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Is Canada becoming North America’s Sweden?

There are several similarities between Sweden and Canada. Both are cold northern countries with loads of forests and lakes and rather few people. Moreover, until recently both were extremely boring places where nothing newsworthy ever happened. At least that was the case for Sweden before it flung open its borders to every piece of primitive, inbred, violent, illiterate, unemployable, Third-World garbage who fancied a life living off Sweden’s generous benefits system.


Real estate expert documents France “Coming Apart”

From Christopher Caldwell at City Journal,

[Christophe] Guilluy doubts that anyplace exists in France’s new economy for working people as we’ve traditionally understood them. Paris offers the most striking case. As it has prospered, the City of Light has stratified, resembling, in this regard, London or American cities such as New York and San Francisco. It’s a place for millionaires, immigrants, tourists, and the young, with no room for the median Frenchman. Paris now drives out the people once thought of as synonymous with the city.

Yet economic opportunities for those unable to prosper in Paris are lacking elsewhere in France. Journalists and politicians assume that the stratification of France’s flourishing metropoles results from a glitch in the workings of globalization. Somehow, the rich parts of France have failed to impart their magical formula to the poor ones. Fixing the problem, at least for certain politicians and policy experts, involves coming up with a clever shortcut: perhaps, say, if Romorantin had free wireless, its citizens would soon find themselves wealthy, too. Guilluy disagrees. For him, there’s no reason to expect that Paris (and France’s other dynamic spots) will generate a new middle class or to assume that broad-based prosperity will develop elsewhere in the country (which happens to be where the majority of the population live). If he is right, we can understand why every major Western country has seen the rise of political movements taking aim at the present system.

In France, political correctness is more than a ridiculous set of opinions; it’s also—and primarily—a tool of government coercion. Not only does it tilt any political discussion in favor of one set of arguments; it also gives the ruling class a doubt-expelling myth that provides a constant boost to morale and esprit de corps, much as class systems did in the days before democracy. People tend to snicker when the question of political correctness is raised: its practitioners because no one wants to be thought politically correct; and its targets because no one wants to admit to being coerced. But it determines the current polarity in French politics. Where you stand depends largely on whether you believe that antiracism is a sincere response to a genuine upsurge of public hatred or an opportunistic posture for elites seeking to justify their rule.

Guilluy is ambivalent on the question…  More.

Reality check: Except for the elite, globalization averages things. A step up for the immigrant busboy; a step down for the once-employed French deplorables. Then there is the fun, for elite virtue-signallers, of sneering at the latter group’s unhappiness.  And enjoying the thrill of a mild, containable panic over the possible return of fascism..

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Has everyone forgotten that the Obama campaign decided to desert white working class voters in 2012? So why are progressive mental basement dwellers still flooding the internet with nonsense about the alt right, fake news, and the Russians in US politics?


Term ‘sanctuary city’ is misleading to illegal immigrants

Many illegal immigrants may have a serious misunderstanding of the word “sanctuary” when it comes to the controversial issue of so-called sanctuary cities. One expert says the misunderstanding means some immigrants may have placed too much faith in their city’s elected leaders who make sweeping declarations of “sanctuary” with the net result being more friction between local police and the immigrant community.

h/t Marvin


5 must-have apps for undocumented immigrants

President Trump’s efforts to crack down on immigration have left millions of undocumented immigrants with an uncertain future in America. In response, digital entrepreneurs are using technology to help support this community.

These five apps and tools arm undocumented immigrants with knowledge, safety and moral support without compromising privacy.

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Farmer Jessica, 42, is accused of racism after one of her animals kicked to death

A family visited the Angel farm in Ösarp outside Lahholm last weekend began hitting and kicking animals on the farm. They shall also have spit in the farm’s owner, 42-year-old Jessica Wendel, in the face. One of the animals died in the violence, writes Expressen.


Canada Will Not Stop Illegal Immigration

No surprise there:

Canada will not tighten its border to deter migrants crossing illegally from the United States in the wake of a U.S. immigration crackdown because the numbers are not big enough to cause alarm, a government minister said on Saturday.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the issue had not risen to a scale that required hindering the flow of goods and people moving across the world’s longest undefended border.



Thousands of Fugitives Nabbed At the Border

But I thought that we didn’t have that problem:

In the past 12 months since new screening measures came into effect on Nov. 21, 2015, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) apprehended 3,067 people with outstanding criminal arrest warrants at border crossings.

In the previous 12 months, before the changes came into effect, the CBSA caught just 556 alleged fugitives.

The almost sixfold increase is in large part due to the efforts of a southwestern Ontario woman who demanded answers after being sexually assaulted — allegedly by a Nigerian man who was able to get back into Canada despite having warrants out for his arrest. 


Nearly 40 Per Cent of Under Fives Now ‘Migrant Background’

Mr Paulwitz’ article follows the release on Friday of official figures from the Federal Statistics Office. While they show 21 per cent of the total population currently have a migrant background he notes that such people are disproportionately represented in the younger age cohorts.

One in three people aged under 18 who are resident in Germany have foreign roots, and the number jumps to 36 per cent among people under five.

….Following the release of figures which reveal almost four in ten children under five have foreign roots, Michael Paulwitz says the demographic change will be the death of Germany’s welfare state.

Also the death of Germany.



As her party suffers “historic losses in Berlin state elections”, Merkel wishes she could “turn back time”


Even as she defended the ‘political and ethical’ decision to let in one million asylum seekers in 2015 in the face of a potential humanitarian catastrophe, Merkel reached out to critics.

‘If I could, I would turn back time many, many years to better prepare myself, the federal government and all those in positions of responsibility for the situation we were rather unprepared for in the late summer of 2015,’ Merkel said.

In an unusually frank opening statement, Merkel said the errors of the past included a long-standing refusal to accept Germany’s transformation into a multicultural society.

‘We weren’t exactly the world champions in integration before the refugee influx,’ she wryly admitted, noting that the infrastructure for getting newcomers into language and job training had to be ramped up overnight.

Mealy-mouthed blathering from this despicable woman.


Germany needs 500,000 migrants a year until 2050

german workers

Within the next 15 years, half of all German workers will become pensioners, the Bertelsmann Institute warns in a study published Friday. Without immigrants, Germany’s labor pool is likely to shrink from current its 45 million to 29 million people (or 36 percent) by 2050.


Germany expects up to 300,000 migrants to arrive this year

Frank-Juergen Weise told newspaper Bild An Sonntag: “We’re preparing for 250,000 to 300,000 refugees this year.”

He added that if more people were to come, his office would come under pressure but suggested he was not worried about such a scenario, saying it was instead likely that fewer than 300,000 would come this year.

Do not worry, Mutti Merkel will invite more.


Italy’s migrant purgatory


At a car park a short walk from Dante’s tomb, one of the gang of illegal immigrants who tell motorists where to park and hound them for cash agreed to talk to me for €20.

His name was Billy, he said, and he was 22. He was from Senegal and a Muslim. He had come to Italy by fishing boat 14 months ago from Libya, where he had arrived via Mali and Algeria. He paid €200 for the trip (the going rate is said to be at least €1,000) and his boat landed at Lampedusa, 160 nautical miles from Tripoli. ‘Why did you come?’ I asked. ‘In Senegal, no jobs,’ he replied. No war either, I pointed out: ‘You’re not refugees.’ ‘Yes, we are,’ Billy insisted. ‘Tribes are fighting in Senegal.’

…Of the 160,000 migrants who arrived (in Italy) by sea last year, only half claimed asylum in Italy (mostly Nigerians, Pakistanis, Gambians and Senegalese and a few hundred Syrians). In the same year, the Italian courts issued 30,000 migrant expulsion orders, but only half that number were enforced. The whereabouts of the 80,000 boat people from 2015 who did not apply for asylum is anyone’s guess.