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UK coverup revealed: migrants head 90% of new households

This report provides information about the housing crisis induced by unchecked immigration and about the fact that British authorities have a pattern of coverups: the massive, shocking coverup of Muslim rape gang attacks is one example. The British government also led the public to believe that up to 3000 jihadists were running free in Britain, which was bad enough, but MI5 then revealed that up to 35,000 are actually there.


50 New Immigration Judges on Duty, and 370 More Coming

The United States is on the verge of reversing an immigration court backlog that has been building for years, Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified Tuesday.

Immigration hawks long have pointed to the backlog, now about 600,000 cases, as a factor in undermining enforcement. Sessions told the House Judiciary Committee that the backlog has barely grown during the past two to three months as a result of 50 additional immigration judges who have started working since President Donald Trump took office.


Nearly 30k Diversity Visas Have Been Given To Immigrants From Terror States

Nearly 30,000 foreigners from state sponsors of terrorism have gotten visas since 2007 through the diversity visa lottery.

President Donald Trump wants Congress to end the program, which benefits foreigners from nations that don’t have high levels of immigration to the U.S. He increased his public pressure against the program after an Uzbek recipient of the diversity visa lottery allegedly killed eight in a recent terrorist attack in New York City.


Hussen Admits Immigration Increase Will Cost Taxpayers Over $1 BILLION Per Year & Keep Going Up

After announcing a massive increase in Canada’s immigration levels, the Trudeau government is being grilled on the extra cost to Canadian taxpayers – at a time when services are stretched, the government is running huge deficits, and taxpayers are being fleeced.

My prediction: a million refugees per year, when the actual figures are tallied.


Canadian government set to unveil multi-year immigration plan

The Liberal government will release its 2018 immigration plan today, and it will break from the tradition of a one-year plan in favour of a multi-year forecast.

The targets for economic migrants, refugees and family members will be tabled in the House of Commons this afternoon, and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen will hold a news conference in Toronto at 3:45 p.m. ET to answer questions on the plan.

Hussen told CBC News the number for 2018 will not dip below what he called the “new normal” of 300,000 newcomers that was set in 2017.


Big drop in asylum seekers illegally crossing into Canada in September

The number of asylum seekers walking across the U.S. border into Canada illegally dropped by more than two-thirds in September from August, government data showed on Monday, as officials seek to dispel myths around the country’s refugee system.

Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?


Why Democrats Wants No Walls—And Why We Must Build Them

People in Western countries blown-up, burned, shot, stabbed, crushed under the tires of automobiles, and, lately, doused with acid.

It has become routine. Also, routine is the response of many Western politicians who are to Islamic extremism what Hillary is to Bill’s philandering—de facto enablers. Following the Westminster Bridge rampage earlier this year, British Prime Minister Theresa May said it was wrong to describe the attack as “Islamic terrorism.”


SCHUMER: Trump Said He Doesn’t Care About The Wall

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, appearing on Pod Save America, claimed that when he and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi met with President Trump in mid-September, Trump agreed not to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, falling back on saying he’d agree to “some other kind of border security.”

Schumer and Pelosi’s job is to discourage voters from supporting the GOP in the ’18 elections. Don’t believe a word they say, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.