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Against The Evidence, Media Keeps Insisting Terrorists Aren’t Crossing The Southern Border

Much of the noise accompanying President Trump’s partial justification for a wall concerns the veracity of a general threat: that Islamist terror travelers in the flow of “special interest aliens” (SIAs) might easier breach the southern border without one.

Critics in the media vehemently argue that the administration is trafficking in ridiculous, baseless fearmongering. After President Trump said Muslim prayer rugs were intercepted at the border, one Vox article said migration from Muslim-majority countries only happened at “vanishingly small rates.” Another, in The Washington Post,called southern border migration from Muslim countries a “conspiracy theory.”


Stabbed in the Back: Western Elites Still Treating Jihad as Mental Illness

It’s not as if there hasn’t been all kind of Islamic mischief in the center of Oslo. On January 8 and 10, 2009, hundreds of Muslims wreaked havoc on the city’s main drag, Karl Johan, requiring police to use tear gas and leading to 194 arrests. For years, the quiet downtown streets and the charming little park in which the Royal Palace is located have been the settings of late-night Muslim gang rapes. And so on.


“Palestinian” Muslim group warn locals: ‘Celebrating Christmas is evil’

From sea to shining sea, from the river to the sea, the genocidal message of Islam remains the same. This morning Muslim religious leaders in Canada sent the same message. An attack on Christmas celebrations in Karachi were foiled earlier today. Barcelona is on alert after US warns of possible Christmas attack all in the cause of Islam, the religion of peace.


Violent act of terrorism could occur in Canada

Instead of punishing those who are responsible for treasonous acts, Prime Minister Trudeau has promised to foster returning terrorists in Canada. There have been 190 abroad fighters who have connections with Canada, and there have since been 60 who’ve already arrived.


America Unprepared For Arson Terrorism

Wildfires have devastated California and killed 88 people, with the number of casualties continuously rising. Californians lost their homes, farms, and pets. Americans throughout the nation have offered assistance and contributed financially. Our hearts broke from news of the devastation.

These California fires were not started intentionally. But what if we lived in fear that park fires would be started maliciously? What if we were threatened daily with arson terrorism?

Arson terrorism has been a daily and agonizing reality in Israel.