without my family.