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Why Iran Supports Palestinian Terror Groups

While the United Nations, Israel and the US are proposing plans to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, Iran is pledging to continue its financial and military aid to Palestinian terror groups.

Iran’s meddling in the internal affairs of the Palestinians is not new. The Iranians have long been providing Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror groups with money and weapons. Were it not for Iran’s support, the two groups, which do not recognize Israel’s right to exist, would not have been able to remain in power in the coastal enclave.


Palestinians’ Latest “Apartheid Fatwa”

If anyone wanted further proof that no Palestinian leader would ever be able to recognize Israel’s right to exist, it was provided recently in the form of yet another religious decree, or fatwa, issued by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein. It is a fatwa that basically tells Muslims: “We will kill you, punish you in many ways, if we catch you selling land or homes to Jews.”

The fatwa makes it clear that no Muslim is entitled to sell his or her land — or transfer ownership over it — to “enemies,” a reference to Jews. The implications are extremely serious. Anyone who violates this religious opinion or decree will face various forms of punishment, ranging from being boycotted to the death sentence.


How Israel, in Dark of Night, Torched Its Way to Iran’s Nuclear Secrets

TEL AVIV — The Mossad agents moving in on a warehouse in a drab commercial district of Tehran knew exactly how much time they had to disable the alarms, break through two doors, cut through dozens of giant safes and get out of the city with a half-ton of secret materials: six hours and 29 minutes.

The morning shift of Iranian guards would arrive around 7 a.m., a year of surveillance of the warehouse by the Israeli spy agency had revealed, and the agents were under orders to leave before 5 a.m. to have enough time to escape. Once the Iranian custodians arrived, it would be instantly clear that someone had stolen much of the country’s clandestine nuclear archive, documenting years of work on atomic weapons, warhead designs and production plans.


As dozens of rockets hit Israel, IDF pounds Gaza in heaviest strikes since 2014

Israeli aircraft on Saturday attacked more than 40 targets in the Gaza Strip in the most extensive daytime assault since 2014’s Operation Protective Edge as Palestinian terror groups fired repeated salvos of rockets and mortars into Israel.

The surge in violence intensified after midnight Friday-Saturday as the Israel Defense Forces hit an attack tunnel and Hamas training bases in Gaza in response to the moderate wounding of an IDF officer by a hand-grenade thrown during a border riot on Friday.


Why Do Palestinian Leaders Oppose Helping Their People?

For years, Palestinian leaders have been complaining that the Gaza Strip was “on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.” Time and again, they have warned that unless the world helps the Palestinians living there, the Gaza Strip will “erupt like a volcano.”

Israel and the US are now offering to help improve the living conditions of the Palestinians living under Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip. But guess who is fiercely opposed to any attempt to resolve the “humanitarian and economic crisis” in the coastal enclave, home to some two million Palestinians? Answer: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his ruling Fatah faction.

In the past few weeks, both Israel and the US administration have come up with different ideas to help the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip.


Israel fires missiles into Syrian Golan Heights as tensions rise amid ‘grand bargain’ to reduce Iran’s influence

Israel fired missiles into Syria on Thursday in response to a drone incursion in the Golan Heights, raising tensions on the shared border as leaders Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were set to meet to discuss its fate.

Speculation over a potential grand bargain between the US and Russia that would limit Iran’s influence in Syria in return for an American withdrawal has been mounting ahead of a summit on Monday.


Pallie terrorists harmed by their own explosive

A number of terrorists attempted on Friday evening to approach the security fence with the intention of hurling an explosive device at IDF troops adjacent to Karni Crossing in northern Gaza.

The device detonated in Gaza and injured several Palestinians, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. No injuries to IDF soldiers were reported.

“Hamas uses different means of terror as part of violent riots, exploit the crowds, and endanger Gazans under the cover of the riots,” said the IDF.

A feel good story to start your day.


Working Towards an Israeli Victory

What do Israelis think of the idea of Israel winning and the Palestinians losing?

It’s a radical idea, very different from the 50-year-and-counting win-win assumption of “land for peace” that has transfixed governments and monopolized attention. That old idea holds that putting Palestinians and Israelis in a room together will prompt them to settle their differences. On the cusp of the Oslo Accords’ 25th anniversary, we know precisely how well that worked out: Israelis gave real land and Palestinians rewarded them with false promises of peace.

Indeed, according to a poll commissioned by the Middle East Forum and carried out by Rafi Smith of Smith Consulting, only 33% of Jewish Israelis (and about half that number among those who voted for the current government) still believe in land-for-peace, and about the same small number still believe in Oslo. So the old ways not only failed but are deeply unpopular. What takes their place?


Hezbollah’s Indefinite Presence in Syria

After weeks of shuttle diplomacy allegedly carried out by Russia and Israel, Iranian forces and allied militias — including the so-called “military wing” of the Lebanon-based organization Hezbollah, all of which has been designated as a terrorist group by the US — reportedly began to withdraw from parts of southern Syria, near Israel’s border. According to other reports, however, many Hezbollah fighters, disguised as members of the Syrian army, have simply remained on their bases to escape being targeted by the Israel Air Force. Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Israel’s air force has carried out sporadic strikes against Iranian and Hezbollah bases and convoys across its neighbor on the north. After more than seven years of fighting alongside the Assad regime in Syria, the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah is highly unlikely to make an easy exit from the war-torn territory, no matter what supposed agreements are reached or promises made.


PA: Israel’s freeze of prisoner family money ‘declaration of war’

Palestinian leaders have condemned a “dangerous” new Israeli law that will withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funds from the Palestinian Authority (PA) over welfare payments given to prisoners and their families.


Hamas ‘created dating apps and fake Facebook profiles to try to lure Israeli soldiers’

Hamas built a functioning World Cup app and several dating apps to lure Israeli soldiers into giving up classified material, the Israeli military said Tuesday.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said operatives from the Islamist militant group created fake Facebook profiles where they pretended to be attractive young Israelis.


The US Left is the greatest existential threat facing Israel

Can you imagine a denial of financial aid, a denial of military support, or even a pro-BDS agenda exercised by a future US Democrat-controlled government?

Since the Iranian revolution in 1979 and the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s ascent to power, the Islamic fanatic regime in Iran has been hallucinating about wiping Israel off the map. The effort this regime has been investing in acquiring nuclear power status has only reinforced the idea expressed in the daily declarations driven by their religiously sanctified dictate. It offers more credibility to their genocidal intentions.

They meant what they said; it has not been an empty forewarning.

There is no doubt, Iran poses a grave threat to the Jewish State, but this menace — thanks to the formidable might of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF)—does not prevent Israeli citizens from carrying on with their daily routines, and assume normal life activities.

Unfortunately, there is a greater threat.