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Can Trump contain Obama’s Middle East fallout?

The inauguration of Donald Trump signals the end of the most hostile presidency in the history of American-Israeli relations, and yet many liberal Jews are sad to see Barack Obama leave office. Despite his poor treatment of Israel and suspected collusion with the anti-Semitic United Nations, his progressive acolytes are reluctant to acknowledge the damage his Mideast policies have caused and the ripple effect they may have for the Trump administration.

Why Israel is the Middle East’s Foremost Problem

The United Nations’ recent one-sided condemnation of Israel reinforces the fact that Israel is in fact the Middle East’s foremost problem. It’s not because Israelis are evil colonialists who want to steal the Arabs’ land. Israel’s former and current enemies, in fact, have a long track record of ethnically cleansing Jews, and they are still in possession of stolen Jewish homes and land. Israel occupies Arab land only because Arabs started or provoked four wars of annihilation against Israel. That’s three more wars than Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan started with the United States before having their cities firebombed and atom-bombed into heaps of smoking rubble.

Israel is the Middle East’s foremost problem for the same reason that a school’s only honor student is the foremost problem for the other kids who would rather hang out, drink, and do drugs rather than earn passing grades. Israel is, in fact, a problem for the entire fundamentalist Islamic world because it is, whether it likes it or not, part of a regional experiment on the relative merits of Judaism, Christianity, and what a good part of the world calls Islam.

‘I am ready to stab a Jew’

Classroom Jihad: Western Complicity in State Sponsored Terrorism

Arafat, a student living in a refugee camp located in Shuafat, Jerusalem envisages a future of jihad and holy war. ‘I am ready to stab a Jew’ he claims enthusiastically. Mohammad, another zealous young pupil declares “Right now, I am prepared to become a suicide bomber”. Nur Tuha of Kalandia echoes equally ominous desires, revealing his aspiration to fight alongside Islamic State, with ‘Allah’s help’. As well as their future plans to become holy warriors for Islam, these young 5th graders all have one thing in common; they are pupils at UN facility schools.

Another Betrayal of Israel and the Jews

Last weekend’s Paris ‘summit’, which endorsed the hoary myth that the fabled ‘two-state solution’ is possible even as Hamas and Fatah remain at each other’s throats, was a parting ‘gift’ to Israel by Barack Obama. Once again, purported friends of the Jews’ betray them

Representatives of more than 70 countries and organisations met in Paris last weekend to discuss and map out a way to a two-state resolution of the war between the Arabs and the Israelis, a war which the Arabs started in 1948 – the day after the Declaration of Independence by the newborn Jewish State. This is not the first time Jews are being betrayed by their ‘friends’.

Europe’s Jihad against Israel

UN Security Council Resolution 2334, adopted as a result of the United States abstention, on the instructions of outgoing President Barack Obama, confirmed the historic bigotry against Jews and Israel entrenched within the United Nations, just as it was within its predecessor, the League of Nations. As previously indicated, Arab and Muslim states could not move a single anti-Israel resolution in the Security Council without the complicity of the Western powers, representing the historically Christian nations.

The collusion of the Western powers and the Islamic countries against Jews and Israel is now ostentatious, without any subterfuge. Resolution 2334 was as sickening a surrender to the Arab-Muslim jihad in the name of “peace,” as was the surrender of UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to the Adolf Hitler at Munich in September 1938.

The gathering in Paris on January 15, at the invitation of French President François Hollande, was further evidence of appeasing the Arab-Muslim world’s jihad against Israel.

Pope Francis Strengthens Palestinian Refusal to End Hostilities with Israel

Mahmoud Abbas’s activities in Rome began on January 14, with the formal opening of the Palestinian Embassy to the Vatican.

The “Palestinian president,” now in the twelfth year of his four-year term, then met with Pope Francis for the third time since the start of his papacy four years ago. The high-profile get-together took place in the middle of the Palestinian attempt to bypass peace talks with Israel and to internationalize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A few weeks ago, the UN Security Council, in Res. 2334, condemned Israel for its “settlements”; failed to mention any wrongdoing, such countless Palestinian stabbings and car-rammings of Israeli civilians, and the Obama Administration, which had planned and orchestrated the UN ambush, refused, for the first time in forty years, to veto the anti-Israel resolution, thereby ensuring it would pass.

Pope Francis touches the wall that divides Israel from the West Bank, on his way to celebrate a mass in Manger Square next to the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank city of Bethlehem May 25, 2014. Pope Francis made a surprise stop at the hulking wall Palestinians see as a symbol of Israeli oppression on Sunday, minutes after begging both sides to end a conflict that he said was no longer acceptable. collapsed.REUTERS/Mheisen Amareen (WEST BANK – Tags: RELIGION POLITICS)

Over 200 US-approved textbooks teach Palestinians to kill Jews – Arab-Israeli Conflict

Over 200 US Government-approved textbooks used in hundreds of Palestinian UNRWA-sponsored schools are reportedly teaching Arab children between the first and ninth grades to kill Israelis, and sacrifice themselves as martyrs to drive Jews out of the country.

The violent narrative can be found in 240 books – ranging from civics to mathematics – in over 400 UNRWA schools in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem, said experts at a Tuesday conference for the Center for Near East Policy Research in downtown Jerusalem.

Widow of Muslim Terrorist Who Committed Jerusalem Truck-Ramming Attack to Receive $760 Lifetime Monthly Allowance From Palestinian Authority

The widow of the terrorist who committed Sunday’s truck-ramming attack at the Haas Promenade in Jerusalem, killing four Israeli soldiers and wounding another 15, will receive a lifetime monthly stipend as a reward for her husband’s “martyrdom for Allah,” a prominent research organization reported on Wednesday.

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), Fadi al-Qanbar’s widow, a resident of the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood in east Jerusalem, will receive a total of NIS 2,900 (approximately $760) each month, in accordance with Palestinian Authority law.

Why they hate us

The Europeans, whom Alex Grobman discusses here, may be as much an implacable enemy of the Jewish state as the Palestinian Arabs. It’s often noted that the alleged reasons for their anti-Israel activities – support for the rights of the Palestinians, international law, even the desire to placate their Muslim populations – can’t possibly explain the severe double standards, the demonization, the BDS and the obsessive focus that our little country is favored with.

It’s not hard to understand why: Europe, especially Western Europe, has enormous feelings of guilt for the bloodbath of WWII (this is less true of Eastern Europe and Russia, who see themselves as primarily victims). Their response was to blame nationalism – both the psychological attitudes like pride in one’s own people, which they conflated with the racism of the Nazis, and political nationalism.

Crying “Wolf” over Israeli Settlements

In a familiar fable ascribed to Aesop, a shepherd boy finds fun in making all the villagers run out in alarm by crying “Wolf!” After this happens several times, the villagers ignore him, so when a wolf really appears, it can devour the sheep undisturbed.

A similar result was the consequence of the international attitude to the settlements that Israeli governments created in the so-called “West Bank” after the Six Day War of 1967. Foreign ministries around the world would always brand any Israeli plan to add a few more houses to some settlement “a violation of international law,” but Israel quietly ignored such statements and their authors did nothing more about them.

Israeli two-staters, wake up!

J’accuse . . . the Israeli two-staters!!

J’accuse . . .!! I accuse the Israeli court of anti-Israelism and anti-Judaism in scapegoating Elor Azariya for definitively neutralizing a blood-thirsty Arab terrorist. However, today’s case of the 2017 Israeli government’s actions are a good repeat of the anti-Semitism practiced by the government of France in 1898 when Emile Zola published his famous article “J’accuse . . .!!” that exposed France’s anti-Semitism and unlawful jailing and falsely rigged trial of the Jewish French General Staff officer Alfred Dreyfus for espionage.

Today, in 2017, the Israeli Dreyfus-style actions are practiced by the Jews of Israel themselves against other Jews. What’s worse, Israel is falsely and unjustly imprisoning Jews who are on the front lines protecting the Jews of Israel from Arab terrorist monsters. The sad fact is with Jewish Israelis like the Israeli Two-Stater VIPs, who needs enemies?

The Bigotry against Israel in the UN

The passage of the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 just before Christmas 2016, with the United States abstaining, was an IED-wrapped Chanukkah gift that lame-duck President Barack Hussein Obama delivered to Israel. It was another signal to Palestinians that they may continue their “rejectionism” of Israel, and stage another round of jihadi terrorism providing the UN the excuse to deliver pre-packaged condemnations of any Israeli reaction to the maiming and murder of Jews in the so-called “occupied” territories.

The U.S. abstention was an appalling betrayal of a people wrongly maligned by a sitting American president who for the past eight years went about assuring American Jewry, especially liberal Jews loyal to his party, that he was the most pro-Israel occupant of the White House