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Muslim leader Keysar Trad tells Andrew Bolt a husband can beat his wife – but he should only use his fists as ‘a last resort’

Muslim community leader Keysar Trad says an angry husband can beat his wife as ‘a last resort’.

The president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils made the remarks after Sky News presenter Andrew Bolt quoted a verse from the Koran, saying: ‘It is permissible for him [the husband] to beat her [the wife] light with his hands.’

The controversial Muslim leader, who has previously called for polygamy in Australia, said he had studied the text with ‘a number of Islamic scholars’ to reach a conclusion about the meaning of the verse.

Sharia, a dark ages death sentence

Sharia, a dark ages death sentence

Australia does not welcome sharia law. It violates the Australian Constitution. It would send Western civilisation back to the Dark Ages. It chains freethinking women to a set of absurd laws ­derived from the misogynistic prophet, Mohammed.

It denies the right to criticise Mohammed’s half-witted notions because freedom of speech is only permitted in ­accordance with ­Islamic law. Islamism is a woman-hating, freedom-negating ideology whose most barbaric prin­ciples are codified in sharia law.

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Women circumcised in Sudan, stoned in the UAE and banned from driving in Saudi Arabia: The global tour by Muslim activist who concluded ‘Islam is the most feminist religion’

A Muslim youth leader declared ‘Islam is the most feminist religion’ after going on a taxpayer-funded trip to nations in Africa and the Middle East where girls are circumcised and women are stoned to death for adultery.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who describes herself as a so-called Sharia fighter for human rights, was born in Sudan where the vast majority of girls are surgically violated so they are unable to experience sexual pleasure as women.

However, the 25-year-old political activist and author has been silent on the issue of female genital mutilation which the United Nations is campaigning to end by 2030.

Unlike her, Somali-born writer and Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali has highlighted the issue as a woman who was circumcised as a girl.

This former Dutch lawmaker and refugee is touring Australia in April to promote the need for women’s rights and free speech in the Muslim world.

Media Party downplaying migrant sex attacks at West Edmonton Mall waterpark

The Syrian refugee, a 39-year-old father of six, was arrested at the scene after the girls reported the incidents to a lifeguard.

Well-meaning Canadians will minimize the claims of these six young girls. They’ll say you can’t speak of a trend based on just one incident.

But it hasn’t been just one incident.

Why Americans (and Canadians) Shouldn’t Normalize The Hijab

The endgame of hijab culture in Islam is totalitarian. For all their talk of ‘renegades,’ Playboy and The Huffington Post are hawking the banal conformity of this age: Anything but Western Christendom.

In an article on how political correctness has made Britain vulnerable to terrorist attacks from the inside, M. G. Oprea’s terrific analysis shows that given the demand for “absolute tolerance for all things Muslim,” Britain has placed itself in an impossible situation. Who will dare to open her mouth about anything suspicious when there’s a chance she may get accused of racism (or worse)? In this Orwellian world, good is bad and bad is good.

We Iraqi immigrants call it the abaya. Annahhariri and Modanisa have a chic modern line that contrasts the drab black sheet my Christian mother had to wear while on her first teaching assignment in a small Iraqi village. There’s of course also the hijab, the burqa, and other articles of clothing belonging to the Muslim religion.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour a ‘fake feminist’

Muslim reform firebrand Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke out Wednesday evening against Linda Sarsour, one of the top organizers of the Women’s March on Washington, whose record has come under increased scrutiny in the wake of the march after extremist statements she posted on Twitter years ago, and more recently, have resurfaced.

“Ms. Sarsour is hostile to me — and not because she knows me — but because she is a fake feminist,” Ali, a renowned author and activist who has appeared on the Women in the World stage, declared during an appearance on Fox News.

She’s absolutely right, Sarsour is a Muslim 5th Columnist, never to be trusted or legitimized.

Suffragettes would “turn in their graves” at the suffering of women under sharia, says peer

Baroness Cox has launched a fresh attempt to tackle sharia councils operating in the UK and protect women’s rights.

Speaking at the second reading of her Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill, Baroness Cox said that “We must not condone situations where rulings are applied which are fundamentally incompatible with the laws, values, principles and policies of our country.”

Baroness Cox said that “Muslim women are today suffering in ways in which would make suffragettes turn in their graves” and that the proposals in her legislation, supported by the National Secular Society, were a “lifeline”. She thanked the NSS for its support and said the problems were “escalating”.

Trump Orders DHS To Provide Stats On Honor Killings Committed By Immigrants

Trump ordered DHS to track and publicly release data on gender-based violence against women committed by foreign nationals every six months, and to produce numbers on foreign nationals in the country charged with or convicted of terror-related offenses. The command was part of an order suspending all refugee entry into the country for 120 days.

Crimes against Humanity: “Normal” Treatment of Middle Eastern Women

A bitter truth, often glossed over in the name of “tradition,” is the religious teachings and the responsibilities of a Muslim woman. Most glossed over is the violence that men are still allowed to inflict on their women in the name of their religion and culture on such a massive part of the planet.

This brutality not only takes place in ISIS-held territory but across most Muslim societies. All around you, you see women killed, molested, imprisoned, maimed and incarcerated while their men sugar-coat the abuse as “modesty”, “honour”, “divine law” or even “justice”.

In addition to warning would-be ISIS recruits of the horrors that await them if they jump onto the bandwagon of terrorist organizations, let us take a look into “normal” Muslim societies.

Airline Debuts Female-Only Seating to Combat In-Flight Sex Attacks

The airline is among the first in the world to offer gender segregated seating, although other airlines such as Israeli carrier El Al are known to accommodate requests to reseat passengers on religious grounds (ultra-Orthodox Jews are not allowed to sit beside a woman who is not their wife, for instance).

Swivel and blame the Jews, as usual.