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Iraq: Danger amid Mosul’s ruins

The light breeze that blows through the Old Town in Mosul on this hot summer day only intensifies the stench of decay, which is hard to bear. It’s still unclear just how many people were killed here in the fight for liberation from “Islamic State” (IS) rule. Current estimates vary between 10,000 and 40,000 victims. To this day, bodies are still being recovered from the rubble.

Suicide Belt Mosul


For this Iraqi tribe massacred by Isis, fear of the group’s return is a constant reality

“We are very much scared,” says Hamid Aftan al-Hammad, an Albu Nimr tribesman from the city of Hit in western Iraq. “At night we lie on the roofs of our houses with our weapons waiting to be attacked again.”

He fears the return of Isis, which massacred at least 864 members of his tribe when they controlled the area where they live – a city a hundred miles west of Baghdad in the middle of the vast Sunni Arab province of Anbar, which sprawls across western Iraq.


British ISIS fighters HANGED in Iraq where judge says ‘we’re protecting Britain’

A unknown number of UK citizens who left the country to join the Islamic terrorists are awaiting trial after they were captured on the battlefield in Iraq. Iraqi trials can last as little as 10 minutes and justice is swift and brutal.

Abdul Sattar Beraqdar, spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council, said British members of ISIS deserve to die.

He said: “The punishment, as much as it seems strong, will affect the security of your country.

“I am sure there are hundreds of people in Britain at this moment thinking of committing similar crimes.

I hope he gets to the “Canadians” before Justin springs them.


OMG! They’re building a Wall! Iraq begins construction of fence along Syrian border to keep out Isis fighters

Iraq is building a new security fence along its long desert border with Syria, the latest attempt to stop Isis fighters entering the country.

Construction of the first 20 km (12.4 miles) of barbed wire fence and six-metre-wide trench began last week, Anbar governorate spokesperson Anwar Hamid Nayef said.

The barrier will also use surveillance towers, thermal cameras and drones to spot potential militants trying to cross into the country.

Sure hope that Hollywood celebs rush in to protest.


A 10-minute trial… then the noose for Jihadis

British fanatics who travel to Iraq to fight for Islamic State face death by hanging after trials lasting as little as ten minutes.

A judge has revealed that a number of UK passport holders are awaiting trial after capture on the battlefield – and says he is protecting Britain by sentencing terrorists to death.

His comments came as Iraq executed 13 convicted terrorists hours after the country’s prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, ordered the immediate execution of all jihadis on death row in retaliation for IS killing eight hostages.

10 minutes is too long.


Inside jihadi Death Row: Baghdad jail where terrorists facing the noose boast of killing hundreds…

In a Death Row detention room, Saddam Karim Salem shows off a bomb of the type he built many times for Islamic State.

Pointing to its various parts, he tells an interrogator: ‘This device can be connected to a mobile that can blow up a bomb.

‘When a phone call comes, I could give the order for the bomb to go off in two seconds.’

He says the devices he fashioned killed around 20 people, including US troops.


Iraq executes 12 death row jihadists in retaliation after ISIS killed eight captives

Iraq put to death 12 people convicted of terrorism hours after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for speedy executions in response to the kidnapping and killing of eight members of the security forces, the government said today.

Abadi had ordered late on Thursday ‘just retribution’ through faster executions of all those on death row for terrorism convictions who had exhausted their appeals.

‘Based on the orders of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, executions were carried out on Thursday of 12 convicted terrorists who have received final verdicts,’ a government spokesman said in a statement.


What a coincidence! Fire Hits Ballot-Box Storage Site In Baghdad

The ballot boxes are part of a manual recount of votes from the May election ordered by parliament.

A fire broke out in a Baghdad warehouse where ballot boxes from Iraq’s parliamentary election last month were stored, local officials said.

The ballot boxes are part of a manual recount of votes from an eastern Baghdad district. A week earlier, parliament passed a law for a recount of 11 million votes, following allegations of fraud during the May 12 elections.


Pence Demands USAID Break Through Bureaucratic Gridlock to Help Iraqi Christians, Yazidis

Incensed over bureaucratic attempts to thwart a direct White House executive order, Vice President Mike Pence is dispatching U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green to Iraq to ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars are going to help save Christian and Yazidi communities decimated by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Pence issued the announcement Friday afternoon after waiting months for USAID to comply with a promise he issued during a dinner last October.


Iraq arms cache explosions destroy Baghdad mosque

At least 17 people have been killed and 80 wounded by explosions that destroyed a mosque in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, medical sources say.

The government said the blasts on Wednesday night were the result of the detonation of an ammunition cache in the Shia Muslim district of Sadr City.

It did not give an exact location of the cache, but some security officials said it was inside the mosque.

The mosque was used by supporters of the Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr.


ISIS Reportedly Executes Two Kurdish/Swedish Citizens in Iraq

A businessman in his fifties and his nephew, both Kurdish Shiites living in Sweden who traveled to Kirkuk in northern Iraq to meet relatives, have been kidnapped and later appeared to have been executed.

A propaganda film posted by Daesh* has shown two men from Sweden executed by jihadis. The two men have been identified with the help of relatives and friends who contacted the Expressen daily newspaper.

According to Swedish media, the victims were a businessman aged about 50 and his nephew in his twenties, who left Sweden in December last year to visit the city of Kirkuk to meet relatives. At around Christmas they were kidnapped. Later, a video emerged of the two kneeling men being executed, according to the media outlet. One of them was purportedly shot in the head with an automatic rifle, the other one with a pistol.


Iraq’s IS trials bring swift verdicts, almost all guilty

TEL KEIF, Iraq (AP) — The entire trial lasted just over half an hour. A grey-haired man was led into the defendant’s booth. He fidgeted as the judge read the charges against him: Swearing allegiance to the Islamic State group and working for the militants as an employee at a water station.

“Not guilty,” the defendant, Abdullah al-Jabouri, told the judge in a session of one of Iraq’s counterterrorism courts this week. He said he had worked for Nineveh province’s water department for more than 20 years and stayed at his post when IS took over in 2014, but he denied ever swearing allegiance to the group.

“All government employees continued in their jobs at the water facility,” the 47-year-old Sunni Arab protested.


Iraq sentences 19 Russian women to life behind bars for joining ISIS

Iraq on Sunday sentenced 19 Russian women to life in prison for joining the Islamic State group, the latest in a series of heavy verdicts against foreign women linked to the jihadists.

The head of Baghdad’s Central Criminal Court, which deals with terrorism cases, said the women were found guilty of ‘joining and supporting IS’, according to an AFP journalist at the hearing.

Six women from Azerbaijan and four from Tajikistan were also condemned to life in prison Sunday on the same charge.


Oh Boo Hoo! Criticism over life sentence for jihadist bride who married rapper

Should be shot.

Djamila Boutoutaou, a 29-year-old woman of Algerian origin, told a Baghdad court she was “tricked” into moving to ISIS-controlled Iraq by her husband, Mohammed Nassereddine, a former rapper who was killed in the US-led battle to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from ISIS.

She said: “I thought I had married a rapper. It was only when we arrived in Turkey for a week-long ‘holiday’ that I discovered my husband was a jihadist…

“I’m a victim. My husband beat me and locked me up in a cave with my children when I refused to follow him [to Syria].”