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7 Virtue-Signaling Celebrities Silent on Massacre of Coptic Christians

Left-wingers insist that they are the champions of minorities, yet one oppressed group always seems conspicuously absent from their social media virtue-signalling — Christian minorities in the Muslim world, like the estimated 26 Coptic Christians who were massacred by a Muslim gunman in Egypt earlier today.

Normally, any allegation of mistreatment of a minority, even those of dubious provenance like 2015’s “Clock Boy” incident, will be met with an instant wave of reflexive left-wing virtue signalling from celebrities on social media.


Apparently, everything is transphobic.

Remember the old song by Lou Reed called “Take a Walk on the Wild Side?” Well, a Canadian student group threw a party that was supposed to evoke the 1970s and 1980s. This song was on the playlist and — you guessed it! — people got offended. In their Facebook mea culpa, they apologized for their egregious mistake.

NB – it appears the University of Guelph Central Student Association has deleted the apology, isn’t that Double Plus Transphobic Bad?


When Will Useless Foreign Aid Spending Just End?

The end of the Second World War saw a Europe truly devastated, prostrate; in some cities the number of buildings with an undamaged roof could be counted in the fingers of one’s hand, with winter aggravating survival of civilians. George Marshall’s idea of a massive infusion of American capital to Europe energized the continent in 1948. It is no exaggeration that it saved millions of lives and reconstructed entire countries. Such was the pace of rebuilding Germany and such was the shortage of manpower after the war that “temporary guest workers” from Turkey began arriving (the “temporary” guests became permanent and today are a cancer in German society). The Germans call it “the German miracle,” as if the rebirth came about in isolation, like Venus rising from the sea. Gratitude from those countries towards the United States proved ephemeral.


Christie Blatchford: You think Pink Day is harmless until you raise your voice against it in the town square

If it’s tricky to see the connection between the International Day of Pink (It’s Time to Talk About Bullying, Homophobia, Transphobia) and what Eric Brazau was trying to say in court Thursday, it still feels as though there is one.

The Day of Pink was celebrated this week at, among other places, the Toronto District School Board, the biggest one in the country.

h/t Ontario John


Stop Bill 89: Tell Kathleen Wynne to leave our kids alone!

There’s a new bill in Ontario, one that threatens our children.

Bill 89 codifies the Liberal government’s belief that children belong to the state, not their parents.

If passed, Bill 89 will repeal and replace the existing Child and Family Services Act. That Act governs everything from child protection services and foster care to adoption.

However, rather than promoting child welfare as it purports to do, Bill 89 is a totalitarian bill. It will provide the state with the powers to seize children from their families for the sake of gender ideology, possibly even preventing religious parents from ever adopting or becoming foster parents.


Toronto school board won’t book new trips to U.S.

I wonder how many illegals tax payers are on the hook for?

This should come as no surprise, it’s TDSB policy to aid and abet illegal alien invaders.

“All children who are qualified to be resident pupils of the Board, including those without immigration status in Canada, shall be entitled to admission to school. All children shall be welcome, regardless of immigration status, and information about them or their families shall not be shared with immigration authorities”. (TDSB Policy P.061 May 2007)

h/t RM


GMA Gushes Over ‘Moving’ Story of Mother, Son, Bonding Over Changing Genders

On Tuesday’s Good Morning America, anchor Robin Roberts and Nightline anchor Juju Chang touted a story of a mother and son both declaring themselves as transgender and getting gender re-assignment hormones and surgery. The two ABC anchors mutually gushed over the “incredible” “moving” and “touching” story. At the end of the report, Roberts and Chang even praised the courage of the mother for being “inspired” to change genders because of her child’s transformation.


The Exhaustion of American Liberalism

The recent flurry of marches, demonstrations and even riots, along with the Democratic Party’s spiteful reaction to the Trump presidency, exposes what modern liberalism has become: a politics shrouded in pathos. Unlike the civil-rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s, when protesters wore their Sunday best and carried themselves with heroic dignity, today’s liberal marches are marked by incoherence and downright lunacy—hats designed to evoke sexual organs, poems that scream in anger yet have no point to make, and an hysterical anti-Americanism.

All this suggests lostness, the end of something rather than the beginning. What is ending?

America, since the ’60s, has lived through what might be called an age of white guilt. We may still be in this age, but the Trump election suggests an exhaustion with the idea of white guilt, and with the drama of culpability, innocence and correctness in which it mires us.

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UK green power boondoggle: Virtue signalling is sublime when others pay

And one can even be oblivious to reality. From Ben Webster at U.K. Times,

Britain is wasting hundreds of millions of pounds subsidising power stations to burn American wood pellets that do more harm to the climate than the coal they replaced, a study has found.

Chopping down trees and transporting wood across the Atlantic Ocean to feed power stations produces more greenhouse gases than much cheaper coal, according to the report. It blames the rush to meet EU renewable energy targets, which resulted in ministers making the false assumption that burning trees was carbon-neutral.More.

Reality check: Of course, the money went to a worthy cause: Green self-dramatization among people who think a forest fire would be carbon neutral. Brit taxpayers, it is your lucky day to indulge these people’s illusions for they are Better than you.

See also: Social pseudo-science on climate change denial


TO Cops will not prance about with naked men and other weirdos this year

Chief: Police won’t participate in Pride Parade

TORONTO – Toronto’s chief of police has responded to Pride Toronto’s decision to ban police officer participation in the Pride Parade.

Mark Saunders said in a statement released Friday morning that his cops won’t be a part of the parade.

“We have made great strides with the LGBTQ communities. It’s an inclusive relationship I’m proud of and I know the men and women of the Service feel the same way,” he said.

Why our tax dollars subsidize this BS is beyond me.


Why I won’t use ‘preferred’ pronouns – and why you shouldn’t either

In early October, I recorded a set of three videos about political correctness and posted them on my YouTube channel, Jordan Peterson Videos.

The first of these decried the latest legislative moves to make “gender identity” and “gender expression” protected categories under the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code.

This set off a firestorm online and in the traditional media, particularly after a free-speech rally, organized by students, met with counter-protesters who tried to shut it down with white noise, chanted cries of “shame” and, finally, assault and deceit.


The new curriculum: Purple unicorns and drag queens


The education system is run by people just like this.

The mythical unicorn, Scotland’s heraldic symbol since the 12th century, will immediately become genderless in Alberta the moment it’s coloured purple.

So check your kids’ box of crayons, lest they unwittingly be dragged into the gender politics overtaking the nation, and about to be unleashed on students in Alberta thanks to the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

If this over-the-top political-correct movement takes root in Alberta’s curriculum, parents will no longer be “Mom” and “Dad”, but will exist as a presiding individual described as a “caretaker,” “guardian,” or “responsible adult”.


Toronto Police’ Muslim Chaplain trots out lame “taken out of context” defense to explain harmful teachings on wife’s role in Islam

Toronto police union raises concerns about new chaplain’s views on women

“…Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack said Monday he is receiving emails and calls from members questioning whether the service should be associated with someone who believes women are “second-class citizens.”

Toronto Police Service spokesperson Meaghan Gray said Monday that Khan did not want to comment for the Star’s article but was taken aback by the negative comments that have appeared online.

He believes some of his comments have been “taken out of context in the larger lecture in which they were delivered,” she said”

The take away… diversity hiring is stupid and potentially dangerous, especially when left in the hands of useful idiot virtue signalers.

Mike McCormack – President of the Toronto Police Association on Muslim Chaplain’s Islamist Views of Women


Boy raised as girl sent to live with father

From Josh White and James Tozer at Daily Mail:

Judge orders boy, seven, to live with father after his mother raised him as her daughter and even registered him with his GP as a girl

So? Wasn’t she just liberating him from society’s oppressive gender expectations?

Social workers let a mother raise her young son as a girl because they were in thrall to ‘transgender equality’.

The boy, who was made to wear a pink hairband, dresses and nail varnish, lived ‘entirely as a girl’.

He was registered as a girl with his doctor’s surgery and was referred to as ‘she’ in official documentation from the age of just four.

But despite the alarm being raised by officials and the boy’s father, council staff failed to intervene. More.

If things continue as they are, intervention will become a criminal offense. And one can see why: The kid now plays with Power Rangers. That’s what the condition leads to, left untreated.

Reality check: One wonders how long such judges will be permitted to remain on the bench. Much is at stake in the ongoing war on reality.

See also: Autistic teen gets breasts cut off, in “trans” phase

Transgender tots, Part I: The recovered memories hysteria: A warning from recent history

Transgender tots, Part III: Children are at risk when they exist only to enact parents’ beliefs


In search of a road to reality


Once they’re done with Jordan Peterson, they’ll come for you

Soon to be on school reading lists in Ontario

Soon to be on school reading lists in Ontario

The next time you’re upset about rising taxes, hydro bills and the general cost of living, I want you to go online and plug this into your search engine: “sunshine list” + “gender studies”.

Although – consider this your trigger warning – it’s just going to make you a hell of a lot more angry than you were before.