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A Real Quandary: Homeless Tent Cities in New Orleans and Elsewhere

I remember to this day the look of agony, desperation and forlorn hopelessness in the eyes of a beautiful young woman begging on the streets of New York City one very cold night years ago. I remember thinking, as she peered up at me from the doorway where she was huddled, that she had been, not long before, a person of some accomplishment and, perhaps even affluence, based upon her now-shabby and dirty clothing. I remember so clearly going back to the hotel room and telling my wife that I would probably never be able to get those eyes, and their nightmarish fear, out of my memory. That was years ago, and those eyes came back to me as I thought about sharing a recent, and very unsettling, experience while visiting New Orleans and seeing its block after block homeless tent city, just one of a number spread throughout the Central Business District.


Feds expose network that smuggled illegal immigrants from Syria to U.S. via Mexico

The Treasury Department slapped sanctions Wednesday on a Syrian man and his criminal syndicate, blaming them for smuggling “hundreds” of illegal immigrants from Syria and Lebanon into Mexico and then helping them to jump the border into the U.S.

Nasif Barakat and his syndicate, which authorities labeled the Barakat Transnational Criminal Organization, charged about $20,000 to complete the smuggling. The money paid for bribes and for fake documents, including false European passports, to help illegal immigrants hide their identities. The fees also covered transportation from Syria through other Middle Eastern countries to South and Central America, the journey north through Mexico, and final help sneaking into the U.S.


Islam in America: We Bring Everything… and the Quran!

We all know about the problems of Europe but how many Americans are truly aware of the soft jihad that is going on at a pace right under their noses?

This video on Islam in America was posted at Gates of Vienna 28 March.  It was made by Israeli filmmaker and journalist Zvi Yehezkeli, who speaks fluent Arabic, thereby reaching the parts other Kuffars can’t. Passing himself off as a Palestinian, he travels around America seeing and hearing the unvarnished truth.


US plans to move American detained without charge in Iraq to third country

An American citizen who has been held without charge in Iraq since last September by the US military now faces being moved to an unidentified foreign country under government plans that his lawyers are scrambling to challenge.

A heavily redacted court document, released on Tuesday at the orders of a federal judge in Washington, reveals the intention of the defense secretary, Gen James Mattis, to move the detainee to a third country, having kept him captive for the past seven months in Iraq.

The name of the receiving country is being kept secret, though reports have suggested it is Saudi Arabia.

Easier to shoot him.


Feds Strip US Citizenship From Somali Diversity Visa Winner Who Obtained Green Cards For Fake Family

A federal judge has revoked the U.S. citizenship of a naturalized Somali immigrant who fraudulently sponsored four of her countrymen for green cards, the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

Judge Susan Richard Nelson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota entered an order to cancel the naturalization certificate of Fosia Abdi Adan, 51, who immigrated to the U.S. in 2001 through the diversity visa lottery program.


ISIS threaten to bomb New York’s subway in chilling poster showing a militant with sticks of dynamite at High Street Brooklyn Bridge Station

ISIS propaganda chiefs have issued a chilling threat to bring death and destruction to New York’s subway.

The terror group has vowed to attack Paris and the World Cup finals in Russia in recent weeks as part of a global campaign of lone wolf strikes as it continues to lose territory in the Middle East.

In its latest warning, uploaded to militant Islamist messaging platforms, a man is pictured standing on the platform at New York’s High Street – Brooklyn Bridge Station with explosives and a timer behind him.


Why is the US targeting China’s Confucius Institute?

…Nearly 40 percent of Confucius institutes are located in the United States. In recent months, members of the US Congress, the director of the FBI and academic advisory groups have gone so far as to accuse the Confucius Institute as being a “subversive” mechanism controlled by Beijing to slowly indoctrinate US universities with a pro-Beijing narrative.


What happens to the American families of Islamic State fighters?

Sam El Hassani, an American woman from Indiana, said her husband tricked her into going to Turkey on a vacation in 2015.

“We ended up in Raqqa,” which was the declared capital of the Islamic State terrorist group, she said in an exclusive interview with Frontline and the BBC.

“’You’re crazy and I’m leaving,’” El Hassani said she told her husband, who replied, “’Go ahead. You can try, but you won’t make it.’”

Who cares?


7 inmates believed killed and 17 injured in a series of fights inside a South Carolina maximum security prison

Seven inmates are dead and 17 others required outside medical attention after hours of fighting inside a South Carolina maximum security prison.

Prisons spokesman Jeff Taillon announced the grim outcome after State Law Enforcement Division agents helped secure Lee Correctional Institution around 3am Monday.

Taillon said multiple fights in three housing units broke out around 7:15pm Sunday.


An Enduring Error

A half-century later, the Kerner Report’s fame overshadows its mistaken analysis of urban riots and blindness to racial progress.

Fifty-one years ago, in July 1967, in response to an explosion of rioting in poor black urban neighborhoods around the United States, President Lyndon B. Johnson created a National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, to be headed by Illinois governor Otto Kerner. The Kerner Commission issued its report seven months later, on February 29, 1968, in what would be the peak year for such disturbances—289, by one tally. From 1964 to 1972, a staggering total of 752 riots occurred, resulting in 228 deaths, 12,741 injuries, 69,099 arrests, and 15,835 incidents of arson.

Most government reports gain brief notice and then languish on a shelf, never again to be examined, except perhaps by historians. The Kerner Report, by contrast, sold more than 2 million copies, putting it on bestseller lists. More important, it became a liberal policy guide, advocating government programs to provide services to the urban poor, police reforms (including an end to white male–only hiring), and billions of dollars in housing programs to end residential segregation.


Europe, Trump and the Iran Deal

The so-called “Iran nuclear deal,” a witches’ brew concocted by that most deserving of Nobel peace laureates, Barack Obama, has furnished the theme of many bizarre diplomatic twists and turns. The latest is an attempt by the European Union to persuade President Donald Trump to renege on his campaign promise to improve or scrap the deal.

During the past year, the EU’s foreign policy point-woman, Federica Mogherini has been collecting air-miles calling on world capitals to demand “commitment” to the deal, as if this were an article of faith in an as-yet undefined religion.


Breaking: Police in Indiana Respond to Mass-Stabbing at a Religious Event with 150 People Involved

There’s breaking news to report coming out of Greenwood, Indiana where it appears that 150 are involved in what’s described as a “brawl” at a Religious temple, with several people being stabbed.

The incident occurred at around 3 PM, according to law enforcement, at the Gurdwara Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Sikh Temple on 1050 S. Graham Road in Greenwood, where the Mayor’s Office had originally reported that six to twelve people have been stabbed, according to Fox 59 .