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Canada struggling with illegal border ‘crisis’ of its own ahead of crucial elections

As migrants continue to spill over the porous southern border, many politicians are calling the situation a “crisis” and are urging the government to do more.  Some have even proposed putting up a fence along one of the longest borders in the world.

The border in question, however, is not America’s border with Mexico, but Canada’s with the United States. Some estimate that as many as 400 a day are crossing the 5,525 mile border between Canada and the U.S. through non-official ports of entry and with provincial elections looming, the issue is causing political ramifications.


The left comes unglued over Stephen Miller’s proposal to restrict number of legal immigrants coming to U.S.

The Unites States currently admits over one million legal immigrants a year. Every year. A number that dwarfs all other nations in the world.

One million.

And that number does not include the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that flow across the southern border on a regular basis, accounting for as many as 12-20 million “undocumented immigrants” — as the liberal press opts to call illegal aliens — in the country.


New York Residents Assist Illegal Immigrants Cross Border To Canada

As the Washington Post reports, the activists are supplying people — supposedly seeking asylum from the United States — with food, clothing and support. They even call their assistance network an “Underground Railway,” in tribute to the clandestine operation that ferried slaves from the South to abolitionist enclaves in New York and Canada.


Europe is dying—but don’t be alarmed

Many in the West remain complacent about Islam’s rising tide because they rely on the assurances of people who have been consistently wrong about Islam and immigration. Meanwhile, they are being denied access to the opinions of the people who have been reliably right—the so-called “alarmists.”


1066 AD in 2018 AD

Sizeable parts of London, by all accounts a western, cosmopolitan city, are throwbacks to the 7th century. Decapitated goat heads lie on streets. Blood from slaughtered animals is visible. In March, just a few months ago, Umar Haque, a teacher at an Islamic school, was discovered to have made detailed plans to launch simultaneous attacks on gay bars, even recruiting his students to carry out his religion-inspired attacks. London’s mayor, a Muslim himself, recently detailed how he received numerous death threats from fellow Muslims for registering his support of Pride Month in London. The author needs not remind his readership of the countless and prolific terror attack attempts which have been made all over the U.K.