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Why Immigrants, Students And U.S. Companies Are Going To Canada

“Oh, Canada” is a refrain more U.S. companies, high-skilled foreign nationals and international students are listening to in response to more restrictive immigration policies in the United States.

The Trump administration has made it more difficult for international students to stay or work in America and new international student enrollment at U.S. universities declined over 6% in the 2017/2018 academic year, while Canadian universities are attracting international students at record levels. The number of international students in Canada increased 16% in 2018, after rising 20% in 2017.

It’s not just international students choosing Canada. “Sixty-three percent of employers surveyed in the Envoy study are increasing their presence in Canada, either by sending more workers there or by hiring foreign nationals there,” reported the technology news outlet Recode. “More than half of those did both. Another 65% of hiring professionals said Canada’s immigration policies are more favorable to U.S. employers than U.S. policies. Of those surveyed, 38% are thinking about expanding to Canada, while 21% already have at least one office there.”

To better understand the Canadian immigration system and what may be attracting U.S. businesses, I interviewed Peter Rekai, founder of the Toronto-based immigration law firm Rekai LLP.


Amnesty Advocates Help Illegal Immigrants Get College Scholarships While 44.7 Million Americans Saddled with Student Debt

A growing movement of progressives is helping illegal immigrants get into college and white-collar jobs, giving them an advantage over many young Americans who are struggling to get into good colleges and to pay their college tuition and student loan debt.


Liberals move to stem surge in asylum seekers — but new measure will stop just fraction of claimants

The Liberal government is taking steps to stop so-called ‘asylum shopping’, but the new provision may turn away only a fraction of the total number of migrants entering Canada outside of legal border crossing points.

That’s a feature not a bug.


Canada introduces act to create new regulatory body for immigration consultants

The Government of Canada is proposing the creation of a new body to govern and regulate immigration and citizenship consultants and ensure their professional conduct.

The act to create the new, self-regulatory College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants was tabled for a first reading in Parliament April 8 on the heels of an investigative report by Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper that exposed widespread abuses by several international recruiters and immigration consultants both in Canada and overseas.

“new, self-regulatory” = more government, no oversight.


Castro Plans to Grant Millions Amnesty, Gut Immigration Enforcement

The slogan animating Castro’s immigration proposal is “putting people first,” where the people to whom it refers are indisputably would-be immigrants to the United States. Broadly speaking, Castro’s plan would extend legal rights, and eventually citizenship, to all people illegally residing in the United States; make it substantially easier to legally and illegally immigrate; and conversely make enforcement of immigration law substantially harder by removing law enforcement from the equation almost entirely.


Luis Gutierrez: ‘There Should Be Welcoming Centers All Across America’ for Migrants

Appearing on CNN, Gutierrez, who is now a senior policy adviser for the National Partnership of New Americans (NPNA), urged Democrats leading major U.S. cities like Chicago and Los Angeles to “invite” caravan migrants to stay in their cities, saying he hoped his party “stands up for its principles.”

We do have welcoming centers for illegals – they’re called jails.


Liberals to spend $283 million on refugee healthcare funding

Tucked away in the 2019 Liberal budget was nearly $283 million intended to cover the healthcare costs of asylum seekers and illegal border crossers.

Asylum seekers are granted taxpayer funded healthcare while their applications are still processed. Even those whose claims are eventually rejected and are deported by the end of the process have access to the free healthcare.


Canada sees 300,000 new immigrants — the largest influx in a century

The country added 71,131 immigrants in the final three months of 2018, for a full year increase of 321,065, according to the latest estimates released Thursday by Statistics Canada in Ottawa. The annual increase is the largest since 1913 — when 401,000 immigrants flocked to the country — and the fourth largest in historical data going back to 1852.