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Blair wants to make cabinet pitch on possible handgun ban within two weeks

The federal minister tasked with studying a handgun ban for Canada hopes to make a recommendation to cabinet within the next two weeks.

Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair has spent the last several months consulting with stakeholders across the country, looking for ways to restrict access to firearms for gang members and other criminals.

“We’ve completed that study and we’re compiling the results and I’ll be going before the cabinet in the coming weeks with results of that review and some recommendations,” Blair said during the Trudeau government’s cabinet retreat in Sherbrooke, Que.

A gun grab will play well among the Liberal-Left, it won’t solve anything but it’s the sort of “power virtue signal” that will make them feel so good, so righteous and superior it won’t matter.


Middle school children in Iowa to be given classes on how to handle guns after teenager died in accidental shooting

An Iowa county is planning on offering its middle school students hands-on lessons in how to use firearms after a 15-year-old boy died in an accidental shooting.

Two middle schools in Butler County, Iowa will receive week-long classes that will train students on a variety of survival skills, including gun safety beginning in the Spring.

District superintendent Joel Foster, who implemented the plans, believes he is doing the ‘right thing for the community’ by introducing the controversial tutorials.

An excellent idea.


GUNTER: Yet another example of how legal gun owners — and not the criminals — face all the hassles

If you’re a legal gun owner in Canada, you’ve probably heard the buzz about how the Liberal government would like to ban all handguns. Maybe you’ve even begun to wonder why it is that every time there is a high-profile shooting, “progressive” politicians come after you rather than targeting criminals with guns?


WSJ: Gun Ownership on the Rise in Europe After Terror Attacks, Assaults

Personal weapons ownership is on the rise in Europe in response to mass sexual assaults and radical Islamic terror attacks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey found that a rise in personal firearms ownership on the continent represents only 10 per cent of the 32 percent global rise in the decade to 2017, the WSJ remarks that “Europe’s shift has been rapid”.


National Firearms Association tells long-gun owners to delay registering weapon

The deadline to register long guns in Quebec is fast approaching, but the National Firearm Association is encouraging members to wait until the last minute to comply, as a form of protest.

The province’s long-gun registry will go into effect Jan. 29, on the two-year anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shooting.

Guy Lavergne, a lawyer who represents the NFA, told CBC’s Quebec AM that many gun owners in the province are not happy with the new rules.

“I would say that the chances of a significant compliance level being achieved by Jan. 29 are slim [to] none,” he said.


Corporate Gun Control: The NYT Outlines the Dangerous Next Development

We must not demand that Visa and Mastercard become Big Brother.

Despite legal developments that arguably make Americans more free from government censorship than they ever have been before, fewer Americans actually feel empowered to speak their minds. Why? Because, thanks to the toxic combination of online shaming and politicized corporate cultures, all too many people reasonably believe they could lose their livelihoods if they share their opinions in public.

Corporate activism and corporate power combine to achieve results that government cannot. American freedom suffers. We lose a culture that respects liberty even as the law remains (for now) intact.


My Time Shooting with the Liberal Gun Club

They may not like Trump & McConnell but they love Smith & Wesson.

That’s what I took away from the time I spent in the sweltering fall heat of Orlando, Fla., shooting guns and discussing politics with members of the Liberal Gun Club. Over the course of three days the group of 25 or so dues-paying members (of the more than 3,000 spread around the country not to mention the 5,000 registered forum members) traveled around central Florida shooting sporting clays, steel challenge matches, and even a few machineguns while planning how they’ll expand the club and use it to lobby against new gun bans and for what they view as more effective means of addressing gun violence.


Credit-Card Companies Can’t Stop Mass Shootings

One of the things that really pushes my fringe-libertarian, move-to-Idaho, shoebox-full-of-Swiss-francs-and-a-.45 buttons is the progressive project to use the financial system to secure political goals that the Left cannot achieve through ordinary democratic means or because of such inconveniences as the Bill of Rights. The New York Times is attempting to revive one of those projects today with an essay arguing that the credit-card business should be used as a political tool for gun control.


Gun Banners Indoctrinate Kids With Toy Gun Turn In

On December 13, the Village of Hempstead, N.Y. hosted the Long Island Toy Gun Exchange Program, modeled after so-called gun “buybacks” that target real firearms. According to a report from local newspaper Newsday, each child received one politically correct toy in exchange “for whatever water pistols, Nerf guns and other toy guns they turn[ed] in.”


CNN ‘Investigation’ Uncovers What We Already Knew: Criminals Break Gun Laws

CNN decided to “investigate” the number of people who lie on the 4473 forms, which are used when someone purchases a firearm. It asks basic questions like your name, address, date of birth and if you’ve committed a number of criminal violations. When you fill it out you check a simple “yes” or “no” on each question. Lying on 4473 is a felony that can result in a hefty fine and up to 10 years in prison.


‘Same old, same old’ won’t curb gun violence

It’s as if our political leaders (and I use that term loosely) don’t want to know and don’t care as long as they appear to be doing something.

After I watched federal minister of border security and organized crime reduction Bill Blair — in yet another vote-buying exercise — throw $7-million Thursday at programs that will allegedly curb the epidemic of gun violence in Toronto, I didn’t know whether to laugh uproariously or cry.

Gun control laws are designed by guilt ridden white liberals for guilt ridden white liberals. Liberals regard their attacks on lawful gun owners as a positive contribution that risks zero chance they’ll be called “racist” by averting focus from the real cause of escalating gun crime – criminals.


Handgun ban still on table as feds give Toronto $7M to fight violence

A handgun ban is still under consideration as the federal government looks for ways to curb the rise in gun violence, federal Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair says.

Blair held a joint media conference with Mayor John Tory in Toronto Thursday to announce $400,000 for neighbourhood policing and $6.8 million over five years for youth gang prevention programs.

How many millions have been targeted at gang violence over the years in Toronto?

I don’t know.

Shouldn’t there be something other than worse gang violence to show for it?

As for the handgun ban? Virtue signaling for votes.

The Liberals know it plays well among guilt ridden white liberals.