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Corbella: Disastrous policies have created desperate times for Alberta’s young men

Renowned economist Jack Mintz, President’s Fellow at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, says it’s not surprising that jobs are down in light of oil curtailment. Sure, curtailment was needed and helped narrow the oil price differential, but when you make less oil, you need fewer workers.


Pittsburgh Wants To Revoke Chick-fil-A’s Sponsorship Of Children’s Marathon. No Prizes For Guessing Why.

The Pittsburgh City Council has signed a letter asking Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon to drop as part of their event the Chick-fil-A Pittsburgh Kids Marathon one-mile run for children and their families, LifeSiteNews reports. All nine of the council members have called for the fast-food chain’s removal.


Fordham students fight back against Christian group’s petition to cancel drag show

The Bronx Jesuit school’s offices received angry calls and emails last week after an evangelical organization, the Tradition Family Property Student Group, posted a petition ripping the event at a school auditorium.