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[Redacted] Arrested for [Redacted] Outside [Redacted]: Leeds Crown Court Issues Media Ban

The Leeds Crown Court has issued a UK media ban following the arrest of well-known activist and citizen journalist [redacted] outside [redacted].


Islam-a-Go-Go: The Islamization of Europe, Vol. II

Nearly 4,000 “migrants” illegally crossed into Greece in the month of April alone. Despite the fact that the Balkan route has been officially closed for over two years, tens of thousands of these “migrants” have somehow managed to slip through. We know Germany has announced its “family re-unification plan,” and they have been covertly flying in migrants to the tune of nearly 10,000 a month. This has gone on far too long. There is no reason for a single Moslem to be brought into the West. In order to screen Moslems, we may have to use other Moslems to interrogate them when they want to immigrate because Moslems are doctrinally allowed to lie to non-Moslems to further the agenda of Islam, but they are forbidden from lying to fellow Moslems. Then these Moslem interrogators can tell us the truth—or they can lie to the kafir as well. There are, in my mind, only two options: 1) Accept only apostates—and they must issue a public statement renouncing Islam; 2) Accept no Moslems—the Nancy Reagan option of “Just Say No.” God, give us the strength and courage to act nobly.


In the European Appeasement Olympics, Who Wins?

The difference [between what Tommy Robinson did and any reporter] is that the BBC and other mainstream media are determined to give as little coverage as possible to the mass Muslim rape of infidel girls.

Good thing I’m not a Brit; surely they have laws against sedition and insurrection. 


Muslim Sex Gang Say Raping White British Children ‘Part Of Their Culture’

Jusuf Abdirizak, 20, can be seen at the reception of the Premier Inn in Bristol where he and Said Zakaria, 22, attacked the girl, who had been trafficked across the city having already been raped by another man. Abdirizak and Zakaria were both facing jail today after they and 11 other men were convicted for their parts in the rape, abuse and prostitution of four British teenagers, who were were preyed upon and passed around the men’s friends for money.


Iranian women threw off the hijab – what happened next?

It is five years since Iranian Masih Alinejad started a movement – since joined by thousands of women – protesting against the compulsory wearing of the hijab, or headscarf, in her country. It spread on social media and led to unprecedented demonstrations in the streets – but is it any closer to achieving its goal?

It began with a seemingly innocuous event: a woman driving on a mountain road in Iran, enjoying the simple freedom of feeling the wind in her hair.

It is a freedom most women take for granted, but one that Iranian women have been denied since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Masih Alinejad captured this moment in a photograph and five years ago posted it on social media.


Mother who allowed her 13 yr old daughter to be raped in forced marriage is found guilty in UK legal first

A mother has been convicted of duping her teenage daughter to go to Pakistan and forcing her to marry, in the first successful prosecution of its type.

The woman was found guilty following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court, where a jury heard how the victim had sobbed as she was married to a male relative 16 years her senior.

Years earlier, the man had taken the girl’s virginity after a marriage contract was entered into against the girl’s will.

The then 13-year-old had to undergo an abortion on returning to the UK, with her GP reporting his concerns to social services.


Terror attack survivors urge public to fight terrorism

“None so blind as those that will not see.”

The public must do more to tackle terrorism by standing up to hate, a group of terror attack survivors and relatives has said.

In an open letter released ahead of the Manchester bombing anniversary on Tuesday, they set out a five-point plan to help stop future plots.


Sweden Football Pitch Rape: Muslim Rapist Attacks Swedes With A Knife, Rapes Woman In Field – And Caught On Film

He will not face expulsion after explaining to the court how difficult it is was for him after “moving” all the way from the Arab world to Sweden.